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2001, January weeks 1 - 2

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PIPEX Tens of Thousands of Businesses in the UK Start their 2nd Day without Email

UK - January 12 - tens of thousands of businesses in the UK which use PIPEX as their main email provider have started their second day without email. By the weekend, this email backlog had extended to over 3 days. Pipex has attributed the problem to a massive dose of SPAM.

ACSL, publisher of this web site, has also been affected, and we apologise to readers and contributors who may be wondering why our response times seem to have slowed down.
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Tens of Thousands of Businesses in the UK Start their 2nd Day without Email

Osage Systems Group Announces Letter of Intent Regarding Sale of Substantial Operating Assets to Pomeroy Computer Resources

Schlumberger and Sun Microsystems Leverage Leading Technologies Designed to Deliver Network Sign-on at Michigan Technological University

Sun Extends Sun Storedge[Tm] T3 Array Support to Windows NT, HP-UX, IBM AIX and Linux Environments

Rauch Medien Announces the Release of Their Plug & Play Linux Database Server Appliance

Fujitsu to Ship Ecrix VXA-1 Tape Drives

Sun Microsystems at Consumer Electronics Show

Mylex Ultra 160 RAID Controllers Earn Certification for Solaris

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SPARC resellers - are they important? Do we really need them? Resellers were important in the development of the SPARC market in the 1990's. Will the web change that?

Sun Microsystems needs Intel and Microsoft to be successful - to fuel the insatiable demand for SPARC servers.

Will Sun Succeed in the STORAGE market? - part #1

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Osage Systems Group Osage Systems Group Announces Letter of Intent Regarding Sale of Substantial Operating Assets to Pomeroy Computer Resources

PHOENIX - Jan. 11, 2001 - Osage Systems Group Inc. (AMEX: OSE) Thursday announced that it has entered into a letter of intent (LOI) providing for the sale of operating assets and the business of Osage to Pomeroy Computer Resources Inc. (Nasdaq: PMRY).

The purchase price is undisclosed at this time. The transaction is subject to a number of conditions, including negotiation of definitive agreements and customary approvals and consents. It is contemplated that the transaction will also be effected through the provisions of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code and will, accordingly, be subject to court approval. If the sale is completed, Pomeroy anticipates that the systems integration and consulting business of Osage will operate as additional branch offices of the company.

"This proposed transaction should provide Pomeroy with the opportunity to acquire the business and capabilities associated with Osage's talented group of employees. It will also give the company a presence in geographies where we currently do not have facilities," commented Stephen E. Pomeroy, president of Pomeroy.

Over the past several months, management of Osage has sought capital to fund prior obligations and support its operations. Until recently, Osage has been able to generate operating cash flow but has not had sufficient capital support to overcome past obligations and support operations. Because of its capital constraints, Osage has at times been unable to secure the necessary credit to purchase needed hardware and software for sale to its customers, resulting in lost sales opportunities. This has been a contributor to a major downturn in sales and operating cash flow in the fourth quarter.

In light of Osage's inability to show a profit, its capital providers have been reluctant to continue to invest additional capital or fulfill their capital commitments. Currently, Osage does not have the cash availability to meet critical payments to maintain its operations independently.

Editor's comment:- I extracted the following brief company profile from an earlier, unrelated release on PCR's web site. The above press release hasn't appeared on either site yet.

Pomeroy Computer Resources has been ranked as one of the country's five largest network integrators as calculated by Network VAR and as one of the 100 Fastest Growing Companies in America by Fortune magazine. The Pomeroy Companies provide a complete IT integration solution including comprehensive services, procurement and financial offerings. While the Companies have clientele across a broad spectrum of industries, the major markets served are state and local government and education, insurance/finance and healthcare organizations nationwide. The Pomeroy Companies employ approximately 2,000 individuals, more than half of whom are technical personnel, and maintain 32 regional facilities in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota and North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia. For the year ended January 5, 2000, the Companies reported revenues in excess of $756.7 million.
Schlumberger Schlumberger and Sun Microsystems Leverage Leading Technologies Designed to Deliver Network Sign-on at Michigan Technological University

AUSTIN, TX, January 11, 2001 – Schlumberger Test & Transactions today announced that Michigan Technological University (MTU) will use Schlumberger smart card technology with Sun's Sun Ray appliances to access user sessions on the network.

The new system allows students, faculty and administrative staff to use the Schlumberger smart ID card to access their desktop anywhere within the campus network simply by inserting the card into the computing device. MTU's controlled, secure and stable installation enables students to register directly onto a Sun Ray appliance through the use of their MTU Tech Express ID/smart card.

Schlumberger and Sun have a history of successful collaboration combining Java(TM) and smart card technology. The Schlumberger Cyberflex(TM) smart card, the industry's first Java technology-based smart card, combines multiple application capabilities with built-in cryptographic services to provide digital signature, authentication and authorization, in addition to secure remote Java Card(TM) technology-based applet downloading. ...Schlumberger profile
Sun Microsystems Sun Extends Sun Storedge[Tm] T3 Array Support to Windows NT, HP-UX, IBM AIX and Linux Environments

PALO ALTO, Calif. - January 10, 2001 - Sun Microsystems, Inc., today extended its reach into the open systems market by introducing Sun StorEdge[tm] T3 array support for Windows NT, HP-UX, IBM AIX, and Linux system platforms. Now Sun customers can reap the benefits of the highly scalable Sun StorEdge T3 workgroup and enterprise arrays throughout their heterogeneous server environments. With this announcement, Sun delivers on its strategy of open, scalable storage networks and its mission to connect anyone to the web anywhere, anytime, on any device.

"Sun customers can now get the benefits of the Sun StorEdge T3 array not only on their Solaris platforms, but also on other platforms that they might have throughout their organizations," said Bill Groth, director of enterprise storage product marketing for Sun Network Storage. "By leveraging a scalable storage platform that is only a fraction of the cost of monolithic storage systems, Sun customers can scale capacity affordably, as requirements dictate."

"Sun's storage business has grown dramatically over the past year, as Sun delivered more competitive storage products for the Sun server platform," said John McArthur, vice president of storage research at IDC. "An increasing number of users, however, demand storage solutions that can support multiple server platforms and operating systems. Today's announcement dramatically expands Sun's potential and makes the Sun value proposition of 'centralized management and scalability at a fraction of the cost' available to a much broader range of users." ...Sun Microsystems profile, ...IDC profile

Editor's comment:- it's about time... I can't imagine that any other storage manufacturer would have launched this type of product line without having the platform independent support in place from day #1. Sun is slowly learning that it has to play by other people's rules to succeed in storage.
Rauch Medien Rauch Medien Announces the Release of Their Plug & Play Linux Database Server Appliance

NY - January 9th, 2001 - Rauch Medien announces the release of there DB-Box product. The DB-Box when connected to network offers a platform independent database solution designed for small and medium sized businesses. DB-Box Capabilities DB-Box simply plugs into your existing network. Then from any of the workstation the DB-Box appears as a regular web-site. Using a web-browser you can construct a database that fits any task. Any device on your network that has a web browser can then access this database. This offers complete platform independent capability, and stability with proven technology used on major web-sites. The database software is constructed completely in PHP and MySQL running on Linux, and can handle up to 500 users.

In addition, the DB-Box comes complete with RAID level 0 data protection, and includes an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) that will safely shutdown the computer during a power outage for added reliability. Cost effective & easy to use DB-Box is a complete database solution that does not require any additional items. On average most companies spend a couple of thousand dollars on database software alone that does not cover the cost of the server or server OS software. Typical installation requires hefty licensing fees. The DB-Box features an unlimited user license. In addition, The DB-Box does not require an IT department to maintain. Once set-up it does not require any user intervention. A DB-Box will save you money in both respects with a price of only $1,275 (Tower). Availability & System Requirements The DB-Box will ship in February (2001). ...Rauch Medien profile

Fujitsu to Ship Ecrix VXA-1 Tape Drives

Boulder, CO - January 8, 2001 - Ecrix Corporation and Fujitsu Limited today announced that Ecrix's award-winning VXA-1 tape drive is available on Fujitsu's GP-S Family and PRIMEPOWER (Formerly GP7000F) UNIX Servers. Nippon Systemhouse, Co., Ltd., the first distributor in Japan for Ecrix products, will supply Fujitsu with VXA products.

Fujitsu's PRIMEPOWER models run the Solaris 7 operating system and provide levels of RAS (reliability, availability and serviceability) normally associated with corporate mainframe systems. Fujitsu's stated reason for adopting VXA technology is that, like its servers, the VXA-1 tape drives provide the highest reliability and performance at the lowest price in their class. Using packet technology, the VXA-1 drive has exceptional data backup and restore capabilities and stores up to 66 GB per cartridge at 6 MB/sec (2:1 compression).

"Fujitsu's OEM acceptance of VXA-1 is a key win for Ecrix," said Bob Amatruda, research manager, IDC. "Ecrix's VXA tape technology provides a complimentary fit for midrange servers and workstations and is a very good alternative to DDS."

The Ecrix VXA-1 tape drive is immediately available on all Fujitsu GP-S Family and PRIMEPOWER Servers. ...Ecrix profile, ...Fujitsu profile
Sun Microsystems Sun Microsystems at Consumer Electronics Show

CONSUMER ELECTRONICS SHOW, LAS VEGAS, NV - January 5, 2001 - Leading consumers on a journey through the connected lifestyle, Sun Microsystems will showcase a series of Java[tm] technology-based products for home, travel and play at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Expanding on last year's launch of the home at CES, the demonstrations will focus on the benefits of networked solutions that span a wide range of products and services that people use in everyday life. From networked appliances that download the latest recipes, to monitoring your home while traveling, to experiencing new and interactive services with your television, to creating a photo album on a CD-ROM without a PC- these solutions are expected to revolutionize the people's lives at home, travel and play.

Patricia C Sueltz, executive vice president, Sun's Software Systems Group said "We see Java technology targeting the connected consumer to support a whole series of next-generation, intelligent services that run across the entire spectrum of modern clients." ...Sun Microsystems profile
Mylex Mylex Ultra 160 RAID Controllers Earn Certification for Solaris

FREMONT, Calif., January 3, 2001 - Mylex today announced that its AcceleRAIDTM 352 and AcceleRAID 170 Ultra 160 SCSI RAID controllers have recently earned certifications for Windows®, Solaris® and other operating systems.

AcceleRAID 352 is now certified for the following operating systems and software tools: Microsoft® Windows 2000, Sun® Solaris 7.0 x86, Novell® NetWare® 5.1, SCO® OpenServer® 5.0.5 and UnixWare® 7.1.1.

AcceleRAID 170 has earned certifications for Windows NT ® 4.0 and Windows 2000, as well as for Solaris 7.0 x86.

"Customers can now have the highest confidence that their products will work in these environments," said Suresh Panikar, director of product marketing.

The AcceleRAID 352 RAID controller is ideal for entry level to midrange servers that require full RAID functionality. A dual channel Ultra 160 SCSI RAID controller, the AcceleRAID 352 can deliver performance of up to 7000 IOPs and sustained data transfer rates of about 125 MB/s. The AcceleRAID 170 is a single channel Ultra 160 SCSI RAID controller, ideally suited for workstations and high-density, rackmount servers. It is capable of delivering performance of more than 4000 IOPs and sustained data transfer rates of approximately 100 MB/s. ...Mylex profile

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