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Sun Microsystems Sun's latest 64-bit SPARC chip ideally complements the newest release of its Solaris Operating Environment

SAN JOSE, Calif. (Jan. 28, 2000) - Sun Microsystems, Inc. today announced that the technology inherent in its new UltraSPARC III microprocessor will make a strong contribution to the performance of its new Solaris 8.0 Operating Environment. The 64-bit UltraSPARC III chip, which will be available in both 600 MHz and 750 MHz versions, contains numerous enhancements to the basic SPARC architecture that idealize its performance to meet the urgent demands of the Internet-driven e-business applications. At the same time, the UltraSPARC III processor preserves investments in application software by delivering full binary compatibility with previous versions of SPARC chips, both 32-bit and 64-bit.

The UltraSPARC III microprocessor features Scalable Shared Memory (SSM), which provides system coherency across all processors. With SSM, systems with the UltraSPARC III processor can quickly expand from just a few processors to hundreds without having to rewrite applications or use extensive additional circuitry.
Esteem Computers Esteem Computers PLC Announces Application Service Provider (ASP) Strategy

Leeds, UK, January 27 2000 - Esteem Computers PLC has today announced a strategy which will see its computer solutions being made available on rental as hosted services to organisations over the internet. The Application Service Provider (ASP) model is already popular in America where users are typically citing reduced initial investment, ease of application deployment and the ability to focus on core business competencies (rather than trying to keep pace with IT developments), as the key benefits of working with ASP's.

"As an option to conventional acquisition, our ASP customers will contract with us to rent applications delivered over the internet running on our servers installed in a secure 24hr X 7 day vault on the internet backbone. These ASP customers will be able to deploy applications to any network connected user with a web browser, simply by issuing them with a user ID and a password," explained Esteem Managing Director, Richard Doyle. Whilst details of specific ASP product offerings have yet to be announced by Esteem, discussions are already underway with the company's key business partners including Citrix, UUNET, SUN Microsystems, Microsoft and Compaq, as well as with its Electronic Document Management (EDM) partners
Oracle Oracle Makes It Easier to 'Dot-Com' Your Business With Oracle8i(TM) Bundled With Sun Solaris 8 Operating Environment

NEW YORK, Jan. 26 /PRNewswire/ - Oracle Corp. announced that for the first time, development licenses of Oracle8i(TM) Enterprise Edition will ship with Sun Solaris 8 Operating Environment. In addition, Oracle has announced that the Oracle(R) Migration Workbench will also ship with Solaris for SPARC Processors, providing customers with a quick and cost-effective way to advance from Microsoft SQL Server on Windows NT to the most reliable and scalable solution for delivering data-centric Internet applications

"For those e-businesses that never dreamed that too much success could be their biggest failure, the Oracle Migration Workbench offers the easiest way to move to the most reliable and scalable platform on which to base your Internet applications," said Michael Rocha, senior vice president of Oracle's Platform Technologies division. "Oracle is proud to continue its long tradition of working with Sun to offer migration solutions, including this bundle of our companies' industry-leading technologies."
Sun Microsystems IBM and HP Outshone: as Sun Asserts Top Spots in High-End and Mid-Range Server Markets

PALO ALTO, Calif. - January 25, 2000 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. overtook both IBM and Hewlett-Packard (HP) to move into the top spots in total server shipments (includes systems based on UNIX®, Microsoft Windows NT and other operating systems) for the high-end and mid-range markets in the third quarter of 1999, according to a leading industry analyst firm. The Q3CY99 server market report, issued by International Data Corporation (IDC), also shows that Sun continued to gain momentum in the growing UNIX server market. Sun has maintained its number one position in total UNIX server shipments for the 10th quarter in a row. The company increased its market share in UNIX server shipments and factory revenues across the board -- in entry-level, mid-range and high-end server categories.

"Unlike our competitors, we haven't had to 'reannounce' our commitment to the UNIX platform -- Sun has never taken its eye off the ball," said John Shoemaker, vice president and general manager of enterprise desktops and servers for Sun. "While our competitors have re-awakened to the capabilities of UNIX systems and must manage incompatible and complex CPU, OS, or architectural transitions, Sun's SPARC(R)/Solaris products offer a unique blend of scalability and binary compatibility. The latest marketshare data validate Sun's focused and seamless strategy. Customers are not choosing just any UNIX servers. Increasingly, they're placing their confidence and trust in Solaris and Sun."
Oracle Oracle's Ellison Accuses Gates In Showcase 2000 Talk

27 Jan 2000 - / Even industry giants, are only human. This reported story about Larry Ellison, chairman and chief executive officer (CEO) of Oracle Corporation, provides an interesting insight into Oracle's evangelism of the NC. I have discussed the role of the NC in the Sun market in an earlier View from the Hill article so you'll know that I have my own fair share of quirky ideas, but unlike Larry, I'm just an unknown cut and paste specialist. (ZK)

/ - Asked why, given his vision and the money and resources at his command, Ellison's plan to deploy "dumb" computer terminals - essentially nothing more than a monitor and keyboard connected to a back room server on which all of the user's applications was contained - failed, Ellison said, "Because Bill Gates called Bob Palmer and told him not to make any."
Dot Hill Systems Dot Hill's SANnet Storage Solution Delivers Increased Performance for Linux-based GFS Applications

CARLSBAD, Calif.-Jan. 27, 2000 - Dot Hill Systems Corp. today announced that its SANnet(TM) storage solution, is the first and only Fibre Channel RAID system to support the University of Minnesota's Linux-based Global File System (GFS) device locks (dlocks) within its RAID controller firmware. - The result is an extremely high performance storage solution with carrier-class reliability for Linux-based GFS applications such as email, news, Web servers, and bandwidth-intensive video applications.

"Having developed dlocks in conjunction with the University of Minnesota underscores our commitment to Linux," said Ken Pitz, Dot Hill's Vice President of Marketing. "As more of our customers implement Linux within their enterprise, we intend to continue to provide them with the most fault-tolerant data storage solution available."

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