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SPARC History - July 2000

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the Rise and Fall of the SPARC Workstation Market
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SPARC history
SPARC History
Spellabyte and Terrorbyte loved sitting around
the campfire, discussing the good old days of
SPARC computing.
JNI JNI Launches New Line of SBus HBAs

SAN DIEGO, July 26, 2000 - JNI Corporation announced the release of its new FibreStar™ FCE-1063 and FCE2-1063 Fibre Channel SBus host bus adapters for general shipment today. The FCE-1063 family is JNI's new Emerald™-based SBus HBA for Solaris-based systems, servers and storage subsystems. The new HBAs come with JNI's latest version of its Solaris driver, v4.0, and the latest version of EZ Fibre - for easy configuration, installation and management. The single-port FCE-1063 and dual-port FCE2-1063 HBAs are typically used in enterprise-level Storage Area Networks (SANs) and other storage network environments.

"For years, JNI has been and remains the only HBA vendor to qualify its SBus HBAs with key storage vendors such as EMC, LSI Logic, Hitachi Data Systems, Hewlett-Packard and Compaq," said Chris Humphrey, senior product line manager for JNI. "The very essence of our business depends on accessing and monitoring mission- critical data from multiple locations, simultaneously" said Benjamin Nichols, chief technology officer, Centripetal. "We chose the FCE-1063 SBus HBAs because of JNI's unmatched reliability in the enterprise storage market."

The FCE-1063 has undergone qualification testing with several other market leaders as well, including EMC, EMC CLARiiON, Compaq Computer Corp. and Hitachi Data Systems.

The new FibreStar FCE-1063 processes data at rates up to 200 MB/sec, giving it the highest realized throughput of any SBus HBA on the market today. The FCE-1063 is configured with either fiber optic or copper connectors. It complies with all Fibre Channel topologies (switched fabric, arbitrated loop and point-to-point), and supports Class 3 standards for data delivery, the de facto standard in the industry today. All JNI Solaris products including the FCE-1063 HBA support Dynamic Reconfiguration on Sun servers. It also enables remote booting from another system. The Solaris 4.0 driver for the FCE-1063 supports Solaris 2.6, 7 and 8.

The dual-port FCE2-1063 offers the same features and functionality as the FCE-1063, plus a second, completely independent channel with its own Emerald ASIC controller. It is ideal for getting the highest-connectivity and flexibility out of an SBus slot. Because of the independent channels, each port can be configured individually as if it were a separate HBA. It offers a price-per-port cost that is lower than nearly any full-function single-port SBus HBA.

JNI SBus Products JNI is the market leader in SBus (Fibre Channel) based on unit volume, with 54% market share in 1999, according to the independent research firm IDC. JNI was the first independent (non-captive) manufacturer to introduce an SBus Fibre Channel HBA in May 1995, and to date has more than 45,000 SBus HBAs in the field. JNI is the only company to offer an SBus HBA that operates on all three Fibre Channel topologies; switched fabric, arbitrated loop and point-to-point. This has lead to widespread qualification of JNI's SBus HBAs, which tend to go into enterprise-level storage networks. To date, Sun estimates it has shipped systems containing an aggregate total of more than 3 million SBus slots. Availability The FCE-1063 and FCE2-1063 are available today for volume shipments. ...JNI profile

Editor's note:- it's been a long time since we had an SBus announcement in these pages, takes me back to the SBus Product Directory days. See also Fibre-channel adapter cards index
Emulex Emulex and Tech Data Expand Distribution Agreement

COSTA MESA, Calif, July 25, 2000 - Emulex Corporation announced today that it has broadened its distribution agreement with Tech Data Corporation. The expanded agreement adds Emulex's enterprise-level LightPulse™ host bus adapter products, including the market-leading LP8000, to Tech Data's current product line. Tech Data also carries Emulex's mid-range LP850 host adapter and LH5000 hub. This agreement now provides Tech Data's storage area network (SAN) resellers with accessibility to Emulex's entire line of high performance fibre channel host adapters and hubs.

"Tech Data's fibre channel expertise and continued commitment to ensuring the wide deployment of SANs is demonstrated by its comprehensive reseller programs in the industry," asserts Kirk Roller, senior vice president of Sales and Marketing. "We are excited to expand our already successful relationship with Tech Data and make our popular enterprise LP8000 host adapter available to its reseller partners for Windows, Solaris and other UNIX environments," he concludes. ...Emulex profile, ...Tech Data profile
Red Hat Red Hat Leads Global Linux Use in New Surveys

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C.—July 25, 2000 — Red Hat, Inc. today announced the results of two surveys which show Red Hat's increasing lead in the global Linux market. These results confirm Red Hat's position as the most widely used and recognized provider of open source and Linux-based solutions.

Netcraft's May 2000 Web Server Survey located almost 850,000 Web sites worldwide that run Linux and provide a personalized server header. Out of these sites, 72 percent run on Red Hat Linux, compared with 10 percent for the second largest distribution. Despite rapid growth in the Linux market and many new entrants, this survey shows that Red Hat has maintained its strong lead as the market's preferred brand. In addition, Netcraft's May survey shows the continued growth of Linux, which currently powers 36 percent of the Web sites polled, versus 33 percent in April.

According to a recent poll of Chinese IT professionals commissioned by Sky Events, Red Hat Linux is considered the best overall version of Linux by 56.3 percent of the respondents, more than three times the mind share of the second most popular distribution. In addition, Linux users in China name Red Hat as the most stable and the easiest to use version of Linux -- 55.8 percent and 43.9 percent, respectively. These results are particularly significant because of the large and fast-growing opportunity the Chinese market represents. ...Red Hat profile
Resilience Susquehanna Partners Expands Use of Resilience Continuous Availability Servers

PALO ALTO, CA - July 24, 2000 - Resilience Corporation, confirmed that Susquehanna Partners (SP) one of the world's largest independent, proprietary trading firms, is expanding its deployment of Resilience SPARC-based fault-tolerant Continuous Availability Servers. SP, the leading global securities trading company, is increasing its deployment of Resilience's zero downtime, zero data loss, UltraSPARC II-based systems to maintain data availability and integrity in its critical applications and to ensure the network quality and reliability of its global business.

"As the leading liquidity provider in equity and index options, Susquehanna Partners relies heavily on cutting-edge technology to provide connectivity to market data providers and execution venues globally," said Hylton Socher, Susquehanna Partners' Chief Information Officer. "The Resilience platform has provided all of the robustness and throughput needed to support this high-bandwidth, real-time trading environment."

Globally, SP's team of highly skilled traders utilizes leading-edge technology and analytical tools to trade equity options, equity index options, foreign exchange derivatives, convertible bonds/warrants, fixed income derivatives and underlying securities. Resilient hardware fault tolerant systems were selected by Susquehanna Partners after an extensive evaluation of High Availability clustered systems. SP chose Resilience for the following reasons: Considerably lower initial costs than a clustered HA solution Less expensive and complex system set-up and maintenance costs Only one firewall software license required per system versus purchasing licenses for every node in a cluster.

"We needed to create a highly available and secure environment for the collection and dissemination of data both to and from multiple third party sources," said Hylton Socher, Susquehanna Partners' CIO. "We now deploy over two dozen Resilience systems worldwide. The hardware fault tolerant design of the systems is extremely sound and customer support and response is both timely and accurate."

Based on Sun UltraSPARC II technology, Resilient servers run all Solaris applications without modification. Resilient servers provide 99.999% hardware availability ensuring no downtime or data loss in the event of a hardware outage. ...Resilience profile

See also:- high availability solid state storage
Sun Microsystems Sun Microsystems Reports All Time Record Quarter; Revenues Surpass $5B

PALO ALTO, CA - July 20, 2000 - Sun Microsystems, Inc., broke through the $5 billion quarterly revenue mark for the first time ever, in its reported results for the fourth quarter which ended June 30, 2000. Revenues for the fourth quarter were $5.017 billion, up 42 percent compared with the fourth quarter of fiscal 1999. Net income for the fourth quarter was $659.5 million, up 67 percent compared with last year's net income of $395.3 million (excluding gains on the sale of equity investments and acquisition-related charges for fiscal year 2000). Fourth quarter earnings per share was $.39, an increase of 63 percent over the corresponding period a year ago (excluding gains on the sale of equity investments and acquisition-related charges for fiscal year 2000).

For the full 2000 fiscal year, Sun reported revenues of $15.721 billion, up 33 percent over the corresponding period a year ago. Net income was $1.725 billion, up 49 percent over the same period a year earlier (excluding gains on the sale of equity investments for fiscal year 2000 and acquisition-related charges for years 2000 and 1999). Earnings per share, excluding these special items, was $1.02, an increase of 46 percent from the previous year's results. Including special items, net income was $1.854 billion and earnings per share totalled $1.10 for fiscal year 2000.

"At the end of the day, the numbers tell the story regarding customer acceptance of our products and services," said Scott McNealy, Chief Executive Officer of Sun Microsystems. "In every important metric, including market share gains, we had an incredible quarter. In just the last few years, our market share has risen from the number four open system server provider to an undisputed number one. Our vision, focus and execution are the driving forces behind this record setting year," said Scott McNealy. "With the dramatic success of our core technology platforms, SPARC[tm], Solaris[tm], Sun StorEdge[tm], Java[tm], Jini[tm], Jiro[tm], iPlanet[tm], and Forte[tm], Sun's position as one of the Internet's leading innovators has never been stronger. Enterprises and service providers are coming to Sun to help them build out their network infrastructure and e-commerce business." McNealy concluded, "Our belief is that everything with a digital or electronic heartbeat will one day be connected to the Internet and often to Sun servers." ...Sun Microsystems profile

Editor's comment - that's good news for all SPARC users, because Sun's strong business growth ensures product continuity and future development of this technology.
Sun Microsystems Sun's Authorized Partners Can Now Participate in Auctions

PALO ALTO, CA - July 18, 2000 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. today expanded its online auction pilot to include its U.S. iForce(tm) Providers, which include eIntegrators, OEMs, systems integrators and VARS. This move, one of the first of its kind in the industry, will enable iForce Providers to take advantage of the increased buying flexibility offered by online auctions. Sun began offering its products through auctions on eBay, Mercata and TekSell.com, just six months ago, and to date, more than 50 percent of customers to purchase products through Sun auctions are new to the company. The auction program has enabled Sun to further its reach to emerging small and medium-sized businesses, a market not fully tapped by Sun's direct sales force or iForce Providers.

"Online auctions are a new avenue for incremental business for Sun and our partners," said Alex Rublowsky, group manager for Sun's auction program office. "With today's announcement, we invite our iForce Providers to take advantage of this new option to procure hardware for resale." Sun's iForce Providers will have three sites from which to choose: eBay, the world's largest online trading site; Mercata, a provider of hosted group buying services; and TekSell.com, a leading B2B auction of high-end IT equipment. Sun iForce Providers and end-users can visit www.sun.com/auctions to gain access to the three companies' Web sites. ...Sun Microsystems profile

Editor's comment - as users of this directory already know, having multiple competing manufacturers and resellers for competing compatible products is a much better option than having multiple ways of buying from the same original source. That's real competition, and why we have resisted adding auction services to this site.
LeCroy LeCroy launches PXI digitizer comparison site

July 17, 2000 - LeCroy has recently set up "www.pxidigitizers.com", a website focused strictly on information concerning PXI digitizers. The new website is a service to engineers using PXI digitizers in their test systems. The site has a chart listing the detailed specifications of all PXI digitizers with bandwidths of 20 MHz or above, allows the reader to create side-by-side feature lists using a "PXIcomparer", contains pricing information and also has direct links to the LeCroy website (an excellent source of information on digitizers and digital oscilloscopes) and that of National Instruments (an excellent source of information on PXI crates, controllers and software for system integration). There are also chat rooms for engineers to exchange ideas and information concerning the use of PXI digitizers. ...LeCroy profile
SBE SBE Inc. Acquires Lan Media Corporation

SAN RAMON, CA, July 14, 2000 - SBE, Inc today announced that it is acquiring LAN Media Corporation (LMC), a privately held, Silicon Valley-based firm specializing in high-performance wide area network connectivity products for high-end multi protocol routers, switches, and network servers. Under the terms of the transaction, SBE will issue approximately 300,000 new shares of its common stock to LMC shareholders and will assume LMC outstanding stock options. The transaction is valued at approximately $8 million. All of the newly issued shares will be subject to specified trading restrictions.

"LMC's technology is complementary to our product set of cost effective, high-performance connectivity solutions," said William B. Heye, Jr, president and CEO of SBE. "LMC's customer base, including Lucent, Nortel and Cisco, will provide us many exciting cross-selling opportunities. We are very pleased to welcome the addition of LMC's talented employees and management to the SBE team."

Ron Crane, President and Chief Executive Officer of LMC, said, "SBE is the ideal partner for LMC. SBE's base of customers, along with their focused sales and marketing resources, provides LMC with the opportunity to become a dominant supplier of wide area network connectivity solutions.'' ...SBE profile , ...LAN Media profile
DRS Technologies DRS Technologies Captures Government Computer Contract Award Enhances DRS's Position as a Leading Supplier of Tempest Computer Equipment

PARSIPPANY, N.J., July 14 - DRS Technologies, Inc. announced today that it has been competitively awarded a $3.8 million contract, including options, from the U.S. Government to provide UltraSPARC II computer network servers for worldwide field deployment. DRS Technologies teamed with Sun Microelectronics, a division of Sun Microsystems, Inc., to capture the award, which has a base value of $1.3 million.

For this order, the company's DRS Advanced Programs unit in Columbia, Maryland, will design, integrate, test and deliver second-generation TEMPEST rack-mounted servers incorporating Sun UltraSPARC II microprocessor technology. Product deliveries are expected to begin later this month. Mark S. Newman, chairman, president and chief executive officer of DRS Technologies, stated,

"DRS is a recognized leader in TEMPEST computer systems for special government applications. Our strategic teaming arrangement with Sun Microelectronics has provided us with the ability to integrate leading edge commercial computing technology to provide cost-effective, reliable, field-deployable system solutions for our customer. Through enhancements and upgrades, we continue to demonstrate our ability to reduce product costs while improving portability, processing power, speed, data capacity and display performance to meet critical requirements for a variety of government missions around the world." ..DRS Technologies profile
Rebel.com Rebel.com Introduces Expanded Internet Security Capabilities in NetWinder OfficeServer 2.0

OTTAWA, ONTARIO - July 13, 2000 – Rebel.com Inc., a leading supplier of business networking technologies and solutions, today announced the availability of NetWinder OfficeServer 2.0. This all-in-one Internet server appliance now offers customers virtual private networking (VPN) for both remote users and distributed or branch offices. VPN software encrypts the data being sent from a remote computer to the NetWinder OfficeServer over the Internet. This ensures that any corporate e-mails, file transfers, and other data cannot be read by other people on the Internet. With VPN software, users can go anywhere in the world, connect to an ISP, and securely access their company's Local Area Network (LAN), right over the Internet.

"NetWinder OfficeServer 2.0 is an extremely comprehensive upgrade from previous versions of our OfficeServer product," said Michael Mansfield, president of Rebel.com. "We have greatly improved the security capabilities of the product, have included VPN capabilities from top-of-the-line partners, and have incorporated a firewall generator which is very easy for customers to manage. In short, we have ensured that this product includes all of the features which small and medium sized businesses are looking for in an Internet server appliance product."

NetWinder OfficeServer 2.0 is an all-in-one Internet server appliance which provides small and medium-sized businesses with full Internet and local area network support. NetWinder OfficeServer 2.0 meets a comprehensive range of e-business needs such as, Internet security, Web site hosting, business-class Internet and e-mail access, and the ability to share computing resources. ...Rebel.com profile
Solsoft Solsoft Makes Leading Proxy Firewall Available To Open Source Community

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - July 12, 2000 - Solsoft, Inc., the leading provider of policy management for e-Business security, today announced the availability of Solsoft NSM, its globally recognized UNIX proxy firewall, for the Open Source community. Solsoft NSM, one of the leading proxy firewalls on the market today, offers a high level of precision and security with identification, authentication and content filtering.

"Today's e-businesses are based on robust networks; networks that must maintain air-tight security. To facilitate the growth of the e-business economy, we believe the fundamental building blocks for security should be made widely available," explained Vic Langford, CEO and president of Solsoft. "By making our leading proxy firewall freely available to the Open Source movement, where anybody can use it and develop it further, we are promoting a key element necessary for secure e-Business." ...Solsoft profile
Resilience Avcom to Market Resilience SPARC-Based Continuous Availability Servers

Palo Alto, CA – July 11, 2000 - Resilience Corporation and AVCOM Technologies have signed a national agreement where AVCOM will market Resilient™ SPARC-based Continuous Availability servers as part of their portfolio of advanced, integrated IT solutions. Increasingly, businesses today realize they must have continuous uptime for their Internet-based applications. Until now, the complexity, cost, and support requirements of today's software-based, high availability solutions have made them inaccessible to all but the largest enterprises. Resilience's appliance-like, low-cost hardware-based approach removes these barriers and makes Continuous Availability simple, affordable and low-maintenance.

"Today's dedicated Internet applications such as firewalls, web servers, and e-commerce solutions absolutely demand the highest levels of hardware availability," said Brad Bishop, CEO of AVCOM. "Joining forces with Resilience leverages the strong SPARC and Solaris expertise we have developed over the years and gives AVCOM a simple, economical, appliance-like approach to meeting our customer's high availability needs in this exploding area."

Resilient Continuous Availability Servers are designed to provide 99.999% hardware availability. Applications that run on a Resilient server continue to run with no downtime or data loss in the event of any hardware failure, making them ideal for critical application areas such as IT security, network monitoring and e-business. Based on Ultra SPARC II, Resilient servers run any Solaris application without modification and can be deployed out of the box within 30 minutes. ...AVCOM profile , ...Resilience profile
Sun Microsystems Linux Community Renews its Commitment to Sun's StarOffice[tm] 5.2 Suite

PALO ALTO, Calif. - July 11, 2000 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. today announced that leading Linux companies have signed agreements to redistribute StarOffice[tm] 5.2 software, a powerful, full-featured, multi-platform office productivity suite. The latest release builds upon Sun's vision to deliver high quality, no-cost office productivity software to users of the Solaris[tm] operating environment, Linux and Windows operating systems. Red Hat, Caldera, SuSe, TurboLinux, Easy Linux, Mandrakesoft, Stormix, Connectivia, Definite Software PLC, and MacMillan are just a few of the companies that have signed redistribution agreements.

"We are thrilled that so many users have made StarOffice the top office productivity suite on Linux and that so many Linux companies have made a commitment to fully support the redistribution and co-package the StarOffice 5.2 software," said Tony Hampel, director of marketing Webtop and Application Software for Sun Microsystems. "By partnering with these companies, we are now able to more quickly deliver our powerful, low-cost office suite directly to Linux users that need an easy-to use office productivity suite."

"We look forward to providing Sun's newest version of StarOffice software to our user community," said Paul McNamara, Vice President of Products and Platforms, Red Hat, Inc. "The availability of quality applications, like StarOffice software with Red Hat Linux only serves to further validate the platform for clients as well as servers." ...Sun Microsystems profile, ...Red Hat profile
Lightwave Communications Lightwave Communications Provides Control and Connectivity for Iowa State University's C6 Virtual Reality Project

Milford, CT - July 10, 2000 - Lightwave Communications Inc. is proud to be part of Iowa State University's latest virtual reality project "C6". C6 is one of the first truly immersive virtual reality theaters with images projected on all six of its sides; four walls, ceiling and floor. Located in the atrium of the College of Engineering's Howe Hall the C6 was developed and installed by MechDyne Corporation, a leading virtual reality designer/ integrator. MechDyne utilized a Lightwave Communications Matrix-Hub to channel the 14 billion instructions per second output from the SGI "Onyx2" supercomputer to the C6 and other virtual reality facilities on the Iowa State campus. Extension of the computer resources between the various sites was achieved by utilizing Lightwave Communications' VDE/200 high performance fiber optic extension systems. Lightwave Communications' Matrix-Hub 3000 allows up to 30 computer assets (sources) to be utilized by up to 30 users (destinations) directing video, keyboard/ mouse, serial and audio signals without patching. Control of the Matrix-Hub is by a direct serial connection, over the network or through a server.

The VDE/200 high performance fiber optic extension system from Lightwave Communications provides for the remote location of video, keyboard/ mouse and serial peripherals up to 10,000 feet from the computer source without loss of resolution. With the addition of the audio extension kit users are able to send and receive analog stereo, MIDI, and serial lines without increasing the fiber count. The VDE/200 is platform flexible supporting video formats from SGI, Sun, HP, IBM, DEC, Apple, and other compatible processors. ...Lightwave Communications profile
THEMIS COMPUTER THEMIS COMPUTER's UltraSPARC USPIIi-1V takes 40 g's passing a series of Shock and Vibration tests, exceeding Mil Standard 810E requirements!

FREMONT, California - July 5, 2000 - Themis Computer announces that its USPIIi-1V UltraSPARC 440 MHz single board VMEbus computer successfully passed high-level shock and vibration tests. Testing to the military standard 810E method 514.4, the USPIIi-1V has performed under shock and vibration loads that exceed the requirements for basic transportation and ground mobile environments.

The shock tests included powered up, functional tests performed to flight and ground equipment standards, subjecting the USPIIi-1V to shock loads in excess of 40g's on three axis, for a duration of 11 ms. These tests were exercised under both non-operating and operating conditions, three or more times in both directions, along each of three orthogonal axis.

The transportation tests simulate product vibrations resulting from the interaction of vehicle suspension and structures with road and surface discontinuities, when products are transported from manufacturer to user installation. The ground based mobile tests simulate the vibration spectrum of a helicopter, exposing the USPIIi-1V to increased levels of vibration, at higher frequencies.

Once again Themis Computer leads the way with mission critical compute engines with proven ruggedization to withstand extreme conditions and provide the most powerful UltraSPARC processor performance for the most demanding applications. ...THEMIS COMPUTER profile
Exabyte Fujitsu Siemens Computers Signs on as OEM for M2 Drives and Libraries

BOULDER, Colo., July 6 - Exabyte Corporation today announced that Fujitsu Siemens Computers of Munich, Germany, a leading European computer company, has chosen Mammoth-2 (M2(TM)) tape drives and libraries for its Intel-based PRIMERGY servers, the Solaris/Sparc-based PRIMEPOWER platform and the Reliant UNIX-based RM server line.

"We have worked with Exabyte for more than 10 years and were an early adopter of MammothTape technology when we integrated the Mammoth tape drive into our backup solution offerings in 1997," said Dr. Helmut Beck, executive director storage at Fujitsu Siemens Computers. "M2 demonstrates the potential of tape technology allowing us to offer our customers an extremely fast tape drive with highly compact tape libraries. This is a major step toward providing cost efficient solutions that secure today's exploding data while maintaining maximal uptime of the productive applications." ...Exabyte profile, ...Fujitsu Siemens Computers profile
IBM, Intel, Microsoft IBM, Intel, Microsoft Eclipse Sun Microsystems and Oracle With World's Fastest Commercial Server Cluster

July 4, 2000 London.. IBM, Intel and Microsoft today announced the world's fastest server cluster for commercial use, recording performance levels (440,879 Transactions Per Minute) that triples the performance of a Sun Microsystems cluster running on Oracle, at one-third the price. Using the performance measurement technique agreed to by all computer makers, this alliance of leaders in industry standard computing achieved record-breaking results in both cost per transaction and server performance.

IBM, Intel and Microsoft joined forces on this groundbreaking effort to prove that a combination of Netfinity Servers with Pentium III Xeon processors running at 700 MHz with 2MB L2 cache, IBM DB2 Universal Database and Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server operating system provides a highly scalable environment. This technology combination is ideally suited for data-intensive applications like business-to-business (B2B), e-commerce and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

"With this landmark event, IBM has once again demonstrated the power of DB2, and has raised the bar for industry standard servers," said Janet Perna, general manager, IBM Data Management Solutions. "One of the most notable results of this work was the remarkable scalability of DB2 Version 7 we saw in this cluster of 32 nodes. IBM's strong, productive relationship with Microsoft and Intel, and our collective ability to achieve record-setting results as we did with this benchmark, is changing the way the world views industry standard computing." more info

Editor's note:- benchmarks are important, but if there were a benchmark for personal transport it might show we should all be riding bikes, instead of cars. Nevertheless, competition is good for buyers and we await the next round in this battle of the benchmarks.
General Micro Systems General Micro Systems Announces Industry's First PMC AGP Video Module

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif.- (BUSINESS WIRE) - July 3, 2000 - General Micro Systems today announced Angelo -- the industry's fastest PMC (PCI Mezzanine Card) AGP video graphics card for VMEbus and CompactPCI baseboards.

Based on Intel's 740 graphics accelerator, Angelo features 8 Mbytes of high-speed video memory that enables it to deliver ultra-high resolutions of up to 1600 x 1200 at 32 bits per pixel. The module also employs a dual-bus architecture that offloads the PCI bus of graphics and video traffic and enables Angelo to deliver twice the speed of competitive PCI-based video devices.

"Angelo's dual-bus architecture makes it the most powerful video graphics card on the market, eliminating traditional PCI bus bottlenecks and taking video graphics rendering performance to a new level," said Ben Sharfi, president at General Micro Systems.

To boost performance, Angelo provides a 64-bit, 100-MHz memory bus that enables the 740 graphics processor to access video memory at speeds of up to 800 Mbyte/sec. To further enhance performance, Angelo provides two communications pathways between it and the host board: a standard 32-MHz PCI bus, and a 66-MHz AGP port that enables the baseboard to pass video/graphics data to and from Angelo at high speeds without tying up the PCI bus. The AGP port is implemented using undefined pins on the same J1 and J2 connectors that are used to implement the PCI bus. Angelo also provides a 15-pin VGA connector for direct connection to a monitor.

To simplify baseboard integration with the baseboard, Angelo comes ready-to-run with an on-board video BIOS and drivers for the Windows NT/2000, OpenGL, VxWorks, QNX , Linux and Solaris. Angelo starts at $392 in single-piece quantity and is available immediately. ...General Micro Systems company profile
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