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Sun, SPARC, Solaris news, 2000 March week 5

RamSan-400 solaris ready
RamSan-400 Enterprise Solid State Disk
The World's Fastest Storage
from Texas Memory Systems
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Vela LP Vela's CineView(TM) MPEG Decoders Now Supported on Linux

CLEARWATER, Fla., March 30, 2000 - Responding to the growing popularity of the Linux operating system for its customers' applications, Vela L.P. today announced that it is now shipping its MPEG-2 video decoding solutions with Linux drivers. The new Linux MPEG-2 decoder drivers will give additional functionality to Vela's CineView, CineView Pro, and CineView Pro LE family of MPEG-2 decoders. Later this year Vela also plans to add Linux support for its Argus encoding systems.

These popular video compression and decompression solutions are used in ad insertion, cable headends, video-on-demand, IP multicasting, and many other digital video applications requiring broadcast-quality 4:2:2 or 4:2:0 encoding and decoding. Vela will be demonstrating its Linux MPEG-2 decoder software at NAB in booth M-8735.
Vela's CineView(TM) MPEG Decoders Now Supported on Linux

SBS Introduces dataBLIZZARD Kits & Cards

Network Technologies' Universal ST-nU-13W3 KVM Switch Offers Users the Choice of a Sun or VGA Monitor

Viador Delivers Leading Enterprise Portal For Linux

On-Line! Detective for Sun:- Release 13.0, Bigger - Better

Anatel Communications Corporation Spun Off From Analogic

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Megabyte found that compatibility problems could creep into the simplest system.
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SBS Connectivity Products
SBS Connectivity Products Introduces dataBLIZZARD Kits & Cards

St. Paul, MN - March 31, 2000 - SBS Technologies, Inc., Connectivity Products (formerly SBS Bit 3 Operations) is pleased to introduce six high-speed, processor-efficient dataBLIZZARD computer communications interfaces for PCI, CompactPCI and PMC systems. Featuring a powerful integrated DMA engine, dataBLIZZARD moves data from any system memory or PCI memory location in one system to a memory location in the other system. The DMA engine provides sustained data transfer rates of 80 MB/s (1.0625 Gbits/s raw data rate).

"Our dataBLIZZARD data pipe drives data between systems at exceptionally fast transfer rates. We marry software efficiency with hardware efficiency for the highest sustained transfer rates possible," said David Greig, Vice President of SBS Technologies Computer Group. "Applications that require large amounts of data to be transferred very quickly and efficiently or that demand low latency access to remote data or devices will benefit greatly from dataBLIZZARD. Actually, dataBLIZZARD will benefit any application that requires more than one processor to share the same data."

Each dataBLIZZARD kit is priced at $4700.00 and will be available in June 2000. Each dataBLIZZARD kit includes two cards, a 10-meter fiber-optic cable, software drivers, and a manual. Individual dataBLIZZARD cards will also be available for $2350.00 each SBS Technologies, Connectivity Products offers a variety of SBS dataBLIZZARD kits:
  • Model DB0-PCI-PCI -- interconnects two PCI buses
  • Model DB0-CPCI-CPCI -- joins two CompactPCI buses
  • Model DB0-PMC-PMC -- connects two PMC systems
  • Model DB0-PCI-CPCI -- interconnects a PCI bus and a CompactPCI bus
  • Model DB0-PCI-PMC -- joins a PCI and a PMC system
  • Model DB0-CPCI-PMC -- connects a CompactPCI bus and a PMC system

SBS dataBLIZZARD provides DMA transfers at sustained rates of 80 MB/s and 2 msec latency. Each dataBLIZZARD card has seven semaphores for end-user use. Each card also provides 192K bytes of 32 bit wide on-board memory for use as a mailbox or shared memory without accessing the remote bus. The entire dataBLIZZARD product line features universal signal voltage (5V, 3.3V), flexible mapping of local bus address space to remote memory, and programmed interrupts that can be passed between the local and remote system. Software drivers are included with dataBLIZZARD kits. The software (on CD-ROM) provides all the tools required to access and control dataBLIZZARD hardware. SBS drivers can be installed in both systems allowing concurrent peer-to-peer communications using processor reads and writes or DMA. The drivers allow access to system memory or a PCI address assigned to hardware. Drivers are included for Solaris, IRIX, Windows NT, VxWorks, and LINUX.
Network Technologies
Network Technologies' Universal ST-nU-13W3 KVM Switch Offers Users the Choice of a Sun or VGA Monitor

AURORA, OH - March 30 - The ST-nU-13W3 Universal KVM Switch manufactured by Network Technologies, Inc. is the only universal kvm switch on the market allowing users to control two, four, or eight computers (SUN, PC or MAC) with one keyboard, mouse and the option of either a SUN or VGA multisync monitor. This switch features both 13W3 female and 15 pin HD female monitor outputs for connecting to either a SUN or PS/2 monitor. Sun monitors must be PC-compatible or multisync (refer to your owner's manual). NTI's website contains additional information regarding compatible SUN monitors. NTI Universal KVM Swithc

All CPU video ports are 15HD female. Proprietary keyboard interface cables are necessary for proper operation between the computers and the universal switch box. Pricing for the ST-nU-13W3 Universal KVM Switch is $345 for the 2-port model, $715 for the 4-port model and $970 for the 8-port model. NTI's Universal KVM switches are available with optional On Screen Display, Liquid Crystal Display, RS232 control and rackmount enclosure.

NTI switches also allow the user to choose the keyboard with which they are most comfortable. While we recommend using SUN keyboards with our Universal switches because they have the most keys, our switches are also designed to work with PS/2 or Mac keyboards. NTI's units connect between computers and peripherals, are easy to use, and require no special tools or software for immediate operation. Customer satisfaction is supported with a one-year warranty on parts and labor, and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Responsive customer service and technical support are available to assist in product selection and installation questions.
Viador Viador Delivers Leading Enterprise Portal For Linux

SAN MATEO, Calif., March 28, 2000 - Viador Inc.™, the number one enterprise portal company, today announced it has made the Viador E-Portal Suite™ available on the Linux operating system, which is the industry's fastest growing E-Business server platform. This announcement combines the increasingly popular Linux operating system with Viador's scalable enterprise portal software. Viador's E-Portal Suite on Linux is a powerful alternative for organizations that need a high performance, platform independent enterprise portal to speed their E-Business solutions to market. The addition of Linux further extends Viador's broad platform support that already spans Windows NT, Windows 2000, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX, and mainframe servers.

Linux has become the world's second most-popular server operating system, representing 25 percent of units shipped, compared with Windows NT's 38 percent, according to International Data Corporation. Linux's popularity has been driven largely by solutions created with programming intensive development efforts utilizing traditional web development tools to deliver applications and information to users over the Internet. These initiatives required programmers to manually integrate all applications and information sources into the solution and webmasters to maintain the currency of information. Viador's enterprise portal enables the rapid creation and deployment of E-Business solutions that offer robust business functionality, bringing Linux even closer to the mainstream business adoption of major UNIX suppliers.

Viador's enterprise portal, which is based on the Viador E-Portal Frameworkä, serves as the foundation upon which Global 1000, emerging Internet companies, ISVs, ASPs and system integrators are deploying a wide variety of E-Business applications including: Business-to-Business (B2B) portals for partner relationship management or B2B marketplaces, and Business-to-Employee (B2E) portals to support customer relationship management or E-Business intelligence solutions. Viador eliminates much of the manual programming by providing an environment to easily integrate application components and information sources into a single, personalized user interface. Viador also includes a rich set of integrated services including security, E-Business intelligence, search, document sharing, personalization, and navigation that enable the rapid creation of custom branded E-Business solutions. As a result, Viador provides a scalable, customizable delivery vehicle for deploying E-Business solutions in a faster and more cost-effective way.
SoftTech Solutions On-Line! Detective for Sun:- Release 13.0, Bigger - Better

Waterford, MI -March 29, 2000 - SoftTech Solutions, publisher of the On-Line! Detective for Sun, said that Version 13.0 is filled with new benefits to the end-user. New features include a global search engine, hundreds of new part numbers and X-options, detailed Solaris 7 information, a break out of SunVTS and much more.

"The search engine was user driven and definitely enhances the value of the tool by providing quicker access to information," states Al Hoskins, CTO at SoftTech Solutions. "The 10,000 plus pages of the Detective are much more manageable with this enhanced search engine."

The On-Line! Detective is a software package benefiting those who interface with Sun equipment. Key users of the Detective include system administrators, field engineers, help desk personnel and resellers of Sun systems. The Detective saves time in finding answers or resolving problems, maximizes Sun system uptime and reduces the long-term cost of owning and upgrading Sun equipment.

The Detective has enhanced its troubleshooting information for memory and disk drives. The Detective's new "Memory Troubleshooting" guides users through a complete troubleshooting flowchart to make sense of complex memory errors. This module also defines and explains "Catastrophic/Correctable" memory errors and provides troubleshooting tips and techniques. In like fashion, the Detective has a troubleshooting module for Disk Drives. This offers tips for determining and resolving disk problems, retrieving data from a problematic drive and a comprehensive flowchart that quickly flushes out problems and determines the root cause. The Detective continues to provide more value to system administrators by adding information to its Solaris module. Additional content includes:

The Detective continues to provide more value to system administrators by adding information to its Solaris module. Additional content includes:
  • Solaris 7 Installation: installation methods, installation issues/bugs, patch analyzer, and troubleshooting/error messages.
  • Solaris 7 Overview: Answerbook2, network management, and O/S information.
  • Panic: panic causes, bad traps, panic routine, capturing system crash information, core file analysis, hard-ware diagnosis/repair, and bug reports.
  • File System: constructing the UNIX file system (UFS), disk partitions, organization, RAID, and backup information.

Editor's note:- if you haven't looked at this richly featured information product, yet, view the online demo

Anatel Communications Anatel Communications Corporation Spun Off From Analogic

PEABODY, MA, March 27, 2000 - Anatel Communications Corporation, a subsidiary of Analogic Corporation, was introduced to the Telecom industry at the Voice On the Net (VON) Exhibition and Conference today in San Jose, California. Anatel Communications, formerly Analogic's Communications Products Group, is being spun off to better focus on the explosive opportunities in the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Internet Telecommunications markets.

"We believe the new company has a tremendous advantage in the foundation that has been laid as a successful division of Analogic for well over a decade," stated Chappell Cory, who has been appointed President of Anatel Communications. "We already are one of the top suppliers of VoIP boards, with customers including such market leaders as Lucent, ECI Telecom, and Net2Phone. We have had a technology leader with our innovative family of TAP-800 telephony resource boards. Now our expanding line of CompactPCI, T1/E1 and DS-3 network access boards should allow us to meet the needs of an even larger number of applications in the broader Internet Telecommunications market, including Softswitch architectures, voice routers (PBXs) and Call Center systems."

Anatel Communications' new organizational structure, increased investment in engineering, and new strategic alliances will enable Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) customers to purchase fully integrated box-level Media Gateways systems that are expandable to 10,000 ports and beyond. "Anatel Communications' customers, therefore, should be able to focus on their added value applications and get solutions into the hands of their customers faster," explained David Fridley, Director of Marketing. "This industry runs on 'Internet Time,' so time to market is critical to our customers' success."

"Marketing and sales channels are expanding rapidly," commented Terry Shugart, Director of Sales. "Our new representative in Texas, RACOR Systems, has already brought on board a major new OEM customer. Also, our VoIPonline technical seminar series, which we started in January, is enabling us to speak with the many telephony engineers who are seeking innovative solutions for implementing VoIP." Anatel Communications will be announcing new strategic alliances and new system-level VoIP and Media Gateway products in the near future. Anatel Communications, an Analogic Company, designs, manufactures, and markets CompactPCI, PCI and ISA Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) DSP resource boards; T1/E1 and DS-3 network access boards; Media Gateway development systems; and associated software for Windows NT, Solaris, VxWorks, UNIXWare and Linux for the Internet Telecommunications market. Applications include VoIP Gateways, Softswitch architectures, voice routers (PBXs) and Call Center systems.

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