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The RES-302s was launched in September 2003.

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RES-302s upto 2 x SPARC processor rugged server

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Themis Computer RES-302s The RES-302s is a flexible and powerful next-generation server offering users outstanding platform performance, dependability, and versatility. The RES-302s server reflects Themis Computer's extensive experience designing rugged, high performance aerospace and military systems. To ensure reliable operation in extended operating environments, the RES-302s is designed to withstand shock loads of 20G @ 20 msec and operate in ambient temperatures to 50°C.
  • 19" 5U Rack-optimized Sun Blade 2000
  • Upto 2 x UltraSPARC III processors, 900, 1050 MHz or 1.2GHz
  • Up to 8GB main memory capacity, memory is installed in banks of four DIMMs (256MB, 512MB or 1GB SIMM modules) to take advantage of the architecture's 576-bit-wide memory path.
  • Upto 2 hard disk drives and CD-RW/DVD
  • 4mm DAT tape backup drive (optional).
  • Fibre Channel - Arbitrated Loop port for mass storage.
  • 2 x 64-bit UPA graphics slots have dedicated ports to the high-speed fireplane system bus, providing maximum bandwidth for real-time 3D image rendering.
  • 4 USB and 2 x IEEE 1394 (Firewire) interfaces
  • 4 PCI slots for industry standard controllers, including 1 x 64-bit, 66 MHz slot and 3 x 64-bit, 33 MHz slots.
  • 2 Ultrawide SCSI ports (one internal, one external).
  • RJ45 Fast Ethernet (10/100Base-T) port.
  • 4 x 16-bit stereo-audio channels, including one line-in, one line-out, one microphone, and one speaker channel.
  • Solaris™ 8 and Solaris 9 Operating Environment

The RES-302s runs the Solaris 8 and Solaris 9 Operating Environment. The RES-302s can also run 64-bit applications unmodified from the Solaris 7 Operating Environment, as well as 32-bit applications from previous versions of the Solaris Operating Environment, making these systems compatible with previous systems and software.

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