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2000, August week 3

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Exodus Communications Sun Microsystems and Exodus Collaborate on Next Generation Storage Solution

PALO ALTO & SANTA CLARA, Calif. August 21, 2000 - Sun Microsystems and Exodus Communications™, Inc. today announced that they are teaming to develop Exodus'® next generation storage offering. As with its other Internet services, Exodus intends to partner with industry leading storage service providers to deliver Sun-based storage utility services. Exodus, which has since its founding worked with Sun Microsystems, is one of the world's largest providers of Internet hosting and managed services and offers network-managed solutions and professional technology services.

"Together, Sun and Exodus are helping companies around the world dot-com their businesses from infancy to full maturity, enabling them to focus on their core competencies," said Morris Taradalsky, executive vice president of engineering with Exodus. "Storage is integral to our customers' mission critical Internet operations. Exodus works with a number of leading storage vendors to provide optimal solutions. Sun is however our platform of choice for Exodus branded services."

Exodus Builds on Success of Exodus' DataVault™ Backup Service; Over 90 Terabytes of Data Backed Up Per Month As part of their mission-critical Internet services strategy, Sun and Exodus are working together to help Exodus customers manage all major aspects of outsourced data availability and protection. The Sun platform currently powers Exodus' DataVault service with more than 40 Sun StorEdge™ A1000 arrays and 21 StorEdge L11000 tape libraries providing a dedicated system for safeguarding mission-critical data on tape. ...Exodus profile, ...Sun Microsystems profile

Editor's note:- see also web based backup and archiving services
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Sun Microsystems and Exodus Collaborate on Next Generation Storage Solution

Force Introduces PMC/FAST Ethernet/21143 Network Interface Card for Cost-Effective Communications

Sun Microsystems, Inc. Announces a Two-For-One Stock Split

Connexn Technologies Secures $10 Million Funding

Red Hat and CrosStor Agreement Brings CrosStor's Network-Attached Storage Software to Red Hat eCos

Sun Microsystems & Linuxcare Team to Deliver Linux Support for Sun Storedge T3 Array

BakBone Software achieves 50MB/sec backup on Sun E250 using Exabyte M2 drives & Antares host adapter

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STORAGE IC pilot fab
Interface IC's
Megabyte had read the market size forecasts and wanted to get into the STORAGE interface IC business. Instead of benchmarking his new
fab in the traditional way, making RAM, he was saving his venture funds by piloting the new sticky electron process making 12" pizza with a 4 cheese topping. Andy Grove would have been proud of him - he wrongly thought.
Force Computers Force Introduces PMC/FAST Ethernet/21143 Network Interface Card for Cost-Effective Communications

SAN JOSE, Calif., August 21, 2000 - Force Computers, today introduced the PMC/Fast Ethernet/21143 network interface card (NIC) for Fast Ethernet connectivity within local area networks (LANs). With its PMC form factor, the 21143 network card is ideal for cost-sensitive applications in telecommunications, data communications and military/aerospace markets. Equipped with the Intel 21143 Ethernet controller, this general-purpose NIC enables low-cost migrations from Intel 21140 designs with minimal software driver considerations.

"The PMC/Fast Ethernet/21143 network card is designed to offer a seamless migration path for equipment developers of cost-sensitive communications applications," said Joe Maciejowski, Force product manager. "In addition to being a general-purpose network card based on the Intel 21143 Ethernet controller, this NIC has been specifically engineered to minimize Intel 21140 software driver impacts."

With a standard PCI mezzanine card (PMC) form factor, the 21143 network card offers embedded systems developers a cost-effective, general-purpose product and easy upgrade path for Fast Ethernet-based Intel 21140 LAN applications. In doing so, the card enables communications speeds of 100 MBits per second without a major change in infrastructure. Also, the PMC/Fast Ethernet/21143 network card supports automatic configuration between 10 MBits and 100 MBits per second to match the speed of the attached network or host device.

In addition, the PMC/Fast Ethernet/21143 network interface card enjoys wide support from vendors of network controllers, networks and systems, which helps ensure the development of a wide variety of interoperable products. This NIC is compatible with Alpha, Pentium® and PowerPC™ processor-based platforms running the Tru64™ UNIX®, VxWorks® or Windows NT® operating systems. In addition, a Developer Design Kit is available for other operating systems and microprocessors. ...FORCE COMPUTERS profile
Sun Microsystems Sun Announces a Two-For-One Stock Split

PALO ALTO, CA - August 17, 2000 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. (Nasdaq: SUNW) announced that its Board of Directors, at its regularly scheduled meeting on August 16, 2000, approved a two-for-one stock split, to be effected in the form of a stock dividend, subject to stockholder approval of an increase in the Company's authorized shares of Common Stock to 7.2 billion shares. Such approval will be sought at the Company's Annual Meeting of Stockholders to be held on November 8, 2000 (the record date for which is September 12, 2000). Subject to receiving such stockholder approval, the Record Date for the stock split will be November 9, 2000. Stock certificates representing one additional share for each share held on the Record Date will be mailed to stockholders on or about December 5, 2000, the Payable Date. Should stockholder approval be obtained, the stock split will increase the number of shares outstanding from approximately 1,604,000,000 to approximately 3,208,000,000 shares. ...Sun Microsystems profile
Connexn Technologies Connexn Technologies Secures $10 Million Funding

WESTMINSTER, Colo. – Aug. 17, 2000 – Connexn Technologies, an established provider of telecommunication integration applications, announced the company has secured its second round of funding at $10.025 million, noting financial leader A.G. Edwards Capital, Inc., as the primary investor.

Connexn Technologies will use its funding to accelerate its development of next generation solutions for telecommunications providers and to increase its activities in international markets. The Java™-based version of the company's application platform is currently a success with two beta customers, and release of the software on the HP-UX™ and Sun Solaris™ platforms is imminent. ...Connexn Technologies profile
Red Hat Red Hat and CrosStor Agreement Brings CrosStor's Network-Attached Storage Software to Red Hat eCos

RTP, NC and South Plainfield, NJ—August 16, 2000 — Red Hat, Inc. and CrosStor Software, Inc. today announced a strategic agreement surrounding CrosStor's network-attached storage software (CrosStor NAS) and eCos(tm), Red Hat's open source real-time operating system (RTOS). CrosStor will port its CrosStor NAS software to Red Hat eCos. This partnership will enable CrosStor's NAS customers to capitalize on Red Hat's POSIX-compatible EL/IX interface.

``CrosStor is a leader in network-attached storage software that is revolutionizing storage performance,'' said Michael Tiemann, CTO of Red Hat, Inc. ``This agreement is significant because it speeds time to market for OEMs and storage vendors, and brings higher performance and high availability to our customers building NAS solutions.''

One of the key technological innovations of eCos is the degree to which it is configurable. eCos has well over 200 points of configuration, which allows eCos to meet the requirements of a wide variety of embedded applications. eCos is designed to be portable to a wide range of target architectures and target platforms including 16, 32, and 64 bit architectures, MPUs, MCUs and DSPs. The eCos kernel, libraries and runtime components are layered on the Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL), and thus will run on any target once the HAL and relevant device drivers have been ported to the target's processor architecture and board. Currently eCos supports seven different target architectures (ARM, Hitachi SH3, Intel x86, MIPS, Matsushita AM3x, PowerPC and SPARC) including many of the popular variants of these architectures and evaluation boards. Many new ports are in development and will be released as they become available. ...CrosStor Software profile, ...Red Hat profile
Sun Microsystems Sun Microsystems & Linuxcare Team to Deliver Linux Support for Sun Storedge T3 Array

San Jose, CA - August 15, 2000 - At the LinuxWorld Conference today, Sun Microsystems, Inc. and Linuxcare announced that Sun's new Sun StorEdge[tm] disk array is now available on the Linux platform. Sun and Linuxcare will demonstrate Linux running on the Sun StorEdge T3 array in the Sun booth, #1240, and in the Linuxcare booth, #1308, at the San Jose Convention Center.

As a result of working with Linuxcare, the Sun StorEdge T3 family of network storage arrays delivers the industry's most scalable high-availability storage solutions for entry-level workgroup to high-end enterprise environments on the Linux platform. The system's capacity ranges from 162 gigabytes (GB) to 88 terabytes (TB) and scales capacity, performance and availability in a linear and predictable fashion. As capacity increases, performance increases by a predictable amount, and availability scales as additional data paths and redundancy are added. This provides for higher performance as capacity grows. ...Linuxcare profile, ...Sun Microsystems profile

Editor's note:- Sun faces a difficult challenge in the emerging SAN market. Earlier, life was simple. Every other server platform was a competitor. The market for network storage will be bigger in value than that for servers, and getting a chunk of the non captive (SPARC) storage market will require a lot of commitment by Sun if they are to be credible. This collaboration is just one small step in a long road.

See also:- Network Attached Storage (NAS)
Exabyte BakBone Software achieves 50MB/sec backup on Sun E250 using Exabyte M2 drives & Antares host adapter

BOULDER, Colo., Aug. 15 /PRNewswire/ - Exabyte Corporation today announced that BakBone Software(TM) has reported new benchmark performance levels on M2(TM) (Mammoth-2) tape drives and libraries. BakBone cited M2's speed and ease-of-use in both stand-alone and automation environments, and qualified the M2 products for its NetVault(TM) storage management software. With both Fibre Channel and SCSI network configurations, M2 delivered a record-setting transfer rate that peaked at 50 MB/second. The M2/NetVault combination achieved a sustained transfer rate of 14 MB/second during backups with little or no compression. Restore speeds averaged 13 MB/second. All testing was performed at BakBone's SAN Interoperability Lab in San Diego.

M2 sustained the record transfer rate by using a Sun Microsystems SPARC E250 server running Solaris 7; Dot-Hill Fibre Channel SANnet RAID system; Compaq StorageWorks Fibre Channel SAN switch 16; Crossroads 4x50 router; and Antares LVD Ultra2 PCI host bus adapters, all running on NetVault storage management software. BakBone's testing simulated real-world situations by using one GB kernel files. BakBone also tested Exabyte's EZ17(TM) autoloader and X80 library.

"These numbers represent the clear conclusion that companies can combine impressive, high-performance data backup with incredible ease-of-use," said Jack Corrao, BakBone's president and chief operating officer. "These benefits are of increasing importance to companies that must secure more corporate-critical data in a shorter time frame than ever before. Enterprise backup must be simply administered and accomplished in an absolute minimum of time with an absolute maximum of confidence in the process. The BakBone/Exabyte combination proves these objectives can be met running on today's LANs, and maximized as companies move toward SAN-centric configurations."

"BakBone's M2 test results confirm that M2 is the technology to beat for high-performance backup and restore operations in complex Fibre Channel SAN environments," said Kathy Ingraham, software alliance manager at Exabyte. "When used with M2 drives and libraries, NetVault offers end users blazingly fast performance as well as great ease-of-use and cross-platform support." ...BakBone Software profile, ...Exabyte profile, ...Antares Microsystems profile
STORAGEsearch The 10 most popular products that STORAGEsearchers seek

Baughurst, UK, August 15, 2000 - ACSL, publisher of and the SPARC Product Directory, disclosed today the 10 most popular product areas visited by viewers of its enterprise computer storage web directory. The results measure the recent viewing patterns of over 90,000 readers. The 10 most popular subjects are, in order:-
  1. Fibre channel switches & hubs
  2. RAID systems
  3. Backup software
  4. SAN
  5. SCSI adapter cards
  6. Hard drives
  7. RAID controller cards
  8. Solid state disks
  9. Data recovery services
  10. SCSI converters, extenders, repeaters

Publisher Zsolt Kerekes said "The biggest change since we published a similar table in March, is that Fibre channel switches have shot up from not even being in the top 10, to the #1 slot."

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August 15, 2000 - Readers have brought to my attention a new search-engine site aimed at Solaris users, called Although there doesn't seem to be very much Solaris content on the new home page at this time, we're sure that the editors at will be working pretty hard to improve that, so it may be worth another look later.

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