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GoAhead Software and Ziatech Form Strategic Alliance Acquires, the Premier Download Web Site for Linux Developers

LA Internet Selects Sun Microsystems

ODS Networks Chooses Red Hat Services for Help with New Linux-Based SecureCom Offer

Smart Technology Ventures Makes $750,000 Investment in Continuous Computing Corporation

New Web-Based Tool to Simplify Server Management

ThinAirApps Announces Public Beta Test of Wireless Server Platform

Sun reaffirms commitment to provide Solaris on Intel based systems

Fujitsu Siemens Computers Extends ASP Support

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Squeak! - Animal Brands and Metaphors in the Storage Market
Squeak! - Animal Brands and Metaphors in the Storage Market
Animal marketing metaphors are popular in service industries, but you'd be surprised how many companies have used animals in their marketing of data storage products and services.

The storage market was worth over $150 billion in 2005, and as it gets bigger - more companies will turn to animal brands to help differentiate their otherwise bland products and lend them artificial (or deserving) characters and virtues.

The idea behind this type of marketing is to suggest positive connotations so it's unlikely that anyone will choose to associate their products with gremlins. But you may be surprised by the population of the storage ark.

This reference articles lists all known companies who have furry marketing brands, and also includes some which are slimy, scaly and scary too. the article, Mice in storage
GoAhead Software GoAhead Software and Ziatech Form Strategic Alliance

Bellevue, Wash., and San Luis Obispo, Calif., March, 2, 2000 - GoAhead® Software, the leading provider of off-the-shelf management software for Internet infrastructure devices, and Ziatech Corporation, the leading innovator of Applied Computing solutions for open market communications network equipment, today announced a strategic partnership to integrate GoAhead's cross-platform high availability software with selected Ziatech CompactPCI® solutions. To meet the pressures to reduce time-to-market, designers of telecom and Internet infrastructure equipment expect solution providers to help bring their products to market as quickly as possible. Ziatech is responding to this need by pioneering the development of next-generation CompactPCI high availability solutions.

GoAhead's high availability software manages mission-critical applications through a systems-based approach, which actively monitors all components-hardware, applications and operating systems. GoAhead HighAvailability provides dynamic configuration management, heartbeating and checkpointing for active elements within a system, including hardware, applications and operating system components. The software supports a flexible range of system configurations, including active/standby CPUs, N+1 and 2N I/O cards. Fault management capabilities provide a policy-based, extensible solution for automatic detection, isolation, diagnosis and recovery for system faults. GoAhead HighAvailability provides remote, Web-based access and integrates with SNMP enterprise and network management environments. The software supports a variety of operating systems, including Linux™, LynxOS from Lynx Real-Time Systems, Solaris from Sun Microsystems, VxWorks® from Wind River Systems, and Windows® NT and 2000 from Microsoft®.

Editor's note:- the Ziatech products are Intel Pentium based, but as this software also runs on Solaris, I thought it would be good for readers involved in critical applications to know about this alternative. ...GoAhead Software profile Acquires, the Premier Download Web Site for Linux Developers

NEW YORK, NY - March 2, 2000 /INB/ -, the Internet Industry's Portal, today announced it has acquired The site is the premier download site for Linux developers and offers the widest range of downloadable Linux applications on the Web. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. is widely known throughout the Linux community as the leading download site for Linux users and will strengthen's presence in this market.

"We're thrilled to be able to offer users another leading resource like, which we believe is the most comprehensive Linux download site on the Internet," said chairman and CEO Alan M. Meckler. "This site adds to's outstanding collection of tools for the Linux community and enhances's position as the leading independent source for Linux and Open Source information," Meckler added.
LA Internet LA Internet Selects Sun Microsystems

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.- March 2, 2000 /BUSINESS WIRE/ - LA Internet, a wholly owned subsidiary of Internet Business's International Inc. Thursday announced that it has begun upgrading its facilities with the latest Enterprise(TM) server computers from Sun Microsystems. "We examined all available alternatives," said IBUI chief executive officer Al Reda. "In the key aspects of security of security, reliability and expandability, the Sun offerings have the others beat cold."

Server computers are essential elements of an Internet Service Provider (ISP). "Probably the biggest factor tipping the scales in Sun's favor is expandability," continued Reda. "With the Enterprise(TM) servers we can scale up to meet any conceivable current need, and I trust in (Sun CEO and chairman) Scott McNealy's vision to provide us with the solutions we'll need far, far into the future."
Red Hat ODS Networks Chooses Red Hat Services for Help with New Linux-Based SecureCom Offer

Research Triangle Park, N.C. and Richardson, TX-March 1, 2000 - Red Hat, Inc., a market leader in open source solutions, and ODS Networks, Inc. a global provider of security management solutions for enterprise security products, today announced that they will work together to complete Red Hat certification and the design of a hardened Linux operating system for use with ODS' SecureCom family of Internet Security products. Under the agreement, Red Hat will provide ODS on-site software consulting, engineering services, training and support.

``Security services are extremely complex offerings,'' said Teresa Spangler, Business Unit Leader, Sales, Red Hat, Inc. ``ODS Networks turned to Red Hat Support Services to assist in the engineering and support of its SecureCom products to ensure their customers would benefit from a highly secure appliance solution that can take full advantage of the freedom, reliability and scalability of Linux.'' SecureCom offers one of the most integrated and secure methods of Internet access, routing, Virtual Private Networking (VPN) and LAN/WAN connectivity. The platform is designed to incorporate security applications and network management strategies, providing scalable and secure integration within a customer's existing environment. In addition to a high-speed interconnect fabric and LAN switching modules, SecureCom currently supports Intel, Hewlett-Packard and Sun SPARC processor modules.

International Data Corp. (IDC) research states that Linux was the fastest-growing server operating environment in 1998, growing more than 190 percent in that year alone and capturing more than 15.8 percent of the 4.4 million revenue shipment server operating systems market segment. Additionally, IDC states that Red Hat Linux is by far the most popular distribution, preferred by 68.7 percent of U.S. Linux users. According to research firm NetCraft, Inc., 29 percent of all public Web servers run on Linux, making Linux the most popular operating system for public Web sites. Finally, IDC predicts that by 2002, there will be more than 55 million handheld and notebook-style information appliance devices and that by 2005, shipments of these appliances will exceed shipments of PCs.
Continuous Computing Smart Technology Ventures Makes $750,000 Investment in Continuous Computing Corporation

SAN DIEGO, Wednesday, March 1, 2000 - Continuous Computing Corporation (CCPU), a leading provider of Voice-over packet platform solutions for telecom equipment manufacturers, today announced a $750,000 investment from Smart Technology Ventures. This investment will allow CCPU to continue to lead innovations in Voice-over-packet telephony solutions. One such solution, CCPU's award-winning Telco Starter Kit, has received industry acclaim as the first SPARC™-based CompactPCI introductory system designed specifically for Media Gateway Controllers, SS7 Gateways, Call Processors, Billing, and Operations platforms in the Central Office (CO).

"CCPU has already demonstrated a leading position in developing and delivering unique, customized platforms to telecom manufacturers," stated Joel Balbien, Ph.D., Chief Financial Officer at STV. "We are enthusiastic about being instrumental in the growth of the company."

"Everyone at Continuous Computing is pleased to have gained STV as a partner," stated Ken Kalb, who is chairman and CEO of Continuous Computing. "The principals there have a real knowledge of our technology, and believe in the solution Continuous Computing is offering the telecom industry."
Plesk New Web-Based Tool to Simplify Server Management

Chantilly, VA. February 29, 2000 /PR Web/ - Plesk, Inc. today announced the release of Plesk Server Administrator v.1.2—an unmatched, Web-based server management tool. With its point-and-click interface, Plesk Server Administrator v.1.2 performs comprehensive server management tasks, enabling non-technical users to easily administer servers via any browser. According to Dmitri Simonenko, CEO of Plesk Inc., the support demands on Web hosting companies increase exponentially as thousands of domains are created daily. With Plesk Server Administrator, both administrator and client can use the same graphical interface to manage servers with multiple domains. Simonenko emphasized, "Plesk Server Administrator allows clients to change user profiles and e-mail accounts themselves—this feature alone can dramatically reduce the workload and the cost of a hosting company's technical support staff."

Plesk Server Administrator v.1.2 is available for leading Unix/Linux based platforms, including Solaris, FreeBSD, Red Hat, BSDI, and Slackware. Plesk Server Administrator offers users an expedient way to remotely create users, domains, protected directories, and mail accounts; set up IP and name-based virtual hosting; support MS FrontPage extensions, FTP, MySQL, PHP, and SSL; and view user- and system-level statistics. Plesk Server Administrator also features co-branding, and automated upload and activation of SSL certificates.
ThinAirApps ThinAirApps Announces Public Beta Test of Wireless Server Platform

NEW YORK- Feb. 29, 2000- ThinAirApps LLC today announced that the company is offering a public beta test of its ThinAir Server(tm) for Lotus Domino(tm). The product will be commercially available in April 2000. ThinAir Server for Lotus Domino is client/server software that allows corporate users to securely access information from Lotus Domino, using a number of wireless devices, in real-time. Wireless devices supported for the public beta include the Palm VII(tm) Connected Organizer, the Palm III(tm), Palm V(tm) and WAP-enabled cell phones. Support for Research in Motion Blackberry(tm), and Windows CE(tm) devices will be available in the second quarter, 2000. Users can access data such as e-mail and calendaring during the public beta. The functionality for ThinAir Server for Lotus Domino includes virtually all desktop functions enabling users to read, write, delete, and reply to e-mail, look up addresses from a server-based address book, and to create, accept, decline, and look up calendar events.

"ThinAir Server for Lotus Domino further supports ThinAirApps' commitment to its platform strategy for delivering any type of enterprise information to any wireless device," said Mark Flaherty, director of product management, ThinAirApps. "Our suite of ThinAir Server products enable mobile professionals to increase their productivity and efficiency by allowing them to access the Internet, e-mail and other important corporate data while they are away from the office." ThinAir Server for Lotus Domino adds depth to the company's suite of ThinAir Server products, which currently includes ThinAir Server for Microsoft Exchange, ThinAir Server for IMAP and ThinAir Server for POP. The server software is 100% Java-based and is certified to run on the Sun Solaris(tm) 8 Operating Environment.
Sun Microsystems Sun reaffirms commitment to provide Solaris on Intel based systems

PALO ALTO, Calif., Feb. 29 /PRNewswire/ - In response to market demand for its free Solaris licensing programs and its OEMs reconfirming interest, Sun Microsystems today reaffirmed its commitment toprovide versions of its highly reliable, available and scalable Solaris Operating Environment for systems using Intel microprocessors. Sun intends for the dotcom-grade Solaris Operating Environment to continue its support for Intel's current IA-32 platform-based processors and will extend support for the emerging IA-64 platform-based offerings, Itanium and beyond. Sun will bring its .com-grade operating environment to companies that choose Intel processors and want the reliability, availability and scalability that only Solaris software provides. Sun currently bundles Oracle8i Enterprise Database and Apache Web Server with Solaris, and will continue to do so with Solaris on Itanium, giving dot-com applications an extremely powerful transaction platform.
Fujitsu Siemens Computers Fujitsu Siemens Computers Extends ASP Support

HANNOVER, Germany, Feb. 28 - Fujitsu Siemens Computers has announced that it is to partner with Argus Systems Group - the leading vendor of secure operating systems technology -- as part of its new ASPect initiative to establish the company as the number one supplier of server technology for the emerging European Application Service Provider (ASP) sector. Fujitsu Siemens Computers is targeting the ASP sector as one of the key markets for its Intel-based and SPARC-based server systems, and is targeting revenues of $250 million by 2003 following the launch of its first European ASP Center in Munich last month. The new Fujitsu Siemens Computers ASP Competence Center in Munich features a fully equipped data center backed by a comprehensive communications and IT infrastructure. Security is a crucial success factor for ASP implementation, and Fujitsu Siemens Computers will work with Argus Systems to integrate its B1-certified (currently in certification to Common Criteria EAL4) PitBull solution into its ASPect offering to deliver industry-leading levels of security for networked ASP environments.

The Argus PitBull solution supports the Fujitsu Siemens Computer servers, such as the SPARC/Solaris-based GP7000F range, that have been specifically designed for mission-critical applications. The GP7000F is an ideal platform for ASP implementation, offering multiple partitions, redundancy of central system components, and online replacement of network power supply units, hard disks, controllers and other components. Error detection and correction technology ensures the security of data in memory caches, while sophisticated cluster technologies make it possible to set up high-availability systems and ensure permanent access to all data relevant for business purposes.

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