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Atmel Atmel Releases Optimized Single-Chip 32-bit SPARC Based Processor for Space Applications

Nantes, France - October 5th, 2000 - Atmel Corporation announced today the availability of a new improved single-chip version of its 32-bit radiation tolerant processor. In support of the adaptation of industrial standardised components for space, initiated by the development of the ERC32 computer, Atmel Wireless & Microcontrollers (formerly TEMIC Semiconductors) and the European Space Agency(ESA) continue their efforts to deliver the computing power required by modern airborne applications with the introduction of the TSC695E.

SSD ad - click for more infoThe new TSC695E (SMD 5962-00540) is a monolithic version of the ERC32, now available with dramatically improved performance: new features include, higher speed, power consumption below 1.5 Watt and better resistance to radiation. Saving 70% of space and weight of earlier versions, it allows denser equipment at a lower price. Moreover, it hosts an On Chip Debugger (OCD) for non-intrusive program execution control during software development and validation.

According to Mr. Jean François Prost, Equipment Project Manager at Alcatel Space, "Obviously, the selection of the TSC695E for the future ARIANE 5 launcher Inertial Reference System was backed by its overall simplicity, the flexibility it brings to the designer, and the performance it offers to support computing and managing real time tasks." Mr. Amar Guennoun, Director of the Aerospace Division at Atmel Wireless & Microcontrollers added, "This monolithic rad tolerant computer is one of the most competitive solutions available for space equipment."

The standard version of the TSC695E delivers up to 20 MIPS. It has Single Event Upset (SEU) immunity and Total Dose tolerance in excess of 300 Krad. Running with supply voltage between 3 Volt and 5.5 Volt, the TSC695E is available in 256-pin Quad Flat Pack or Die form. The device can be delivered in accordance with QML Q&V and also to European standard flows. A complete set of development tools is available to support customers, including a Starter-Kit from Atmel Wireless & Microcontrollers. ...Atmel profile
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Cheaperbyte had been to a VAR marketing workshop on pricing strategies and segmentation. When he delivered a RAID system to a Sun user the price included FREE delivery. When he delivered the RAID system to a Dell customer the (same) price included... the car.

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Force and GoAhead to offer High Availability Hardware/Software Solutions

SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 6, 2000 - Force Computers and GoAhead® Software today announced a partnership to offer integration of GoAhead's cross-platform service availability software on selected Force High Availability CompactPCI® platforms. To enable telecom and data comm developers to reduce time-to-market and customize highly reliable systems, Force and GoAhead will offer integrated CompactPCI hardware/software solutions. Integrating GoAhead SelfReliant™ 7000 software with Force's high-availability offerings gives designers access to mission-critical solutions for environments with stringent uptime needs.

"Force and GoAhead are teaming up to offer OEMs bundled hardware and software solutions from a single contact," said Jens Wiegand, Force director, advanced technology. "Integrating our hardware with GoAhead SelfReliant 7000 provides OEMs an off-the-shelf service availability solution across many processors and operating systems for flexible, customizable systems."

GoAhead SelfReliant™ 7000 software is a key enabler in significantly increasing system uptime and reliability and allowing manufacturers to provide 99.999 percent ("five-nines") availability. As soon as a service interruption occurs, the software automatically transfers operation to a standby component to prevent system downtime. The software is based upon a full range of fault detection and management capabilities and enables hardware and software upgrades during system operation.

"With this alliance, GoAhead and Force can now offer OEMs the ability to introduce next generation, mission-critical communications infrastructure equipment far faster and more easily than previously possible," said Michael O'Brien, GoAhead president and CEO. "The integrated Force/GoAhead solution allows manufacturers to meet the accelerating demand for configurable, highly reliable communications platforms."

SelfReliant 7000 is a comprehensive management software solution for network infrastructure. It consists of a set of high-performance, integrated availability functions that monitor and manage all hardware, OS, and application resources across all nodes of a system. These functions capture data from system resources in real time, dynamically reconfigure the system as required to maintain service availability, and provide such services as fault management, availability management, and access and administration. ...FORCE COMPUTERS profile, ...GoAhead® Software profile

Portal Software
Tadpole-RDI's portable VoyagerIIi servers enable Portal Software to double its global customer training programs without additional resource

Carlsbad (CA), October 5, 2000 - Customer training is fundamental at Portal Software, Inc., the world's premier provider of real-time customer management and billing software. It's key in helping the Cupertino firm's expanding customer base of ISPs, telecom providers, and internet service businesses to better understand how Portal's software solutions can dramatically improve their knowledge of customers and increase on-line revenues.

More users than ever are now turning to Portal for support in deploying its billing solutions. In fiscal 2000, Portal will stage about three hundred training sessions across three continents. That's double the number of training venues compared with fiscal 1999, and class sizes have increased fifty percent to an average of eighteen participants.

So, with unchanged resource of just eight training officers, how has the vendor managed to cope with such an increase in customer training programs?

"Simple - we wised up, moved to portable Unix, and took control of our business model," replies Derek Peterson, Portal's worldwide training manager. "Instead of wasting effort, time, and money in lugging around desktops, or having them shipped ahead to training sites, we now have a pool of Tadpole-RDI's VoyagerIIi servers that training officers carry to venues." ...Portal Software profile, ...Tadpole-RDI profile
Interphase Interphase Expands SlotOptimizer Product Line with Quad-port Server Adapter

DALLAS, Texas, October 5, 2000 - Interphase Corporation today announced a new enterprise-class adapter that combines four independent 10/100 Fast Ethernet ports onto a single PCI adapter. The 554E Quad-port Ethernet Adapter is the latest addition to the Interphase SlotOptimizer™ family, and is targeted for the rapidly growing market of small footprint and rack-mountable servers that are being used in Internet Service Provider (ISP) and enterprise Web infrastructures.

Low-profile servers consume less room in equipment racks and provide ISPs with a cost-effective approach to easily scale their performance and bandwidth in response to the ever-increasing demand for high speed Internet access. These powerful new servers, that can measure as little as 1U (1.75 inches) in height, are also gaining popularity with enterprise IT managers because they conserve valuable floor space in centralized equipment rooms.

Pricing and Availability The 554E Quad-port Networking Adapter has a list price of $ 495.00 and is immediately available through authorized Interphase distributors. ...Interphase profile

Editor's note:- if you use the search engine at the top of this page you'll find more PCI ethernet card manufacturers, plus compact PCI, PMC and let's not forget SBus.
Sun Microsystems

Sun and E.piphany Sign Global Agreement to Accelerate the Delivery of Next Generation CRM Solutions

PALO ALTO AND SAN MATEO, Calif. - October 4, 2000 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. and E.piphany today announced a multi-million dollar strategic alliance, to provide customers with a 'best-of-class' next generation customer relationship management (CRM) solution, running on one of the world's most reliable, scalable and highly available platforms. The alliance includes joint engineering, sales and marketing. The agreement exemplifies Sun and E.piphany's shared vision of a customer-centric economy, where companies focus their organizations around the customer. Under the terms of the agreement, E.piphany will leverage Sun's worldwide sales and marketing organization to jointly promote E.piphany's CRM solutions to customers. Sun endorses E.piphany as a leading CRM vendor and premier partner.

"Sun is already the choice for many of our customers who want to win in today's Customer Economy. With this alliance Sun will become our preferred platform," said Roger Siboni, president and CEO of E.piphany. "To be effective, companies need a customer management solution built on powerful software, scalable hardware and a robust infrastructure. Sun gives us the hardware and infrastructure that will allow companies to maximize the potential of our E.piphany E.5 system." ...E.piphany profile, ...Sun Microsystems profile

Editor's note:- in case you were wondering why CRM (customer relationship management) is a term that's popping up in computer publications all over the place recently, here's the reason. In the 1980's the buzz was all about relational databases, in the 1990's it was the internet and the web. Now, it's CRM. Every software vendor is trying to add the word "CRM" to its product line. The principle of CRM is that if you analyse your customer relationships and transactions you discover that some customers cost less to acquire, or less to keep or are more profitable. In theory if you apply this knowledge assiduously, you can stop pursuing the wrong types of activities, your customers become happier, and your company wastes less money and is more profitable. There is a small amount of technical input required here, but just as object oriented "C" didn't make bad programmers better, a CRM package doesn't necessarily fix your company. Most CRM systems fail because of cultural (people) problems, and not because of technology. My wife runs Europe's leading CRM Marketing training company in case you were wondering how come I suddenly know something about software:-)
Citrix Citrix Announces Availability of MetaFrame 1.1 for AIX, HP-UX and Solaris

Orlando, Fla. - October 3, 2000 - Citrix Systems, Inc. today announced the availability of its newest members of the family of Citrix™ MetaFrame™ 1.1 for UNIX® Operating Systems application server software products: Citrix MetaFrame 1.1 for the AIX® Operating System, Citrix MetaFrame 1.1 for the HP-UX® Operating System and Citrix MetaFrame 1.1 for the Solaris® Operating Environment. These new products are being demonstrated this week at Citrix iForum™ 2000 in Orlando, Florida.

The Citrix MetaFrame 1.1 for UNIX Operating Systems product family extends the reach of business-critical UNIX and Java® applications across an enterprise, or from an Application Service Provider (ASP), to users anywhere, regardless of location, device or connection. The unique way in which MetaFrame 1.1 for UNIX can deliver UNIX applications to any Citrix Independent Computing Architecture (ICA™) client, over any connection makes it an excellent alternative to using PC X Servers to deploy X.11 applications in the enterprise. This expansion of the MetaFrame product line is further evidence of Citrix's strategy to deliver high-speed access to any application, over any device, across any connection. These new MetaFrame products are available immediately through selected members of the Citrix Solutions Network™, a comprehensive channel of distributor, resellers, system integrators, and consultants worldwide. Suggested retail pricing for each product is $5,995 for a 15-concurrent user license and a one-year enrollment in Citrix's Subscription Advantage program, which includes automatic delivery of enhancements, updates and maintenance releases. ...Citrix profile Celebrates 2 Years "Mapping the New Enterprise Storage Frontier"

Baughurst, UK, October 3, 2000 - ACSL announced that is celebrating 2 years publication this month. Commenting about this milestone... Mike Bell, VP Europe of NAS pioneer Auspex Systems said

"In line with the data explosion, users are experiencing an information overload on storage technology. STORAGEsearch provides an extensive reference tool containing everything you wanted to know about storage, but were afraid to ask."

Richard Redding, Fibre-Channel Product Manager of storage manufacturer & distributor Selectronix said

"The service provided by is unrivalled in the storage industry, operating for two years now, it is not just another '.com' collation of links - it is a smooth, professional, up to date insight into our industry". ...ACSL profile
Mainsoft Mainsoft Enables Windows Developers to Write on Windows, Deploy on UNIX

SAN JOSE, Calif. - October 2, 2000 - Mainsoft, today announced the general availability of Visual MainWin, the first application porting platform allowing developers - with no UNIX expertise - to write on Windows and port simultaneously to UNIX. Visual MainWin, which is available for a free thirty-day evaluation, can be downloaded at

Industry analyst, IDC, reported that in 1999, Windows represented 30% and UNIX represented more than 50% of the $5.8 billion in Internet server sales. In order to tap the Internet server markets, independent software vendors (ISVs) and Internet infrastructure providers must deploy on both Windows and UNIX. Mainsoft's customers, who include both ISVs and Internet infrastructure providers such as Microsoft, PTC, Siebel Systems, UUNET, and Wind River Systems, have tapped Mainsoft's application porting platform to meet their increasing cross-platform challenge. Mainsoft's software and services enable developers to focus on their core competency, rather than platform availability; decrease multi-platform time-to-market from years to months; and reduce R&D costs for UNIX versions by up to 95%.

"ESRI was looking for a way to make our Windows applications available on a UNIX platform. ESRI has one of the largest COM implementations in the world," said Clint Brown, Director of Software Products at ESRI. "With Visual MainWin, ESRI has ported much of ArcInfo and ArcView to Solaris, greatly reducing people-hours and development resources needed for this enormous undertaking. We thank Mainsoft for helping us easily address our Sun market by enabling us to efficiently port our COM applications to Solaris."

The Visual MainWin software developer's kit (SDK) includes one developer license and three additional QA licenses to test and debug the resulting application. One year of e-mail and Web-based technical support is provided. Additional support levels are also available. Pricing is $2,495 per developer. Additional licensing is required prior to deploying each Visual MainWin ported application. Visual MainWin is currently available for the Solaris platform. ...Mainsoft profile

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