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2001, May week 1

Tatung COMPstation U100T
SPARC workstations
from Tatung
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PSI-Domain PSI-Domain starts offering Tatung SPARC systems in UK

Nijmegen, May 7 2001 - from this month, the UK based company PSI-Domain, can provide the complete Tatung Sparc hardware range, including solutions like the bundling of Solaris and iPlanet.

PSI-Domain offers professional IT services including: System Configuration, Networking & Internet Consultancy, Deployment Issues, Development and Support. PSI-domain has build up a good reputation in the UK market, specially with XSP and Telecom companies.

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PSI-Domain starts offering Tatung SPARC systems in UK

Force Computers Selects Performance Technologies to Supply IP Router Components

Continuous Computing Launches High-Availability Network-Attached Storage Appliance

Sun Microsystems™ Peter Cunningham to Keynote Micromuse's European Netcool® Users Conference 2001

NTI Releases White Paper on KVM Switch Technology

Trend Micro's InterScan VirusWall and eManager Receive 'Highly Commended' Accolade at Secure Computing Academy Awards 2001

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Fastest growing companies
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For a pro, like Megabyte, picking winners was just a question of pulling the right handles.

View from the Hill

Time for changes at the top in Sun?

I communicate with more Sun users and VARS than probably anyone else on this planet, but you don't need my privileged view of this market to know that all is not well in the Sun market. Here are some of the apparent symptoms:

  • Sun is shipping SPARC processors with a top speed of 750MHz, whereas Intel architecture servers clock at twice the speed. OK - that's happened many times in the past, and you could argue that running a 64 bit OS at 750MHz is every bit as fast in a multi processor environment as running a 32 bit OS on 1.5GHz Pentiums. But the biggest Wintel servers aren't just snapping at Sun's heels any more. They're already in the datacenter.
  • All the easy customers have gone. The get-rich-quick dot-coms which were Sun's fastest growing customer segment are dust. The slowdown in the US is hurting everyone, but Sun is going to have to kick its dot-boomer habit.
  • Enterprise storage represents a huge growth opportunity for some computer companies. Unfortunately, Sun started behind the leaders, and is growing its storage business at a laggardly rate compared to the fastest storage companies. Sun says their storage business is growing, but it can still grow while losing market share. OK, during the last year, Sun has acquired a clutch of storage companies and changed the top management in this division, but the metrics on our sister publication suggest that most storage buyers are underwhelmed by Sun's changes. This is a market where you have to delight your customers, and just doing the same old stuff as everyone else is not good enough. Actually maybe all markets like that now...
  • Sun is still in denial about the desktop. You can't help getting the impression that if they could try out that DeLorean in the movie "Back to the Future" - Sun's senior management would like to go back to the early 1980's and have another go at taking on Microsoft and the PC market. Sun invests and wastes a lot of economic energy wishing it was Microsoft. This creates amusing opportunities for journalists, but doesn't achieve anything constructive. IMHO Sun should spin off Java, Jiro etc maybe as open source projects. Those individuals who wanted to join the anti-Microsoft playpen could be given inducements to join the new start up. Then Sun should recruit a bunch of top managers from Dell or Intel who really know the PC business, and re-engineer better solutions for users who want to use SPARC servers in the real heterogenous world.
  • As has been widely reported - Sun is closing down operations for a week in the Summer. Maybe not so well known, is that Sun seems to be planning major surgery on its reseller channel. That, could be a very big mistake in the long term. Currently less than 2% of the computer VARS in the US sell Sun Microsystems or compatibles. VARS have to invest a lot to understand the SPARC and Solaris environments. If Compaq cans a VAR, they can always go and find another Wintel solution to sell from somewhere else. If Sun cans a VAR, that company may decide that the game isn't worth the candle, and be lost as a Sun technology compatible channel forever. At a time when Sun should be working hard to make more friends in the computer business, alienating friendly VARS is a dumb idea. The channel strategy which works for Dell Computer, won't work for Sun.

The time comes in all organizations when they lose direction, and maybe could be better managed by people who are not necessarily their founders. The top management gets older, and starts becoming resistant to change. Or in the case of Sun, maybe boredom is creating an urge to make too many of the wrong kind of changes. There's also a problem caused by believing your own hype. During the dot-com boom, Sun was a real beneficiary of that hype. Today, it doesn't help. The hubris factor resulted in Apple giving away the dekstop PC business in the early 1980's. Before Gerstner, IBM was a lumbering elephant, with everyone taking pot shots at its business. It took a long time to re-energize IBM, because the decline had been going on so long.

Sun's market started to change dramatically about 9 months ago. For a while it seemed like it would be business as usual, and Sun's revenue growth continued on momentum. But today Sun seems to be shooting in too many different directions. They should concentrate on making the world's best servers and multiprocessing operating system. When they re-establish their lead in that area, there may be more time for the play pen.


Force Computers

Performance Technologies
Force Computers Selects Performance Technologies to Supply IP Router Components

ROCHESTER, NY - May 7, 2001 - Performance Technologies, Inc. announced today that Force Computers has selected Performance Technologies' carrier-grade network-access products to be used in next-generation IP core routers being developed by a large telecommunications equipment provider. The routers will be used in the deployment of high bandwidth, telecommunications networking applications that will provide added capacity to the worldwide communications infrastructure. The value of this sale was not disclosed.

Force selected Performance Technologies' CPC376 T1/E1 network-access adapter to function as a communications and clocking element in Force's CompactPCI® management servers. The Force servers will perform system management functions within the high bandwidth IP core routers. With fully distributed processing and management intelligence, these routers will offer carrier-grade reliability and scalability in both hardware and software.

"The convergence of voice, data and video will bring an unprecedented demand for bandwidth in the core network to handle increasing traffic, advanced quality-of-service needs and enhanced services," said Ed Bizari, Performance Technologies' director of marketing. "With hot-swap capabilities and high-availability hardware and software capabilities, our network-access products are ideally suited for many telecom applications such as those offered by Force." ...Force Computers profile, ...Performance Technologies profile
Continuous Computing Corporation
Continuous Computing Launches High-Availability Network-Attached Storage Appliance

SAN DIEGO, May 4, 2001 - Continuous Computing Corporation (CCPU) today launched its Hi-File™ high-availability NAS appliance for both enterprise and telco Central Office applications. Using CCPU's unique high-availability middleware technology, upSuite™, Hi-File features transparent sub-second fail-over and transparent file system replication over TCP/IP. The result is an extremely reliable data storage device that requires a minimal amount of management.

When deployed in pairs, Hi-File provides unsurpassed availability and performance with a low total cost of ownership. Hi-File provides sub-second transparent fail-over to network clients by enabling IP address fail-over and file handle fail-over. Consequently, network clients continue to use the same IP address and the same file handles after a failure. Network clients are completely unaware that a failure has taken place.

"Hi-File is designed to be deployed in pairs. It's for applications where reliability and high-availability are critical, such as data centers or telephone Central Offices," explains CCPU Product Marketing Manager, Adam Stevenson. "This is a unique network appliance that offers complete fail-over and data replication and beyond five 9s of availability. It offers a better and faster solution than alternative products at a fraction of the total cost of ownership."

In addition to being NEBS compliant, Hi-File offers either -48 Volt DC or AC power supplies to meet strict telco standards. The current configuration of Hi-File consists of twelve hot-swappable 36 Gigabyte hard drives for a total of 432 Gigabytes. Other features include dual SCSI chains, three 10/100 Ethernet ports, optional dual Gigabit Ethernet ports and two expansion slots. Hi-File includes a RAID manager and supports NFS, CIFS and HTTP.

Hi-File is immediately available to both OEMs and end-users. Single systems have a list price of $19,995. Pairs of Hi-Files are available for $38,99 ...Continuous Computing profile

Sun Microsystems
Sun Microsystems Peter Cunningham to Keynote Micromuse's European Netcool® Users Conference 2001

SAN FRANCISCO - MAY 3, 2001 – Micromuse Inc. today announced that Peter Cunningham, Vice President, Sun Professional Services, EMEA, will deliver the keynote address on May 25th at its 3rd annual European Netcool® Users Conference 2001. The conference will be held at the Hilton Hotel in Brussels, Belgium, from May 23rd through May 25th. May 23rd will be a one-day informational event designed for Micromuse's Authorized Channels Partners.

Sun Microsystems signed a global reseller agreement with Micromuse in March 2001. Under the agreement, Sun Microsystems Professional Services group is reselling, integrating and supporting Micromuse's Netcool® solutions around the world.

"I am delighted to present this year's keynote address at Micromuse's European Netcool Users meeting," said Mr. Cunningham. "Sun and Micromuse are building a highly synergistic relationship. Together we're offering rapidly deployable management solutions for future-proofing our customer's businesses. I'm looking forward to meeting our mutual customers and to discussing the rapid changes in the European marketplace." ...Micromuse profile
NTI Releases White Paper on KVM Switch Technology

May 3, 2001 - Network Technologies Inc announced today the release of its new White Paper on KVM Switching technology, which provides both a concise summary and a more in-depth discussion of emerging KVM technology, new USB KVM switches and the technological considerations that impact the purchasing decision. Topics include:
  • The purpose of KVM Switches.
  • The technological development of KVM switches and how they work today.
  • Design issues in choosing a KVM switch, and how NTI has addressed these design issues.
  • What the future holds for KVM switch technology.
This 35-page white paper is divided into two sections.

The first section,"Simply Put," provides an introduction to KVM switches, including the issues to be considered in determining the KVM Switch solution that will best meet the user's needs.

The second section, "Technically Speaking," is designed to provide a more detailed explanation of the technology utilized by KVM switches and how it impacts performance.

Readers can request NTI's White Paper on KVM Switching in pdf format by clicking on their logo (above left). ...Network Technologies profile
Trend Micro Trend Micro's InterScan VirusWall and eManager Receive 'Highly Commended' Accolade at Secure Computing Academy Awards 2001

Cupertino, CA - May 1, 2001 - Trend Micro Inc. (Nasdaq: TMIC; TSE: 4704), a worldwide leader in network antivirus and Internet content security solutions, has announced its InterScan® VirusWall® and eManager™ products received 'Highly Commended' recommendations at the Secure Computing Academy Awards 2001.

"We are honored to receive this accolade, " said Raimund Genes, VP Sales and Marketing Europe. "To be recognized by such a knowledgeable panel of IT managers is a real stamp of approval for our InterScan VirusWall and eManager, from those who best understand the need for a secure Internet infrastructure."

Trend Micro pioneered the concept of Internet gateway virus scanning when it introduced InterScan VirusWall in October of 1995 and has led the industry with innovative antivirus technology solutions ever since today, InterScan VirusWall is one of the most stable and scalable antivirus solutions on the market. InterScan VirusWall supports a wide array of computing platforms, including Windows NT, Solaris, Red Hat Linux and HP-UX. ...Trend Micro profile

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