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2002, March week 1

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ADPUSH Ad Server Company ADPUSH Seeks New Relationships with Sun VARs

Syracuse, NY - March 7, 2002 - ADPUSH, a leading supplier of banner ad ASP services, is seeking to contact Sun VARs who may be interested in reselling ad serving software and services based on the ADPUSH technology.

Most leading search-engines and portals use external ad server technology to deliver advertising, and for many publishers the cost of buying that kind of software and running ad serving ASPs can be one of their highest cost factors in running their web business. That's because most ad servers include a cost per impression as part of their pricing model.

Historically most of that potentially lucrative business has not benefited the VAR channel because ad server companies have used a direct selling model. Now for the first time, ADPUSH will open up its products and services to selected VARs who can offer this technology to own their customers. The product will suit ISPs who can offer the services as a ASP on the same server as their customers use, thereby giving faster performance, or it can be sold installed on rackmount SPARC servers as a ready-to-run package for publishers who wish to manage their own servers. The cost savings to such clients can be substantial, making this a highly attractive value-added service.

The ADPUSH product runs fully optimized under Solaris on SPARC servers, and has been in use on thousands of publisher sites worldwide. For example, ACSL, publisher of the SPARC Product Directory and has been using ADPUSH since 1998.

Sun VARs involved in the publishing, ISP and ASP markets should contact Rob Costello at 607-648-8381.

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Ad Server Company ADPUSH Seeks New Relationships with Sun VARs

Green Hills Software #1 In 2001 Market Share Growth Among Hard Real-Time Operating Systems

Force Hardens Up on High Availability with New Endurx™ 25k Ultra Availability™ Systems

TrustWorks and Tadpole Partner To Deliver Simple, More Effective Network Security Appliance For Remote Offices

New Syncsort Seminars Focus on Benefits for Consultants

Rave to Sell InifiniSAN disk-to-disk (D2D) Backup

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solid state disks
Solid State Disks on
Megabyte went through his Michelangelo phase. "Somewhere in that lump of rock is a solid state disk..."

View from the Hill:- It's M & A Time Again

Mergers and acquisitions activities in the storage market seem to have picked up pace again recently. Just in the last couple of weeks we've had announcements about tape backup companies LAND-5 merging with Tandberg Data, and in the web storage market Xdrive acquired Freedrive. Meanwhile in the storage software market Legato Systems said it wanted to acquire OTG Software. Later this month we have shareholders voting on one of the biggest of all, the proposed HP-Compaq merger... If such things interest you can see our very long list of who's been acquiring storage companies.

When you see more of these announcements it's a sign that somebody (in the acquiring company) is optimistic about future market prospects, which you may read as a plus vote for the market picking up. But most mergers aren't successful, and the storage market is no exception. If we look back at some of the more than 100 storage company acquisitions in the last year or so, we can see that the management running very large corporations are often no better at seeing a vision of the future and executing than you or I.

Here are just a few examples:-

  • Quantum's HDD Unit merged with Maxtor. But in the 12 months ending December 29, 2001, the new "enlarged" company reported revenues more than $2 billion lower than the two companies achieved separately the year before. In addition to losing market share in 2001, the new company racked up losses of over $646 million.
  • Sun Microsystems bought a bunch of companies including Cobalt Networks, HighGround Systems and LSC. But that didn't stop Sun losing storage market share probably just as fast as it would have done without these acquisitions, just as we predicted before all this buying started. No one believed Sun was a serious storage company then, and they don't now.

    But Sun has recently tried to leverage the HighGround business as a credible launching pad for Sun's new Linux business. If you haven't heard of it, don't worry. I don't think many people believe that Sun is a credible Linux/Pentium server company either, no more than you would believe Microsoft if it launched into the Linux /SPARC business. But Sun's in a bit of a mess at the moment, so it's got to try some new tricks, which don't cost too much.
  • Exabyte is in the "still to be decided category". Exabyte thought it was a good idea to acquire Ecrix, when Compaq decided last year to drop Exabyte's tape drives and replace them with Ecrix's VXA. Similarly the Ecrix managers were looking at the prospect of running a bigger publicly owned company with a bigger VAR channel. But if the HP-Compaq merger does go ahead this month, then it's most likely that HP will drop Exabyte tape drives ASAP and the new Exabyte will most likely speed into bankruptcy by the summer.

I hope you'll stay tuned to the STORAGEsearch - new page to see what happens next.

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Green Hills Software Green Hills Software #1 In 2001 Market Share Growth Among Hard Real-Time Operating Systems

Santa Barbara, CA. - March 4, 2002 - Green Hills Software, Inc. today announced that it has achieved the greatest market share growth in 2001 among embedded RTOSes addressing "hard real-time requirements," according to a study released this month by Venture Development Corporation (VDC), a leading technology market research firm.

In its latest study, entitled "Embedded Software Strategic Market Intelligence Program: Volume IV," published February, 2002, VDC reports on the worldwide market for all embedded operating systems for the year 2001. According to the VDC report, the embedded operating system market is estimated to top $663.8 million in 2001 shipments. This includes shipments of embedded operating systems from Microsoft (Windows XP Embedded, Windows CE), Palm (PalmOS), VenturCom (Windows), Symbian (SymbianOS), Sun (Solaris) and several vendors of embedded Linux. It also includes shipments of hard real-time operating system (RTOS) shipments from Green Hills Software, Wind River Systems, QNX, OSE Systems, Microware, Accelerated Technologies, and Express Logic. In the hard RTOS segment, which accounted for $ 300 million, GHS experienced the fastest growth in market share.
news image - Green Hills Software - RTOS market share
. A full picture of RTOS Market Share Growth for 2001 is shown above, showing all companies included in the "hard real-time" subset who showed growth. Data for Microsoft's Windows CE3.0, which claims 30-50 microsecond response capability, was not broken out in the VDC report, and so is included among Microsoft's total embedded OS numbers in the "non-hard-real-time" category. ...Green Hills Software
Force Computers
. "Breaking from its traditional position as a supplier of single board computers, Force has finally delivered what I can truly call a 'system' solution—not just a collection of cards in an enclosure," said Jerry Krasner, Ph. D, an industry analyst, Embedded Market Forecasters. "With the economies of scale and scope no longer favoring the large, vertical telecom equipment manufacturers, an outsourcing model built on a system platform strategy such as Force's fully integrated EndurX line makes perfect sense."
Force Hardens Up on High Availability with New Endurx™ 25k Ultra Availability™ Systems

FREMONT, Calif. - March 4, 2002 - Force Computers today announced the EndurX™ 25K platform for "Ultra Availability™" (UA) solutions, the first in a new line of fully integrated system solutions. EndurX provides a whole system with "five nines" or "six nines" capability—not just individual components that require OEM integration—a first for open standards embedded HA computing.

Compliant with PICMG 2.16, the EndurX 25K UA platform is available preconfigured with up to 14 redundant Intel® Pentium® III processor-based server blades running the Linux™ OS and GoAhead SelfReliant middleware. It also features:
  • Preinstalled cluster manager for all processor nodes
  • IPMI platform management (PICMG 2.9)
  • Fully redundant, hot-swappable hardware
  • HA storage solutions
  • NEBS Level 3 design—ideal for telecom and modular network applications
  • ETSI building practices for back-to-back deployment
EndurX 25K UA platforms fully integrated with dual redundant Linux/Pentium III node boards, 100Mbit Ethernet Layer 2-plus switches, HA middleware, HA platform management and SNMP remote management in a 9U/255mm 14-node slot PICMG 2.16 system will be available through Force's Early Access Unit (EAU) program in Q2 2002 with volume shipments in Q3 2002. List prices start at $23,250. All monetary amounts are stated in U.S. dollars. For purchase information, call (800) 367-2399. ...Force Computers profile
Tadpole TrustWorks and Tadpole Partner To Deliver Simple, More Effective Network Security Appliance For Remote Offices

Amsterdam (NL), Cambridge (UK), and Carslbad (CA) - March 4, 2002 - TrustWorks Systems B.V. (TWS), a provider of advanced network security management software, and Tadpole today jointly announced a business and technology alliance aimed at providing remote, multi-location enterprises with a simplified and more effective network security management capability.

Focussing on Tadpole's portable Solaris product range, TrustWorks Trusted Gate software will be installed on the Solaris Server appliance. When coupled with TrustWorks Trusted Global Security Manager, organizations will be able to centrally manage and easily configure network security devices at satellite locations.

The centralised management function of the bundled appliance delivers a fast return on investment. It enhances network security by automatically enforcing new or updated business-critical security policies. This eliminates the time-wasting and costly practice of manual updates and ensures that only the most up-to-date security policies are employed. The TrustWorks/Tadpole appliance becomes the perfect solution for large enterprises with remote office locations to enforce dynamic security policy changes and maintain control of remote locations. ...Tadpole profile, ...TrustWorks
Syncsort New Syncsort Seminars Focus on Benefits for Consultants

Woodcliff Lake, NJ - March 4, 2002 - IT consultants can help their clients dramatically improve their applications' performance with SyncSort, the high-performance data manipulation product, by participating in a new series of seminars being offered by Syncsort Incorporated.

The ongoing series of one-day workshops shows participants step-by-step how incorporating SyncSort into their client solutions can boost UNIX and NT applications' performance and speed results, as well as make development easier and faster. Each registrant who attends will receive and install a free, full-functioned copy of SyncSort.

For more than 30 years, SyncSort has been the leading tool used by developers and consultants to improve application implementation and operation. Continuous testing and development, along with acclaimed 24/7 support, ensure a product that's highly reliable and robust. Data warehousing, data mart loading, data mining, CRM, ERP, BI, DSS, Web log processing, and Oracle Financials are just a few of the areas in which SyncSort will improve application performance. Some of the many facets that contribute to the SyncSort edge include its reliability, its ease of use for both end user and developer, its ability to work on multiple platforms (Windows, UNIX and mainframe) and its seamless integration with other products and applications. Furthermore, it's fast: it can slash data warehouse load time by up to 90%! ...Syncsort
Rave Computer Association Rave to Sell InifiniSAN disk-to-disk (D2D) Backup

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. - March 1, 2002 - Nexsan Technologies today announced it has signed Rave Computers, and four other companies as additional high-end systems integrators to offer the company's award-winning enterprise storage products.

"Nexsan's products enhance Rave Computer's product line of storage and backup solutions for networked storage and disaster recovery applications," said Tony Scicluna, director of sales, Rave Computer. "Our customer¹s initial response to Nexsan¹s D2D and ATAboy products were tremendously positive and as a result, Rave Computer incorporated the full InfiniSAN product line into its high-end data storage offerings." ...Nexsan Technologies profile , ...Rave Computer Association profile

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