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SPARC Product Directory

sparc product directory

SPARC History - 2001, August weeks 3 - 4

PCI Gigabit Ethernet from Antares Microsystems
PCI Gigabit Ethernet NICs
from Antares Microsystems
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Adax Adax APC7-PCI deployed in MACH7-iSTP to provide Wireless Solutions for Businesses

Berkeley, CA – August 28, 2001 – teleSys Software, a premier provider of next-generation IN solutions, announced the signing of a network services agreement with US Cellular to deploy the MACH7-iSTP Gateway system in providing cost-effective wireless office phone services that connect to an enterprise's telephone network as well as external cellular networks. The MACH7-iSTP is built for high-speed, huge-volume SS7 transactions over multiple links.

The Adax APC7-PCI is used in the MACH7 Network to provide affordable, secure network connectivity with the efficiency of an Internet protocol network. Adax's field-proven APC card is a clear channel intelligent controller for SS7 MTP2, HDLC, LAPB/D and LAPV5. The card is available in either 2 or 4-port, PCI or cPCI form factors. The APC is a high-performance solution as each port has a dedicated co-processor that provides up to 7 Mbps throughput, leaving host processors ample capacity to support other telephony interface requirements.

Adax APC also scores high on flexibility and scalability, as all Adax products are based on modular design, open-systems architecture, software-selectable T1/E1, and a common application programming interface (API). Interoperability with other vendors' products is provided through MVIP (for the PCI versions) and H.110 (for the cPCI version). In all, - Adax APC provides the ideal cost-effective solution for Intelligent Networks (IN), signaling, wireless and advanced datacom.

Adax and teleSys Software have an established partnership spanning four years. teleSys chose Adax products time and again because Adax products help teleSys Software deliver the high availability characteristic of teleSys products, and Adax's integration engineers provide ready and capable support. An agreement to integrate Adax's new High Density Channelized (HDC) board in the MACH7-iSTP-Gateway for VoIP to perform configuration control and call processing is also in the pipeline.

"Adax values teleSys Software as a partner", said Barry Zuckerman, Ph.D, "The vision of the teleSys leadership is clearly demonstrated in its determination to build network foundations that are solid enough to meet the challenges of 3G networks." ...ADAX profile
Adax APC7-PCI deployed in MACH7-iSTP to provide Wireless Solutions for Businesses

Argus PitBull Available on Fujitsu Siemens Computers' PRIMEPOWER Servers

Sun Boosts Speed of the Netra X1 Server

Verio Launches Two New Lines of Sun Netra Servers

AVCOM Poised to Exploit Sun-Hitachi Storage Deal

QLogic Expands End-to-End Fibre Channel Product Offering to Sun Microsystems Resellers with MOCA Deal

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tape storage
Tape drives on
Megabyte found that the advantage of taped storage was that he could store a huge amount. But it sometimes took a long time to retrieve what he wanted.

View from the Hill

Re: Compaq's proposed merger with HP:

short term bad, long term good

The September 3, 2001 press release, announcing the agreement to merge of two of the world's top 10 storage companies continues the trend of mergers and acquisitions we've been seeing in this market all year. You're going to hear a lot about synergy and the complementary roles of these two organisations and their product lines, from their marketing departments. My view is that both these companies were in trouble before the recession kicked in. The effect of the IT recession made it harder to hide these problems.

The source of these underlying problems can be summarised as follows:

  • Aside from printers and imaging, which it dominates, HP has been #2 or #3 (market share slots) in a lot of segments within the IT market. The #1 company is nearly always more profitable in these kinds of markets, unless the #2 company is satisifed with its role. HP was not satisifed, and burned marketing effort and resources to try and climb these unscalable mountains.
  • Compaq got indigestion from acquiring DEC in the 1990's and never really recovered its manufacturing lead. It did however, become the world's largest VAR, for storage products. But VARS don't make as much profit as their principals.
  • When people buy a PC, they prefer to buy it from Dell Computer rather than Compaq or HP.
  • When people buy a mid range server they prefer to buy it from Dell Computer rather than Compaq or HP.
  • When people buy a mainframe class server they prefer to buy it from Sun Microsystems or IBM rather than Compaq or HP.

Who will be the winners and losers from this merger?

  • HP's storage business will get a bigger route to market by using Compaq and its channels. They've been working hard to secure their future in this strategic segment, and the new company will have the critical mass to make this work.
  • I suspect that the newly merged business will sell less servers than the sum of the two separate companies.

    In the short term the sales and marketing departments in both companies will spend less time thinking about customers, and more time worrying about their jobs. As a result Dell will pick up a lot of unexpected PC business from traditional HP and Compaq customers, while Sun and Dell will find it easier to sell their server products against HP, Compaq and their VARS, relying on the fact that no-one can be too sure which product lines are going to continue and which ones will be scrapped.

    In the long term, the new HP will emerge as a larger, more profitable company, and when the recession is over it will be well positioned to retake any lost ground. That's when the benefits of the merger will really become clear.
Argus Systems Group Argus PitBull Available on Fujitsu Siemens Computers' PRIMEPOWER Servers
Security vulnerabilities in applications and the potential consequences of successful application exploits were key topics at this year's Black Hat and DefCon conferences in Las Vegas. Extensive Bugtraq lists for commonly used e-business software applications demonstrate the seriousness of application vulnerabilities. Without security technologies such as PitBull, attackers who exploit a security flaw in one application are able to access other applications, data or other systems in the network. With the availability of PitBull for the PRIMEPOWER server, these and other security threats can be addressed.
SAVOY, Illinois - August 27, 2001 - Argus Systems Group Inc., an international leader in application security for the extended enterprise, announces today the availability of its highly secure PitBull platform on the Solaris/SPARC based PRIMEPOWER server line of Fujitsu Siemens Computers, the leading European computer company. With this announcement, Fujitsu Siemens Computers further expands its strategic competence in Business Critical Computing.

PitBull provides PRIMEPOWER users with a secure application environment to protect data, system resources and network connections from attack and misuse. Secure and highly available infrastructures are mandatory elements of today's modern and mobile e-business models. Uptime, reliability, scalability and technical and physical security are key to the success of today's Internet architectures.

Secure Application Environments based on extensions to the Solaris operating system allow the creation of special isolated compartments for data and applications, so that one exploit can not be used to gain system wide access. In addition, security measures like controlled communication channels between compartments, fine granulated access controls and limitations of root/superuser within compartments increase the security of e-business architectures substantially.

"Open access to applications and services offered by business critical computing systems are the basis for all Internet services. Therefore, we are happy that we can offer our customers another important building block for IT security with the availability of PitBull for our PRIMEPOWER product line," said Dr. Bernd Kosch, vice president of marketing strategy & alliances at Fujitsu Siemens Computers. "The performance and reliability of the PRIMEPOWER product line from Fujitsu Siemens Computers makes it an ideal platform for business critical applications. We are pleased to offer secure application environments with PitBull for Fujitsu Siemens Computers business critical computing applications," said Randy Sandone, president and chief executive officer of Argus Systems Group, Inc.

Availability:- PitBull LX, Foundation, and .comPack are available immediately for the Solaris 8 operating system on all PRIMEPOWER servers. ...Fujitsu Siemens Computers profile
Sun Microsystems Sun Boosts Speed of the Netra X1 Server

PALO ALTO, CA - August 27, 2001 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. today announced that it has nearly doubled the performance of its popular rack-optimized Netra X1 thin server while keeping the same low price of $995. This complete one processor, rack-mountable, thin server presents an affordable entree to Sun technology for Internet services ranging from e-mail and messaging to Web hosting and DNS services.

Sun has increased the Netra X1 server's processor speed by 25% (to 500MHz), doubled the maximum memory capacity (to 2GB max), and added larger, faster hard drives without increasing the price. The Netra X1 server ships with the complete Solaris 8 Operating Environment and Lights Out Management at no additional charge. The new server configuration also supports the Solaris Network Cache Accelerator socket. With Solaris 8 OE and Solaris NCA the performance of the new Netra X1 server configuration has been increased almost two-fold as a dedicated web server.

Introduced in January of this year, the Netra X1 is the lowest entry price of any branded UNIX® server. Features include:
  • Rack-mountable 1U height
  • Pre-installed Solaris 8 Operating Environment, complete with lights-out management software for remote monitoring and control
  • removable system configuration card
  • cable management hardware
Sun's Netra X1 thin server is now available through Sun and Sun's existing worldwide sales channels. ...Sun Microsystems profile
Verio Verio Launches Two New Lines of Sun Netra Servers

ENGLEWOOD, Colo., Aug. 21, 2001 - Verio Inc., upgrading its line of Sun Microsystems Inc.'s dedicated servers, has become an early provider of Sun's new low-cost, high-performance Netra(tm) X1 servers and the next generation of the rack-optimized Netra T1 thin server. Verio, a subsidiary of NTT Communications Corp., is a leading global IP services provider and the world's largest Web-hosting company.

Verio's Advanced Web Hosting division will offer these new price-performance competitive servers, which are attractive to small- and medium-sized businesses, and current Verio Virtual Private Server (VPS) users who may wish to move to a dedicated hosting environment to meet growing online business needs. The servers allow Verio to maximize data center space and deliver more applications for customers at lower costs. The Sun servers include:
  • The Netra X1 server, an ultra-thin, general-purpose UNIX RISC server with a competitive starting price of $450 per month. This server addresses the continuing need for greater capacity in a minimum amount of space, ideal for the small- to medium sized business. It is powered by the Solarisä Operating Environment (OE) and can support up to one gigabyte of memory capacity. It has a rack-mountable height of 1.75 inches (1 RU) to allow for more servers in existing rack space.
  • The Netra T1 AC200 server, the latest version of its Netra T1 thin server, allows the most processors to be fit in the smallest amount of space. The starting price is $650 per month. The server combines Sun's UltraSPARC(tm) processor and the Solaris OE, and is considered ideal for any industry-standard, Internet protocol-intensive deployment.
"Size and scalability are tremendously important in the server market, especially as our customers needs call for increased bandwidth, more processors and more advanced services," said Barb Goworowski, chief marketing officer for Verio. "Sun has created a product that allows us to maximize our capital spending and resource investment on servers that are easy to install, deploy, maintain and service. This will enable us to deliver high levels of performance for the price to our customers." ...Verio profile

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AVCOM AVCOM Poised to Exploit Sun-Hitachi Storage Deal

Silicon Valley, Calif. - August 17, 2001 - As one of the few systems integrators worldwide already closely aligned with both Sun Microsystems and Hitachi, AVCOM Technologies is in a unique position to capitalize on Sun's recent multibillion deal to resell Hitachi's high-end data storage products.

Under the agreement, Sun will resell Hitachi's Lightning 9900 family of arrays under the Sun StorEdge 9900 name. The two also will cross-license and distribute each other's storage software, collaborate on storage software development, and expand integration capabilities.

"Because of our longstanding relationship with both these companies, AVCOM is distinctively qualified to provide our clients with this terrific blend of technology," said Brad Bishop, CEO of AVCOM. "Our expertise with the installation and integration of Sun and Hitachi storage solutions is unmatched in the industry, and we are positioned to provide the very highest level of consulting, management and support services."

AVCOM became Sun's first solutions partner in 1986 and now ranks as the third-largest Sun reseller in the U.S. AVCOM also was among the first U.S. systems integrators to offer high-end storage products from Hitachi Data Systems, the three-year old subsidiary of Hitachi. Unlike other Sun partners who have not previously sold the Hitachi systems, AVCOM is not required to go through the lengthy certification and training process required for authorization to resell the 9900 brand. AVCOM has been "grandfathered" into the program and is immediately authorized to sell the product under standard Sun terms and conditions.

"In other words, AVCOM requires no learning curve on this," said Bishop. "With our expertise, we are among the select few systems integrators worldwide that can immediately begin offering our clients this tested and certified total solution from Sun."

Industry analysts say the deal with Hitachi immediately enhances Sun's ability to sell into high-end data centers, a market previously dominated by EMC. For Hitachi, the deal opens a strong U.S. sales channel and allows the Tokyo-based company to benefit from Sun's established branding and customer relationships.

Sun, has struggled at the high end of the storage market. Companies using Sun's high-level servers, such as the Enterprise 10000, frequently have turned to other companies for their storage devices. Sun executive vice president Mark Canepa estimated that market leader EMC derived as much as 45% of its business from attaching its storage products to Sun servers.

As a relative newcomer to the industry, Hitachi has had trouble breaking through in U.S. markets — even though its Lightning 9900 family is considered state-of-the-art technology. The 9900 series features an internal crossbar-switch architecture that is considered to be a significant improvement upon the shared-bus architecture of current subsystems, providing superior performance, availability and scalability.

"Hitachi has superior technology, but they have really suffered in the U.S. because of a lack of name recognition," said Maren Roman, AVCOM's storage overlay representative. "With the Hitachi-Sun agreement, our clients can get the latest and greatest technology while keeping their Sun environment whole, with the same excellent levels of Sun service they have come to expect." ...AVCOM profile, ...Hitachi Data Systems profile
QLogic QLogic Expands End-to-End Fibre Channel Product Offering to Sun Microsystems Resellers with MOCA Deal

ALISO VIEJO, Calif., August 15, 2001 - QLogic Corp. today announced it has signed an agreement with MOCA, an Arrow Company, to sell QLogic's Fibre Channel products through MOCA's extensive network of Sun resellers and systems integrators. Under the agreement, MOCA will be an authorized distributor of QLogic SANblade Fibre Channel host bus adapters and SANbox Fibre Channel switches to Sun Microsystems, Inc. resellers.

The relationship with MOCA complements QLogic's existing programs with Sun Microsystems. QLogic supplies end-to-end Fibre Channel technology for Sun-branded SAN solutions under an OEM agreement and continues its well-established relationship with Sunä Professional Services, which implements QLogic-branded switches and host bus adapters as part of its complete SAN integration services.

"QLogic's expanded services and product offerings to Sun's resellers through MOCA will be a great asset for our customers and Sun," said Bill Cook, vice president of Global Sales, Sun Microsystems. "MOCA and QLogic deliver exceptional end-to-end SAN products and services that provide complete interoperability with Sun-branded products."

QLogic SANbox switches and SANblade host bus adapters offered by MOCA are backed by QLogic Reseller Connection, a unique program that provides VARs and integrators with numerous product information tools such as marketing bulletins, hardware and software compatibility listings and training. In addition, the company offers the QLogic ExpertLink support program that provides customers with the industry's only three-year warranty and 24-hour replacement program for Fibre Channel adapters. ...QLogic profile

See also:- Fibre-channel adapter cards

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