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SPARC History - 2000, November week 1

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I-Bus/Phoenix introduces the G2077 high availability Sun SPARC cluster system

Havant, 7 November 2000 – I-Bus/Phoenix announces the launch of their new G2077 NEBS tested Sun SPARC Cluster System. The I-Bus/Phoenix G2077 CompactPCI Platform is designed for 99.999% availability and is equipped with two independent system boards, Sun Microsystems CP1500 SBCs, configured as a Cluster Server.
I-Bus/Phoenix - Cluster
The system comes fully integrated with dual hot-swap, Intraserver ITI-8241C-S quad Ethernet, dual Ultra-2 SCSI and 4MB video board, 10 user expansion slots, as well as Sun Cluster 2.2 or Veritas HA Foundation Suite installed.

"The introduction of the G2077 firmly establishes I-Bus/Phoenix as a global high availability solutions provider to the telecom and Internet markets," said David Raynor, I-Bus/Phoenix's UK Sales Manager. "The system serves the mid-level market for NEBS Level-3 compliant rack-mount CompactPCI systems that demand the highest levels of application availability. "

The G2077, which is based on the award winning G8 and G16 enclosures from I-Bus/Phoenix, includes PICMG H.110 compliant backplanes, front pluggable, 350W N+1 hot-swap, redundant power supplies, and configurable drive bays for up to eight 5.25inch half height drives. Options include -48VDC power input, a RAID controller, a Telecom alarm module, and a front pluggable media module with hard drive, floppy drive and CD-ROM. ...I-Bus/Phoenix profile
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I-Bus/Phoenix introduces the G2077 high availability Sun SPARC cluster system

SGI Delivers Advanced Visualization Capabilities to Solaris Desktop Systems

Stonesoft Announces StoneBeat® ServerCluster™, High Availability Solution for Storage Based Servers and Applications

The Kernel Group Unveils Enhanced Bare Metal Restore Product

Gartner Dataquest Says Worldwide Server and Workstation Markets Had Mixed Results in Third Quarter 2000

The Successor to SunFlash and FlashBack Ezines Now Available by Email

Sun Microsystems and Veritas Software Create New Elearning Alliance

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Why are most Sun resellers invisible on the web?

For large systems, Solaris on SPARC will continue to be a better choice than NT for many years. These are the real reasons why...

Should Sun Microsystems make its own brand of "Intel Inside®" PC's?

SPARC resellers - are they important? Do we really need them? Resellers were important in the development of the SPARC market in the 1990's. Will the web change that?

Sun Microsystems needs Intel and Microsoft to be successful - to fuel the insatiable demand for SPARC servers.

Will Sun Succeed in the STORAGE market? - part #1

Will Sun Succeed in the STORAGE market? - part #2
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SGI SGI Delivers Advanced Visualization Capabilities to Solaris Desktop Systems

DALLAS, Texas, SC2000 Nov. 6, 2000 - SGI today announced the OpenGL VizserverTM 1.2 computing solution, which includes support for Sun® Solaris desktop systems. Designed for OpenGL® users working with large data volumes, including seismic data analysis, scientific visualization and manufacturing design and engineering, OpenGL VizserverTM allows application-transparent interactivity over standard high-speed networks.

By supporting additional client platforms, OpenGL Vizserver 1.2 enables wider access to the unparalleled visualization capabilities of SGITM Onyx® family systems, enhancing individual productivity, system utilization and return on investment.

"The addition of a Solaris client means many more of our users will be able to take advantage of SGI Onyx graphics from their offices," said Arthurine Breckenridge, principal member of technical staff, Sandia National Laboratory. "This expansion of SGI visual serving technology is an important step in serving advanced real-time graphics from our supercomputers."

OpenGL Vizserver 1.2 will be available starting December 1, 2000. SGI further intends to provide a Linux® operating system client for OpenGL Vizserver in the near future and offer clients on virtually any other desktop platform as a professional service. ...SGI profile
Stonesoft Stonesoft Announces StoneBeat® ServerCluster™, High Availability Solution for Storage Based Servers and Applications

HELSINKI and ATLANTA - November 6, 2000 - Stonesoft Corporation today announced StoneBeat® ServerCluster™, the newest addition to its StoneBeat product family of high availability solutions. StoneBeat ServerCluster is a software-based high availability clustering solution that enables corporations running business-critical applications such as network applications, storage and database servers, and e-commerce sites to maintain 100% uptime, regardless of software or hardware failure. Stonesoft's StoneBeat ServerCluster technology is a result of Stonesoft's recent acquisition of leading Italian high availability software providers Unirel Sistemi and Architek S.r.l.

StoneBeat ServerCluster enables corporations that rely on their networks and the Internet to maintain continuous operation of their network applications and servers by providing automated fault monitoring and failover recovery between two or more hosts. StoneBeat ServerCluster supports a wide range of network and storage solutions including: email servers, web servers, DNS servers and voice over IP servers; and supports the industry's leading databases including: Oracle; Informix; Ingres; Sybase; Netscape Suite; NFS and Open API for customized applications.

Stonesoft's StoneBeat ServerCluster supports a wide range of storage platforms, and includes enhanced drivers that directly control the storage processor. The enhanced drivers are key to providing additional data security to multihost configurations. Stonesoft's StoneBeat ServerCluster supports: Sun (SCSI Disk/Multipack, SPARC Storage Array, RSM2000, A5000, A3000, A1000, D1000); Network Appliance; Infortrend; Symbios; Digital Storage; EMC; Raidtek; CLARiiON Array, double storage processor: SCSI & Fibre; Solstice Disksuite and Veritas Volume Manager. Availability StoneBeat ServerCluster is available on Solaris 2.x and 7 on SPARC, and on Red Hat 6.0 and up on Sun Enterprise Servers and Workstations and on other SPARC compliant computers. StoneBeat ServerCluster will be available in December 2000. ...Stonesoft profile
The Kernel Group The Kernel Group Unveils Enhanced Bare Metal Restore Product

AUSTIN, Texas - November 6, 2000 - The Kernel Group today unveiled an enhanced version of its system recovery solution, Bare Metal Restore, that expands the software's multi-platform support capabilities to HP-UX, Sun Solaris and Windows NT systems. The company plans to further expand its support to the Windows 2000 Professional operating system by year's end.

First launched in May on the AIX platform, Bare Metal Restore is designed to completely and seamlessly restore a machine that has been downed after disaster strikes, extending current Enterprise Storage Management solutions. Recovering the operating system, configurations, all applications and data, BMR provides companies a fully-automated tool that ensures mission-critical applications are usable within hours rather than days.

"Enhancing our BMR solution is a significant development for The Kernel Group as the company continues to position itself as a major force in the enterprise software solutions marketplace," said Sol Suberi, chairman and chief executive officer of TKG. "Spanning BMR's application across a full-spectrum of platforms sends a resounding message that TKG is the enterprise solutions provider of choice."

Today, top-caliber companies such as Freightliner and The Royal Bank of Canada use the BMR product to protect their enterprises. "In the frenetic pace of e-business, companies today cannot afford to be left unprotected from unexpected crises, such as power outages, natural or manmade disasters or software or technology failures," Suberi said. "Every passing minute that a company's mission-critical applications remain offline will cost that company in more than dollars and cents. A company's reputation is at stake and it needs to be carefully safeguarded. That's the very reason BMR exists." ...The Kernel Group profile
Gartner Dataquest Gartner Dataquest Says Worldwide Server and Workstation Markets Had Mixed Results in Third Quarter 2000

San Jose, Calif., November 2, 2000 - The worldwide server industry enjoyed a healthy third quarter in 2000, while the workstation market experienced modest growth in the quarter, according to preliminary statistics by Dataquest Inc., a unit of Gartner Group, Inc. (NYSE: IT and ITB). Worldwide server shipments surpassed 1 million units in the third quarter, which was an increase of 16.5 percent over the third quarter of 1999. Worldwide workstation totaled 381,835 units in the quarter, a 3.9 percent increase over the same period last year. The top three server vendors accounted for more than 58 percent of the total market in the third quarter (see Table 1). Compaq extended its lead in the market, as its market share topped 27 percent. Dell narrowed its gap with IBM for the No. 2 position, as Dell grew 41 percent in the quarter. "IBM's supply chain constraints were reduced during the third quarter, allowing it to address the backlog carried over from the previous quarter," said Jeffrey Hewitt, principal analyst for Gartner Dataquest's Servers Worldwide program. "Dell benefited from an aggressive marketing strategy on operating systems and advantageous price/performance ratios on lower-end systems."
table 1
Although worldwide workstation shipments slowed in the second quarter of 2000 for many of the vendors because of memory supply issues, there were no such component challenges reported for the third quarter of 2000. Dell and Sun Microsystems were the only top-tier workstation vendors to have growth rates above the industry average (see Table 2). "Some vendors experienced minor shortages in graphics cards in the third quarter," said Pia Rieppo, principal analyst for Gartner Dataquest's Workstations Worldwide program. "However, overall, the industry is right on track for Gartner Dataquest's forecast 8 to 9 percent annual growth rate from 1999 to 2000."
table 2
These results are preliminary at this time. Final statistics will be available soon to clients of Gartner Dataquest's Servers Quarterly Statistics program and Gartner Dataquest's Workstations Quarterly Statistics Worldwide program. These programs offer a comprehensive, global market information service that analyzes and documents the server and workstation industries.

Editor's note, see also:- Market research companies & STORAGE analysts
System News The Successor to SunFlash and FlashBack Ezines Now Available by Email

November 02, 2000 - System News - extracted from email broadcast by John J. McLaughlin (Publisher of "SunFlash" and "FlashBack").

I started publishing an email newsletter for Sun users in 1988. At that time, my list was called "SunFlash" and the newsletter was called "The Florida SunFlash". In 1995 I started FlashBack, a commercial version of SunFlash that had separate distribution. I stopped working on those newsletters about two years ago when I started working with a vendor to produce print newsletters for Sun Value Added Resellers in the United States. The newsletters are typically published under the title "System News for Sun Users". The service provider who produces the newsletters is called System News, Inc.

Much of the effort that I put into SunFlash now goes into System News for Sun Users. I work with the System News editors to collect, edit, and summarize articles of interest to Sun users. The System News newsletters are produced for individual Sun VARs (now called iForce Channel Partners) for their customers. System News, Inc has asked me to edit an email newsletter for Sun users, worldwide. This will be an advertiser-supported, weekly, electronic publication.

Editor's comments (ZK):- I'm publishing this for the benefit of new Sun users who may not be subscribed to these earlier discontinued email lists. I think you can go to the link on the left to sign up for this ezine, although it crashed my browser. The original ezines published by John J. McLaughlin were an essential information source in the pre-web days. I'm not sure how useful they will be nowadays, particularly as they state that "System News will not carry ads for products or services that are in conflict with Sun's."

Personally I prefer web based news, which is why we don't do an email service for our own publications. However if do you like email news, another option to look at is SearchSolaris which is one of the many links we offer as alternative news sources at the bottom of this page.
Sun Microsystems

VERITAS Software
Sun Microsystems and Veritas Software Create New Elearning Alliance

PALO ALTO and MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA -- November 1, 2000 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. and VERITAS Software Corporation, Inc. today announced an alliance to provide an integrated eLearning program to help datacenters improve their storage management. This new alliance is the latest in a series of initiatives designed to provide Sun and VERITAS Software customers with well integrated, high quality products and services. Through the innovative Sun[tm] Web Learning Center, IT professionals will be able to take courses on VERITAS Software virtually 24/7/365 anywhere on any platform through a Web browser.

The Sun and VERITAS Software online learning solution will cover the full range of award-winning VERITAS Software products, including VERITAS Volume Manager[tm], VERITAS File System[tm], and VERITAS NetBackup[tm]. The new VERITAS Software courses are expected to become available later this year. ...Sun Microsystems profile, ...VERITAS profile

Editor's note, see also:- Training for Sun users

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