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Onyx Software Onyx Software Releases Oracle/Unix Platform for Solaris 8.0

Bellevue, Wash. - Dec 29, 2000 - Onyx Software Corp. today announced the completion of the Platform Release of Onyx Enterprise Application Server - Oracle Edition. Optimized for Oracle 8i running on Sun Solaris 8.0, the release showcases the latest version of Onyx's Internet Architecture. The addition of this new data management and operating system support allows Onyx to participate in opportunities pre-disposed to these platform and database preferences - thereby expanding the addressable market that Onyx serves.

"This first release of our Oracle/Unix offering is among the key product development milestones this year," said Onyx Software President & CEO Brent Frei. "Earlier this year, Onyx set the world scalability record for enterprise software on a Microsoft platform with the achievement of sub-second response times for more than 30,000 concurrent users of Onyx 2000 on Microsoft Windows 2000 and SQL Server 7.0 Enterprise Edition. To date, this scalability record remains unmatched by any enterprise software vendor. Onyx also released the first fully-functional thin client application that spans and integrates all aspects of CRM -- from marketing to sales to customer service. The third major release of this thin client CRM portal, the Onyx Employee Portal, completed the migration of our flagship product line to a pure Internet architecture, while many competitors are just today delivering their first thin client versions," Frei added. ...Onyx Software profile
Tatung Netherlands B.V. Tatung starts selling SPARC servers and workstations in Europe
Netherlands - December 21 - After the big succes in the USA, Tatung decided to start selling SPARC in Europe through their subsidiary Tatung Netherlands (TNL), estated in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Tatung already sold some servers, and is now looking for resellers that are able to help TNL make Tatung SPARC as famous as in the USA. If you're interested, please contact TNL through and they can help you. ...Tatung profile

Editor's comment:- it's years since I heard from any Tatung resellers in Europe, and it was news to me that they now have a direct presence for their SPARC systems.
SunWorld's SunWorld Online to Relaunch as UNIX Insider to Reflect Changing Industry

SOUTHBOROUGH, Mass.- Dec. 19, 2000 - Evolving to meet the changing information needs of UNIX system administrators and developers, SunWorld announced today that it is transforming the Web site to become UNIX(R) Insider and adjusting its editorial coverage to focus on the rapidly evolving UNIX operating environment. The change is occurring to better serve UNIX professionals, an integral force in enterprise computing today. UNIX Insider is published by, the premier online resource for enterprise IT professionals, which also publishes and JavaWorld.

Since its launch in July 1995, SunWorld has not only covered Solaris(TM), Sun Microsystems' flagship operating system, but also other Sun technologies such as Java(TM) and related technologies like the Web. Over the years, the publication has built its most solid following around the core issues relevant to UNIX system administrators and developers: security, system configuration and administration, and related issues. Over time, this audience and editorial has often been more about UNIX platforms and technologies in general than Solaris in particular. The editorial refinements ensure UNIX Insider focuses on what has traditionally been its most popular content, while broadening the content to include issues concerning all UNIX professionals.

"UNIX has not been `just Solaris' for many years," said UNIX Insider Executive Editor Joe Franklin in a letter to readers. "With the growing popularity of open source, Linux, XML, and other elements, every major vendor is now competing for market share within the open computing environment. Our goal with UNIX Insider is to provide UNIX developers and technology managers with insight, intelligence, and access to a community that directly relates to the issues they face daily. We want to bring readers across-the-board coverage of happenings in the UNIX environment, and we felt the title SunWorld was simply too limiting."

Editor's comments:- SunWorld was the first publication in the Sun market to adopt the web format. Most of its content has been about multi-platform server software for several years, and we wish them good luck with the new title.
Continuous Computing Gary Collins Joins Continuous Computing to Head European Operations

SAN DIEGO, December 19, 2000 - Continuous Computing (CCPU), a leading provider of voice-over-packet platform solutions for telecom equipment manufacturers, today announced the appointment of Gary Collins as European Technical Manager. He will be based in Continuous Computing's UK office in West Byfleet, Surrey, and will oversee all European operations, including marketing and engineering activities.

Gary, a native of the United Kingdom, has an extensive high-tech background in the embedded telecommunications industry with experience as an application engineer at both Sun Microsystems and FORCE Computers. He is a graduate of Southampton with a degree in Computer Studies.

"Gary brings great experience and expertise to the table," said Ken Kalb, CEO of Continuous Computing. "As a company that specializes in providing High Availability communications platforms, we value his experience in this industry to help us further penetrate the European market." ...Continuous Computing profile
Tadpole-Cycle Tadpole-Cycle Is Born

Cambridge, England, December 19, 2000 - Mobile computing and network infrastructure vendor Tadpole Technology plc (LSE-TAD) today announces the completion of its proposed acquisition of Cycle Computer Corporation Inc., a California-based developer of high-density computer systems.

The strategic acquisition allows Tadpole to introduce a new business for the Sun-Solaris computing world. Merging Tadpole's existing hardware division, Tadpole-RDI, with Cycle, the combined entity now has at its disposal a unique portfolio of powerful and compact solutions for Sun Microsystems' customers in industry, commerce and government. The portfolio comprises portable workstations and servers that take the cost out of mobile computing, and high-density, rack mountable and embedded systems that challenge the concept of limited computing capability in space-restricted areas, or in keeping existing UltraSPARC hardware abreast of technological progress and capability. Tadpole-Cycle is headquarted in Carlsbad, California with operations in Cupertino, Silicon Valley and Europe.

Bernard Hulme, group chief executive of Tadpole Technology plc, comments: "Today, many Sun customers demand innovative and compact solutions for their evolving network infrastructures - real-world solutions that add value into their operations, extend the life of their investments in IT, and cut the cost of doing business on the move. With its world-class space-saving and mobile solutions, Tadpole-Cycle is uniquely positioned to meet the changing needs of the Sun-based enterprise." ...Tadpole-Cycle profile
Metaflow Technologies
Modular System-on-Chip Platform uses Open Source 32-bit CPU Core and Open Source Embedded Linux Software

Grenobles, France, Design-Reuse conference- December 15, 2000 - Metaflow Technologies Inc., a vertical value-add VLSI design company located in La Jolla, CA, has introduced Implosion, a system on chip (SoC) design platform that uses Open Source IP for its key hardware and software components.
"The Linux phenomenon has proven that Open Source is an effective way for producing world-class IP, and has created legitimate business models for commercial companies adding value around this IP", says Cosma Pabouctsidis, Metaflow's Marketing Director, "The same is now happening with hardware IP and Metaflow intends to be at the forefront of this revolution as it applies to Systems on Chip".

Built around the open AMBA® bus architecture, Metaflow's Implosion platform comprises foundation and application specific components that are pre-assembled and verified, thus shortening time to market and lowering costs. The platform can be customized by Metaflow to produce a full custom IC that meet specific needs by adding or removing validated application-specific components or by adding third party or full-custom blocks. Implosion is powered by the Leon-1 CPU core: a 32-bit RISC processor core whose VHDL source code is freely available on the Internet.

The Leon-1 is modeled after the architecture and Instruction Set of the IEEE 1754 standard (IEEE 1754 is a standard spearheaded by Sparc International and inspired by the Sparc® V8 architecture). The core features a five-stage pipeline for operation at speeds in excess of 125MHz, 8 register windows, a coprocessor extension bus, a separate data and instruction cache, and an AMBA bus interface. The Leon-1 core was developped by the European Space Agency and its VHDL source code is distributed under the GNU LGPL license (Lesser General Public License).

Metaflow offers a range of value added services around this core, from custom architectural enhancement, to physical implementations optimized for security, speed, and/or low power consumption. The Leon core may be substituted in the Implosion platform with any other AMBA compliant embedded CPUs. In addition to the core, the foundation components of the Implosion platform include two 10/100 Ethernet media access controllers (MAC) with DMA, a line-speed DES/3DES data encryption engine, on-chip SRAM, and an SDRAM and Flash controller for external Memory. The dual-Ethernet architecture allows Implosion-based devices to perform simple IP routing and switching function. Other foundation blocks include a UART, general-purpose timers, watchdog timer, interrupt controller, and multichannel DMA controller. Among the wired and portable products that can be built on the Implosion platform are Web-browsing appliances, e-mail stations, home servers and gateways, Internet music and video distribution devices, as well as equipment for Internet telephony.

Metaflow supports the Leon-based Implosion platform with a complete suite of Open-Source software, including a GNU C/C++ compiler, C libraries, GDB debugger with graphical front-end, and a full featured RTOS with TCP/IP stack. The platform also runs the embedded Linux Operating System with drivers available for all foundation components. Other commercial software tools and operating systems for the Sparc processor can be made to work on the platform.

Implosion's optional application-specific components include USB host controller, USB device controller, and a color LCD controller with programmable resolution from quarter-VGA (320 x 200 pixels) to XGA (1024 x 768 pixels). Other components are available from an extensive third-party IP catalog, or can be custom-designed by Metaflow. Optional digital signal processing (DSP) extensions are also available to boost performance in multimedia and advanced communication algorithms.

Metaflow supports Implosion with an FPGA based prototyping and emulation board that can be used to evaluate the Leon core, validate custom Systems on Chip and serve as a near real-time software development platform. Once an Implosion-based design is validated, Metaflow's VLSI team will design the chip and bring it to manufacturing at Metaflow's foundry partners, or at customer's designated fab. The Implosion platform and all its components are available now. ...Metaflow Technologies profile
SPARC International New Location for SPARC International

As of December 15, 2000 - SPARC International, the branding and trade association for SPARC®, is operating from a new office located at:-

SPARC International, Inc.
2242 Camden Ave., suite 105
San Jose, CA 95124
tel:- +1 408-558-8111
fax:- +1 408-558-8108

...SPARC International profile

Editor's comment.. Good luck with the move. Hope the cables fit OK.

See also:- Industry trade associations
GENROCO Genroco Smashes Open Systems TCP/IP Record

SLINGER, Wisconsin, December 15, 2000 - Engineers at GENROCO, Inc. filed a benchmark accounting with the Netperf Database which reports record TCP/IP performance using open systems bus and network topologies. GENROCO's GSN-6466 PCI Gigabyte Systems Network (GSN) host bus adapter (HBA) was employed on a Sun Microsystems Ultra 60 running the Solaris 2.8 operating system and achieved 127 megabytes per second (MB/s) of sustained throughput running the Netperf TCP_STREAM benchmark tests. The previous best reported on an open systems platform was 67 MB/s on a Sun machine using SBus OC12 ATM. Only SGI's proprietary XIO bus GSN HBA has achieved better results than the GENROCO gear.

GSN is the first ANSI standard, gigabyte per second network interface. This technology represents the highest bandwidth and lowest latency open interconnect, providing full duplex 8000 megabits per second of error-free, flow-controlled data transmission. Joe Nordman, Vice President of Research and Development for GENROCO, remarked,

"Our organization is very pleased with initial benchmark testing of our PCI GSN adapter on Sun machines. We expect that additional tuning and use of more powerful models will allow for even higher performance in the near future. Our staff is working diligently to improve these results as well as to provide benchmark data for our hardware and software on IBM, Compaq, and other UNIX platforms." ...Genroco profile
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