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2001, February week 1

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Sun Microsystems
Systemsfusion Partners with Sun Microsystems to Provide Internet Data Centers With Increased Service, Market and Revenue Opportunities

San Francisco, CA, February 6, 2001 - Systemsfusion, Inc. today announced a relationship with Sun Microsystems to provide Internet Data Centers (iDCs) with new opportunities to increase revenues and market share through extended services. Under the terms of the relationship, Systemsfusion will recommend installing its Evolutionware software on Sun's scalable and reliable Enterprise™ and Netra™ product lines. ...Sun Microsystems profile, ...Systemsfusion profile
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Systemsfusion Partners with Sun Microsystems to Provide Internet Data Centers With Increased Service, Market and Revenue Opportunities

Resilience Receives $26 Million in Venture Funding

Sun to Acquire LSC

Ideal Hardware Win Exclusive UK Distribution Deal for Fujitsu Siemens Enterprise Products

Toolware NAT GmbH starts bundling its solutions with Tatung SPARC in Germany

SBE Launches a New HighWire™ Telecom Product with a Twist

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Why are most Sun resellers invisible on the web?

For large systems, Solaris on SPARC will continue to be a better choice than NT for many years. These are the real reasons why...

Should Sun Microsystems make its own brand of "Intel Inside®" PC's?

SPARC resellers - are they important? Do we really need them? Resellers were important in the development of the SPARC market in the 1990's. Will the web change that?

Sun Microsystems needs Intel and Microsoft to be successful - to fuel the insatiable demand for SPARC servers.

Will Sun Succeed in the STORAGE market? - part #1

Will Sun Succeed in the STORAGE market? - part #2

Tadpole acquires Cycle - consequences analyzed
Resilience Resilience Receives $26 Million in Venture Funding

SUNNYVALE, Calif., February 6, 2001 – Resilience Corporation today announced that it has closed a $26 million dollar round of financing, co-led by Fremont Ventures and the Baring Asia Private Equity Fund. Additionally, Paul White of Fremont Ventures and Jean Salata of Baring Private Equity Partners Asia will join Resilience's Board of Directors, effective immediately.

"Resilience is growing rapidly. This funding will enable us to further grow our market share and expand our family of industry-leading Continuous Availability servers," said Denny Olmsted, President and CEO of Resilience Corporation. "This new investment by respected financial institutions like Fremont Ventures and Baring Private Equity Partners Asia is an excellent gauge of our progress." ...Resilience profile
Sun Microsystems

Sun to Acquire LSC

PALO ALTO, CA - February 2, 2001 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. today announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire LSC, Inc., a privately held company based in Eagan, Minnesota. LSC is a pioneer in high-performance file systems and data storage software. With this acquisition, Sun intends to reinforce its strength in open storage networks software by delivering simple and automated end-to-end data management to its customers. Under the terms of the agreement, Sun will acquire LSC in a stock-for-stock transaction worth approximately $74 million. Following completion of the acquisition, Sun plans to make LSC a part of Sun's Network Storage organization, led by Executive Vice President Janpieter Scheerder.

"The acquisition of LSC is just one more execution point in our strategy to deliver dramatically simplified management software for open storage networks," said Janpieter Scheerder, executive vice president of Sun Network Storage. "Sun has invested heavily in storage software, developing over one million lines of code. Today's announcement, combined with the recent HighGround Systems acquisition announcement, reinforces Sun's position as a leader in open storage management software." ...LSC profile, ...Sun Microsystems profile

Editor's note:- my Squeak! article (September 2000) identified strategic weaknesses in Sun's storage business. Since then they've announced 3 acquisitions of storage companies designed to make up these deficiencies.
Ideal Hardware

Fujitsu Siemens
Ideal Hardware Win Exclusive UK Distribution Deal for Fujitsu Siemens Enterprise Products

UK, February 02 2001 - Ideal Hardware announced today that it has beaten off strong competition from other channel distributors to win, by competitive tender, rights to be the exclusive UK distributor for Fujitsu Siemens Enterprise products.

"We are delighted to win this tender," says Mark Walker, Enterprise solutions director at Ideal Hardware. "We have had a strong relationship with Fujitsu Siemens for several years now and this new alliance further reinforces this association. It is particularly rewarding as it demonstrates the strength of our Enterprise Solutions Group (ESG) here at Ideal. The business critical model promoted by Fujitsu Siemens demonstrates our shared thinking on the direction in which the market is progressing."

Ideal's ESG is able to provide the reseller with an excellent service to successfully implement and complete an enterprise solution from concept to fulfilment. Ideal will be distributing the Fujitus Siemens Computers' range of enterprise products. This includes the Primepower line of highly scalable Solaris/SPARC64 servers, along with a range of best-in-class products including SAN, NAS and backup solutions. Fujitsu Siemens Computers, ...Ideal Hardware profile

Editor's comments:- it's interesting to see that someone is finally taking an interest in marketing these products. Fujitsu Siemens may be good at making products, but I've rated their marketing efforts as zero out of ten, because I've seen little or no evidence that these products have ever been actively promoted in the UK. Ideal has historically been an aggresive and active promoter of the products they distribute so that may change.

But I don't think that anyone in Sun UK will be losing sleep over this announcement because Fujitsu Siemens SPARC brand awareness is weak, and rated a lower awareness among readers of this directory than long defunct Axil Computer when I checked it out recently for an interested 3rd party.
Toolware NAT

Toolware NAT GmbH starts bundling its solutions with Tatung SPARC in Germany

Nijmegen - The Netherlands - February 1, 2001 - Toolware NAT GmbH is the first German company to supply Tatung SPARC Workstation and Servers. Toolware is specialized in networking solutions. They provide CD-ROM servers and develop their own software. This year Toolware decided to bundle Tatung's scalable SPARC solution to their range of products.

The HighWire product family of carrier-class communications controllers comprises a variety of telecom solutions based on CompactPCI and PCI architectures.
SBE Launches a New HighWire™ Telecom Product with a Twist

SAN RAMON, CA, February 1, 2001— SBE, Inc. today announced the HighWire 400p/M, offering a new level of development flexibility for PCI applications. The HW400p/M is designed specifically to provide an interface to a variety of Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and datacomm networks through the versatility of its PMC site.

The HW400p/M brings the flexibility of a carrier-class core processing platform to the PCI Bus form factor. By combining a standardized PCI Mezzanine Card (PMC) site with a full featured PowerPC processor core, the HW400p/M can be used to address a wide range of I/O and protocol processing requirements. When fitted with one of SBE's wanPMC line of PMC modules, the HW400p/M provides high-density T1/E1/J1, DS3 (T3), and HSSI communications interfaces. At the same time, it can offload the host by processing protocol layers on board. The HW400p/M also accepts most third-party PMC modules, allowing integrators to address a wide range of requirements with a single common core architecture.

"SBE has been focused on increasing the choices of application developers and simplifying the design process," said William B. Heye, Jr., president and CEO of SBE. "With the HW400p/M, we provide PCI application developers with the power and performance of the HighWire platform plus the flexibility to accommodate a wide variety of PMC modules for the design of customized solutions."

SBE offers an optional HW400 Software Developers Kit (SDK), a sophisticated developer tool that combines a VxWorks board support package with high-performance VxWorks device drivers for all major hardware components on all HW400 platforms. The HW400 SDK maintains a common API across the entire HW400 family, with solutions for PCI, cPCI, front panel I/O, and PMC carrier applications. Products developed with the HW400 SDK can be quickly ported between popular form factors for maximum flexibility with minimum effort. ...SBE profile

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