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Tadpole-RDI Adds "On-Board" Video To Its Portable Unix Servers

Carlsbad (CA) and Cambridge (UK), November 29, 2000 - Tadpole-RDI today announced significant enhancements to its UltraSPARC IIiTM-driven VoyagerIIiTM portable servers.
Effective today, the phone book-sized portable server will be shipped with an integrated audio and video capability providing Tadpole customers with "on-board" video allowing the PCI slot to be used, for example, for dual resolution video output, or increased ethernet connectivity.
VoyagerIIi, launched in mid-1998, has proven one of Tadpole-RDI's most successful product developments to date. A full specification VoyagerIIi now boasts 440MHz UltraSPARC IIi processors, RAM to 1GB, disk capacity to 100GB while weighing in at just 10 lbs., and about the size of a phone book (12.7 x 10.2 x 4.0 inches). Pricing starts at $12,410, exclusive of sales tax.

A growing market for the portable server is training; for example, real-time customer management and billing software vendor, Portal Software, recently adopted the VoyagerIIi server for off-site customer training. Product availability with on-board audio/graphics enhancement as standard - immediate. ...Tadpole-RDI profile
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Tadpole-RDI Adds "On-Board" Video To Its Portable Unix Servers

InCert Software Ports Traceback Failure Recovery Agents To Solaris™

Leading UK E-Commerce Solutions Company - Commerce NTI - is Acquired By Horizon Technology Group

Financial Fusion and Sun Microsystems White Paper Documents Performance Test Results for Online Banking Transactions

Tadpole Technology Acquires Cycle Computer

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Why are most Sun resellers invisible on the web?

For large systems, Solaris on SPARC will continue to be a better choice than NT for many years. These are the real reasons why...

Should Sun Microsystems make its own brand of "Intel Inside®" PC's?

SPARC resellers - are they important? Do we really need them? Resellers were important in the development of the SPARC market in the 1990's. Will the web change that?

Sun Microsystems needs Intel and Microsoft to be successful - to fuel the insatiable demand for SPARC servers.

Will Sun Succeed in the STORAGE market? - part #1

Will Sun Succeed in the STORAGE market? - part #2
InCert InCert Software Ports Traceback Failure Recovery Agents To Solaris™

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – Nov. 29, 2000 – InCert™ Software Corporation today announced that, with support from Sun, it plans to port its TraceBack™ software diagnosis solution to the Solaris™ operating environment. The new port is designed to enable Sun customers and Solaris operating environment application developers to embed InCert TraceBack Agents in deployed applications to help them quickly identify and repair application failures, maximizing availability.

InCert's TraceBack availability solution inserts agents into application programs prior to release. These agents, which add virtually no runtime overhead, continuously monitor application performance in production environments and create a dynamic history of program execution. In the event of a software failure, InCert TraceBack provides a step-by-step analysis of all application activity leading up to the event. ..InCert profile
Commerce NTI

Horizon Technology Group
Leading UK E-Commerce Solutions Company - Commerce NTI - is Acquired By Horizon Technology Group

Europe, November 28, 2000 - Commerce NTI a leading UK based Internet solutions provider specialising in e-Commerce and on-line transaction processing has been acquired by Horizon Technology Group. Commerce NTI has worked with a variety of blue chip companies in the UK and overseas in the design, development and implementation of high value large volume e-Commerce solutions. Customers include Cable & Wireless, Toys 'R' Us, British Red Cross, Dun & Bradstreet,, AutoTrader and Pharmacydirect.

Commenting on the acquisition, Mr. Samir Naji, CEO of Horizon Technology Group said, "I am very pleased that Commerce NTI is joining the Horizon Technology Group. The company has extremely strong skill sets in the design, build and support of enterprise level e-Commerce platforms. The management team has clearly demonstrated their ability to grow quickly and profitably".

Editor's notes:- Horizon Technology Group is one of the leading Sun resellers in Europe. Sorry - no company profiles were supplied with this release at press time.
Financial Fusion

Sun Microsystems
Financial Fusion and Sun Microsystems White Paper Documents Performance Test Results for Online Banking Transactions

BOSTON, Mass. November 28, 2000 - Financial Fusion, Inc. and Sun Microsystems, Inc. announced today that they have released a white paper that analyzes how the Financial Fusion Web & Wireless System(TM) running on Sun Enterprise(TM)450 servers is able to meet the arduous demands of the growing population of Web banking customers. The performance test outlined in the white paper examines the hardware system and software applications offered by Financial Fusion and Sun Microsystems, that financial institutions would require to meet the Online Banking Report's (May 31, 2000) projected Web banking population growth to 30 million total users by 2004. The results of the Financial Fusion and Sun Microsystems performance test prove that a financial institution can deploy this leading, robust solution on the market today without the associated high-cost investment in technology and infrastructure demanded by other Web banking solutions.

The performance test shows that Financial Fusion Web & Wireless System running on Sun Enterprise 450 servers can quickly and reliably process a complex matrix of customer transactions totaling more than five million in any given day - with peak loads of 388,494 transactions processed during the densest hour. The research showed user scalability results leading the industry today with support for a customer base of a financial institution with 4,644,835 users, that could handle the demands of 10,791 concurrent users, with 90% of all transactions processed in less than two seconds in the tested configuration. Additionally, the research demonstrated the capacity to scale to support over 8.5 million users based on the assumptions outlined in the white paper. ...Financial Fusion profile, ...Sun Microsystems profile
Cycle Computer

Tadpole Technology
Tadpole Technology Acquires Cycle Computer

November 22, 2000 - Tadpole Technology plc, the mobile computing and network infrastructure group, today announces the acquisition of Cycle Computer Corporation, Inc. of California (the "Acquisition"), the placing of 13,599,095 Placing Shares with institutional investors at 45p per share (the "Placing"), and a rights issue of 13,599,095 Rights Shares at 45p per share (the "Rights Issue"). The Acquisition, Placing and Rights Issue are subject to approval by shareholders at an Extraordinary General Meeting of Tadpole to be convened for 18 December 2000.

Announcing these developments, Bernard Hulme, group chief executive of Tadpole Technology plc, comments: "The investment community, institutional and retail, today recognises Tadpole as a vibrant business with a world class portfolio of software and hardware solutions that address the current and forward transactional needs of this increasingly mobile and web-based computing world." ...Cycle Computer profile, ...Tadpole-RDI profile

See also "View from the Hill" about this.

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