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2000, November week 3

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DRS Technologies DRS Technologies Receives New Orders for Government Computer Systems

Parsippany, NJ, November 21 - DRS Technologies, Inc. announced today that it has received new orders from the U.S. Government to provide UltraSPARC II™ computer network servers for worldwide field deployment. DRS Technologies, a leading supplier of TEMPEST computer equipment, is teamed with Sun Microelectronics, a division of Sun Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ: SUNW), Mountainview, California, to supply systems incorporating Sun UltraSPARC II™ microprocessor technology. For these new orders valued at $2.3 million, the company's DRS Advanced Programs unit in Columbia, Maryland, will design, integrate, test and deliver second-generation TEMPEST rack-mounted servers.

Mark S. Newman, chairman, president and chief executive officer of DRS Technologies, stated, "DRS is a recognized leader in TEMPEST computer systems for special government applications. Our strategic teaming arrangement with Sun Microelectronics has provided us with the ability to integrate the latest commercial computing technology in cost-effective, reliable, field-deployable system solutions for our customer. Through enhancements and upgrades, DRS has reduced product costs while improving portability, processing power, speed, data capacity and display performance to meet critical requirements for a variety of government missions around the world."

DRS has delivered over 3,000 SPARC™-based computer workstations, servers and other peripheral equipment to this customer under separate programs for more than five years and has been a systems integrator for the government for over 30 years. These high-performance systems are designed specifically for a variety of unique government applications. The new rack-mounted servers produced for this award will include the Sun Solaris™ operating system and a SPARC™ engine Ultra AXmp motherboard. ...DRS Technologies profile
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DRS Technologies Receives New Orders for Government Computer Systems

SBS Technologies, Inc. Announces Industry First 64-Bit CompactPCI® Packet Processor with PTMC Support

Network Storage Solutions Inks Deal with GTSI Corp.

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SBS Technologies SBS Technologies, Inc. Announces Industry First 64-Bit CompactPCI® Packet Processor with PTMC Support

MANSFIELD, MA - November 20, 2000 - SBS Technologies, Inc. today announced the introduction of its next generation 64-bit/66 MHz CompactPCI® Packet Processor, ARIES 2000. The ARIES 2000 features a 300 MHz PowerPCTM 750 CPU, high-performance 66 MHz local PCI bus with dedicated packet buffer, and a modular design with dual PMC sites supporting the PTMC standard for PMC mezzanine I/O. The ARIES 2000, in conjunction with SBS' family of PMC WAN interfaces, targets various OEM applications, including VPN Routers, VOIP Servers, Integrated Access Devices (IADs) and Signaling Gateways. Based on a telecom centric architecture offering modularity, scalability as well as an open-standard interface, the ARIES 2000 allows for seamless integration of third-party hardware and software.

The ARIES 2000 offers software support for embedded VxWorks operating systems and WAN protocol support for TCP/IP, Frame Relay, PPP, ATM and SS7. As with all SBS products, the ARIES 2000 is available with a comprehensive Driver Development Kit (DDK) that contains an extensive Application Programming Interface (API), a sample code, diagnostics and support documentation. The DDK complements SBS' CP/2™ product design architecture and is designed to reduce required OEM integration time and speed up new product integration. Host driver support for the ARIES 2000 includes VxWorks, Windows NT, Linux and popular versions of UNIX.

The ARIES 2000 will be available in Q1 2001. Target list pricing is $4,000 USD depending on I/O configuration and software protocol support. ...SBS profile

Network Storage Solutions
Network Storage Solutions Inks Deal with GTSI Corp.

CHANTILLY, Virginia - November 20, 2000 - Network Storage Solutions (NSS), a leading provider of high-performance network storage systems, today announced an agreement with GTSI Corp. to resell its products to GTSI's customers worldwide. Under the agreement, federal agencies may purchase NSS' award-winning ThunderboltTM network storage system from GTSI's NASA SEWP II (Scientific and Engineering Workstation Procurement) contract or from its NIH ECS II (National Institutes of Health Electronic Computer Store) contract.

GTSI and NSS will work cooperatively to co-market NSS products to GTSI's extensive base of government clients. As an experienced government marketer, GTSI provides a convenient channel for US Government entities around the world to buy storage solutions from NSS.

Thunderbolt is an award-winning ultra high-density network storage system providing midsize enterprises and service providers with unsurpassed speed, capacity, scalability and ease of management in a storage form factor that maximizes data center floor space. Supporting up to 8 Terabytes in a single 19" rack, Thunderbolt reduces the cost and complexity of storage, installation and management in UNIX, Microsoft and LINUX environments. ...GTSI profile, ...Network Storage Solutions profile

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