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2001, May week 4

Quorum offers real-time resource control for any application across any system.
Quorum - High Availability and Workload
Management appliance from Themis Computer
Manage upto 50 servers in real-time, any application,
any server with 1 simple interface.
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Continuous Computing Corporation
Continuous Computing Launches Hi-5™ Voice-over-Packet Product Family

New Architecture Offers High Availability with Five 9's (99.999%) of Reliability

SAN DIEGO, May 31, 2001 - Continuous Computing Corporation (CCPU) today announced the commercial launch of its Hi-5™ Voice-over-Packet family of products including media gateways, media gateway controllers, signaling gateways, OAM&P, billing platforms and enhanced IP media servers. Hi-5 products are complete platform solutions that include all of the required hardware, software and protocols to enable application developers to quickly and cost-effectively develop and deploy High-Availability, telco-grade Voice-over-Packet applications at the core of the next generation public telephone network.
Continuous Computing Launches Hi-5™ Voice-over-Packet Product Family

GNP's ComputeNode™ Provides an Ideal Building Block for Servers and I/O Processors in High-Density CompactPCI® Networking Applications

Sun launches portal to co-ordinate Open Source development on Sun sponsored projects

New Online Finder Tool Makes it Easy to Find the Right Server Rack for any Application

USB KVM Switch Boots All Attached Computers in One Operation - Even New SUN Blades!

What do Readers look for in the SPARC Product Directory?

Gartner Dataquest Says Worldwide Database Software Market Grew 10 Percent in 2000

PDSi Introduces Telco-Grade TS4500 Platform Based on Sun Microsystems' Enterprise 4500

Delta Marketing Group Celebrates 15 Years in Business

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Backup software on
Megabyte's uncle Spellerbyte was a wizard when it came to software. He'd given Megabyte a magic potion for copying critical data.

View from the Hill

Things to do during an eclipse of the Sun

During most of recorded history, astronomers believed that the Sun rotated around the Earth. The mathematician Copernicus (1473-1543) operating a hundred years before the invention of the telescope thought a better explanation was that the Earth actually revolved around the Sun. Teaching this theory got Galileo into a lot of trouble, in the early 17th century. This and other new ideas were part of the intellectual development we now call the Renaissance, in which great sceientists abandoned the received doctrines from classical antiquity, in those cases where their own experience and measurement suggested better theories.

In the SPARC systems market you could say we're in the Renaissance, where most people are quite comfortable with the idea that everything revolves around Sun Microsystems. So Sun's planned shut-down of operations during the first week in July, as a cost cutting measure designed to save jobs, could be the first time that people in this market get a chance to see other companies which are usually outshone by the strength of Sun's powerful marketing machine.

Just as the solar system would be a pretty dull place if you took away the planets, comets, and other stuff swirling around the center or the photons and other particles which are passing through, the same can be said of the markets for compatible products which revolve around Sun Microsystems.

If you were to take away the software which has been developed by thousands of independent software vendors which solve useful problems, or the specialised hardware developed by hundreds of independent manufacturers which let you use the operating system in more diverse physical situations, or connect to a wider range of external systems, the result would be a computer system which, while elegant, had little practical value except to computer scientists.

Sun has always known this, which is why it has invested in partnership programs, starting with the Catalyst in the 1980's, licensing the SPARC architecture via SPARC International in 1989, and more recently the Solaris Ready marketing programs. And let's not forget the resellers who historically have actually sold SPARC systems to more customers than Sun Microsystems. These thousands of partnerships have made the SPARC platform the powerful data factory it is today.

So, is the SPARC market going to screech to a grinding halt, while the people at Sun take an enforced sabbatical in July?

Are new Solaris product introductions going to wait in limbo for a week because they couldn't get the signoff from a marketing angel in Sun?

In the modern era of astronomy, we realise that the Sun is just one star in this galaxy. It's significant to us, beacuse we're close to it, but actually it's part of a much bigger system, we call the universe, which is drifting and may (or may not) be expanding. If you look at projections for the size of the computer market in as little as 3 years time, the segment which we currently call "storage" will be worth more than 10 times as much in annual revenue as Sun's entire revenue today...

Although people will still need servers and PC's they'll spend more on storage systems and a whole bunch of storage related networks and services which are still emerging from new companies. A recent press release from EMC, quoted research company Meta Group's estimate that storage-related costs will constitute up to 80 percent of server purchases through 2004 The gravitational effect from that all dark matter will change all parts of the computer market more strongly than any one company... even if that company is Sun, Intel or Microsoft.

Companies which still want to launch new products for the Sun compatible market in the first week in July should remember that during an eclipse, you can see halo effects clearer than at other times. Send your press releases here and you may find you can loosen that marketing umbilical cord more easily than you thought.

a Short History of Disk to Disk Backup has been reporting on the enterprise D2d market since the concept first began.
This article plots the main events in the market transition from the heady days when tape backup was at its height - through to the situation now where most corporate data is backed up using disk to disk backup. click to read the article - a Short History of  Disk to Disk Backup
In March 2007- D2d was the #1 subject viewed by Storage Searchers. the article, Hard disk drives, Backup Software
CCPU's Hi-5 architecture is a NEBS-compliant CompactPCI rack-mount system unparalleled in its reliability and ease of use for application deployment. The Hi-5 architecture includes CCPU's High Availability modular middleware, upSuite™. UpSuite provides application developers with all of the interfaces to implement High Availability, Voice-over-Packet products. UpSuite features IP disk mirroring at wire-line speeds and sub-second fail-over at the card level with no dropped calls or data.
news image - Continuous Computing Launches

Jack Barrineau, Vice President and General Manager at Alcatel USA, said, "Hi-5 has proven itself to be a valuable product for us. We are utilizing it in billing platforms and has allowed our applications to be rapidly developed and deployed into the central office."

CCPU's Hi-5 system can include as many as 32 CPUs in a 12U form factor. Multi-processor prices start at $25,000, depending on configuration.

To receive a white paper about the Hi-5 Architecture, please call +1 858-882-8874 or email Alex Ebel. ...Continuous Computing profile
GNP Computers GNP's ComputeNode™ Provides an Ideal Building Block for Servers and I/O Processors in High-Density CompactPCI® Networking Applications

MONROVIA, Calif. - May 31, 2001 -
GNP Computers, a leader in engineering, manufacturing and systems integration services for the teledatacom™ industry, now offers the ComputeNode™, which can be deployed as a server or I/O processor for infrastructure services including DNS, firewall, log processing and authentication, and web hosting applications.

This entry-level, low-cost, true two-slot cPCI chassis measures only 1U high and 11 inches deep (including the rear transition module), allowing for dense packing of COTS (Commercial-Off-The-Shelf) elements and specialized cPCI boards. The chassis is ruggedized for harsh operating environments to ensure NEBS and ETSI compliance, and it supports either AC or DC operation.

GNP ComputeNodes are stand-alone units that can be configured into powerful servers by including any cPCI processor board, including those based on Sun Microsystems' SPARC, on Motorola/IBM's PowerPC or on the Intel architecture, in one cPCI slot. The second cPCI slot can be used to add a variety of functionality, including storage (e.g., using GNP's single-slot Compact Media Carrier), a range of I/O interface cards, Ethernet switches/expansion cards for network access, a second processor for backup, etc.

Prices for GNP ComputeNode chassis (without processor boards) begin at approximately $500 in production quantities and include a standard one-year parts and labor warranty. ...GNP Computers profile

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Sun Microsystems Sun launches portal to co-ordinate Open Source development on Sun sponsored projects

PALO ALTO, CA - May 30, 2001 - Sun Microsystems today announced the launch of, a new developer Web portal that centralizes critical information on all of Sun's free and open source projects and acts as a focal point as developers inside Sun and throughout the community engage in conversations on open source issues. New Online Finder Tool Makes it Easy to Find the Right Server Rack for any Application

London, Ontario, May 29, 2001 –, a leading manufacturer of server racks and cabinets, is pleased to announce the launch of our online Server Rack Advisor, the fastest way to get information on the very popular StarRack furniture system. The Server Rack Advisor assists computer professionals in finding the best server rack configuration to house their mission-critical server equipment based on their needs.

After answering a few simple questions about their current situation including existing equipment, space limitations and usability requirements, the Server Rack Advisor recommends the best server racks from a database of over 200 configurations. Users can view a diagram of each configuration along with an included list of components and MSRP pricing. They also have the option of printing off a quote sheet or submitting an electronic request for more information to's customer service department. profile
USB KVM Switch Boots All Attached Computers in One Operation - Even New SUN Blades!

AURORA, OH: May 25, 2001 - Network Technologies Inc today announced that the KEEMUX-USBV-4 Universal USB KVM Switch has been selected for testing at the Computer Reseller News Product Test Center during the PC Expo trade show in New York City, June 26-28, 2001.

The KEEMUX-USBV-n electronic keyboard-video-mouse switch utilizes NTI's patented USB technology to allow users to boot all attached USB-enabled computers in one operation. Other USB KVM switches on the market require individual, sequential boot-up. This switch is also the first USB KVM switch to support Mac soft Power-On capability. The new models of NTI's USB switch allow one VGA monitor, keyboard and mouse to control up to 32 computers, or up to 512 computers when cascaded from an NTI Universal Multi-platform Switch. The 2- through 32-port models are immediately available; suggested retail prices for this switch range from $325 to $4,860.

Users can control USB-enabled PC-compatibles, Apple Macintosh G3 or G4 computers, or the new SUN USB-enabled computers such as the SUN Blade, with one keyboard, mouse and VGA monitor. Users select CPU channels with the front-panel pushbuttons, or with hotkeys. The keyboard hot-plug features allows users to change their keyboard on the fly - even to a different keyboard platform (PS/2, Sun or Mac) - with no need to power-cycle the switch. Keystrokes are translated across platforms. ...Network Technologies profile
SPARC Product Directory What do Readers look for in the SPARC Product Directory?

May 25, 2001 - Editor. From time to time it's interesting to see what You, our readers, are actually looking for in the SPARC Product Directory. The market has changed a lot in the 9 years since we first published this as the "SBus Product Directory" as a fat printed book. In the notes below, I'll disclose the most popular pages visited in the last couple of months based on a sample size of 62,000 unique readers.

If we were renaming this directory today which would be difficult for trademark reasons maybe we should be calling it the "Sun Reseller Directory". Fact is that many of you already know you want to buy Sun, but also know you need to find a reseller who can supply the systems you want. So, after our home page, the next most popular destination is our US Sun Reseller Directory. The most popular states in our directory, are:- California which is one of the top 10 pages visited, followed by Massachusetts, New York, Texas and Illinois.

Also in the top 10 most visited pages are our main indexes:- SBus, PCI & cPCI cards, SPARC systems, SPARC manufacturers, News, and Sun Resellers in the UK.

Looking at the top 5 most popular product categories:- #1 is rackmount SPARC systems, which, as I predicted a year ago, has overtaken by a huge margin - desktop SPARC workstations which is now #2. After that comes SPARC CPU upgrades, SPARC Portables, and Compact PCI SPARC CPU cards.

There are actually thousands of information files in this directory, and over 26,000 links. Most of you prefer using the directory to the search-engine.

For those of you interested in this kind of information, we published the top 10 subjects searched and visited in STORAGEsearch on May 18.

Thanks to everyone who uses our site. We'll be using the above data to improve our signposting to get you there even quicker during the months ahead.
Gartner Dataquest Gartner Dataquest Says Worldwide Database Software Market Grew 10 Percent in 2000

SAN JOSE, Calif., May 23, 2001 — The downturn in the U.S. economy from mid 2000 continued to extend sales cycles resulting in slower growth in the worldwide database management systems (DBMS) software market in 2000. Worldwide new license revenue in the DBMS market reached $8.8 billion in 2000, a 10 percent increase over 1999 revenue, according to Dataquest Inc., a unit of Gartner, Inc. In 1999, worldwide DBMS software revenue grew 18 percent.

"These numbers clearly show how the economic downturn has started taking its toll on the DBMS software market," said Colleen Graham, industry analyst for Gartner Dataquest's Information Management Software group. "In 1999, over 51 percent of the vendors had growth in the double-digits. In 2000, only 35 percent of vendors are able to make that claim."

"The 2000 market share numbers reinforce Gartner's view that, despite the market consolidation, the DBMS market share wars are far from over," said Betsy Burton, vice president and research area director for Gartner. "IBM, Microsoft and Oracle will continue to battle for DBMS market dominance with the major influencing factors being ISV and applications support, pricing, depth of OS platform support and DBMS scalability and availability."

The top three vendors (Oracle, IBM and Microsoft) accounted for 79 percent of all DBMS software revenue in 2000 (see Table 1).
news image - table 1
. While the pre-relational and object database markets suffered negative growth in 2000, the RDBMS software segment grew 15 percent. RDBMS accounted for 80 percent of total DBMS software market.

One of the fiercest battles was in the Windows NT platform of the RDBMS segment. Growing 45 percent, Microsoft took the lead from Oracle by less than one share point, leaving them neck and neck at 38 and 37.3 percent share, respectively. IBM maintained the No. 3 position, as it grew 63 percent and its market share reached 18.5 percent. The overall NT segment increased 34 percent.

The worldwide UNIX RDBMS segment grew 17 percent in 2000, as Oracle continued to lead the market with its market share of 66.2 percent. With a renewed focus on UNIX, IBM surpassed Informix to move into the No. 2 position with a 14.4 percent market share, and Informix was the No. 3 vendor with a 6.7 percent market share.

Additional analysis is available in the Gartner Dataquest Research Brief, "Database Management Systems Software Market Maintains Double-Digit Growth in 2000." ...Gartner Dataquest profile
PDSi PDSi Introduces Telco-Grade TS4500 Platform Based on Sun Microsystems' Enterprise 4500

COLUMBUS, Ohio, May 22 - Pinnacle Data Systems, Inc. today announced the introduction of its TS4500 platform, a high compute-density, telco-grade server based on Sun Microsystems' popular Enterprise 4500 product line.

Specifically designed for compute-intensive telecom applications, the TS4500 is built to comply with carrier-grade standards and is one of the most powerful SPARC - based platforms in the telco server market space. The TS4500 combines the standards-based, scalable multiprocessing power of up to 14 UltraSPARC processors with redundant negative 48V DC power supplies, hot swap capability and full telco alarming to meet demanding, mission-critical intelligent network application requirements.

PDSi's advanced system monitoring enables users to monitor and receive reports of TS4500 system level events via an SNMP agent and to gain remote access and perform maintenance off-site. The system supports up to 28 gigabytes of memory, 20 terabytes of external data storage, and can be integrated into custom and industry-standard 19" telecom frames.

Steve Bair, PDSi product manager, stated, "With the introduction of the TS4500, PDSi offers the highest level of compute power and the most memory available of any telco-grade, SPARC™-based server on the market. The TS4500 is ideally suited to demanding network management functions, including scalable, resource-intensive softswitch applications." ...PDSi profile
Delta Marketing Group
Delta Marketing Group Celebrates 15 Years in Business

Scottsdale, AZ - May 22, 2001 - We are very pleased that May of 2001 will mark 15-Years in business for Delta Marketing Group, Inc. Founded in May 1986, we operated dba Delta Marketing Group, until 1993 when we incorporated in the State of Arizona.

Over the past 15-Years we have sold refurbished computers from many manufacturers including Wang and IBM, but we are now focused on products from Sun, SGI, Agfa, Heidelberg, and Screen. Our product mix is currently about 85% Sun and 15% for SGI, Agfa, and Heidelberg.

The computer industry and technology is constantly changing. As technology and the computer industry continues to change, we will continue to grow and change along with it.. We know that a satisfied customer is our most important asset, and we are pleased that over the past 15-Years the majority of our business has come from repeat customers.

We would like to thank all of our customers for their business. If you have yet to give us a try, we look forward to the opportunity to make you one of our many satisfied customers as well. ...Delta Marketing Group profile

Editor's note:- if you click on Delta Marketing Group's logo, above left, you'll see their mailer marking this event which also includes hundreds of prices for Sun Microsystems servers and accessories.

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