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Encore Ports its Real-Time Environment to Solaris

BSD Suppliers Unite to Deliver the World's Most Popular Internet Operating Systems

Alan Taylor Appointed Director of European Sales for Continuous Computing Corporation

Micromuse Joins Suntone Certification and Branding Program

SBE, Inc. Announces Plans to Use Sun's SPARCengine Compact PCI Product Line

Performance Technologies' PTMC Telecom Specification Submitted for Approval

SPARC International Board of Directors has announced the appointment of Karen Anaya as the new Chairman and CEO.

New VERITAS Web Edition 2.0 Boosts Performance and Manageability of Sun SPARC/Solaris Web Servers

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Megabyte's ancestor, Squeaks-a-Bit, had created a list of classic hits from before the Millenium. He didn't say which millenium .
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Squeak! - Why are Most Analysts Wrong About Solid State Disks?
read the article - Why are Most Analysts  Wrong About Solid State Disks?
Most analysts and editors of other computer publications don't really understand the solid state disk market. They show their ignorance and naivete by prefacing every discussion of SSDs with a superficial analysis which compares the cost per byte of storage between flash and hard disk drives. That's the wrong answer to the wrong question. And it's far removed from why the SSD market is racing to become a multi billion dollar market seemingly in blithe ignorance of the cost per byte proposition.

This article tells you what's important to users and the main applications in which SSDs are already being used and new applications where they will be used in the next 3 years. the article, Solid State Disks
Encore Real-Time Computing Encore Ports its Real-Time Environment to Solaris

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. and PALO ALTO, CALIF. - March 10, 2000 - Encore Real-Time Computing, Inc. and Sun Microsystems, Inc. today announced the development of a high-end real-time environment (RTE) for government and commercial sectors. Encore's legacy computer replacement system (LCRS) together with the Solaris[tm] Operating Environment will enable government agencies and commercial businesses to replace aging computer systems with a state-of-the-art commercial off the shelf (COTS) system configuration.

The Solaris 7 Operating Environment coupled with Encore's RTE offers an unparalleled solution to preparing computer systems for the myriad of high-demand real-time computing challenges of the 21st century. Encore's RTE, comprised of hardware and software, greatly enhances the resource efficiency for Sun Ultra [tm] Sparc Workstations and Enterprise [tm] servers. The RTE has been ported and tested to the Solaris 7 Operating Environment, and is currently being tested on the newly released Solaris 8 Operating Environment.

This collaborative effort provides Encore with a scalable, robust and interoperable operating environment to port its RTE and enables Sun to move into high-demand real-time market segments, including high-fidelity computing such as flight simulators, missile systems hardware-in-the-loop simulations, data acquisition systems for radar, and telemetry applications, and power plant monitoring and control.

Editor's note see also:- Operating systems which run on SPARC and article:- And Now Real-Time Linux
BSDI BSD Suppliers Unite to Deliver the World's Most Popular Internet Operating Systems

Colorado Springs, Colo., March 10, 2000 - Berkeley Software Design, Inc. (BSDI) announced today that it has merged with Walnut Creek CDROM, the distributor of the popular FreeBSD operating system. As a merged company, the new BSDI unites the leading developers and suppliers of the Berkeley Software Distribution operating system. BSDI will develop and deliver advanced BSD® Internet operating systems and platforms, while providing the open source FreeBSD Project with technology, backing and expanded support.

BSD operating systems run some of the Internet's most highly trafficked sites and largest service providers, including Yahoo!TM, Microsoft's Hotmail and UUNET, an MCI WorldCom company. BSD and Linux are today's fastest-growing operating systems, according to, the leading eResearch company. BSD operating system, networking and Internet technologies have achieved widespread acceptance in the Internet infrastructure. Over 100,000 commercial Internet customers run BSD operating systems on more than 2,000,000 BSD-powered servers. It is estimated that nine out of 10 Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Network Service Providers (NSPs) as well as 15 percent of all Internet sites run BSD systems.

BSDI also announced that Yahoo! Inc. will take an equity interest in the new company. BSDI will leverage the equity interest to execute on its plan to build a bridge between open source innovation and commercial requirements. The equity position will be used to grow BSDI's presence as a leading provider of the most advanced Internet operating systems for the Internet infrastructure.

The new BSDI will sell and support FreeBSD, BSD/OSTM, BSDITM Internet Super Server and value-added BSD product lines through its worldwide sales channels to Internet infrastructure providers, appliance developers and business users. BSDI will offer commercially supported BSD operating systems and related applications, Internet appliance platforms, technical support and services, open source software development, and consulting services. The company will deliver its BSD Internet and networking technologies on leading microprocessor platforms, including Intel, SPARC, Alpha, PowerPC and StrongARM.
Continuous Computing
Alan Taylor Appointed Director of European Sales for Continuous Computing Corporation

SAN DIEGO, Thursday, March 9, 2000 -- Continuous Computing Corporation (CCPU), a leading provider of Voice-over packet platform solutions for telecom equipment manufacturers, today announced the appointment of Alan Taylor as Director of European sales.
Alan Taylor - Continuous Computing
Taylor's appointment will allow CCPU to lead innovations in Voice-over-packet telephony solutions in Europe for major European telecom manufacturers such as Ericsson, Alcatel, Nokia and others. With more than 25 years of successful experience in hardware and software sales for the information technology (IT) industry, Taylor has specialized in new business roles for European and American companies with responsibility for their international sales operations. As a founder and director, Taylor has also been involved in raising venture capital and in initial public offerings for a number of European IT companies.

"I am really enthusiastic about our prospects for sales development in Europe and am looking forward to getting in front of customers and collaborators," stated Taylor, Project Director with the EMS Group. "I think we can rapidly establish CCPU as the leading provider of open SS7 system solutions for telecom equipment manufacturers in Europe."
Micromuse Micromuse Joins Suntone Certification and Branding Program

SAN FRANCISCO MARCH 8, 2000 - Micromuse Inc.a leading provider of fault and service-level management software, announced today that it has joined the SunTone(SM) Certification and Branding Program, which promotes higher levels of quality among applications and services deployed over the Web. Micromuse is one of more than 200 independent software vendors, service providers and network equipment vendors committed to standardizing the development and operation of Web services under Sun Microsystems' initiative.

The SunTone Certification and Branding Program aims to help deliver 24x7 availability to Internet services and applications by defining standard criteria for designing, building and delivering applications and services over the Web. Micromuse technical representatives will join with other members of the program to develop specifications that define a standard deployment environment for Internet service provider's operations and infrastructure.

"We are pleased to have Micromuse as a participant in the SunTone Certification and Branding Program," said Doug Kaewert, vice president, market development and developer relations at Sun Microsystems. "Micromuse's NETCOOL® suite provides a valuable tool for monitoring faults in the network infrastructure and sustaining the uptime of Internet-enabled business services. Under the program, Netcool will have the opportunity to be part of a standards-based solution designed to increase service provider uptime."

Editor's note, don't rush off to which is actually the web site of Suntone Business Systems, a copier company. Sun's marketers made the same naming mistake as DEC's marketers when they named the AltaVista search engine. (It cost Compaq tens of millions of dollars to acquire the AltaVista domain from the company which originally owned it). This is the link to a directory of SunTone members.
SBE SBE, Inc. Announces Plans to Use Sun's SPARCengine Compact PCI Product Line

SAN RAMON, CA, March 7, 2000 SBE, Inc., a leading supplier of specialized communications and networking processing solutions, today plans to combine Sun's SPARCengineTM Compact PCI system boards with SBE's HighWireTM family of communications coprocessor products. SBE's decision to work with Sun will allow SBE to target companies running mission-critical, wireline, wireless and ISP applications.

"Sun has entrenched itself in the heart of telecom operations by delivering solid networking products to the demanding and fast-paced carrier marketplace," said William B. Heye, Jr., president and CEO of SBE. "The conjunction of SBE's HighWire products and the Sun platform allows network equipment providers to achieve a new level of processing performance focused on providing solutions tailored to meet the needs of voice and data convergence. This moves SBE a long way toward our goal of revenue diversification."

"By bringing the advanced technologies of Sun and SBE together, we are expanding the range of products and services that our telecom OEM customers demand," said Lewis Carr, Group Manager, Embedded OEM Market Development Group, Sun Microsystems.

Editor's note:- this is a new implementation of an old concept. Historically the first serial I/O company to launch a SPARC based communications server was GNP way back in the early 1990's. Communications is a huge market, where the packaging design is just as important as the operation of the dataflows. When you've got hundreds of signal wires packed into a tiny volume, that's when you start to appreciate that someone has thought the packaging concept all the way through.
Performance Technologies Performance Technologies' PTMC Telecom Specification Submitted for Approval

ROCHESTER, N.Y.- March 6, 2000 /BUSINESS WIRE/ - Performance Technologies, Inc. today announced that its PCI Telecom Mezzanine Specification (PTMC) is complete and has been submitted to the PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group (PICMG) for evaluation and approval. PTI served as the primary developer of the PTMC specification and worked with Motorola Computer Group to formulate the final draft. The PTMC specification leverages the existing PMC specification and creates a new standard by adding ATM and TDM support, two popular telecom bus interfaces not covered under the existing PMC specification. It provides OEM designers and integrators with a common hardware platform for designing various telecommunications and data communications applications.

PTI's early objective in developing the PTMC specification is to provide a comprehensive mezzanine interface for its new family of telecom connectivity products. Being able to populate these new products with DSP resources or ATM mezzanines will better allow PTI to participate in the exploding IP telephony and wireless markets. To ensure long term compatibility between numerous vendors, PTI began working with several companies to submit the specifications as a standard.
SPARC International SPARC International Board of Directors has announced the appointment of Karen Anaya as the new Chairman and CEO.

Santa Clara, CA , March 06, 2000 /SPARC-FLASH/ - The SPARC International (SI) Board of Directors has announced the appointment of Karen Anaya as the new Chairman and CEO.

"I look forward to serve our over 100 members of SPARC International, many of whom have been members when I first joined SPARC International over 10 years ago. My goal is to grow our membership list and provide even more information to our membership via our web site" said Ms. Anaya.

Ms. Susan Kunz, SI Board member representing Sun Microsystems said, "Ms. Anaya was the obvious choice for Chairman and CEO. Not only, is she intimately familiar with the operations of SPARC International, but she brings incredible enthusiasm and commitment to the job. This is good for SPARC."
VERITAS Software New VERITAS Web Edition 2.0 Boosts Performance and Manageability of Sun SPARC/Solaris Web Servers

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.- March 6, 2000 - /BUSINESS WIRE/ - VERITAS® Software Corporation, the industry's leading enterprise-class application storage management software provider, today announced the availability of new VERITAS Web Edition(TM) 2.0, a storage management solution for all web servers, including e-Business web servers. Designed to boost the performance of Sun SPARC/Solaris web servers, VERITAS Web Edition streamlines the management of exponential data growth and meets customers' high-availability requirements. VERITAS Web Edition simplifies routine maintenance tasks, such as backup and resizing, without disrupting user access to data.

"Unplanned downtime is the bane of all organizations," said Dan Kusnetzky, IDC's Program Director of Operating Environments and Serverware services. "Web-based applications, being the electronic place of business, just cannot be allowed to fail. Products such as VERITAS Web Edition can be important tools to help organizations increase both the performance and reliability of their Web infrastructure." VERITAS Web Edition (HA) extends protection and availability of critical data for Sun SPARC/Solaris web servers running Netscape SuiteSpot and Apache web server clusters by offering fast reboot and hot relocation of failed redundant storage. New VERITAS Web Edition maximizes performance by enabling superior through-put and fast response accessing of web documents containing text, graphics and high-bandwidth audio and video files on a web server.

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