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2000 April week 2

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Rave Computer to Present Three Rave Systems at NetWorld+Interop, Las Vegas

Sun Microsystems Reports All Time Record Quarterly Revenues and Net Income

Tadpole Poised To Link The World Of Web-Enabled Devices Acquires Linux Weekly News

Telephone Security Scanner Version 2.0 Helps Stop Hacker Threats

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Squeak! - Animal Brands and Metaphors in the Storage Market
Squeak! - Animal Brands and Metaphors in the Storage Market
Animal marketing metaphors are popular in service industries, but you'd be surprised how many companies have used animals in their marketing of data storage products and services.

The storage market was worth over $150 billion in 2005, and as it gets bigger - more companies will turn to animal brands to help differentiate their otherwise bland products and lend them artificial (or deserving) characters and virtues.

The idea behind this type of marketing is to suggest positive connotations so it's unlikely that anyone will choose to associate their products with gremlins. But you may be surprised by the population of the storage ark.

This reference articles lists all known companies who have furry marketing brands, and also includes some which are slimy, scaly and scary too. the article, Mice in storage
Rave Computer Association Rave Computer to Present Three Rave Systems at NetWorld+Interop, Las Vegas

Sterling Heights, MI – April 14, 2000 - Rave Computer Association will be present at the Networld+Interop, Las Vegas, in booth 2378, exhibiting three new Rave systems to the Internet and telecommunications market. Rave Computer Association, Inc., a Sun Microelectronics Master Value-added Integrator will display:
  • Rave Systems RackMount 1U-AXe (RM1U-AXe) This newest rackmount system feature an original Sun UltraAXe motherboard integrated into Raves' 1U rackmount chassis.
  • Rave Systems RackMount 2U-AXi-C (RM2U-AXi-C) This system features an original Sun UltraAXi motherboard with upgradable UltraSPARC-IIi processor integrated into Rave's new 2U rackmount chassis.
  • The Rave Systems Rackmount 4UAXmp features original Sun UltraAXmp motherboard integrated into a sturdy 4U-rackmount chassis. The UltraAXmp motherboard is powered by one to four UltraSPARC I or II microprocessors, two Ultra-wide SCSI buses, six PCI slots, and supports up to 4GB memory.

Rave Computer will have a raffle drawing for Rave Systems RM1U-AXe give away at the end of the show.
Sun Microsystems Sun Microsystems Reports All Time Record Quarterly Revenues and Net Income

PALO ALTO, CA - April 13, 2000 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. broke through the $4 billion quarterly revenue mark for the first time ever, in its reported results for the third quarter which ended March 26, 2000. Revenues for the third quarter were $4.005 billion, up 35 percent compared with the third quarter of fiscal 1999. Net income for the third quarter was $436.2 million, up 49 percent compared with last year's net income of $291.9 million (excluding gains on the sale of equity investments for fiscal year 2000 and acquisition-related charges for fiscal years 2000 and 1999, net of related income taxes). Third quarter earnings per share was $.26, an increase of 44% over the corresponding period a year ago (excluding gains on the sale of equity investments for fiscal year 2000 and acquisition-related charges for fiscal years 2000 and 1999, net of related income taxes).
Red Hat Red Hat Linux 6.2 for SPARC ships this week

April 2000 - Red Hat Linux 6.2 for SPARC started shipping April 10. The newest addition to Red Hat's line of award-winning Linux operating systems--the most trusted open source operating systems in the world. Red Hat Linux 6.2 features installation options more powerful, support options more complete, and high availability clustering more advanced than ever before. Red Hat also included some of the world's most popular Internet applications, Apache and Sendmail. New Features:
  • Advanced partitionless installation
  • Improved X configuration
  • Powerful Web-based high availability configuration tool
  • Fast, easy Priority Online Access for software updates
  • Enhanced software RAID
  • More support options, including responsive installation support
Tadpole Tadpole Poised To Link The World Of Web-Enabled Devices

Cambridge and Carlsbad (CA), April 11, 2000 - Endeavors Technology, Inc., the web technology software subsidiary of mobile computing specialist Tadpole Technology plc, today released innovative technology for the Web, which will allow web-enabled devices (including wireless) to access, manage and automatically process information held on millions of desktops, laptops and palmtops, irrespective of their location. Called Magi_Dav, this fundamental engineering technology enables the interconnection of disparate collections of web-enabled devices and processes, and allows them to operate as a coherent whole for the first time.

Endeavors' Magi_Dav architecture addresses the mounting problem of managing and processing uncoordinated, unsynchronised information scattered randomly on web-enabled devices. It allows an individual to get at and work on any information held within that individual's desktop computer, laptop computer, or palmtop handheld device from any online remote wireless web-enabled device, anywhere. Once that information has been worked upon, the individual can also share it, simply, directly and dynamically, with defined groups of colleagues or collaborators, preindentified as "buddies", without needing intermediate servers or services requiring time consuming and complex interactions. Acquires Linux Weekly News

TORONTO, April 10 /PRNewswire/ - Inc., the Internet's leading distributor of digital content, today announced that it has acquired Linux Weekly News, a leading online resource and authority for news and information about LINUX products, distributions and developments. The online publication will be integrated into's existing editorial section, which also includes articles from other leading technology publications. The acquisition firmly positions as a leading industry resource and authority for Linux content to the open-source marketplace.
SecureLogix Telephone Security Scanner Version 2.0 Helps Stop Hacker Threats

SAN ANTONIO, April 10 - SecureLogix Corporation, a leading network security company, today introduced a software version of its enterprise-level TeleSweep Secure(TM) solution - the first distributed scanning tool for telephone lines to be sold online. The software version will be followed later this month with the release of TeleSweep Secure version 2.0, which has enhanced features to help companies stop the risk posed by unauthorized or "rogue" modems to private data networks and e-commerce sites.

The TeleSweep Secure solution protects private data networks by scanning the phone lines to identify fax, modem or voice connections and characterize the threats to determine vulnerabilities. Companies can then prioritize their security efforts to secure or remove modems-eliminating unauthorized points of entry.

"While most companies today focus on protecting their networks, an undetected rogue modem could circumvent many layers of well-placed network security," said Kevin Vincent, information assurance engineer at Veridian-Trident, a SecureLogix beta customer for the TeleSweep Secure™ software. "Utilizing encrypted communications over public networks, the distributed software version of TeleSweep Secure solutions allow companies to leverage available resources to detect and prevent vulnerabilities enterprise-wide, on a very cost effective basis."

The security features, ease of use and administrative updates for version 2.0 include: Sun Sparc Solaris 7.0 manager software, in addition to the current Microsoft Windows version Automatic extraction of the entire modem banner helps IT specifically identify threats and comply with enterprise due diligence requirements

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