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2000, August weeks 1-2

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Resilience Chooses Resilience Continuous Availability Servers for Mission-Critical Wireless Messaging Services

Palo Alto, CA - August 14, 2000 - Resilience Corporation confirmed that, the leading provider of web-to-wireless, machine-to-machine communications, expanded its deployment of Resilient™ continuous availability servers to provide hardware fault-tolerant notification and billing services for its MicroBurst wireless messaging network. customers utilize MicroBurst service to cost-effectively monitor and control machines throughout North America for alarm and security monitoring, vehicle and mobile asset tracking, utility metering and a host of emerging fixed and mobile telemetry applications.

"Our mission is to provide the most reliable network for our customers," commented Syed Zaeem Hosain, Chief Technology Officer at "We selected Resilient servers because they provide a robust solution for eliminating single points of failure to our service, which is critical to our customers, especially in the Alarm and Security and Asset Tracking markets." ...Resilience profile
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Osage Announces Second Quarter Results

Tatung Announces New Affordable, Space-Saving Server for ISP Environments

Personal Computer Vendors Embrace Sun's Staroffice[Tm] 5.2 Suite

SBE's HighWire™ Communications Controller Offers Front Connectivity to Meet Growing International Demands

DocuCorp Extends Internet Publishing, Delivery Capabilities to Sun Solaris Platform

Emulex Fibre Channel HBA's receive from Sun Microsystems the Solaris™Ready Certification
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Osage Systems Group Osage Announces Second Quarter Results

PHOENIX - (BUSINESS WIRE) - Aug. 14, 2000 - Osage Systems Group Inc., Monday announced the financial results of operations for the second quarter 2000. Revenues of $29.5 million for the quarter represent more than a ten percent increase over 1999 revenues of $26.6 million.

``We have grown revenue as we execute our plan to transition the Osage enterprise from a hardware-centric business to a professional services organization. Top line revenue performance for the quarter appears as good news, however we must recognize that a significant portion of this revenue is derived from the relatively lower margin hardware sector,'' reported Osage Chief Executive Officer Phil Carter. ``We are on track with our transition plan to a professional services business model. This expands our profit opportunity in this higher margin sector, which is also our fastest growing revenue segment. ``We anticipate much of the transition to be effected in the coming two quarters,'' continued Carter.

Gross profit of $4.0 million for the quarter represents a decline compared to 1999 gross profit of $5.4 million, resulting in a net operating loss of $746,000. The decrease in gross profit and operating income was due in large part to decreasing margins on hardware sales. These margin pressures continue to be a result of increased price competition, customer-direct sales programs launched by equipment vendors, and their difficulty in quickly fulfilling current orders. - more results -, ...Osage profile
Tatung Tatung Announces New Affordable, Space-Saving Server for ISP Environments

Fremont, CA - Aug. 14, 2000 - Tatung Science & Technology, Inc. (TSTI), has announced the COMPstation® 1U Series, Model 300R, a new Sun compatible server in the space-saving 1U form factor.

"The COMPstation 1U-300R is specially designed for server co-location environments, where adding additional ISP rack space can be very costly," said Dr. Kam Chan, president of TSTI. "The server's small chassis form factor and lower cost enables users to combine more of the systems without having to incur additional costs for ISP real estate."

Equipped with 256 KB of external cache, the 1U-300R delivers a system performance of 9 SPECint_95* and 11 SPECfp_95*. The 64-bit, 300 MHz UltraSPARC-IIi processor supports one 32-bit PCI device at 33 MHz to provide plenty of system flexibility. Standard features of the COMPstation 1U-300R include 4 drive bays suitable for two 3.5" hard drives, a 5.25" notebook-type CD-ROM drive and a 3.5" floppy drive. Also included is 128 MB of RAM upgradable to 1 GB, 15 GB hard drive upgradable to 60 GB, 1 serial port (upgradable to 4 serial ports as an option), a parallel port, and a 10/100-BaseT Ethernet interface. The COMPstation 1U-300R supports 2 accessible drive bays which allow hard drives to be easily swapped from the front panel without opening or removing the system from the rack.

While the COMPstation 1U-300R comes pre-installed with Solaris 8, it also provides support for RedHat Linux 6.2, Apache Web Server and many other applications running on the UltraSPARC platform. Suggested list pricing starts at $2,490 for a standard configuration. As an option, the COMPstation 1U-300R can be pre-configured with Halcyon Software's Instant ASP (Active Server Pages). will be deploying the new COMPstation 1U-300R systems to provide more front-end processing power with lower operating costs.

"We have a very high traffic site that is constantly expanding to accommodate new users," said Bala Guthy, Director of Website Operations. "The 1U form factor saves a lot of space, and therefore cost, at our co-location facility. And with the lower cost of entry of these servers, we can afford to buy more units, providing added redundancy. This will allow us to swap out systems for upgrades and maintenance, without affecting website performance." ...Tatung profile
Sun Microsystems Personal Computer Vendors Embrace Sun's Staroffice[Tm] 5.2 Suite

PALO ALTO, Calif. - August 9, 2000 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. today announced that a a broad range of personal computer companies have signed agreements to pre-install and bundle StarOffice[tm] 5.2 software, a powerful, full-featured, multi-platform office productivity suite. The latest release builds upon Sun's vision to deliver high quality office productivity software to users of the Windows 95, 98, NT & 2000 operating systems, Linux, and Solaris[tm] operating environment. Sony, eMachines and Everex have agreements to pre-install and distribute StarOffice software on selected desktop and laptop computers. Gateway will pre-install StarOffice on its desktop and notebook computers for Sun customers.

"StarOffice software's rich feature set and ability to open and save documents from other popular office applications make it a compelling choice to bundle with Sony's VAIO desktop line in North America," said Rich Black, director of marketing, Sony Electronics, Inc., USA. "It is a good solution to providing full functionality, ease of use and interoperability for consumers to accomplish all their computing tasks."

StarOffice 5.2 software is a powerful, full-featured, multi-platform office productivity suite. With over 200 new and enhanced features, StarOffice 5.2 software provides complete functionality including word processing, spreadsheet, presentation graphics, drawing and photo editing, database, one-click HTML creation and editing, email, browser, internet newsgroup software, schedule and calendar, clip art, templates and more. ...Sun Microsystems profile
SBE SBE's HighWire™ Communications Controller Offers Front Connectivity to Meet Growing International Demands

SAN RAMON, CA, August 8, 2000 - SBE Inc. today announced the HW400cf, a carrier-class compactPCI (cPCI) communications controller for network servers. The HW400cf complements the HighWire family of products by providing front panel connectivity to a communication controller that can process up to 128 channels of the Signaling System 7 (SS7) MTP2 protocol on a single card. The HW400cf delivers industry leading performance for SS7-related processor-intensive communications tasks allowing network designers and service providers to implement next generation telecommunication network solutions more economically than in the past.

"The demand for a communications controller with front panel connectivity has been growing steadily within our international customer base," said William B. Heye, Jr., president and CEO of SBE. "The HW400cf provides that desired connectivity along with the performance and reliability required by the telecom industry for applications including Voice over IP, Media and Signaling Gateways, Service Control Points, and other wireless and wireline applications."

The SBE HighWire product family is designed to satisfy the needs of traditional and converged telecommunications markets. The HW400cf incorporates "hot-swap" technology for all active components in a single rugged cPCI form factor card with on-board processing power. The software-selectability of its eight T1/E1/J1 ports makes the HW400cf a natural choice for the domestic as well as the international market. ...SBE profile
DocuCorp® International DocuCorp Extends Internet Publishing, Delivery Capabilities to Sun Solaris Platform

DALLAS - August 8, 2000 - DocuCorp® International, a leading provider of document automation software, integration services and application service provider (ASP) hosting, today announced the release of its DocuMakerTM RP (Rules Publishing) and its Internet Server component of DocuPresentmentTM products for Sun® Microsystems' Solaris operating environment and IBM MQSeries (message-queuing software).

"DocuCorp's products are already the clear choice for assembly and delivery of highly flexible and personalized electronic documents for Microsoft NT, UNIX (AIX and HPUX) and IBM MVS platforms," said Bruce Dale, DocuCorp's senior vice president of product development. "The Sun Solaris platform is 'industrial strength' and well-suited for processing mission-critical electronic documents in high volumes and under tight production windows. "By extending our Internet capabilities and XML-enabled documents to the Sun Solaris platform, and integrating with IBM MQSeries, we leverage the growing popularity of those platforms in our markets, and provide higher performance solutions for New Economy transaction applications such as electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP)," stated Dale.

"With this powerful configuration, DocuMaker RP and DocuPresentment enable users to control rule-based automated assembly, archive and deliver high-volume, individualized documents over intranets and the Internet at a high level of reliability and scalability." Typical applications include complex and compliant documents such as insurance policies and mortgages, as well as personalized bills, statements, correspondence, and other high-volume, one-to-one strategic business documents. DocuMaker RP and the DocuPresentment Internet Server for Sun Solaris are available immediately.
Emulex Emulex Fibre Channel HBA's receive from Sun Microsystems the Solaris™Ready Certification

COSTA MESA, Calif, August 3, 2000 - Emulex Corporation announced today that the LightPulse™ LP9000, LP8000 and LP7000E PCI-based host adapters have been awarded the 'Solaris™ Ready' certification from Sun Microsystems, Inc. for Enterprise™ servers running the highly reliable and scalable Solaris™ Operating Environment.

"The Solaris Ready logo ensures Emulex's customers that the product has been verified to operate in Sun's Solaris™ Operating Environment SPARC Platform Edition" said Nicola Krest, Solaris Ready I/O marketing manager, Sun Microsystems, Inc. ...Emulex profile
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