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SPARC History - 2000, October week 2

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Alteon, Intel and Sun Join Content Bridge Alliance
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Alteon, Intel and Sun Join Content Bridge Alliance as First Technical Advisory Members

Morse builds one of the UK's first online mortgage services for

Computone to be Represented in U.K. and Germany by Products to Europe

Continuous Computing Announces Distribution Program with Nu Horizons

Vita Nuova First To Distribute Plan 9 Operating System in a Box

The Perfect Holiday 'Server Stuffer:' Sun Microsystems Turbocharges E-Tailers With Crypto-Accelerator Card

GoAhead Launches Integration Alliance to Improve Service Availability Levels

Cisco Systems Unveils Complete IP VPN Solution for Service Providers

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Cheaperbyte had been to a VAR marketing workshop on pricing strategies and segmentation. When he delivered a RAID system to a Sun user the price included FREE delivery. When he delivered the RAID system to a Dell customer the (same) price included... the car.

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FOSTER CITY, Calif., October 12, 2000 - Content Bridge, an alliance formed to enable cross-network content distribution, today announced the formation of the Technical Advisory Membership. This group is designed to allow technology vendors, service providers and content providers to participate in the standards initiatives of the Content Bridge™ alliance. As initial members, Alteon WebSystems, Intel Corporation and Sun Microsystems will take active roles in proposing standards to address Internet interoperability issues related to the distribution, delivery and management of content.

Technical Advisory Members of the Content Bridge alliance will work together to identify and propose technology standards, enabling member networks that use different technologies to participate in the Content Bridge content peering model. Technical Advisory Members will then submit these standards proposals to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) or other standards-setting bodies.

As leading providers of scalable technology that power many of the largest networks in the world, Alteon, Intel and Sun bring considerable intellectual capital to the Content Bridge alliance, which was created for the purpose of facilitating standards development in core areas of content internetworking, including content mapping and routing and cache platform interoperability. - more info -
Morse Morse builds one of the UK's first online mortgage services for

London, October 12 2000 - UK Sun Reseller & e-business integrator, Morse has developed and implemented one of the UK's first online mortgage services for in a high-value deal. The new site, which was recently launched, will enable users to select and buy mortgages and other financial products over the Internet.

Users can view details on over 3000 mortgages ranked using the Specific Term Adjusted Rate (STAR), a similar technique used by lenders themselves, as well as information and advice to help manage their personal finances.

Mark Byatt, marketing director at Morse comments: "By working closely with established partners and using our proven expertise in providing complex finance solutions, the work we have done for clearly demonstrates our ability to tailor solutions to our customers' exact needs." ...Morse profile

Products to Europe
Computone to be Represented in U.K. and Germany by Products to Europe

ATLANTA, October 11, 2000 - Computone said today it is continuing to accelerate its efforts as global company and increase its presence and market-share in Europe, announcing that Products to Europe (PTE) will represent its leading-edge e-commerce, Internet and remote access communications connectivity products in the U.K. and Germany.

Perry Pickerign, president of Computone, said "PTE would assist his company in selling its full line of products, including the popular family of IntelliServer® RAS 2000s which facilitates Out-of-Band Management of remote networks, through distributors, VARs, systems integrators and other non-direct customers."

Computone products run on Windows NT®, Linux® , SCO® OpenServer® and UnixWare®, Sun® Solaris® and Interactive® platforms, and are used on the Internet and in e-commerce, healthcare, retail and point-of-sale, banking and financial, telecommunications, transportation, hospitality, education, and other applications.

Based in Wraysbury, Middlesex, in the U.K., PTE has offices in France, Germany and Italy. Its sales professionals offer in-depth knowledge of local European markets reinforced by a multilingual telemarketing in six languages and a knowledge base of top VADs, VARs, SIs and ISPs in each country.

"The European market is large and growing larger," said Pickerign. "Computone has been in Europe for many years, and is now accelerating our marketing and sales efforts. Working with PTE is in keeping with our new European distribution model. By having PTE represent Computone in Europe, initially in the U.K. and Germany, we expect to gain significantly in name recognition, sales, and share of market." ...Computone profile, ...Products to Europe profile
Continuous Computing Continuous Computing Announces Distribution Program with Nu Horizons

SAN DIEGO, Tuesday, October 10, 2000 - Continuous Computing Corporation (CCPU), the leading provider of voice-over-packet platform solutions for telecom equipment manufacturers, today announced a distribution deal for its board level products with Nu Horizons, a leading distributor of high-technology active components to a wide variety of commercial original equipment manufacturers worldwide. Nu Horizons will act as a distributor for all of CCPU's board-level products, starting with its 24+2 Gigabit Ethernet Switch, the first Ethernet switch in a 6U CompactPCI form factor.

"Nu Horizons is very excited about the distribution agreement with Continuous Computing," said Dan Romanelli, Director of the Sun Business Group with Nu Horizons. "Telecommunications is a primary focus for us and CCPU's Gigabit Ethernet Card will be a major part of our ability to offer a full solution to that customer base. Nu Horizons' aggressive sales and engineering team working with a focused market leader like CCPU will make for a mutually profitable relationship."

"Continuous Computing is delighted to welcome Nu Horizons as a distributor for our board-level products," said Ken Kalb, CEO of Continuous Computing. "Nu Horizons' position as a world-class electronic component distributor will certainly enhance CCPU's position in the market, making it easier for our present customers to obtain our products, and for new customers to learn about them. ...Continuous Computing profile, ...Nu Horizons profile
Vita Nuova Vita Nuova First To Distribute Plan 9 Operating System in a Box

MONTCLAIR, N.J., and YORK, ENGLAND OCTOBER 10, 2000 - Vita Nuova®, a network operating systems company specializing in technologies for distributed application development, announced today that it is the first and only distributor of Plan 9 in a box. Plan 9 is the first operating system designed from the outset for production-quality distributed computing in a networked environment. It was developed by Bell Labs, the research and development arm of Lucent Technologies, which also had created the UNIX* system and the C and C++ programming languages. The newly packaged software, formerly only available by download, represents the third version of Plan 9, which includes numerous enhancements, many of which were inspired by the user community. Customers can order the Plan 9 software as an Open Source CD singly or as a package that includes the CD and user manuals. Vita Nuova is also offering user support via e-mail and will fix bugs and provide enhancements.

Plan 9 uses a single protocol to refer to and communicate with processes, programs and data, making it highly suited for building large, distributed systems containing a number of file servers, CPU servers and other distributed components. It is designed around the basic principle that all resources appear as files in a hierarchical file system. These resources are accessed via a network-level protocol called 9P, which hides the exact location of services from the user. All servers provide their services as an exported hierarchy of files. Plan 9 has remote booting capabilities, which makes it very easy to use PCs as fully featured Plan 9 user terminals. It has been ported to a number of architectures, including Intel x86, SPARC, Alpha, Power PC, and Arm.

To the end user, Plan 9 bears a superficial resemblance to UNIX, but the underlying operating system is very different. In particular, Plan 9 was designed as a network operating system, as opposed to UNIX, for which networking support was added as an afterthought. Some of the standard UNIX tools are available, but they have generally been either enhanced or completely rewritten. Pricing and Availability Plan 9 is available now and can be ordered from the Vita Nuova Web site. Pricing is $25 for the CD, $75 for the manual set and $100 for the boxed set. ...Vita Nuova profile
Sun Microsystems The Perfect Holiday 'Server Stuffer:' Sun Microsystems Turbocharges E-Tailers With Crypto-Accelerator Card

Palo Alto, CA - October 10, 2000 - As online retailers prepare for a holiday season expected to top $11 billion in sales, Sun Microsystems, Inc. today unwrapped an early present - the Sun[tm] Crypto Accelerator I, a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) accelerator board which dramatically increases speed and capacity for the millions of secure transactions on Sun servers that support the Internet economy.

The Sun Crypto Accelerator I effectively "turbocharges" the performance of secure servers by relieving a server's system processor from authentication tasks. Authentication is the process of identifying individuals accessing a network based on a username and password that has been encrypted to provide security. As secure transactions are critical for the successful operation of Web-server applications, the Sun Crypto Accelerator I is ideal for consumer and commercial e-commerce providers, as well as enterprise network environments that rely on SSL to manage secure connections to network applications and resources.

The Sun Crypto Accelerator I is a PCI bus based SSL accelerator board that handles secure operations that would otherwise be performed by the Web server's CPU. The card utilizes a true random number generator and can process a 1024-bit RSA transaction in less than five milliseconds. The Sun Crypto Accelerator I is able to handle up to 200 SSL operations per second per board - about five times the capability of a server CPU without acceleration. The board can scale to a rate of 1,400 operations per second in high end multi-processor systems. ...Sun Microsystems profile

Editor's note:- there's a feeling of déja vu about this product, which sounds exactly the same as a product from Compaq, which was featured in a press release January 18, 2000. So maybe Sun thought it was such a good idea that either they produced their own version, or more likely, are reselling the original Compaq product. See what you think. You may be able to get a better price knowing there's 2 competing suppliers...

"Compaq's new AXL200 Accelerator PCI hardware dramatically accelerates, by up to 20 times, the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) processing, which is necessary to ensure the privacy and security of transactions. Compaq's AXL200 card delivers more than 240 SSL connections per second. The AXL200 Accelerator PCI card runs on Intel based servers running Microsoft® Windows NT® Server 4.0 and Windows® 2000. It supports Sun Solaris 2.6 on SPARC systems. It will support Linux in the future."
...Compaq Computer profile
GoAhead® Software GoAhead Launches Integration Alliance to Improve Service Availability Levels

Bellevue, Wash., October 9, 2000 - GoAhead® Software, the leading provider of service availability software, today announced the formation of the GoAhead Integration Alliance (GIA) to further promote the development of reliability solutions for telecommunications and Internet infrastructure and reduce time-to-market for equipment manufacturers. The GIA will tightly integrate GoAhead's service availability technology with a select group of computing platforms (e.g., CompactPCI( chassis'), operating systems, boards and applications to achieve 99.999% ("five-nines") system uptime and preserve transaction integrity.

Current GIA member companies include Consystant Design Technologies, Inc., Force Computers, Intel Corporation, Interphase Corporation (NASDAQ: INPH), LynuxWorks, Inc., MontaVista Software, Inc., Motorola Computer Group (NYSE: MOT), Natural MicroSystems (NASDAQ: NMSS), QNX Software Systems Ltd., RadiSys Corporation (NASDAQ: RSYS), TimeSys Corporation, Trillium Digital Systems (an Intel company), Wind River Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: WIND) and Ziatech Corporation. ...GoAhead® Software profile
Cisco Systems Cisco Systems Unveils Complete IP Virtual Private Network Solution for Service Providers

SAN JOSE, Calif. - October 9, 2000 - Cisco Systems, Inc. today announced a complete network-based IPsec VPN solution. Based on the new Cisco VPN 5000 concentrator and client, and the new Virtual Private Network (VPN) platform securely connects remote users and branches to their corporate networks and business partners across the Internet.

The Cisco VPN 5000 series includes three separate offerings to meet the needs of a broad range of service providers and customers. The 5001 has been specifically designed for deployment on the customer's premise. The carrier-class 5002 and 5008 are modular platforms enabling service providers to scale their VPN offerings and provide a full range of global connectivity options.

"A new trend in network-based VPNs is emerging," said Ron Westfall, senior analyst at Current Analysis. "With service providers offering VPN services based on the Cisco VPN 5000 series, enterprise customers can now turn more confidently toward outsourcing their WAN requirements."

The Cisco VPN series incorporates hardware acceleration and advanced architecture to offer the industry's top performance and scalability features. The 5008 can scale up to 40,000 simultaneous remote access or site-to-site VPN tunnels, with 760 Mbps 3DES throughput.

The Cisco VPN 5000 series is the only client-based VPN solution available today, supporting Windows 95/98/NT/2000, MacOS, Linux and Solaris. ...Cisco Systems profile

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