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2000 April week 3

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Force Computers' SENTINEL Technology Wins "Best of Show" Award At CT Expo Spring 2000

ONTRACK Offers Remote Data Recovery(TM) Service Over the Internet for Sun Solaris

What are the hot products in the Sun Microsystems compatible market?

JNI Ships EZ Fibre 2.0 Software for Fibre Channel HBAs

Zzyzx to Show Powerful Fibre Channel RAID Storage Solutions for Government Market at FOSE 2000

Lineo to Acquire Inup

VA Linux Completes TruSolutions and NetAttach Acquisitions to Broaden Its Linux Solutions for Internet Infrastructure

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Storage Area Networking
Data management could sometimes get out of control, if strays drifted away from the main herd. Megabyte's solution was the great Storage Area Networking roundup. He used his stealth technology bike for this operation...
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Force Computers Force Computers' SENTINEL Technology Wins "Best of Show" Award At CT Expo Spring 2000

SAN JOSE, CA, April 20, 2000 - Force Computers, a wholly owned subsidiary of Solectron Corporation's technology solutions business unit (NYSE:SLR) and a leader in embedded computing, today announced that SENTINEL(TM), the company's single chip PCI-to-PCI bridge (PPB) has received the "Best of Show" award from the CT Expo Spring 2000 show recently held in Los Angeles, California. Richard Grigonis called SENTINEL "the latest and most exciting bridging technology in the CompactPCI realm" in a recent issue of Computer Telephony magazine.

As a single chip PCI-to-PCI interface, SENTINEL enables a universal mode single board computer solution, MSI (message signaled interrupt) for advanced interrupt support, and hardware support for Intelligent I/O (I20) communication. SENTINEL is optimized for CompactPCI Hot-Swap and asymmetrical multiprocessing applications. SENTINEL is only available on Force products. The universal mode single board computer solution, MSI (message signaled interrupts) for advanced interrupt support, and support for I2O hardware features are available on the PowerCore(tm) CPCI-680. Future releases of Force Computers' Intel(r) and SPARC(r)-based boards will include SENTINEL.
ONTRACK Data International ONTRACK Offers Remote Data Recovery(TM) Service Over the Internet for Sun Solaris

MINNEAPOLIS, April 19, 2000 /PRNewswire/ - ONTRACK Data International, Inc., a leading provider of data availability software and service solutions, announced today the availability of its Remote Data Recovery(TM) service over the Internet for computer systems running under the Sun Solaris operating system. The new service allows computer users to recover from software-related data loss situations quickly, securely and cost-effectively through the Internet.

"In today's emerging network-driven economy, it is critical to provide fast and effective data recovery solutions for the entire spectrum of computer users," said Greg Olson, director for data recovery services at Ontrack. "With Ontrack Remote Data Recovery service, Sun Solaris users who have Internet access via a Local Area Network (LAN) can recover their mission-critical data quickly, accurately and cost-effectively."

Remote Data Recovery is an exclusive patent-pending service that enables Ontrack engineers to quickly recover a company's data via the Internet or modem without the hassle of removing the hard drive from the desktop, laptop or server. Within 60-90 minutes of being notified of a data loss, Ontrack engineers can identify the problem and give users an estimated cost to retrieve the missing data. Data is then recovered within a matter of hours, while a typical in-lab data recovery can take several days. All data transferred over the Internet is encrypted, which provides security to theuser. To connect with Remote Data Recovery service, users will need a Sun SPARC workstation/server and Sun Solaris 2.5 or greater formatted with the UFS file system.

Editor's note:- see also - Data recovery services on STORAGEsearch if your disks are broken, drowned or fried.
SPARC Product Directory What are the hot products in the Sun Microsystems compatible market?

Baughurst, UK - April 19, 2000 - ACSL, publisher of the SPARC Product Directory(sm) and STORAGEsearch computer directories today disclosed the top 10 most popular products viewed by over 100,000 unique readers (50,000 viewers on each site) in the period upto April 16. The results provide a unique insight into what buyers are actually looking for in two of the fastest growest segments of the computer systems markets:- which are storage and SPARC compatible systems. Publisher Zsolt Kerekes said This report analyses the top 10 products measured by pageviews in each directory based on web statistics rolled back to include 50,000 readers on each site. "These buyers guides include over 150 categories of hardware, so any product which made it into the top 10 is significant. Just for fun, and because we already had the data, I analyzed the top three products taking the contributions for both publications. These were in order:- (1) desktop SPARC workstations, (2) RAID systems, and (3) SCSI adapter cards."

Top 10 Products - on - over 50,000 readers analyzed

1 - desktop SPARC workstations
2 - rackmount SPARC systems (non military)
3 - SPARC CPU upgrades
3 - SCSI cards
4 - ethernet cards
5 - SPARC portables
6 - deskside SPARC systems
7 - VME SPARC CPU cards
8 - military SPARC systems
9 - serial I/O cards
10 - fibre channel cards

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JNI JNI Ships EZ Fibre 2.0 Software for Fibre Channel HBAs

SAN DIEGO, CA - April 18, 2000 - JNI Corporation, the fastest growing Fibre Channel host bus adapter company, today announced shipment of EZ Fibre(TM) 2.0, the second-generation of the Fibre Channel industry's first GUI-based configuration and management utility software for host bus adapters. The new software, which is Java-based, works with JNI's FibreStar(TM) PCI and SBus host bus adapters under Solaris, Windows 2000/NT and MacOS environments. EZ Fibre 2.0 software simplifies the installation and configuration of host bus adapters (HBA) in Storage Area Network (SAN) configurations. It is the fastest and easiest way to install and configure an HBA. Until EZ Fibre, HBA cards had to be manually configured and diagnosed, often leading to improper configuration.
Zzyzx Peripherals Zzyzx to Show Powerful Fibre Channel RAID Storage Solutions for Government Market at FOSE 2000

WASHINGTON, FOSE, Booth No. 3002 - April 18, 2000 - /BUSINESS WIRE/ - Zzyzx Peripherals, Inc., a leading manufacturer and distributor of innovative disk and tape storage solutions, workstations, and peripherals for UNIX and NT environments, will show its complete line of Fibre Channel interfaced RAID arrays, tape back-up solutions and Sun SPARC compatible workstations and servers here at FOSE 2000, the leading annual event for the government information technology community. Zzyzx is a key IT supplier to the Federal Government, and government agencies can easily access Zzyzx' storage solutions through their GSA schedule.

The RocketSTOR 2000 is a key component of Zzyzx' highly scalable SAN solutions, featuring centrally managed high availability data clusters, data replication, data sharing, and LAN-free server-less back-up. These systems feature hot swap, active/active, and dual redundant RAID controllers with two 100 MB/sec Fibre Channel host interfaces and scale to provide 5.6 TB of total storage capacity. These rack mount systems can be configured from 81 GB to 5.6 TB utilizing 9 GB, 18 GB, 36 GB, and 72 GB in both 7,200 and 10,000 RPM.
Lineo Lineo to Acquire Inup

LINDON, UTAH - April 17, 2000 - Lineo™, Inc., the leading developer of embedded Linux® system software™, today announced an agreement to acquire INUP, the leading provider of fault tolerant Linux-based clustering solutions for embedded devices. INUP technology targets high availability CompactPCI (cPCI) and Linux-based clusters that need hot-swapping functionality and redundancy. This acquisition by Lineo rounds out Lineo's technology offering, providing embedded Linux support for the complete range of embedded devices from tiny microprocessors to large, single-purpose systems. INUP customers are found in markets such as: finance, ISPs and industrial control.

"With this acquisition of INUP, Lineo now provides Linux solutions for the full spectrum of embedded devices," said Bryan Sparks, CEO of Lineo, Inc. "Lineo is paving the way for OEM developers to be able to put Linux anywhere their customers need it."

"This alliance will enable us to take advantage of the different research and development dynamics and competencies each of our companies has to offer," said Hugo Delchini, CEO of INUP. "It also provides complementary resources for expanding our high_availability technology into world-wide markets." INUP is headquartered in Saint-Ouen, France. As with Lineo's other five acquisitions, this office will remain intact, providing additional resources for Lineo's sales, development and marketing departments. With these two additional acquisitions, Lineo now has offices in: Australia, Canada, France, Japan, Taiwan, the United Kingdom and the USA.
VA Linux Systems VA Linux Completes TruSolutions and NetAttach Acquisitions to Broaden Its Linux Solutions for Internet Infrastructure

SUNNYVALE, CA - (BUSINESS WIRE) - April 17, 2000 - VA Linux Systems, Inc, a recognized leader in Linux and Open Source solutions for Internet infrastructure, today announced it has completed the acquisition of TruSolutions of San Diego, Calif., and NetAttach of Santa Clara, Calif.

On March 15, 2000, VA Linux Systems announced definitive agreements to acquire both TruSolutions and NetAttach. The acquisition of TruSolutions gives VA Linux additional engineering design expertise and product line breadth, including an entry-level 1U (1.75") Linux server that complements VA Linux's high-performance 1U and 2U rackmount Linux servers. With the acquisition of NetAttach, VA Linux will gain not only the ability to create new products in the Network-Attached Storage (NAS) market, but also some of the leading technical expertise in storage solutions on Linux.

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