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2001, April week 2

Continuous Computing, HA NAS
HiFile™ High Availability NAS
from Continuous Computing
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Sun Microsystems Sun's New Sun Fire 4800 Server - Fastest Web Server on the Planet

PALO ALTO, CA. - April 12, 2001 - Sun Microsystems, Inc., today announced that its new Sun Fire 4800 server has raised the bar for Internet performance. With a record 8,739 simultaneous connections, the SPECweb99 benchmark results indicate that the Sun Fire 4800 system is the fastest web server in the world, demonstrating better performance than both IBM and HP.

The SPECweb99 benchmark is an industry-standard measure of Internet and web server performance, critical in today's modern multi-tiered datacenter.

Powered by 12 award-winning UltraSPARC[tm] III processors and running the industry-leading Solaris Operating Environment and Sun StorEdge T3 array, the Sun Fire 4800 server with the iPlanet Web Server, Enterprise Edition 6.0 software is designed for web services, as well as for running sophisticated e-commerce and general business applications. Over half of the top 25 companies on the Fortune 500 list are Solaris implementations, with the iPlanet Web Server. ...Sun Microsystems profile
Sun's New Sun Fire 4800 Server - Fastest Web Server on the Planet

Interphase Rolls Out New Advanced CompactPCI Controller

Who are the fastest growing Sun resellers in the USA? - Open source market research.

Dr. Andrew Viterbi Joins Continuous Computing Board of Directors

TCS Gives Trusted Technology The Portable Edge

SBS Technologies Announces New Additions to Family of PMC Gigabit Products

Sun and Brocade Develop Common Information Model for SAN's

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Fastest growing companies
Squeak! - The top 10 fastest growing storage companies in the US?
For a pro, like Megabyte, picking winners was just a question of pulling the right handles.

View from the Hill

Why Did Sun's Revenue Growth Hit a Brick Wall?

Maybe we should have seen it coming. Sun's 2% revenue growth compared to the same quarter a year ago is because it has lost its easiest customers. A year ago, in the first quarter of 2000, you could be forgiven for believing that the first things that most newly enriched dot-coms did with their investor's money were

  • book their TV advertising
  • order a bunch of Sun servers to show to visitors. Because they were working on Internet time, it was better to hit the ground running. They could figure out the direction later.
But let's do a reality check here... Despite the dot-bombs and the recession, the results from many other companies which I track in the enterprise computing market suggest that big iron is still selling like hot cakes, and I have no reason to doubt that Sun's core business:- enterprise class servers will continue to grow at a fast rate, as conventional brick and mortar style companies crank up their business efficiency and install CRM (Customer Relationship Management) which eat up MIPS faster than any other business applications. So what's going wrong in Sun?

My guess is that Sun is now involved in far too many product areas where other companies do things better. For example:-
  • in storage - they should give up the not invented here syndrome and resell more products from other best of breed companies. This is not new advice. I said this in an article last year. Since then, the gap between Sun and the storage leaders has widened.
  • on the desktop - just give up the low end desktop workstation market. The desktop PC market sucks anyway (to misquote IBM's Louis V. Gerstner, Jr., IBM chairman and chief executive officer, who actually said recently "The desktop segment is hurting -- and it is not just a cyclical issue. This is a mature business, and it no longer drives the economics of the IT industry." Sun has been losing market share on the desktop for years, so why waste good marketing resources in a deadbeat market?
  • everything that's not directly related to SPARC servers should be regarded as suspect, and draining resource away from the best part of the business. That includes Java and the countless other initiatives which Sun announces, every couple of days it seems, in software, wireless etc etc.
  • stop trying to kill the reseller channel. Unless Sun decides to become a super reseller (like Compaq) the reality is that most users still need a lot of stuff which Sun doesn't make, such as routers, switches, and best of breed storage. Also most people in the real world need more than Oracle and iPlanet stuff, so resellers are needed to install and integrate applications. During the last year, watching Sun's many activities aimed at bypassing the reseller channel, which in fact was partly responsible for their original success, has seemed like watching someone unravelling their knitting.
Long term I think there's a very sound business in Sun, which has excellent growth potential, if you cut out the dead wood, and non-core fringes.Recession or no recession.

Interphase Interphase Rolls Out New Advanced CompactPCI Controller

DALLAS, Texas, April 11, 2001 - Interphase Corporation today announced general availability of its newest flagship 6535 CompactPCI Octal-port T1/E1/J1 Communications Controller with front and rear access features. The front and rear access 6535 maintains the hot swap capability features and use of the advanced Motorola MPC8260 microprocessor that were highly desirable elements on previous versions. In addition, the new 6535 model also offers access for server line termination of T1/E1/J1 spans that provide flexibility to telecommunication equipment manufacturers during design and integration phases of development.

Software support includes:- Solaris Software Development Kit, VxWorks Software Development Kit (SDK), VxWorks Board Support Package (BSP). ...Interphase profile
SPARC Product Directory

(upcoming feature)
Who are the 10 fastest growing Sun resellers in the USA?

This major new feature will appear on this site at the end of May.

Editor, I'm asking for help from readers who work in Sun/SPARC Resellers in the USA to visit the FAQS page for this future article and help us with our research. We know of companies in this market that are growing at 50% and even 200% a year, but how typical is that?

It will also be interesting to find out how the SPARC systems market compares to the other hot spot in the computer market, for storage, which we reported in a recent article in our sister publication STORAGEsearch.

If you work in a manufacturer or software company and think that one of your business partners may qualify for inclusion in this article, please refer them to the FAQS page. Emails received without the supporting data described in the FAQS page will be disregarded. The 10 fastest growing companies will be featured on this site for 12 months after the article publication date, and will be able to leverage this listing in their own marketing materials. We may extend the list to more than 10 featured companies if the growth rate data supports that.

Don't panic today! 6 weeks to the article deadline is a very long time on the web, and we're quick at processing data. So make sure you enjoy your holiday first. ...ACSL (publisher) profile
Continuous Computing Corporation
Dr. Andrew Viterbi Joins Continuous Computing Board of Directors

SAN DIEGO, April 11, 2001 - Continuous Computing Corporation today announced that Dr. Andrew Viterbi, wireless pioneer and co-founder of Qualcomm and Linkabit, has joined the company's Board of Directors. Dr. Viterbi's appointment coincides with his financial investment in Continuous Computing through The Viterbi Group, LLC. His investment participation, combined with additional funding from Technology Crossover Ventures, totals $2 million and completes the company's recent Series D funding round at a total of $23.6 million.

"Continuous Computing is an exciting young company developing products and technologies that are in great demand," said Dr. Viterbi. "I'm enthusiastic to be associated with Continuous Computing and look forward to contributing to its continued success, particularly for wireless infrastructure platforms."

Dr. Viterbi has established himself in both business and academia. He is the co-founder and retired Vice-Chairman of Qualcomm and a member of the National Academy of Sciences. Under his leadership, Qualcomm received worldwide recognition for innovation in wireless communication systems and products based on CDMA technology. Dr. Viterbi is also the inventor of the well-known Viterbi Algorithm, a decoding algorithm used in most digital communication systems. ...Continuous Computing profile
Trusted Computer Solutions
TCS Gives Trusted Technology The Portable Edge

Washington (DC), Carlsbad (CA), Cambridge (UK) April 11, 2001 - Trusted Computer Solutions, Inc. (TCS) today announced the availability of SecureOffice(TM) software for Tadpole-Cycle's unique lines of portable Sun-Solaris workstations and servers, respectively UltraBookIIi (TM) and VoyagerIIi (TM). The announcement validates the capability of Tadpole's portable workstations and servers to run simultaneously Sun Microsystems' Trusted Solaris(TM) operating system, as well as Microsoft Office automation tools in multilevel security networks, all from a single piece of hardware.

SecureOffice, also referred to as the Trusted Work Station (TWS), has internal security mechanisms that maintain a mandatory separation between networks, and provides a secure environment for executing Microsoft Office automation applications at multiple classification levels. Now being installed by the Department of Defense on computing systems worldwide, SecureOffice was granted an Authority to Operate (ATO) by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) in October 2000.

"Tadpole-Cycle's workstations and servers provide the smallest footprint yet for our trusted workstation technology," said Edward Hammersla, chief operating officer for Trusted Computer Solutions. "With portable Unix running SecureOffice, Tadpole's blue-chip customer base has additional OS choices and more flexibility when they need to access multiple networks at different classification levels from any location in an ultra-secure trusted environment."

"For the first time, Tadpole's customers can use Microsoft Office in a truly secure, trusted software environment," said Barbara Payne, director, government sales at Tadpole-Cycle. "It's the ultimate in Trusted mobile technology and anytime-anywhere computing." ...Tadpole-Cycle profile, ...Trusted Computer Solutions profile
SBS Technologies
SBS Technologies Announces New Additions to Family of PMC Gigabit Products

April 10, 2001 - SBS Technologies, Inc. today announced two new additions to the expanding family of PMC Gigabit Ethernet products. One board offers dual 1000BaseT capability and the other offers multimode fiber optic technology. These new products double the density of Gigabit Ethernet ports and increase performance over the existing family of PMC products, including the PMC-Gigabit-SF and PMC-Gigabit-ST that offer single interface ports.

Both the PMC-Gigabit-DTX and PMC-Gigabit-DFX offer two high-performance PMC (Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) standard bus) interface controller ports and two Gigabit Ethernet interfaces using two Intel 82543 Gigabit Ethernet controllers. These two controllers interface to the PMC bus via an Intel 21154 Bridge chip supporting 32-bit and 64-bit PCI up to 66 MHz.

"These two new products provide a means for higher density Gigabit Ethernet within a rack. They also maximize the use of an onboard PMC slot of a single board computer," said Robert Perez, General Manager of SBS' Newark California operations. "Gigabit Ethernet enables engineers to develop high-performance systems while preserving the software code they have written for their traditional Ethernet application. This allows an order of magnitude performance improvement over existing designs with a very short time-to-market."

The PMC Gigabit –DTX is available in May with list pricing beginning at $1,380. The PMC Gigabit –DFX is available in May with list pricing beginning at $1,680. ...SBS Technologies profile
Brocade Communications Systems

Sun Microsystems
Sun and Brocade Develop Common Information Model for SAN's

PALM DESERT, CA - April 9, 2001 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. and Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. have teamed together for a one-of-a-kind demonstration at the Spring 2001 Storage Networking World (SNW) Conference and Expo in Palm Desert, Calif. this week. In a joint initiative, the two companies have developed an implementation of a Common Information Model (CIM) prototype for storage area networks (SANs) using Brocade Fabric Access[tm], the application programming interface (API) to the Brocade Fabric operating system (Fabric OS[tm]). CIM is a technology that is designed to allow users to better manage systems and SAN infrastructures through a robust, standard instrumentation model. Through this technology collaboration, developers should be able to write applications that will manage a SAN that is modeled using the CIM standards.

CIM is designed to provide developers with common methodologies, eliminating the need to customize codes, which often delay the time to market. The CIM effort is supported by members of standards organizations, including the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) and the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF). CIM is an emerging standard for the interchange of management information between management systems and applications. ...Brocade profile, ...Sun Microsystems profile

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