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SPARC history
SPARC History
Spellabyte and Terrorbyte loved sitting around
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SPARC computing.
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XACCT Technologies XACCT Technologies Announces Increased Strategic Investments From Sun
XACCT Technologies Announces Increased Strategic Investments From Sun Microsystems, and Others

Sun's New Low Cost Workstation

Interphase Chosen for Sun's Solaris Ready for Netra Program

Legato Qualifies Solid Data for Oracle High Availability Solutions

QLogic's End-to-End SAN Infrastructure Now Shipping in Customer-Ready Sun Microsystems SAN Solution

Close of Business for 2 Sun Resellers

Sun Microsystems Announces Stock Repurchase Program

Sun Launches New cPCI Products

Elma Electronic Announces 3 slot Sun compatible cPCI Chassis

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Military storage - Killerbyte
Military Storage
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Conferences in the Web Age: Are They Useful?

by Active Communications International

In today's world of constantly evolving technologies, more and more organizations are finding themselves being invited to attend seminars, conferences, trade shows and expositions. How should companies and individuals keep abreast of the new and ever-changing knowledge?

There are numerous resources available today. One leading source is the Internet, as it is an extremely useful and expedient way to obtain information. However, what usually happens when surfing the Net? Log on. Search the subject. See what comes up. 1,019,876 different Web sites with the key words entered. Narrow the search. Still, enough Web sites to take days to sift through. Is anything missing? Maybe. Have all possible grounds been covered? Maybe not.

How can attending a conference be more beneficial?

Successful conferences developed today are produced with three key purposes in mind. One, a conference must provide the audience with new knowledge and information on the particular topic of interest. The industry's leading experts, companies and trade media are presenting their experiences.

Two, the event must have the necessary resources available for hands-on learning. A variety of vendors, all with the various tools, services and products are available for questions and demonstrations.

Three, there must be a circle of individuals within that particular industry or focus, including case studies or peers, vendors and consultants. Meet, network and build business relationships with the experts.

Be sure not to fall out of the race. Don't let the competition gain the edge because a lack of information.


SANTA CLARA, Calif., February 28, 2001 -XACCT Technologies today announced that Sun Microsystems, Inc., Technology Crossover Ventures, Ampal-American Israel Corporation, Trident; and others have made further strategic investments in the company.

The total investment of US$26 million brings cumulative financing to-date from all investors to more than US$77 million. XACCT will use the funds to further its rapid expansion as it continues to offer its "Network-to-Business" (N2B™) platform to Network Service Providers around the world. XACCT'S N2B platform provides a real-time link between the network and the business so that service providers can understand how their network is being used and translate this understanding into revenue and profit. XACCT'S N2B platform enables the creation of new services and is a strategic tool for making data services profitable.

"The unobtrusive collection and presentation of detailed information about service usage is essential to the provisioning and billing of next-generation IP-based services," said Brian Sutphin, vice president of Strategic Investments at Sun Microsystems. "We are pleased to support XACCT's efforts to provide a key component of the platform that service providers need to derive revenues from the services and service levels required by their customers." ...XACCT Technologies profile
Sun Microsystems Sun's New Low Cost Workstation

PALO ALTO, CA - February 27, 2001 - Sun Microsystems, Inc.introduces the Sun Blade[tm] 100 workstation, the first ever 64-bit workstation priced under $1,000. Features include:-
  • Up to 2 GB ECC system memory.
  • High-quality onboard 2D graphics.
  • Professional-level 3D graphics available in configurations.
  • Integrated I/O, including four USB ports, two IEEE 1394 digital video ports, and 10/100-BaseT Ethernet connection.
  • Dual operating system option with SunPCi[tm] II coprocessor card (a 600-MHz Intel Celeron processor and up to 512 MB RAM)
  • An ATA66 disk subsystem with integrated controller functions and increased performance, supporting up to 2X15 GB hard drives.
  • Binary compatible access to thousands of professional software applications across the entire Sun product line.
  • Software bundle, including Solaris 8 Operating Environment, StarOffice [tm] 5.2, Netscape Navigator[tm], Acrobat Reader, PC FileViewer and SunForum[tm] 3.1 software
Prices for the Sun Blade 100 workstation begin at $995. This entry configuration is exclusive to web orders placed within the U.S. It features the 64-bit, 500 MHz UltraSPARC IIe processor; Solaris 8 Operating Environment; 128 MB RAM; 15 GB hard drive; Sun PGX64[tm] onboard 2D graphics with 8 MB SGRAM; 48X CDROM; and a highly integrated I/O, including 10/100 Ethernet, four USB ports, and two IEEE 1394 digital video "firewire" ports. ...Sun Microsystems profile

Editor's comments:- a low price, entry level workstation is a good thing for Sun because it will create a new generation of customers. The target market here has got to be developers of rich content for web sites.

Will it be an Apple killer? I doubt it. Most people buy Apples because they design brochures or web sites, and can get a ready to run package which doesn't require any knowledge of computers or integration.

Will it slow down the penetration of PC's into the workstation market? I don't think so, because you can buy a more powerful PC at a lower price, and you're going to make that choice based on the total system cost and availability of application software.

The real market here is going to be start up internet content companies who will choose SPARC as their web server for reliability and speed of deployment reasons. These start ups can now prototype and develop new applications before they need to raise money from the recently impoverished venture capitalist community.
Interphase Interphase Chosen for Sun's Solaris Ready for Netra Program

DALLAS, Texas, February 27, 2001 - Interphase Corporation today announced its inclusion in Sun Microsystems, Inc.'s Solaris Ready for Netra program. The Solaris Ready for Netra program, which was formally introduced at the recent GSM World Congress in Cannes, France, certifies third party products developed for the family of Netra systems to accelerate solutions for Sun customers... (as long as they don't compete with a pre-existing Sun branded product - see below - editor).

As part of the program, Interphase's Solaris Ready products are being certified and tested in Sun laboratories to meet specific performance requirements for integration with Sun(TM) platforms. Sun is working with Interphase and other industry-leading vendors to provide a comprehensive open platform to build new telecommunications solutions for the core network. Interphase is also currently working on Solaris Ready certified telecommunications products and technology to complement Sun's new Netra ct 400 and 800 cPCI systems. ...Interphase profile

Editor's comment:- the availability of the Interphase product is a good thing because it increases your choices, however, many other excellent products, which do not have Solaris Ready certification will also work well with Sun's cPCI servers. The extract below from Sun's web site shows why you're better off looking for compatible products here on this site, where we do not use restrictive exclusions.

Q. I have an excellent product that I would like to port to Sun and get it branded Solaris Ready. I think it competes with a current Sun Branded product. Do I qualify to be Sun branded?

A. If a 3rd party product competes with a Sun Branded product "head to head" than we are NOT able to brand it Solaris Ready.
Legato Systems Legato Qualifies Solid Data for Oracle High Availability Solutions

Mountain View, CA., February 26, 2001 – Legato Systems, Inc. today unveiled two industry firsts for high availability solutions.

Legato is the first company to offer a high availability clustering solution with support for Solaris 7 and 8 on Intel and Sparc platforms. Legato is also announcing the March 2001 availability of a robust new Legato Cluster Module for Oracle on Sun Solaris Sparc. Together with Legato NetWorker® backup software for Oracle, these industry firsts from Legato provide an optimized solution for managing Oracle on Solaris that delivers higher levels of availability and protection while freeing up system administrator time for other tasks.

Cluster solutions are also architected for data source independence for heterogeneous storage. Legato cluster solutions support a wide range of storage environments including those from Sun, EMC, Network Appliance, Compaq and Solid Data among others.

"Solid Data's solid-state file-caching appliances provide very high-speed, sharable and non-volatile storage making them a perfect complement to Legato's Oracle solutions," stated Michael Casey, vice president of marketing, Solid Data Systems. "By placing Oracle redo logs and rollback segments on Solid Data file cache, Legato Cluster Module for Oracle customers can see dramatic database performance boosts as well as faster recoveries during failover conditions. Solid Data Excellerators are Solaris Ready and have been qualified by Legato for inclusion in Legato Cluster solutions. ...Legato profile

See also:- Solid state disks
QLogic QLogic's End-to-End SAN Infrastructure Now Shipping in Customer-Ready Sun Microsystems SAN Solution

ALISO VIEJO, Calif., February 26, 2001 - QLogic Corp. today announced that Sun Microsystems, Inc. is now shipping customer-ready SAN solutions that include QLogic's SANbox™ Fibre Channel switches, QLogic QLA2200 Series Fibre Channel host bus adapters, and QLogic ISP2100 Series controller chips.

QLogic's broad range of scaleable, high-performance end-to-end SAN components allow customers like Sun to build customer-ready, cost-effective SANs that are centrally managed and highly available. In addition to supplying the technology for Sun-branded solutions, QLogic will continue its well-established relationship with Sun™ Professional Services, which can implement QLogic-branded switches and host bus adapters as part of its complete SAN integration services. ...QLogic profile

Close of Business for 2 Sun Resellers

February 26, 2001 - two Sun reseller companies based in the US closed their doors for business this month, according to information received by the publisher of SPARC Product Directory.

Cymerc Exchange, based in San Francisco, CA, was a relatively new company. We understand that their investors decided not to go ahead with a second round of funding.

Osage Computer Group, based in Pheonix, AZ experienced cash flow problems last year, and had indicated that it was planning to sell its assets. A recent 8k filing from the company dated Feb 22, confirms that:- Osage Systems Group, Inc. and its wholly-owned subsidiaries entered into an Asset Purchase Agreement with Pomeroy Computer Resources, Inc. and Pomeroy Select Integration Solutions, Inc. for the sale of substantially all the assets of Osage to Pomeroy and PSIS
Sun Microsystems Sun Microsystems Announces Stock Repurchase Program

PALO ALTO, CA - February 22, 2001 - Sun Microsystems, Inc., (NASDAQ: SUNW), a leading provider of hardware, software and services that power the Internet, announced today that its Board of Directors authorized a stock repurchase program and that Sun intends to acquire up to $1.5 billion of its outstanding common stock in the open market. This repurchase program is in addition to Sun's ongoing systematic stock repurchase program.

Under this new program, share purchases may be made from time to time depending on market conditions, share price and other factors. The purchase will be funded from available working capital and the repurchased shares will be held in treasury or used for ongoing stock issuances such as for employee stock plans. As of January 31, 2001, Sun had approximately 3.26 billion shares of common stock outstanding.

Executive Vice President of Corporate Resources and Chief Financial Officer Michael E. Lehman remarked, "The Board's approval of this program reflects a strong belief in Sun's future. With the recent slow down of the U.S. economy and accompanying decline in Sun's stock price, Sun believes the current valuation does not reflect the underlying long term value of the company. Sun's balance sheet continues to remain strong with total assets of $18.1 billion as of December 31, 2000. This includes approximately $7.4 billion of cash and marketable securities. We believe repurchasing Sun stock is one of the best investments Sun can make right now and underscores our commitment to enhancing stockholder value." ...Sun Microsystems profile

Editor's note:- when companies buy back their own stock this can be for any one of a number of reasons, and the following is pure speculation, which is not founded on any inside information. As you may have noticed - Sun has been buying storage companies recently, and it's usual with this kind of arrangement to use shares as a big part of the currency. Buying back your shares, if you have the cash to do it, can improve investor confidence, boost the share price and make it cheaper to buy other comnpanies. It can also slow down the drift of employees to other companies, which can occur if they think their stock options are not going to make it worth staying put.
Sun Microsystems Sun Launches New cPCI Products

CANNES, FRANCE - February 20, 2001 - Sun Microsystems today announced a number of new cPCI board-level products today:- the Netra CP2040, CP2060 and CP2080. These products are supported on Solaris and the ChorusOS real-time operating system.

The 500 MHz Netra CP2040 includes the following features:
  • Flexible I/O interface via PMC slot
  • Dual SCSI for clustered solutions
  • Dual Ethernet for redundancy
  • Ability to be deployed in any slot in the server rack; FRU management made easy
  • IPMI system management and environmental monitoring; easy to access power, temperature and CPU diagnostic information
  • Redundant host capabilities for SC failover
  • 2GB/1 slot for high-density solutions
  • HA hot swap support used as either an SC or a non-system slot board
The Netra CP2060 and CP2080 products will be available in late-March through Sun's existing sales channels. The Netra CP2040 will be available in May. Suns new cPCI products provide board-level solutions for under $2,000. ...Sun Microsystems profile

Editor's note:- Sun was a very late entrant in the cPCI market. The first cPCI SPARC card was actually introduced by Force Computers in 1997. Recent market reports show that Force is the #1 in this market segment.

Electronics Market Forecasters, recently said. that Force, having finished second in 1999, regained the lead in CompactPCI merchant board shipments from Intel/Ziatech in 2000. The top 5 cPCI board vendors in 2000 were:-
  • Force
  • Intel/Ziatech
  • RadiSys
  • SBS
  • Natural Micro

I question Sun's seriousness about this market in the long term:- not as a supplier of chips and technologies, but as a supplier of cPCI cards. It seems to me that they've got their work cut out retaining their number #1 market position in the mid to high end server market, and trying to stop dropping out of the top 20 in the huge storage market, without the added hassle of trying to succeed in cPCI as well. If someone in Sun marketing has a different view, maybe they could share it.
Elma Electronic Elma Electronic Announces 3 slot Sun compatible cPCI Chassis

Fremont, CA - February 15, 2001 - Elma Electronic Inc. today announced the introduction of the new 3 slot SUN compatible cPCI chassis. Because of the low profile stacking ability, the SUN compatible cPCI chassis is ideal for internet gateway or server applications where high density processing is required in a limited rack space. The system's hot pluggable features include two fans, dual SCSI drives housed in SUN compatible drive carriers, and dual 150W redundant power supplies. Based on the Type 15C family of 19" rackmount chassis, this modularly based unit combines rugged durability with elegant design.

Created for use with SUN CP1400 and CP1500 single board computers, the unit accepts 6U x 160mm cPCI boards horizontally. Designed to IEEE 1101.10/.11 standards, the SUN compatible cPCI chassis provides superior EMC shielding protection that is carried throughout the enclosure with all front panels and modules (peripherals and PSU) which are EMC shielded to meet NEBS II/III, UL, CE and FCC stringent requirements.

The SUN compatible cPCI chassis boasts an advanced front to rear cooling system with 2 x 50 CFM fans incorporated at the side and rear of the system. This unit features black powder coated covers for a scratch resistant, attractive finish and can be enhanced with customer defined painting and/or silk screening. An optional monitoring system for DC voltages, fan fail and over temperature conditions is available. All units are "turnkey" systems coming fully assembled, wired and tested with a two-year warranty. This high availability system is priced under $2000.00 and can ship in less than two weeks. ...Elma Electronic profile
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