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2001, June weeks 3 - 4

SPARC upgrade from Tadpole-Cycle
SPARC motherboard upgrades
from Tadpole-Cycle
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Optimus Solutions Mark Metz Wins Entrepreneur Of The Year®

NORCROSS, GEORGIA - June 29, 2001 - Optimus Solutions, a leading provider of IT solutions, announces that founder and CEO Mark Metz won the prestigious title "Entrepreneur of the Year," an award sponsored by Ernst & Young. The award marks the end of an intensive search to identify and recognize entrepreneurs who demonstrate excellence and extraordinary success.

Criteria include innovation, financial performance, and personal commitment to business and community. In his third year of business with Optimus, Mr. Metz is confident his company will generate over $110 million in revenues in 2001, grow 30%, retain more than 90% of employees, and add an additional 30 by years' end. The firm has built an impeccable reputation for dealing with customers, vendors, and employees. Mr. Metz won in the Technology/Business Solutions category.
The Entrepreneur of the Year program is founded and produced by Ernst & Young LLP and nationally co-sponsored by CNN, CNNfn, the Nasdaq Stock Market, and the Kauffman Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership at the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation.
news image - Mark Metz - Entrepreneur Of The YearŽ
"This award really honors the entrepenuerial efforts of all of Optimus Solutions employees," says Mark Metz, president and CEO. "We've worked hard to create a strong, growth oriented company that's delivering comprehensive technology solutions to our customers."

Mr. Metz co-founded Optimus in 1998 with three of the industry's top executives, James Davie, Ed Flachbarth, and Sean Murphy. The company sells throughout the U.S. and in 39 countries around the world. The firm has grown to 100 employees and is rapidly emerging as a premier technology solutions provider. ...Optimus Solutions profile
Akamba Akamba Releases Velobahn HTTP Appliance-On-A-Card

Silicon Valley, CA., June 28, 2001 - Akamba Corporation today announced shipments of its Velobahn card appliance. Velobahn expands Web server capacity by taking over the HTTP transaction processing function - and is the only solution available to do so within the server. The Akamba solution supports popular OS platforms including Linux, Windows 2000, Solaris and FreeBSD.
Velobahn is a high-performance single-board computer system with embedded software designed to integrate into front-end Web servers. Velobahn offloads tasks associated with client/server connections from the host system-enabling the server to handle more HTTP requests. Velobahn increases Web server capacity up to four times and dramatically improves response time for overloaded servers.

By inserting it into the PCI slot, Velobahn's HTTP connection management scales one server-at-a-time. Velobahn allows Web site administrators to focus on the most effective and efficient use of site infrastructure to deliver a consistently high-quality end user experience.
  • Solaris x86 and SPARC support
  • over 2,000 concurrent connections
  • sustained 500 client connections per second
news image - Velobahn
"Customers who co-locate with hosting service providers (HSP) must meet growing Internet traffic needs while reducing power consumption and cage costs," said Bennet Goldberg, Akamba's president and CEO. "For these co-location customers, HSPs, and enterprises with in-house data centers, Velobahn directly addresses HTTP transaction capacity requirements, saves rack space, and reduces operational costs."

"For Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris customers running Apache, Velobahn reduces the need for numerous processes and connections under high load conditions, allowing Web servers to run at optimum speed," said Spencer Worley, Akamba's CTO. "Windows 2000 users benefit from the increased server stability Velobahn offers as it reduces CPU loads to safer levels. By shielding servers from the effects of slow connections, Velobahn enables Web servers to use more efficient large packet sizes, lowering demands on the CPU."

Velobahn will be distributed worldwide through VARs and system integrators. Velobahn list price is $3,250.00. ...Akamba profile

Editor's note:- the HTTP and IP accelerator market is a new one with few players at the present time, see also iSCSI
Mark Metz Wins Entrepreneur Of The Year®

Akamba Releases Velobahn HTTP Appliance-On-A-Card

Sun Midframe Server and Sun Storedge Arrays Deliver World's Best Price/Performance Result at 1000GB Scale Factor on TPC-H Benchmark

Brooktrout Technology to Showcase Next Generation Contact Centre Technology at Networks Telecom UK

Rave Computer and NCR Form Services Alliance NCR to Provide Installation and Support for Rave Systems Worldwide

GNP Continuant Watchdog Simplifies Telecom System Management

Resilience Continuous Availability Servers Provide Fault Tolerant Platform for Interlink Networks AAA RADIUS Server Software

Tatung Announces New Small Form Factor UltraSPARC III Server

Updating Company Profiles in the SPARC Product Directory

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RAID systems on
Megabyte found that tying lots of barrels together to make his raft worked just as well as having a single huge one. And if one of the barrels got punctured, the raft didn't sink.


Re: What is the InfiniBand Ecosystem?

by InfiniCon Systems

InfiniBand is a new industry standard for server input/output (I/O) communications. It eases the data congestion among hardware devices by enabling servers, remote storage and other networking devices to be attached in a central "fabric" of switches and links. This high bandwidth, highly scalable, switched serial infrastructure addresses the bandwidth and connectivity limitations facing data centers today without compromising availability.

One of the most remarkable things about InfiniBand is that it enables I/O to be completely removed from the server. Next generation InfiniBand-based servers, some of which may be much smaller than traditional servers, can be connected by a sharable I/O infrastructure that will provide server clustering and integration of existing data center infrastructures. Ultra-dense server clusters connected through stand-alone, InfiniBand-enabled I/O subsystems will soon be deployed to handle heavy-transaction environments. The results will be higher bandwidth, better data availability and lower administration costs.

The InfiniBand architecture delivers three levels of performance with the 1X link technology (500MB/s), the 4X link technology (2GB/s) and the 12X link technology (6GB/s). These performance levels will be commercially available at different points over the next eighteen months. InfiniCon Systems is developing I/O subsystems that will provide InfiniBand switching for clustering applications, as well as the I/O infrastructure for connectivity into existing Ethernet LANs and fibre channel-based storage networks.

The InfiniBand Ecosystem

InfiniBand is already being implemented in hardware components such as Host Channel Adaptor (HCA), Target Channel Adaptor (TCA) and InfiniBand Switch silicon. In addition, InfiniBand subnet management software is being developed to manage the fabric. These components and software management entities will need to be leveraged into complete system solutions to enable data centers to reap the benefits of the InfiniBand architecture.

"With processor speeds increasing to two gigahertz and high bandwidth connectivity becoming more prevalent, the bottleneck of the server I/O complex has to be removed. In order for users to benefit from faster processing power and increased data movement, a new paradigm is required. By moving the I/O complex from the server into an independent, scalable I/O subsystem, users will benefit from higher scalability than previously possible, as well as the ability to connect into existing infrastructures," explained Philip Murphy, president and co-founder, InfiniCon Systems.

InfiniCon Systems believes that InfiniBand will become a major standard in data centers, and that as InfiniBand applications mature, a tier will begin to emerge with increasing degrees of intelligence. As a result of the new InfiniBand technology, data centers will be able to deploy sharable I/O subsystems that enable customers to fully exploit their CPU power without replacing their existing network and storage infrastructure investment. Additionally, more common sharable services will be deployed within the InfiniBand fabric.

"InfiniBand will expand the horizons of enterprise interconnectivity over the next eight years as the intelligent controller has for enterprise storage over the past eight. Evidenced by InfiniCon Systems' choice of the word 'ecosystem,' InfiniBand defines an evolving systems environment," commented John Young, research program director, enterprise storage, D.H. Brown Associates. "This environment is one that expands infrastructure possibilities, stretches data center boundaries, and supports the needs of highly differentiated end-user communities. With InfiniBand, the computing industry takes a giant step towards ultimate responsiveness to user needs."

Additional topics regarding InfiniBand in the data center will be addressed by InfiniCon Systems in future columns.

Learn How to Trust Your Storage Drives - article by the Trusted Computing Group
Learn How to Trust Your Storage Drives - article by the Trusted Computing Group

ow much can you trust the security of data on your storage drives?

Snugly nestling in a RAID system in your datacenter - maybe. Now what about when those self same drives are in some one else's mitts - because they've been replaced, sold or stolen?

The Trusted Computing Group has been working with storage manufacturers and other industry trade bodies to create a standard model and framework for extending security into the storage drive - using extensions of the SCSI and ATA command sets - and by extending the features originally designed for internal error logging. Although at an early stage, readers may be interested in reading and commenting (to TCG) on the draft document - which is published here as part of their market liaison exercise. the article, ...Trusted Computing Group profile, Storage Security, disk sanitizers
article by Engenio
Has Infiniband Established Itself in the Market? - article by Engenio

This article looks at the state of the Infiniband market at the end of 2005.

After 5 years stirring in the emerging market cauldron the Infiniband market hasn't turned out to be the popular flavor which was originally anticipated. But it's finally starting to get served up in some important markets.

An Infiniband port now costs half as much as a fibre-channel port and delivers many times the performance rate. According to the author, Infiniband is now ready to take its place on the mainstream technology menu. the article , ...Engenio profile, InfiniBand
storage portals
Storage Portals on
Megabyte thought that storage portals
were a bit like wines. The new ones were
fizzy, lacked body and could give you a
headache. The old ones had more subtlety
and depth.

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Sun Microsystems Sun Midframe Server and Sun Storedge Arrays Deliver World's Best Price/Performance Result at 1000GB Scale Factor on TPC-H Benchmark

PALO ALTO, CA - June 25, 2001 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. today announced the world's best price/performance result at 1000GB on the TPC-H benchmark, an industry standard benchmark representative of real-world tasks performed in large data warehouse environments. Sun's Midframe server and Sun StorEdge[tm] arrays delivered 4,735.7 QphH@1000GB at a price performance of $581/QphH@1000GB, with an expected availability date of October 31, 2001. The Sun Fire[tm] 6800 Midframe is the only 24-processor system to run the 1000GB TPC-H benchmark. This world record marks the fourth world record set for performance or price/performance on the Sun Fire Midframe systems since their introduction in March 2001.

Sun takes the position of price/performance world leader at the 1000GB scale factor with a price performance result of $581/QphH@1000GB on the TPC-H benchmark. QphH@1000GB and $/QphH@1000GB are the two primary metrics for the TPC-H at the 1000GB scale factor. In a performance/CPU comparison, the Sun Fire 6800 Midframe outperforms all of the competition, demonstrating the power of the UltraSPARC III processor and Sun Fire system architecture. The table below compares the Sun Fire 6800 Midframe per-CPU performance and price/performance to the HP 9000 Superdome, NCR WorldMark 5250, and the IBM RS/6000 SP 550:
System CPUs QphH@1000GB/CPU $/QphH@1000GB
Sun Fire 6800 24 197.3 $581
IBM RS/6000 SP 550 128 100.5 $649
NCR WorldMark 5250 128 144.9 $693
HP 9000 Superdome 64 152.4 $985
. The benchmark was performed on a 24-processor Sun Fire 6800 Midframe running the Solaris[tm] 8 Operating Environment and the IBM DB2 Universal Database Enterprise Edition Extended, Version 7.2. The midframe also utilized 16 A5200 Sun StorEdge disk arrays, each with 22x18.2GB 10K rpm disks. The high density, high-performance fibre-channel arrays were configured split-loop using 16 dual-port and 8 single-port FC Network Adaptors. ...Sun Microsystems profile
Brooktrout Technology Brooktrout Technology to Showcase Next Generation Contact Centre Technology at Networks Telecom UK

June 26 - 28, 2001 - Brooktrout Technology, Inc., a leading provider of innovative hardware and software platforms that enable applications for the New Network™, will be exhibiting at this year's Networks Telecom 2001 in Birmingham, UK. On display will be the latest technology that enables the development of New Network enterprise communication platforms and next generation multimedia contact centres.

Brooktrout will showcase its TR1100 Converged Communications Platform and display the latest in high-density fax technology with the TR1034. In addition, there will be an ongoing demonstration of Brooktrout Technology's award-winning RealComm 100™ media server.

On 27 June at 2:00 p.m., Brooktrout Technology's, Vice President of International Sales, Paul Butler, will speak in a session entitled, "Hosted Solutions for Voice Over IP" which will focus on how hosted services are allowing enterprises to take advantage of new IP telephony capabilities without making huge infrastructure investments. The session will highlight the emerging services available - focusing on those that offer productivity enhancements to the enterprise - such as IP centrex, virtual call centres, voice portals, and web-based conferencing. ...Brooktrout Technology profile
Rave Computer
Rave Computer and NCR Form Services Alliance NCR to Provide Installation and Support for Rave Systems Worldwide

Sterling Heights, Michigan – June 21, 2001 - Rave Computer Association, Inc. is pleased to announce their services alliance with NCR Corporation's Worldwide Customer Services Division. Under the three-year agreement, NCR will provide a suite of services for Rave Computer's Rave Systems customers worldwide.

Service Offerings: Rave Systems customers can choose NCR's support services of 4-hour response time or next business day, and 8 x 5 or 7 x 24 coverage windows, and with or without software support. The basic software support is offered for the Solaris operating system and it entitles customers' patches and incremental releases. Flexible On-Site Service Options Available for Rave Systems Customers offered through NCR
  • 8 x 5, 4 hour on-site response time hardware support with or without Solaris software support
  • 8 x 5, next business day on-site hardware support with or without Solaris software support
  • 7 x 24, 4 hour on-site response time hardware support with or without Solaris software support
  • 7 x 24, next business day on-site hardware support with or without Solaris software support
Customers may also select NCR's additional services including help desk management for hardware and software, and implementation. NCR's implementation services include installation and staging of equipment to ensure it all works properly. NCR's engineers and consultants will be fully trained on Rave Systems, further broadening their range of expertise in multi-vendor equipment. ...Rave Computer Association profile

See also:- Third Party Maintenance services
GNP Computers GNP Continuant Watchdog Simplifies Telecom System Management

MONROVIA, Calif. - June 20, 2001 - GNP Computers now offers Continuant Watchdog, an alarm card that provides a unified interface for diagnostics and fault management of local and remote system elements including all Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) hardware.
Available for rackmount in a standard 1U chassis, or as a single slot CompactPCI® Rear Transition Module (RTM), the GNP Continuant Watchdog monitors temperature, voltage, air flow, non-volatile information storage, or other critical system parameters. Continuant Watchdog acts as a single port terminal server and, in the case of the rackmount System Management Framework (SMF), is customized by installing up to six interface cards in GNP's 1U chassis.

These cards are available with a wide range of common interfaces including 10 BaseT Ethernet, RS-232 serial, dry contact alarm, scan point network, Dallas Semiconductor's 1-Wire, I2C and external device hard power control.
news image GNP watchdog module
It is designed for use in Central Office equipment and other mission critical telecom systems, where it connects directly to system elements including computers, Ethernet hubs/switches, disk arrays and other I/O devices, or special functional units like frame alarms and external access modems.

Compatible with most Central Office alarming schemes, Continuant Watchdog provides a management adaptation layer that enables monitoring the operational status of system hardware and separates the control and management functionality from application software and hardware specific interfaces. By enabling hard-power control and out-of-band management, the Continuant Watchdog ensures system integrity by protecting against functional unresponsiveness or failure regardless of the status of the application.

The Continuant Watchdog RTM offers the same monitoring and alarming features as the SMF, in addition to a SCSI pass through connector for rear I/O support of a front-mounted hard drive and PMC expansion slot in a single cPCI slot.

Support packages are available for use in a wide range of platform operating environments including Sun Netra and cPCI, Intel x86, PowerPC, Linux and RTOS, and for linking with equipment from Cisco, Intel and Linksys, uninterruptible power supplies and distribution panels and modems. Standard Network Management Protocol (SNMP) support is also available.

Prices for GNP Continuant Watchdog begin at under $500 in OEM quantities and include a one-year parts and labor standard warranty. A variety of service plan options are also available to match a range of customer requirements. ...GNP Computers profile

See also:- Watchdog cards and modules, High Availability SPARC systems
Resilience Resilience Continuous Availability Servers Provide Fault Tolerant Platform for Interlink Networks AAA RADIUS Server Software
Continuous Availability Systems from Resilience Corporation use the company's patented Triple Modular Redundant architecture, which allows them to deliver fault-tolerant computing that can withstand the failure of processor, storage, memory, Ethernet or any other component without affecting application programs running on the system. Resilience SPARC-based systems run all Solaris applications without modification.
Sunnyvale, CA - June 19, 2001 - Resilience Corporation today announced that it has entered into a partnership agreement with Interlink Networks, an independent software vendor specializing in Internet infrastructure products that provide Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) functions to ISPs and enterprises. Interlink Networks' AAA RADIUS Server software is a high performance, highly scalable carrier-class RADIUS server. It is widely installed, rigorously tested and deployed by thousands of ISPs around the world.

"Interlink Networks is a fast growing company and is well respected for its state-of-the-art AAA software," said Denny Olmsted, president and CEO of Resilience Corporation. "The primary concern of their AAA security customers is identifying a single point of failure. Resilience eliminates that problem. We are proud to add Interlink Networks to our steadily growing list of partners." ...Resilience profile
Tatung has sponsored this directory since 1997
Tatung Announces New Small Form Factor UltraSPARC III Server

FREMONT, CA - June 18, 2001 - Tatung Science & Technology Inc. (TSTI), celebrating more than 10 years of commitment to the SPARC systems market, has announced the small form factor COMPstation(R) U1000T/1750 and the COMPstation(R) U1000T/2750, two new servers based on Sun Microsystems' UltraSPARC III processors and its latest generation 64-bit, SPARC v9 architecture.
New Tatung RAID

To accompany the COMPstation(R) U1000T/1750 and U1000T/2750 servers, Tatung is also introducing a new COMP-raid 3000 series compact Fiber Channel (FC-AL) Disk Array Subsystem. With a compact rackmountable 4U form factor and single high-performance RAID controller, the COMP-raid 3000 subsystem supports eight hard drives, up to 500 GB of capacity. The maximum capacity of the COMP-raid 3000 can be extended to more than 1.1 TB by utilizing an additional enclosure with nine more hard drives.

The RAID controller in the COMP-raid 3000 utilizes a high-performance RISC CPU with a 64-bit data bus at a peak memory bandwidth of 528 MB/second, and supports SDRAM cache from 64 MB up to 1 GB. Suggested list pricing for the COMP-raid 3000 starts at $17,100 for a 500 GB (RAID 5) configuration.

See also:- RAID systems
Tatung U1000T Tower Server
The new server dimensions are 7 inches X 17.23 inches X 20 inches, providing a downsized form factor that allows the same system to be used in either tower, desktop or rackmount environments.

The new Tatung servers support up to 2 x UltraSPARC III processors with 8 MB L2-cache; up to 8 GB of memory; and a variety of peripheral devices.

With extremely fast system bus interconnect speeds of 4.8 GB/second, 8 MB L-2 cache per processor and 8 GB of memory bundled with the robust Solaris 8 operating system, the COMPstation U1000T/1750 and U1000T/2750 are ideal systems for engineering design, medical imaging, animation, e-commerce and other Web-based applications. They perform equally well as Internet gateway servers or as demanding application servers.

Suggested list pricing starts at $13,690 for a standard configuration with a single 750 MHz processor, 1 GB of memory and 18 GB of FC-AL disk drive and $18,690 for a configuration with dual 750 MHz processors, 1 GB of memory and 18 GB of FC-AL disk drive. ...Tatung profile
SPARC Product Directory Updating Company Profiles in the SPARC Product Directory

June 18, 2001 - ACSL, publisher of this directory would like to remind manufacturers of SPARC compatible systems products to update their company profiles. Companies which do not have currently their profiles listed, but who think they should be, can email stating their company name, web site address, and including a short profile. Emails must be sent from a recognisable sales or marketing contact, with an email address which relates to that company. No charge is made for listing company profiles.

Although we automatically update profiles from companies which send us press releases, at least once a year, some companies seem to exist is a state of stasis where nothing new ever occurs, or perhaps they do not employ any marketing personnel. We're currently going through the process of purging a lot of older files from this web site, and will purge all companies which do not reply to our QA emails, to ensure that readers don't end up wasting their time.

Please note:- if your products are primarily storage systems, then the relevant site for you to contact is STORAGEsearch.

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