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2000 April week 1

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Rave Computer Introduces Rave Systems RackMount-1UAXe Information and Support Portal for Linux

Sun Enterprise Server Price Drops Down to Earth

Legato Announces First Solution for Continuous Operations Across Wide Area Distances

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Megabyte's cousin, Terrabyte, had a huge tape library. It was a bit scary.
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Rave Computer Association Rave Computer Introduces Rave Systems RackMount-1UAXe

Sterling Heights, MI – April 7, 2000 - Rave Computer Association, Inc., leading authorized Sun Master value-added System Integrator, introduces its newest addition to its Rave Systems family: Rave Systems RackMount-1UAXe.

Rave Systems RackMount-1UAXe features Sun's newest UltraAXe motherboard integrated into Rave's 1U rackmount chassis. The UltraAXe motherboard is powered by 300MHz UltraSPARC-IIi CPU with 256Kb external cache. The motherboard features three PCI slots, onboard graphics accelerator, and onboard EIDE controller that can support up to four EIDE drives. Additional standard features of the UltraAXe motherboard include expandable memory capacity of up to 1GB, auto-sensing 10/100 MB Fast Ethernet, and PS/2 mouse and keyboard connectors.

The rackmount chassis is an attractive 1U steel enclosure with four fans and one fan in the power supply area to provide exceptional cooling capabilities. The chassis comes standard with a singular 180-Watt auto-ranging power supply, two 3.5" low-profile removable drive bays, and a 5.25" drive bay. The Rave Systems RackMount-1UAXe provides customers a high-performance, low-cost solution operating with Solaris or Linux environment. The new system is designed to meet critical space requirements as well as to provide ideal solutions as firewalls, server appliances, web hosting, kiosks and data centers.

Pricing and availability Rave Systems RackMount-1UAXe suggested list price is $2,055. Information and Support Portal for Linux

PRWeb - April 06, 2000 - is a new company/portal which addresses and technically resolves issues that have stood in the way of successful Corporate Linux deployment.

" houses an easily accessible round the clock, round the year Linux expert team which ensures that Linux is successfully deployed and supported at your enterprise. Support will be provided on-site or on-line."
Sun Microsystems Sun Enterprise Server Price Drops Down to Earth

PALO ALTO, CA. - April 5, 2000 - Continuing to offer industry-leading solutions at competitive prices, Sun Microsystems, Inc. today reduced prices on its popular Sun Enterprise[tm] 250 workgroup server by up to 44 percent. Customers can now have the enterprise-class scalability, availability and remote management offered by the server for as little as $125 per month -- and receive it in just two days.

For $4,995 (U.S. list) or $125 per month lease, customers can get a Sun Enterprise 250 mission-critical workgroup server with one processor, 256MB of memory, 18GB of disk and the Solaris[tm] Operating Environment with unlimited client licenses. This new price point and quick ship delivery on the Sun Enterprise 250 server makes the already popular system even more attractive to customers looking for fast deployment of a robust, yet affordable server platform for SP (web-serving, VPNs, voice-over-IP) and enterprise (ERP, e-commerce, financial, mail, messaging, groupware) applications.

"The success of the Sun Enterprise workgroup servers has been phenomenal," said John Davis, director of marketing for Sun's workgroup servers. "The robustness of our systems -- specifically their ability to deliver superior reliability over competitive systems based on PC technologies has been a key element in that success. We expect this price reduction to help us continue to grow our marketshare."

Editor's note:- I've always been clueless about pricing - so if any reader or advertiser wants to promote a lower price point on a new (dual processor capable or better) SPARC server. They should email me with the details.
Legato Legato Announces First Solution for Continuous Operations Across Wide Area Distances

PALO ALTO, CA - April 4, 2000 /BUSINESS WIRE/ - Legato Systems, Inc. today introduced Legato wanCluster(TM), the first disaster recovery solution that provides high availability for applications using heterogeneous data storage and automated site-to-site failover. Legato wanCluster is designed to protect customers' current infrastructure investments by supporting heterogeneous data storage devices, and to improve the manageability of long-distance replication solutions by controlling and automating their operations.

Legato wanCluster is supported in two configurations: Legato wanCluster for Legato Replication to support continuous operations using any brand of storage device, and Legato wanCluster for EMC SRDF to support continuous operations using EMC Symmetrix storage devices.

"As IT infrastructures -- including storage -- become more complex, software solutions that can help manage those heterogeneous distributed environments becomes more critical," stated David Hill, research director, Storage and Storage Management, Aberdeen Group. "Legato's wanCluster solution for automated continuous operations is well-suited to combine disaster recovery of applications and data across wide area distances. The introduction of Legato wanCluster demonstrates Legato's commitment to making its vision for Information Continuance into a reality for today's enterprises."

Legato wanCluster monitors remote site operations and will failover applications to a second site using replicated data should the first site experience a disaster or failure that makes it unavailable. Legato wanCluster also controls the resynchronization of data and applications that is required to relocate operations back to the original site, after the site has been recovered. The product will fail over applications to local servers first if they remain available.

Pricing and Availability:- Legato wanCluster for Legato Replication is supported today on Solaris 2.51 and 2.6, as well as HP-UX 10.2. The product is available immediately from Legato, priced starting from $75,000 to protect two sites with two storage arrays.

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