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SPARC History - 2000, October week 3

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StorageTek StorageTek Enhances Virtual Disk Support for Solaris
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StorageTek Enhances Virtual Disk Support for Solaris

Network Appliance and Sybase Provide Integrated Solution for Database Environments

Nu Horizons Recognized as Best Managed Company by Electronic Buyers News

Sun Microsystems Implements Legato NetWorker Backup Solution at Worldwide Datacenters

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Megabyte thought that knowing what you knew was sometimes scarier than not knowing anything at all.
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Why are most Sun resellers invisible on the web?

For large systems, Solaris on SPARC will continue to be a better choice than NT for many years. These are the real reasons why...

Should Sun Microsystems make its own brand of "Intel Inside®" PC's?

SPARC resellers - are they important? Do we really need them? Resellers were important in the development of the SPARC market in the 1990's. Will the web change that?

Sun Microsystems needs Intel and Microsoft to be successful - to fuel the insatiable demand for SPARC servers.

Will Sun Succeed in the STORAGE market? - part #1

Will Sun Succeed in the STORAGE market? - part #2
TORONTO, Oct. 17, 2000 - StorageTek today announced new capabilities and enhancements to its Shared Virtual Array 9500 and suite of companion software, the Virtual Power Suiteä, which offer both a natural progression for existing virtual disk users and a compelling alternative for traditional disk users looking for a break in their ever increasing disk budget cycle. StorageTek SVA9500 enhancements include:
  • Increased performance: Up to 180 percent improvement in open systems and up to 75 percent improvement in mainframe environments
  • Increased capacity: Storage capacity up to 3.87 terabytes
  • Increased connectivity: SUN Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Novel 5.0

StorageTek Virtual Power Suite software enhancements include:
  • StorageTek Shared Virtual Array Administrator: A software management interface that provides a unified view of all virtual disk subsystems in the enterprise for a simple and unique point of management. Today, management can be done from an OS/390, SUN Solaris or HP-UX host. StorageTek Power
  • StorageTek SVA Reporter/Reporter Explorer: Developed by BMC Software for SUN Solaris and HP-UX, offers up to 150 predefined reports to facilitate advanced reporting for optimum utilization of the SVA storage solution.
  • StorageTek SVA Path for Solaris: A software product co-developed with Dot Hill Inc., for high availability with path fail-over, path-balancing and LUN management capabilities.

StorageTek SVA9500 is planned for general availability in early November. ...StorageTek profile
Network Appliance

Network Appliance and Sybase Provide Integrated Solution for Database Environments

Sunnyvale, CA - October 18, 2000 - Network Appliance and Sybase, Inc. today announced certification and support of NetApp storage appliances (filers) in Sybase® Adaptive Server® Enterprise (ASE) environments. productivity.

In a joint effort, Sybase and Network Appliance performed certification of NetApp and ASE using the QuaSR test suite on ASE with the Solaris®, HP/UX, IBM® AIX, Windows NT®, and Linux® operating systems and the NetApp filer. To help ensure business continuity, testing included special emphasis on data integrity, system reliability, and server and filer stability, including subjecting the configuration to power outage and power supply takeover scenarios. Certification has been completed for ASE and ASE 12.0 or higher sub releases.

"Strengthening our relationship with Network Appliance is a winning proposition for both companies and more importantly our customers," said Billy Ho, Vice President Engineering, Sybase Enterprise Solutions Division. "The Network Appliance™ filer is ready out of the box for a Sybase configuration without the need to customize ASE or the supported operating systems. This allows our customers to quickly and easily implement ASE on Network Appliance storage. Furthermore, the filer offers the combination of file system manageability and the performance and integrity of raw devices." ...Network Appliance profile, ...Sybase profile
Nu Horizons Nu Horizons Recognized as Best Managed Company by Electronic Buyers News

MELVILLE, NY - October 17, 2000 - On Monday, October 16th Nu Horizons Electronics Inc. (NASDAQ: NUHC), a leading electronic-component distributor, was recognized by Electronic Buyers News (EBN) as the Best Managed Company among electronics distributors with annual revenues of less than $1 billion dollars. This is the second consecutive year that Nu Horizons has been recognized by EBN as a Best Managed Company in electronics distribution.

"We are honored to be recognized by EBN, once again, as a leader in our market", said Arthur Nadata, Nu Horizons President and CEO. "I am very proud of all the people at Nu Horizons whose work has helped advance the company to its leading position in the industry."

EBN's ranking are based on the publication's independent assessment of companies in the electronics distribution market. The criteria EBN used in the survey included major financial and operating benchmarks such as sales, profitability, expenses and R&D spending. In its review of Nu Horizons, EBN noted that the company's sales grew to $179 million in fiscal second quarter ended August 31, 2000, doubling from the same period last year. EBN also noted that earnings more than tripled to 92 cents a share. ...Nu Horizons profile
Legato Systems Sun Microsystems Implements Legato NetWorker Backup Solution at Worldwide Datacenters

Mountain View, CA, October 16, 2000 - Legato Systems Inc. announced that Sun Microsystems has implemented Solstice Backup, an OEM version of Legato® NetWorker®, as its standard backup-and-recovery solution to protect its global Terabyte-Class DataCenter Storage Systems. The Legato solution is currently in production at six Sun DataCenters in Europe, Asia, and North America, and plans for further expansion are underway.

"We work with Legato because of its ability to provide terabyte-class data protection," said Beverly Glasser, director of global planning, IT operations for Sun Microsystems, Inc. "Sun's datacenters house our most mission-critical data, and, clearly, we put the utmost importance on the datacenters' physical environment and tools. Legato NetWorker helps us keep datacenter operations running around the clock, throughout the world."

The Legato NetWorker solution protects multiple terabytes of Sun's business-critical, internal data on approximately 2,000 file servers, application servers, and other clients. The configuration includes: more than 40 distributed Solstice Backup servers, Sun StorEdge L-series tape libraries and autoloaders, Storage Nodes for LAN-free backup, and Legato's application-intelligent modules (SAP, Oracle), which protect Sun's complex ERP and database environments. The Legato solution is running at Sun DataCenters in Milpitas, California; Broomfield, Colorado; Chelmsford, Massachusetts; Amersfoort, Netherlands; Tokyo, Japan; and Singapore.

"This announcement is part of a long and fruitful relationship with Sun, developed through a shared vision to provide the highest levels of data availability to customers worldwide," said Loretta Allsup, vice president, Strategic Alliance Operations, Legato Systems, Inc. "For Sun, a global industry leader, to implement Legato solutions internally to protect its most valuable information, is a clear testament to Legato's proven technology." ...Legato Systems profile

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