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2001, September week 2

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FleXtreme Vigor Opteron from NextCom - dual boot Solaris / Windows / Linux
Solaris / Windows/ Linux Notebooks?
1 solution / 2 dual boot operating systems
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DoveBid 7th in a series of Major Dot-Com Exchange Auctions

Editor's notes:- September 14, 2001 - I came across the 6th auction from DoveBid too late to feature yesterday's liquidation of assets of HAL Computer Systems (Fujitsu's earlier failed attempt to take Sun on head to head in the SPARC workstation market).

Looking ahead to September 20, 2001, DoveBid will be running their next auction from Eatontown, NJ and via webcast, selling assets from from, Prism, & Microcast.

Recycling Sun servers and Cisco routers from failed dot-coms is a good business apparently, DoveBid reported 500% year on year growth in Q1 this year. When the trickle of new and almost unused products from the failed dot-coms dries out, there will be a sigh of relief from most Sun resellers who still have to compete with all that churned around product during a recession which is difficult enough already. ...DoveBid profile
7th in a series of Major Dot-Com Exchange Auctions

Our thoughts go out today to everyone affected by the attack on America

Morse expands European presence with Spanish acquisition

The Wall Street Transcript Interviews Grahame Rance, President and CEO of SBS Technologies

SGI Announces Clustered Filesystem With Support for Solaris

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fibre channel
Fibre-channel adapter cards on
Megabyte found that Fibre-channel was a really quick way of getting around.
Our thoughts go out today to those in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania, the families of the passengers and air crew in the hijacked planes, and those on the ground who gave their lives while trying to save others.

This tragedy affects us all.

September 11, 2001 - will go down in history as a dreadful day we will all remember, even if we were only watching events unrolling from afar. Thousands of families have lost loved ones and friends, and this day will scar their lives forever. Our thoughts and sincere sympathy go out to all those who are effected by the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, and the hijacked plane in Pennsylvania. Let us also remember those brave firemen and rescue workers who also lost their lives while trying to save others.

This cowardly attack on innocent civilians is hard to understand. There has always been evil in the world. Our parents and grandparents were involved in a world war, and what we now call the cold war, when freedom and democracy were under attack by the dictatorships of fascism and communism. Today it seems that mad terrorists want to attack the symbols of western capitalism and drag us back into the dark ages. Just as Hitler mistook the openness of the democracies for weakness in the 1930's, these unknown terrorists are also mistaken. Freedom is what makes our society strong.

America is not alone. UK prime minister Blair said that the attack on America is an attack on all democracies, and pledged support from this side of the pond.

Before this tragedy our thoughts were dominated by the things which we thought were important, but which now seem so trivial... How did that party go at the weekend? Will I get that order I've been waiting for? When will the recession end? Now we're thinking about the real things that matter... Are our friends and family OK? How will those who are affected cope with the magnitude of their loss? These are the things which make us human.

What will happen next? No-one knows. But we have inherited a way of life which we want to pass onto our children, and as a society we must be resolved that no madmen or other enemies of civilisation will be allowed to halt or retard the progress of the freedoms and the way of life which we have enjoyed. There may be hard times ahead, but I hope and pray that good will triumph over evil in the end.

September 11, 2001 - Our thoughts go out today to those in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania, the families of the passengers and air crew in the hijacked planes, and those on the ground who gave their lives while trying to save others. This tragedy affects us all.

If you're seeing this page a week, a month or even years after this dreadful day, please spare some time and thought for the victims who still need help now and in the future. Take a look at the Twin Towers Orphan Fund web site

Morse Morse expands European presence with Spanish acquisition

London - September 10 2001 - Morse plc has acquired a 51% share holding in Spanish IT reseller Integración de Sistemas Abiertos SA for a cash consideration of Pta 476.1million (US$ 2.5 million).

This acquisition continues Morse's strategy of growing its continental European presence. ISASA is headquartered in Barcelona, with an office in Madrid. It was established in 1990, employs 47 people and operates in markets such as finance, manufacturing and pharmaceuticals.

Commenting on the transaction, Duncan McIntyre, Chief Executive of Morse said: "We remain committed to our strategy to expand our presence in continental Europe and, based on the successful roll-out of our UK model in France and Germany, we are confident that this can be successfully applied in Spain as well as other geographies in the future."

Mark Byatt, marketing director of Morse, said: "Despite the current economic situation, we are determined to continue to grow our business both organically and through acquisition." ...Morse profile
SBS Technologies
The Wall Street Transcript Interviews Grahame Rance, President and CEO of SBS Technologies

September 10, 2001 - Editor's note - SBS Technologies has been a confusing company to follow in recent years, because they acquired a lot of other companies, including Bit-3, and they've only recently merged all the products from all the companies into one new coherent website.

SBS Technologies make a lot of interface and adapter cards for the Sun platform, ranging from bus converters to fibre-channel adapters. This recent press release from the company links to a pdf interview with their new President and CEO, in which the company history and customer base are described in some detail. It's a useful way to catch up with what's been happening in this fast growing company. ...SBS Technologies profile
SGI SGI Announces Clustered Filesystem With Support for Solaris

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Sept. 10, 2001 - SGI today announced SGITM CXFSTM Version 2.0 -- the world's most scalable, journaled clustered filesystem -- with extended capabilities to support the Solaris operating system. SGI CXFS is a clustered solution that provides a single filesystem accessible on a heterogeneous SAN from multiple hosts, including IRIX®, Linux®, Windows NT®, Windows® 2000 and now Solaris. With this new capability, SGI IRIX OS-based customers can seamlessly share data with Solaris OS-based systems in real time, thereby increasing productivity and reducing costs. Built on the high-performance SGITM XFSTM filesystem and the next-generation SGITM XVM volume manager, CXFS enables multiple computers direct access to a shared filesystem, which means all systems in a CXFS environment have access to the same file at the same time at local or near-local speeds.

SGI CXFS is supported on all SGI IRIX OS-based systems. Entry price for CXFS is $2,500 (U.S. list), and the solution is capable of scaling up to 64 systems, each with up to 512 processors. CXFS for Solaris will be available the first quarter of 2002. ...SGI profile

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