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2002, February week 3

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Antares Dual LVD Ultra-3 wide SCSI - 2 x 160M/sec
SCSI Adapters from
Antares Microsystems
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Distributor Systems International

Raritan Computer
UK Sun VAR DSI Becomes Raritan Distributor

UK - February 21, 2002 – Distributor Systems International Limited (DSI) is pleased to announce that it is now able to supply Raritan's best of breed KVM switches to its UK customers, having successfully completed a period of training in Rotterdam.

Raritan offers a broad range of KVM switches which take server management into a whole new dimension. Raritan's Paragon switch offers scalable support for up to 2000 servers, uses Cat 5 cabling and occupies only 1U of rack space. ...DSI profile, ...Raritan Computer profile
UK Sun VAR DSI Becomes Raritan Distributor

Rockwell Collins Selects Znyx Networks' Switches for In-Flight Entertainment Systems

Tech-Source to Exhibit at CeBIT

Themis Computer Introduces New 2RU Telco Servers for Next Generation Internet, Wireless and Telecommunications Systems

Force Introduces ATM on a PMC

Force Announces NEBS Level 3 CompactPCI 3U

Sun Announces New Marketing Promotion "Project Blue-Away"

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Backup software on
Megabyte's uncle Spellerbyte was a wizard when it came to software. He'd given Megabyte a magic potion for copying critical stuff.

View From the Hill:- Sun Comes Down to Earth with New Marketing Promotions

I was in an editorial meeting last week, when one of the mice, turned to me and said "Here's something you might be interested in. Sun has put out some new press releases. Looks like they are going to start selling computers!"

Defensively, before I replied, and had to admit that I'd missed this one, I looked at my spreadsheet which listed all the tick boxes for Sun, based on analysing their last 8,192 press releases.

Scrolling past many screenfuls of minute text, which listed products like Dots for Dotcoms, Storage for people who think that Sun's web site really is "the web", Software like Java, Jini, Jiro, Solaris and Linux, followed by Wireless fluff, iForce fluff, Workstations (a Sun exclusive category which is so old that no one can remember what it means anymore), TCO fluff, ROI fluff and then I got onto Servers. But by then my brain had turned to mush.

"Run that past me again I said."

And to my surprise, it turned out that the mice were right.

Sun has actually put out a couple of press releases recently to the effect that if you are the owner of some obsolete end of life IBM computers which I'd never heard of before, or some other computers, running something which I had always mentally categorised as crashware from Microsoft, then Sun was going to offer you the chance to throw them away and upgrade to (code for "buy") some better computers - from Sun.

Nowadays I'm used to reading reading between the lines of Sun press releases, because mostly they are fluff designed to put maximum space between you and their last set of sales figures. So I had another look. But after close scrutiny these two really did seem like a different sort of Sun press release.

It's true folks...

Sun really wants to let you know that they are in the computer business. They're not afraid to say that, if your present supplier has end of lifed your current system, then maybe you should give Sun a try. Forget the aliens, forget the dotty dotcom stuff, this is a simple sales proposition which anyone can understand.

It's many years since Sun last tried these downmarket "try this - it's better" type marketing promotions. You never know, they might work. But who's going to be brave enough to tell their advertising agency? That's another story.

Force Computers was founded in 1981 and is a leading designer and worldwide supplier of standard and custom systems and board-level computer platforms and services for the embedded market.

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. "Providing passengers with more than 80 full-length, feature films or in-flight Web browsing requires a networking solution capable of unparalleled performance," said Dan Bergen, director of product marketing for Rockwell Collins Passenger Systems. "Given the demanding environment of aircraft avionics, Rockwell Collins is pleased to use the ZNYX switch design and OpenArchitect software in our eTES systems."
Rockwell Collins Selects Znyx Networks' Switches for In-Flight Entertainment Systems

Pomona, Calif., and Fremont, Calif. – February 21, 2002 – Rockwell Collins, Inc., a world leader in the design, production and support of communications and aviation electronics solutions and ZNYX Networks today announced that ZNYX Networks' embedded switch design and OpenArchitect™ software have been exclusively selected and approved by Rockwell Collins for integration with its new eTES™ commercial in-flight entertainment systems.

Applications supported by the e-TES system include movies-on-demand and in-flight Internet services. ZNYX Networks' embedded switch design and OpenArchitect software provide sophisticated data switching services for the new Rockwell Collins eTES in-flight entertainment systems, scheduled to ship in mid-2002. These systems offer airlines and their passengers with unprecedented and robust communications and entertainment services, such as in-flight Internet connectivity, e-mail access, on-demand audio and video to every seat in a configured aircraft.

Rockwell Collins has licensed the hardware design to the ZNYX Networks ZX4500 embedded switch. This design includes a silicon-based switching fabric, microprocessor chip, memory chips and network interface chips. The design provides 24 10/100 Mbit Ethernet ports and dual 1 gigabit Ethernet port. Rockwell Collins has configured the form factor of the design to fit its custom airborne hardware. Rockwell Collins has also licensed the Ethernet routing software platform, OpenArchitect for Managed Switches. ...Znyx profile
Tech-Source Tech-Source to Exhibit at CeBIT

Altamonte Springs, FL & Basingstoke, UK - February 20, 2002 - Tech Source will be exhibiting at CeBIT for the first time this year and will "show case" several new important product additions to the well known Raptor PCI graphics accelerator family.

Visit the Tech Source booth within the USA Pavillion in hall 7 and see the very latest in ultra high resolution LCD monitors coupled with Tech Source Solaris Ready graphics accelerators. ...CeBIT, ...Tech-Source profile
Themis Computer
. "We're working closely with our telecommunications customers to design and build affordable, high performance servers that meet the needs of tomorrows Internet and wireless systems today," stated William E. Kehret, president of Themis Computer. "I'm excited to announce our new 2RU T-210 servers that deliver the scalability, flexibility, and high availability demanded by service providers. Working with our telecommunications partners and systems integrators, we expect to see deployment of our new servers in wireless switches, ATM, ADSL, and broadband infrastructure early this year."

Coming from the same design stable which builds military SPARC systems, the T-210 servers are designed for mission critical reliability - surviving up to 10Gs shock.
Themis Computer Introduces New 2RU Telco Servers for Next Generation Internet, Wireless and Telecommunications Systems

FREMONT, California - February 19, 2002 - Themis Computer announced its new T-210 servers. Only 2U high and 10 inches deep, Themis' T-210 servers incorporate the new Sun Microsystems' UltraSPARC-IIe 500 MHz processor, and are an ideal choice for service providers and enterprise environments where rack space is critical.

Focusing on the needs of telecommunications OEMs and systems integrators, Themis' T-210 servers feature a modular design that provides high performance and ease of system expansion. The T-210 provides connectivity via front and rear cabling, and are easily expanded through the addition of commercially available, off the shelf networking cards, I/O, peripherals and other value-added options, to meet current and future system requirements.
news image Themis T-210 click for more info
Designed for fast integration, easy maintenance, and reliable operation in extreme customer premises environments (operating temperature range: 0 - 50°C), Themis' T-210 servers enable the rapid deployment of high availability applications. Themis' new T-210 servers are EMI/ESD/EMC compliant and support up to 2GB of memory, and two removable 30 GB EIDE disks (66 MB/s). The T-210 server features 1 PCI I/O slot, 2 serial ports, 2 USB ports, optional PS/2 port and 2 Ethernet 10/100BaseT ports. System dimensions are: 3.5" x 10.1" x 16.4" (HxWxD).

The Themis Computer T-210 servers will be available in mid-March 2002. Prices for entry level configurations of the T-210 begin at $5,000. ...Themis Computer profile
Force Computers
PMC-8260/ ATM155 features:-
  • 155Mbits/sec. ATM interface
  • SC-duplex connectors (for OC-3 and STM-1/STS-3c telecom) and RJ-45 connectors (for Fast Ethernet)
  • Dual 10/100 Ethernet interfaces
  • Quality of service (QoS) support—for CBR, VBR, UBR, ABR classes
  • 32MBytes SDRAM
  • 2MBytes User Flash memory
  • 1MByte SRAM
  • Address pipelining
  • VxWorks® board support package
Force Introduces ATM on a PMC

REMONT, Calif. - Feb. 19, 2001 - Force Computers today introduced the PMC-8260/ ATM155 telecom controller module for ATM network connectivity in telecom-standard network applications and PSTN. Implementing a PowerQUICC II™ 200MHz processor on a PMC form-factor, the PMC-8260/ATM155 module offers the maximum available ATM optical-interface performance - 155Mbits/sec. - via PMC slots for all standard CompactPCI® boards.
news image - Force ATM PMC
PMC-8260/ATM155 telecom controller PMC modules are now available in volume. Single-order-quantity pricing starts at $2,395. ...Force Computers profile
Force Computers
. "The first Force small-footprint system designed to NEBS Level 3 requirements, the Centellis CO 3000 provides a highly modular 3U system developers can configure for specific applications," said Detlef von Reusner, Force product marketing manager. "With choice of Intel or SPARC/Solaris technologies, developers can have Central Office reliability in a form-factor no larger than a desktop PC at virtually the same price/ performance point. Overall, this system with mass storage options, and supporting up to five CPCI slots—one without H.110 bus—combined with the Sentinel universal bridge on Force standard boards, gives developers high flexibility in designing customer solutions."
Force Announces NEBS Level 3 CompactPCI 3U

FREMONT, Calif. - Feb. 19, 2002 - Force Computers today announced the Centellis™ CO 3000 system designed to meet NEBS Level 3 testing for Central Office and similar requirements. Powered by a choice of either Force's CPCI-735 or CPCI-550 SBC, the Centellis CO 3000 offers very high performance Pentium® III 700MHz or UltraSPARC-IIe® 500MHz processor capability from the embedded roadmap of Intel or Sun Microsystems, respectively. Also, this 3U, five-slot, 19-inch rack-mount system features Force's award-winning Sentinel™ "universal-mode" PCI-to-PCI bridge (PPB) technology for CompactPCI® system or peripheral slot functionality.
news image Force Computers
An ideal entry-level platform for small-footprint CompactPCI requirements, this H.110 computer telephony (CT) bus-compatible system provides a flexible, reliable embedded Windows 2000®/Solaris® 8 operating system ready solution in a cost-effective PC size form-factor. Moreover, the Centellis CO 3000's NEBS Level 3 design meets the requirements for network firewall security, media servers/gateways and digital subscriber line (DSL) concentration as well as offers ruggedized Central Office-quality operation for IP over satellite, video-on-demand services, medical diagnostic GUIs and other applications.

Entry-level NEBS Level 3 Centellis CO 3000 "design-in" units are available immediately with early access units (EAUs) available Q2 2002. EAU pricing starts at $5,900 with a Pentium III processor and $7,095 with a SPARC processor. ...Force Computers profile
Sun Microsystems Sun Announces New Marketing Promotion "Project Blue-Away"

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - February 15, 2002 - Sun Microsystems, Inc today announces a series of programs called, "Project Blue-Away", aimed at targeted customers and existing IBM customers to replace IBM with Sun solutions. The first program within Project Blue-Away is a competitive replacement program for NUMA-Q, that offers neglected NUMA-Q users an alternative to IBM's end-of-life server architecture. Leveraging the Sun and Oracle best-of-breed relationship, the new competitive replacement program for NUMA-Q is designed to support the seamless migration of NUMA-Q solutions to Sun's Solaris Operating Environment on Sun servers.

"The end-of-life of the xSeries NUMA-Q product line, only two years after IBM acquired Sequent, shows the company's continued lack of commitment to its customers' evolving needs," said Shahin Khan, vice president and chief competitive officer at Sun Microsystems. "According to industry analysts, this represents a $750 million market opportunity for Sun. Together, Sun and Oracle are delivering abandoned customers with best-of-breed solutions, an IT infrastructure that can grow with their business needs and an application lifecycle that can lower their total cost of ownership, while ensuring their investments are protected well into the future." ...Sun Microsystems profile

Editor's comment:- it's good to see Sun getting more aggessive with its marketing promotions. In the interests of balance if anyone knows of a similar program aimed to help stranded x86 Solaris users migrate to Linux just send me a press release.

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