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SPARC History - 2001, March week 2

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I-Bus/Phoenix NEBS Tested* SunSPARC™ Cluster System
NEBS Tested cPCI Cluster System
from I-Bus/Phoenix
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Sun Microsystems Sun is World's Fastest Growing Server Company, Says IDC

PALO ALTO, CA - March 14, 2001 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. announced today that in calendar year 2000 it was the fastest growing server vendor in the industry, according to the final year-end worldwide data from industry analyst firm International Data Corporation (IDC). Moving up from No. 4 just a year ago, Sun now stands at No. 2 worldwide, just behind IBM in total server market revenue.

In addition, Sun continued its reign as the undisputed leader of the UNIX® server market during a year in which HP and IBM rolled out new systems in an attempt to unseat Sun's industry-leading servers. Sun's tremendous growth in 2000 widened its lead over HP, IBM and Compaq in this space, making it the number one vendor in UNIX server shipments for the past 15 quarters.
  • Sun outpaced IBM in two key server segments: entry-level and high-end systems. In the entry server market, year-over-year, Sun posted gains of 80 percent in shipments and 44 percent in revenue. In contrast, IBM saw only an 18 percent increment over the same period in shipments and suffered an 8 percent decline in revenue. In the most recent quarter, CYQ4, Sun's revenue grew 86 percent year-over-year, gaining 7 share points, while IBM managed only 11 percent growth with no market share gain.
  • In the high-end server market, year-over-year, Sun grew revenue at 84 percent and shipments at 14 percent, compared with IBM's 8 percent loss in revenue and only 4 percent growth in shipments. Sun led the high-end category in shipments with 28 percent market share.
  • "The IDC report shows that Sun's surge in the market was the reason behind much of the growth in servers worldwide last year. It's simple, Sun is in the driver's seat, growing faster than IBM and overtaking them in key markets, such as the U.S.," said Shahin Khan, vice president of marketing for Sun's systems products. "Over the year, IBM and HP have thrown their best at us and we continued to make gains. Customers are voting with their dollars."
...IDC profile, ...Sun Microsystems profile
Sun is World's Fastest Growing Server Company, Says IDC

Force Delivers NEBS Level 3 HA Server

Continuous Computing Names New VP of Business Development

Gartner Says Worldwide Workstation Revenue Declined 13% in 2000

Ecrix and Knox Software Announce Storage Solutions for Sun Cobalt

How many products use SPARC Technology?

VERITAS chooses SPARC portables from Tadpole-Cycle

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SPARC history
SPARC market history
Spellabyte and Terrorbyte loved sitting around the campfire, discussing the good old days of computing.
View from the Hill

Where have all the Sun User Groups Gone?

When we first published this directory in 1992, Sun User Groups were at the height of their powers. They published magazines. They ran events. They really mattered. Since then, they have mostly gone bust or collapsed from user apathy. So most of the information which used to be listed on our user group page has become obsolete.

Why did they disappear? There are several possible reasons...
  • the web provided pretty much the same kind of information about Sun products and support issues, which were previously the remit of user groups. There was no need to pay money to belong to a user group, when other sources of SPARC info could provide this information quicker, and free.
  • Sun found that focus groups were a much more effective way of getting feedback from users, and so scaled down its financial support for user groups which mainly consisted of a skewed sample of academics and other people who were not representative of the business and commercial users in the fastest growing strategic markets for SPARC.
  • the Sun compatible market became so large, that there was no longer a need for unfocused users groups, which tried to do everything (often badly). SPARC products were everywhere, and if you needed specialised training or independent repair and maintenance services, there were plenty of commercial organizations out there which could help you.
  • Sun User Group's were typically run by committees which might take as much as 6 months to make simple decisions which a commercial company would get done in 5 minutes. When your overheads are being paid by someone else, and there's no pressure to get things done, the organization just becomes a talking shop... and the web has millions of those, which don't ask Sun for a handout...
  • Nowadays manufacturers and resellers can use much more sophisticated techniques based on CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software and training. They can do this from their own web sites, and they don't need intermediaries to interfere with the communication process.
Am I right? Am I being fair? If you know of any live Sun User Groups, just let me know. During the last 5 years, this offer has been open on our special user group page, which hardly ever got visited by anyone. So I've zapped all the dead links, and I think that proves my point...

Force Computers
Force Delivers Centellis CO 88540-15U NEBS Level 3 Tested High Availability Cluster Server Solution

SAN JOSE, Calif., March 14, 2001 - Force Computers today announced its carrier-grade Centellis(tm) CO 88540-15U embedded cluster server, the latest in the Centellis CO Series 88000 line of CompactPCI(r)-based platforms. Based on the UltraSPARC-IIi(r) processor and Solaris(r) 8 operating system, this embedded cluster server offers a highly available, open-systems-based, NEBS Level 3 tested platform for communications applications that require fault resilience and easy integration into Central Office solutions.
Utilizing its many years of experience in designing NEBS-tested products, Force has leveraged its FaultZone(tm) Technology into the new Centellis system which delivers 99.999 percent uptime reliability-also known as "five nines"-for network equipment manufacturers in need of a carrier-grade server that leverages engineering investments in CompactPCI and Solaris technology.
news image - Force Computers
The Centellis CO 88540-15U chassis is ready for applications that must withstand earthquakes, office vibration, fire containment, electromagnetic interference, power faults, airborne contaminants and other extreme environmental conditions.

"Any downtime suffered in a communications network means lost revenue and possible risk of liability. Network equipment manufacturers can reduce system downtime by relying on Force's CompactPCI design expertise and experience developing NEBS-compliant systems," said Chris Williams, Force vice president of Standard & Telecom Platforms, the Americas. "The Centellis CO 88540-15U provides the reliability required to ensure the continuous functioning expected of CO operations-especially during times of disaster or extreme environmental conditions."

The unit features dual high-performance, 440MHz UltraSPARC-IIi processor-based single board computers (SBCs) on a dual eight-slot PICMG-standard CompactPCI backplane. Support is provided for up to six hot-swappable, 3.5-inch Wide Ultra2 (LVD) SCSI hard disk drives and two 5.25-inch single-ended SCSI devices. The Solaris 8 operating system is factory installed, ready for the installation of third-party cluster software.

Availability and pricing The Centellis CO 88540-15U will be available through Force's Early Access Units (EAU) program in March 2001 with volume shipments scheduled for May 2001. Prices start at US$39,955. ...Force Computers profile
Continuous Computing
Continuous Computing Appoints Jeff Stever to Vice President of Business Development System Sales

SAN DIEGO, March 14, 2001 - Continuous Computing Corporation today announced the appointment of Jeff Stever as vice president of business development system sales. Stever was the former director of sales for Continuous Computing and his promotion is a result of the company's rapid growth and the increasingly diverse products that Continuous Computing now provides to its customers.
Continuous Computing provides telecommunications equipment manufacturers with complete computer systems
Continuous Computing Corporation
for Central Offices, board-level telecommunications products, specialized software and is scheduled to expand into data storage this quarter.

Stever will continue to work out of the company's office near Denver, in Lafayette, Colorado.

Continuous Computing Chairman and CEO Ken Kalb said, "Because of his vast experience in sales and ability to provide our customers with solutions, Jeff has increased our customer base and has been integral to our success." ...Continuous Computing profile
Gartner Dataquest Gartner Dataquest Says Worldwide Workstation Revenue Declined 13 Percent in 2000

SAN JOSE, CA, March 12, 2001 - Workstation vendors are faced with the challenge of competing in a much more saturated market, and, as a result, worldwide workstation revenue in 2000 declined 13 percent from 1999, totaling $8.6 billion in 2000, according to Dataquest Inc., a unit of Gartner, Inc. The industry's growth area for shipments has been in Intel-architecture (IA) workstations, for which shipments increased 19 percent, but this has not translated into strong revenue growth for the industry because of the ongoing decline in average system prices.

"Aggressive growth of the IA-NT workstation market and convergence of the technologies has led to a blurred distinction between PCs and workstations," said Pia Rieppo, principal analyst covering workstations for Gartner Dataquest's Computing Platform Worldwide group. "Navigating this no-man's land will be the biggest challenge the workstation vendors face in the near future."

Despite its decline of worldwide workstation revenue of 10 percent, Hewlett-Packard was the No. 1 vendor in the market (see Table 1). Dell was the only top-tier vendor to experience positive growth in 2000, as its revenue increased 41 percent over 1999 results.
source = Gartner Dataquest
Additional information on the workstation industry is available in the Gartner Dataquest Alert, "Worldwide and U.S. Fourth Quarter and Year 2000 Final Estimates for Workstations." This Alert provides workstation vendor market share results both worldwide and in the United States on a revenue and shipment basis. To purchase this Alert or subscribe to Gartner Dataquest's Workstations Quarterly Statistics Worldwide program, please call 800-419-DATA, or 408-468-8009.

Editor's note:- see also - Market research & STORAGE analysts

Knox Software

Ecrix and Knox Software Announce Turnkey Server and Storage Solutions for Internet Providers

Boulder, CO - March 12, 2001 - Ecrix Corp. and Knox Software, unveiled a reseller program under which the companies, in collaboration with the Sun Cobalt™ server appliance business unit of Sun Microsystems, provide complete turnkey storage backup solutions in concert with Sun Cobalt's RaQ™ 4i and Qube™ 3 server appliance sales.
With these solutions, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can offer increased data security, adding value to their product offerings.
The reseller program offers an incentive through the use of manufacturer rebates; making the total solution cost less than if the various components are purchased separately. The rebates are available to resellers for products purchased through distribution or direct from the manufacturers. Sun is offering the corresponding promotion to Sun Cobalt reseller partners through their web site. As a result, resellers get turnkey hardware and software solutions whose interoperability is directly supported by the manufacturers. These solutions make the deployment of applications, layered services and data backup over the Web quick, easy and profitable. More importantly, a web browser-based user interface simplifies administration and enables out-of-box installations in 30 minutes or less. ...Ecrix profile, ...Knox-Software profile
SPARC-FLASH How many products use SPARC Technology, or are designed to work with SPARC systems?

San Jose, CA -March 8, 2001 - SPARC International has been conducting ongoing surveys with our member companies over the past few months. From time to time we will publish the information we have received in SPARC-flash. The following is our first publication submitted by Zsolt Kerekes, editor of the SPARC Product Directory offered by Applied Computer Science, Ltd. who has been tracking this market since 1992. Kerekes was asked if he knew approximately how many products use SPARC Technology, or are designed to work with SPARC systems?

Editor's note:- today you can click on the link to SPARC-FLASH to see this feature, or scroll down, and see what I said in column on the right.

VERITAS Software
VERITAS Software chooses SPARC portables from Tadpole-Cycle to train customers in enterprise storage management

Carlsbad (CA) and Cambridge (UK), March 8, 2001 - Tadpole-Cycle, Inc today announced that its portable UltraBookIIi workstations have been selected for VERITAS Software's innovative training program aimed at providing customers with the earliest ROI in network and storage management solutions.

In establishing VERITAS Mobile Academy, the question of how best to organize on and off-site customer training sessions became a fundamental issue as VERITAS Software examined whether shipping ahead bulky Sun-based desktops to customer sites remained a viable and economic formula.

Instructors needed an effective and productive solution... one that could be set up on-site in minutes.
click for more info on UltraBookIIi
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on UltraBookIIi
Continued dependence on shippers, and their time needed to forward hardware from one location to another, was inconsistent with VERITAS Software's business challenge. Using Tadpole-Cycle's UltraBookIIi portable workstations, economically and conveniently solved these logistics problems.

"Tadpole-Cycle's portable UltraBookIIi workstations met our immediate need for a hardware solution that not only was supported by our software, but also could be shipped easily and economically," said Tony DeCicco, vice president of professional services, VERITAS Software. "The majority of our enterprise storage management solutions are based on Sun's Solaris technology, so the portable UNIX workstations are a perfect fit in VERITAS Mobile Academy."

UltraBookIIi UltraBookIIi is Tadpole-Cycle's flagship portable workstation built around Sun Microsystems' UltraSPARC IIi and Solaris technologies. ...Tadpole-Cycle profile, ...VERITAS Software profile

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