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2000, February week 4

SPARC history
SPARC History
Spellabyte and Terrorbyte loved sitting around
the campfire, discussing the good old days of
SPARC computing.
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eRedi eRedi announces 1U rackmount ScalarRAID

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., Feb. 24, 2000 - eRedi, Inc. has announced the release of expandable Network Attached Storage (NAS) Towers and Racks called ScalarRAID. Now, instead of adding multiple small NAS units to a LAN, each with a separate controller to manage, disk drives can be added by hanging Slave Towers off a Master NAS Tower without adding controllers. Users can install 100 GB, 200 GB, up to 750 GB with reduced network storage management costs. ScalarRAID NAS Towers are Upgradeable Unlike an ordinary NAS tower with a fixed hard drive, ScalarRAID Towers are built with hot-swap hard drives and power supplies. A ScalarRAID MasterNAS supports up to 15 Ultra-2 SCSI drives with built-in RAID 1 capability, and the ScalarRAID Rack is only 1U high. All hard disks can be mapped to a single drive letter and individual hard disks can be mapped to a letter. For security, unique passwords can be assigned for each disk and the built-inflash memory allows for central and remote updating over the network using FTPover TCP/IP or drag and drop in Windows. All Users Can Access ScalarRAID Simultaneously - NT, Netware, Unix, MAC,Linux ScalarRAID NAS supports Netware (Bindery or NDS), Windows NT, Unix, Linux,a web browser and OS/2, so users can read and write to network-attached hard disks at the same time. ScalarRAID NAS is file server independent, so it does not tie up file server computing and I/O resources. Autosensing support for10 or 100 Base T and use of the web-based installation wizard makes setup abreeze.

Networking CD-ROM and DVD-ROM is also provided. ScalarRAID Towers and Racks also support mirroring of CD-ROM titles to the built-in hard drives providing a significant boost to data access compared toCD-ROM drives in a standard SCSI tower.
Storagetek Storagetek announces the L180 Tape Library, industry's first true native fibre channel tape library

NEW YORK, Feb. 24, 2000 - StorageTek today announced the immediate availability of the StorageTek L180 Tape Library at the Company's annual financial analysts' meeting. The L180 allows mid-size businesses to take advantage of the advanced information management capabilities of StorageTek tape libraries, including support for mixed media, flexible interface options, outstanding scalability, superior robotics and high-availability features. In combination with the recently announced StorageTek 9840 Fibre Channel tape drive, the L180 tape library is the industry's first SAN-ready all-native Fibre Channel automated tape solution. End-to-end Fibre Channel solutions allow distance extension and drive sharing across many UNIX and Windows NT servers, enabling businesses to manage and share data faster and more simply.

Due in part to the impact of the Internet, today's businesses face unprecedented information management challenges. From large enterprise to small business, growth is now inextricably entwined with a business's ability to organize, store and retrieve information. With these new libraries, StorageTek has leveraged 30 years of consistent, innovative hardware and systems engineering to create the first intelligent, scalable, tape library family.

The L180 library is the first in the industry with a native network port and built-in Web server. The Web-based library management capabilities of the L180 tape library offer real-time library monitoring from anywhere, at anytime. The L180 also utilizes StorageTek's time-tested 4D Robotics(tm), the fastest and most reliable tape automation in the industry. Integrated rack space accommodates additional components such as Fibre Channel to SCSI bridges, routers and SAN gateways, making the L180 a truly scalable and flexible solution.

Pricing and Availability StorageTek's L180 Tape Library provides capacity of up to seven terabytes (uncompressed) and is targeted at the UNIX and Windows NT marketplaces for midrange, open systems implementations. It supports up to 10 DLT drives or six 9840 drives, or a combination of both. The L180 is immediately available worldwide through StorageTek and StorageTek channels. Pricing starts at $44,520 for an 84-slot library with standard SCSI-3 interface (drives and Fibre Channel interface are priced separately).

Amdahl Platinum/400 RAID storage subsystem supports SAN-Attachment for Open Systems enterprise connection

Sunnyvale, California, February 23, 2000 - Amdahl Corporation today announced that the Platinum/400 RAID storage subsystem attaches to open systems UNIX® and Windows NT® platforms, via a storage area network (SAN) environment, as well as to the System/390 platform. Platinum/400 will connect to Sun™ Solaris™, HP-UX, and IBM AIX to allow enterprises to share the same storage platform for a diversity of uses and to build a single connecting infrastructure. Customers achieve efficient information management, improved data access, and lower cost of ownership.

"Many of our customers are looking at ways to manage their entire IT infrastructure as a single entity, regardless of platform. Amdahl has an answer with our new SAN-attachable Platinum/400 offering. We help our customers create seamless and scalable SANs for the entire enterprise," explains Ali Jenab, group president of Amdahl Technology Division. "We are putting special emphasis on storage solutions as more and more enterprises develop strategies that put storage in the center of their IT infrastructure."

  • Platinum/400 allows both SCSI or fibre channel attachment using a variety of hubs and switches from first-class vendors, such as Brocade Communications Systems, Inc., (BROCADE®) a leading provider of scalable, reliable infrastructures for Storage Area Networks.
  • Platinum Backup eXpress provides the capability to backup storage from the open systems platform to the enterprise mainframe to utilize System/390 resources and procedures.
  • STARmanager™ and SUNRISE® software products from Amdahl monitor recoverability status of multi-tier applications, provide a centralized repository for backup of distributed data, and ensure the integrity of recovered applications.
SBS Technologies SBS Technologies Announces Linux Driver for its PCI Bus Adapters

St. Paul, MN, - February 23, 2000 - SBS Technologies' Connectivity Products division announces the availability of Model 1003 Support Software for Intel-based PCI systems running Linux (kernel 2.2.x) operating system. Model 1003 provides all tools required to access and control SBS PCI adapters, including Model 616, 617, 618, 620, 628, 630, 712, 722, 732, 713, 723 and 733 adapters.

"This new software ...enhances SBS PCI adapters' rich architecture and enables connectivity that essentially creates a virtual single bus for both the remote system and host PCI," said David Greig, SBS Connectivity Products President, "Mirror API, the same software interface used for other SBS software drivers, is simple and portable. Plus, the software makes adapter implementation easy." Model 1003 software facilitates application development, optimizes adapter performance and enables high-bandwidth, low-latency and deterministic connectivity while minimizing programming effort. After installation, the connection between the host PCI computer and remote system is virtually transparent. Model 1003 Linux Support Software is written to enhance the strengths of the adapters' design. It fully supports memory mapping, interrupts across the cable, and DMA transfers. Model 1003 includes a Linux device driver, Mirror API library, installation tools, and example programs. The new software will be available second quarter 2000 and will be included at no additional charge with Model 616, 617, 618, 620, 628, 630, 712, 722, 732, 713, 723 and 733 adapters.
Sun Microsystems Sun Extends Sun Cluster Technology to CompactPCI For OEMs Building High Availability Products

PALO ALTO, CA, - February 22, 2000 Sun Microsystems today announced that Sun Cluster 2.2 software has been extended to the SPARCengine CP1500 CompactPCI board. Sun Cluster 2.2 for CompactPCI enables communication equipment providers to cost-effectively offer carriers extremely high levels of availability or uptime. while retaining an open-systems based approach for rapidly adding capacity for new services. Sun Cluster 2.2 software for CompactPCI is being made available as part of Sun's CP2000 HA program. Sun Cluster software offers deployment and automated management of redundant computing nodes so that in the event of hardware or software failure one node can take over from another with no interruption.

"Previously carriers had to employ teams of engineers to develop their HA systems," said Fred Rehhausser, head of the CompactPCI marketing group, Sun Microsystems Microelectronics. "Using standards-based product enables carriers to concentrate their resources on developing value-added applications and services." The basic technique used in Sun clusters to achieve high availability is "failover." One clustering system (the target) monitors the hardware and application, automating recovery if the hardware or software fails, moving applications from one node to another. Sun Cluster 2.2 software administers this complex process, automatically coordinating all the processes. It is designed to protect the integrity of the data and continuation of the services. Sun Cluster 2.2 software for CompactPCI tightly integrates Sun's high-performance CompactPCI SPARCengine CP family hardware with the Solaris operating environment. The architecture's software components offer telecommunications-specific HA management features, including the ability to restart and reconfigure without taking the system down. This particular implementation of high availability is aimed at applications for call processing data bases, as well as system management, maintenance, configuration, and provisioning as a test data base.

Editor's note see also:- Felis Server - High Availability Cluster Server Solution - white paper from Architek
Trintech Trintech Announces Availability of Paygate NetAcquirer on Solaris

SAN MATEO, Calif.-Feb. 22, 2000 - Trintech Group PLC, a leading provider of secure electronic payment infrastructure solutions today announced that the Trintech PayGate NetAcquirer solution is immediately available for Solaris. Financial institutions, merchants and other customers can now leverage Sun's highly scalable and reliable Solaris Operating Environment deploying PayGate to authorize, capture, route and settle Internet-originated financial transactions. PayGate also provides Sun customers with the greatest security by allowing them to utilize Secure Electronic Transaction(TM) (SET) and/or Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocols.

"Now more than ever financial institutions require a robust and flexible development and deployment platform for solutions that perform business-critical, high margin and secure electronic transactions," said John Hake, Sun's director of Worldwide Financial Services at Sun Microsystems. "The Solaris Operating Environment coupled with Trintech's PayGate NetAcquirer helps Sun fulfill its commitment of providing financial institutions globally with the technology environment necessary to excel in the Internet economy." PayGate is an enterprise transaction platform that provides merchant acquirers and third party processors with the technology framework they require to take advantage of emerging business opportunities in global electronic commerce. PayGate's modular architecture allows true extensibility supporting multiple card types, multi-currency, layers of security and core payment functionality

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