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Tadpole-RDI Tadpole-RDI Launches Its Most Powerful Range Of Portable Workstations For Sun Microsystems Customers

Cambridge, England, January 14, 2000 - Tadpole-RDI, a business unit of mobile computing specialist Tadpole Technology plc, today announced the launch of its most powerful range of portable workstations for Sun Microsystems customers. Designated UltraBookIIi™, the power, performance and features of the new workstations underline Tadpole-RDI's leadership in the specialist field of portable Sun-Solaris computing. Tadpole's UltraBook workstations are more practical for mobile use than traditional desktop hardware, and are aimed at making Sun-Solaris computing users in industry and government more productive and cost-effective. Threefold productivity gains are achieved frequently.

Weighing just 7.5lbs and powered by 440MHz UltraSPARC-IIi™ processors, UltraBookIIi workstations operate in the 64-bit Solaris 7™ environment. This can deliver 4 billion times the maximum capacity of 32-bit operating environments such as Windows™. With memory and removable disk capacity to 1GB and 24GB respectively, UltraBookIIi workstations can run the complete 13,000 plus inventory of Sun-Solaris applications.

UltraBookIIi Technical White paper

Brooktrout Technology Brooktrout Technology and Sun Microsystems Now Working Together to Deliver Solutions to the Communications Service Provider Market

NEEDHAM, Mass., Jan. 10, 2000 - Brooktrout Technology (NASDAQ: BRKT) and Sun Microsystems (NASDAQ: SUNW), today announced an initiative in which the companies will work together to make their products compatible. The combination of their products will provide OEM developers in the communications service market the ability to create carrier-grade open systems platforms. These carrier-grade systems platforms will allow OEM developers the compatibility necessary to meet the challenging requirements of this demanding market segment.
Sun Microsystems 437,000 paychecks per hour sets new benchmark high for Sun Enterprise 10000

PALO ALTO, Calif.- January 14, 2000 - Reaffirming its dominance in the networked data center, Sun Microsystems, Inc. today reported a record performance result on PeopleSoft Payroll 7.5, the world's most widely used human resources payroll application. The Sun Enterprise™ 10000 (a.k.a. Starfire™) server processed an astounding 437,000 paychecks per hour--the fastest performance result of any platform--almost doubling the performance of the previous published benchmark on PeopleSoft. On the same benchmark, the mid-range powerhouse Sun Enterprise™ 6500 server succeeded in matching mainframe throughput by processing 256,000 paychecks per hour.

For the Sun Enterprise 10000 server tests, Sun extended PeopleSoft's sample payroll database to 1.2 million active employees and achieved a rate of more than 280,000 paychecks per hour. This result, higher than any other published result, positions Sun to handle the payroll needs of the largest enterprises and governments in the world.
TrueSAN TrueSAN Recruits Marc Birnkrant as Chief Operating Officer

Mountain View, CA. January 12, 2000 - TrueSAN Networks, a leader in Fibre Channel disk array and storage-area network solutions for the internetworked enterprise, has recruited Marc Birnkrant to the position of Chief Operating Officer. Marc will assist with developing and managing TrueSAN's infrastructure and service offerings. Marc Birnkrant brings to TrueSAN 16 years of management experience concentrated in the mass storage arena.

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