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2000, September week 2

Will Hard Disks Get Faster?
How Solid is Hard Disk's Future?
Why Seagate will Fail the SSD Challenge
Hybrid Storage Drives - winners, losers and maybes
Sanitization Methods for Cleaning Up Hard Disk Drives
Calling for an End to Unrealistic SSD vs HDD IOPS Comparisons
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Computer Connection Computer Connection to Sell $5 Million Worth of Sun Equipment on Auctions

RALEIGH, N.C., Sep 14, 2000 - today announced the addition of Computer Connection of Central New York to its line-up of Certified Sellers. Computer Connection is an Authorized Reseller of Sun Microelectronics products and will also offer its CompCon line of new Sun Workstation and Server compatibles on the TekSell site.

CCNY will list remanufactured Sun and new CompCon servers and workstations at TekSell and is recognized as a "Certified Seller" when items are searched and selected, thus allowing the company to build awareness and brand equity online. All remanufactured equipment from CCNY is inspected and guaranteed refurbished to like-new mechanical, electrical and cosmetic standards, and is original manufacturer's product....Computer Connection profile
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Computer Connection to Sell $5 Million Worth of Sun Equipment on Auctions

SuSE Announces Linux Version For Sun Microsystems SPARC Processor

Compex Makes Smallest Full-Featured Ethernet Switch Smaller

Syscap Computer Rentals leads UK dot com market as business booms

Sun Had Record Desktop Shipments in Q2, but it's Still Only the Same as 1 Day for Dell

Dataram Powers the Dot Com Market with Gigabyte Solutions at ".Com Your Business," Sun's Conference & Exhibition In London

Sun Announces New Faster Processor

New Rackmount Monitor & Keyboard from I-Bus/Phoenix Slides into 2U Space
Hard Disk Duplicators
Hard disk duplicators
Spellabyte's disk duplicating process worked OK. But he wondered if in future, he should color code the barrels to avoid getting them mixed up in despatch. Color could be part of his added value
Squeak! - Animal Brands and Metaphors in the Storage Market

Animal marketing metaphors are popular in service industries, but you'd be surprised how many companies have used animals in their marketing of data storage products and services.
Squeak! - Animal Brands and Metaphors in the Storage Market
The storage market was worth over $150 billion in 2005, and as it gets bigger - more companies will turn to animal brands to help differentiate their otherwise bland products and lend them artificial (or deserving) characters and virtues.

The idea behind this type of marketing is to suggest positive connotations so it's unlikely that anyone will choose to associate their products with gremlins. But you may be surprised by the population of the storage ark.

This reference articles lists all known companies who have furry marketing brands, and also includes some which are slimy, scaly and scary too. the article, Mice in storage
SuSE Linux SuSE Announces Linux Version For Sun Microsystems SPARC Processor

OAKLAND, CA - 14 September 2000 - SuSE Linux, the international technology leader and solutions provider in open source operating system (OS) software, today announced the availability of SuSE Linux 7.0 for the SPARC architecture from Sun Microsystems. With the addition of Linux for the SPARC platform, SuSE Linux continues providing the superior features of the Linux operating system to other applications within the professional environment.

"The community of Linux users worldwide continues to grow and we are meeting the current and future needs of the market. With the addition of the SPARC architecture, SuSE continues to support the porting of Linux to the enterprise level." said Dirk Hondel, CTO of SuSE Linux AG. "The SPARC platform is extremely stable and the addition of Linux creates an ideal server environment." SuSE Linux currently supports PowerPC, S/390, RS/6000 and Alpha processors in addition to the Intel platform. With the addition of the SPARC architecture, SuSE Linux is an ideal common server platform within the professional environment.

The complete version of SuSE Linux 7.0 for SPARC is now available free of charge under SuSE Linux is selectively looking for users to promote the further development of this major project with their mailing list ...SuSE profile
Compex Compex Makes Smallest Full-Featured Ethernet Switch smaller

Anaheim, September 11, 2000 - Compex Inc. announces the release of the MiniSwitch Series PS2208A, a complete redesign and resizing of its PS2208 Pocket Switch. The redesigned switch is now the smallest full-featured fast Ethernet switch. This 8-port Dual-Speed Fast-Ethernet Switch, with a tangerine translucent plastic casing, comes with a backplane capacity of 1.6 Gbps -- achieving full-bandwidth non-blocking switching of frame packets.

The PS2208A is suitable for small office and home users to move forward to a switched LAN solution.

The Compex PS2208A is designed with an N-Way Auto-Negotiation mechanism that automatically configures for the highest possible throughput on a per port basis. It provides the convenience during the setup and installation and allows partial upgrade of a 10 Mbps network to a 100 Mbps network.

Media Access Method:- Unlike the hubs and repeaters with the CSMA/CD accessing method, the PS2208A uses a flow control and address learning and filtering mechanism to achieve collision free intelligent frame forwarding. The Compex PS2208A is priced at $79 (US) each. Available immediately. ...Compex profile
Syscap Computer Rentals Syscap Computer Rentals leads UK dot com market as business booms

London, September 12, 2000 - Syscap Computer Rentals plc today announced that it is Sun Microsystems' leading UK Authorised Rental Partner. The company currently manages a Sun rental portfolio of over £12m (US$17M), one of the largest and most comprehensive Sun rental inventories in the UK. Syscap's ability to fulfil virtually any Sun rental requirement within hours, from just a few days to up to 12 months, has undoubtedly helped them to secure their number one position.

Syscap Computer Rentals, with their current strap-line 'where businesses dot com first for rental', was one of the first independent IT rental providers to offer a range of comprehensive rental programmes for Sun Microsystems products. Launched in 1996 by Paramount Computer Rentals (now Syscap Computer Rentals), the company's decision to invest heavily in Sun products was aided by an ever-increasing demand for rental services. This demand came from within the 'big-ticket', 'high-spec' systems arena, with the latest boom fuelled by e-commerce requirements.

Graham Hilton, Sun Programme Manager at Syscap comments, "Systems rental meets the ever increasing demands of e-commerce as it provides maximum flexibility at the critical design, testing and production phases. It means that vast amounts of capital, normally invested up-front, is freed for investment elsewhere. Capacity demands with E-commerce projects, by their very nature, are incredibly difficult to predict. This nightmare scenario can be largely eradicated by systems rental. Rental allows the user to concentrate on their core business, knowing that there is no need to manage additional hardware assets or peaks and troughs in cash flow." ...Syscap Computer Rentals profile
Sun Microsystems Sun Had Record Desktop Shipments in Q2, but it's Still Only the Same as 1 Day at Dell

PALO ALTO, CA. - September 11, 2000 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. announced today that more than 100,000 desktop systems were shipped during Q2CY'00 because of consistently strong sales of its entire line of Sun Ultra workstations combined with record-breaking demand for its Sun Ray[tm] appliances. According to estimates released in August by IDC(1), Sun was #1 in both units shipped and revenue in the Unix-based workstation market. ...Sun Microsystems profile

Editor's comments below :- I remember saying to people in Sun 4 years ago I couldn't understand why they were still playing around with the desktop, when their strength was servers. As readers of this site already know, my own view is that if Sun wants desktop sales it should forget about the Java-enhanced dumb terminal market and start shipping PC's. That's what most of their customers are actually using on the desktop.

Market research company IDC recently reported that unit volume in the worldwide PC market this quarter is expected to reach 33.4 million. Dell alone is reported to have shipped 2,293,284 PC's in the US in Q2. On the face of it Sun's entire Q2, 2000 desktop shipment is about the same as little more than 1 day of PC shipments for Dell. But what it doesn't tell you is that the gap between PC's and Sun's desktops has been getting wider during the last decade.

In the early 1990's when we looked at the ratio of SPARC systems (and they were mainly desktops in those days) compared to PC's the ratio was about 2% of desktop machines were SPARC. Another 2% were Macs, and about 1% were terminals. Today the ratio of desktop systems (from Sun) who is still bigger than all other SPARC suppliers combined, is closer to 0.3%

Sun lost the desktop market years ago, and it surprises me that they still send out such upbeat press releases. What would be more interesting would be to see a figure of rackmount SPARC systems. I expect that figure (from all SPARC vendors) will soon overtake desktops, and that's a much more strategic and faster growing market, which I expect SPARC to dominate.
Dataram Dataram Powers the Dot Com Market with Gigabyte Solutions at ".Com Your Business," Sun's Conference & Exhibition In London

Princeton, NJ -September 12, 2000- Dataram Corporation confirms the impact memory products have on Sun Systems performance at .COM Your Business, in London, UK, September 12-13. Sun Microsystems .COM Your Business Conference and Exhibition will be held at the prestigious Barbican Center in London, UK.

During .COM Your Business, Sun will offer the products, services, support and partners needed to help companies make their move to the net economy. This event will take a close look at how the world wide web has grown over the past year and will host over 100 demonstration areas from Sun and Sun's partners.

Adding Dataram memory is an easy way to boost the performance of a Sun system. Executing large-scale transaction processing and complex decision support queries will see significant performance gains when memory is increased. However, because of the cost from system vendors, main memory size may be reduced or capped in an effort to limit system expenditures. This decision has grave performance consequences.

One of Dataram's key products is the DRS702/2048, a 2GB-memory option for Sun Microsystems' 3x00-6x00 Enterprise-class servers. This product doubles the maximum memory size of Sun's flagship server line with capacities available up to 60GB in the Enterprise 6500. The 2GB option for the Enterprise 3x00-6x00 was an industry first for Dataram last year. Until recently the only alternative for adding memory was to purchase additional Sun processor boards and 1GB kits.

Dataram is a Sun licensee and is the only independent memory manufacturer to introduce memory options for every Sun server ever built. Dating back to the 1980s. ...Dataram profile
Sun Microsystems Sun Announces New Faster Processor

PALO ALTO, CA - September 11, 2000 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. today announced availability of its newest UltraSPARC[tm] processor, targeted for embedded applications. The 400/500 MHz UltraSPARC IIe microprocessor is the first highly integrated 64-bit processor for embedded applications in the telecommunications, network infrastructure and ISP markets that offers the reliability, availability and scalability of the industry-leading SPARC architecture.

"We will soon announce our newest VME board product utilizing the UltraSPARC IIe processor," said Jochen Saal, product manager, Force Computers. "Sun's new UltraSPARC IIe embedded processor enables us to continue to deliver the 'perfect fit' solution for OEM customers who are looking for next-generation products of our successfully implemented VMEbus-based SPARC products to be deployed in industrial, C41 and Telecoms applications."

The processor was designed with a high level of integration to reduce power consumption, reduce chip count, reduce overall system cost, and increase performance to 64-bit levels. Being among the first to make 64-bit processors for the communications industry, Sun has architected the single chip design to integrate 256-KB Level 2 cache; an integrated 32-bit, industry-standard 66 MHz PCI bus; and an integrated high-performance SDRAM controller and memory interface. The power consumption performance is optimized for embedded applications. ...Sun Microsystems profile
I-Bus/Phoenix New Rackmount Monitor & Keyboard from I-Bus/Phoenix Slides into 2U Space

Havant, UK - 8th September 2000 – The new flip-up monitor and keyboard from I-Bus/Phoenix maximises rack space available by folding into a 19" rack drawer that is only 2U high. Designed for high density server applications where space is at a premium, the module features a 15.1" TFT LCD screen (1024x768 resolution, 16M colors and automatic scanning XGA-VGA) and a keyboard with built in trackball. The enhanced design maximises the available space as the keyboard can be accessed independently from the monitor.

The drawer is lockable and durable with high quality torque hinges and lock out slide rails. The monitor and keyboard are available in AC and DC powered versions with options for PAL and Serial Digital Interface(SDI) inputs. The 2U monitor and keyboard is available from I-Bus/Phoenix in quantity and in a variety of colours. ...I-Bus/Phoenix profile
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