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2002, March week 4

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Tadpole Compute Server 2200
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Peritek Peritek Debuts Windows, VxWorks and LynxOS PMC Graphics Boards

OAKLAND, Calif. - March 29, 2002 - Peritek Corporation has announced two new high-resolution PCI Mezzanine Card (PMC) graphics controllers. The new PMC boards add Windows, VxWorks, LynxOS and Linux operating system support to Peritek's current Solaris compatible PMC board offering.

The Aurora3/PMC and Corona3/PMC boards join the Solaris-compatible Eclipse3/PMC board to create the ACE/PMC family, a complete family of high resolution PMC graphics boards. ACE/PMC boards are designed to meet the increasing demand for embedded display controllers that combine advanced graphics technology with product life support far longer than typically available from boards based on PC-market graphics chipsets. They deliver advanced 128-bit display technology on the popular PMC platform. Peritek now offers compatible families on PMC, CompactPCI and PCI platforms to offer the widest range of embedded and industrial operating systems compatibility.

"With the introduction of Aurora3/PMC and Corona3/PMC, Peritek now offers support for the full range of leading embedded OS's on the industry's leading mezzanine platforms," stated Victor Gold, President of Peritek. "Regardless of operating system or architecture, Peritek now offers a high performance, extended life cycle graphics solution." ...Peritek profile
Peritek Debuts Windows, VxWorks and LynxOS PMC Graphics Boards

VERITAS Selects Emulex Host Bus Adapters For Integration Into Its Corporate Storage Networking Infrastructure

Themis Computer Introduces Packet-Switching Bus cPCI Single-Board Computer for Network and Telecommunications Applications

Intellitactics Partners with Tadpole to Offer Solid SPARC Platform for its Enterprise Security Management

Computone's Multi-User Solutions Seals Deal to provide Sun® Solaris® Support for Mind Share Systems

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Disk to disk backup
Disk to disk backup on
"I'm impressed by your new hotSTOR disk to disk backup" said Megabyte to Cheaperbyte . "Does it make coffee too?"

View from the Hill:-

What If?... Speculation About Mergers Which Might Have Been

Although the official count for the HP-Compaq merger could take weeks, it's likely that both companies will do better this year, regardless of the outcome, because of the IT recovery that's already started. Maybe it's the Spring weather, or maybe when a market has already been in recession for a year, the quarterly comparisons with the year before don't look so bad any more. And even PCs do start to look a bit tired and need replacing if you hang onto them for a third or fourth year. If the options are to replace old systems or decomputerise, then eventually companies will have to buy some new stuff.

There have been over 100 mergers and acquisitions in the storage market since January 2000, and this got me speculating about matches which, unlike the HP-Compaq merger, wouldn't be so synergistic.

In the mid 1990's there was strong speculation that Sun Microsystems was planning to buy Apple Computer. Imagine what the results would be now, if that had gone ahead. When a customer buys a iMac they have to go on a two week systems administration course on the SunMacOS operating system before they're allowed to turn it on. Or when you order your next SPARC mainframe for the datacenter there's a four week delay before delivery, because the color you wanted (to match your carpet) is not in stock, and you don't want to risk the faster delivery but tatty appearance offered by a gray Sun VAR of an ex-stock model with a garage respray.

Then there are those other possible mergers, which even their managements haven't considered yet, and I want a percentage of the proceeds if this article gives them ideas.

Suppose EMC were to merge with Palm? You'd get the amazing PalmBack, a PDA with 10 Terabytes of data including all your favorite DVDs, CDs and business reports etc (much more than 4 hours of music!) connected to your neat little hand sized device connected via a BlueTooth wireless interface to a backpack weighing 60 pounds which straps to your shoulders. The PalmBack standard model would run for 30 minutes with its built in power source, but you could get an optional UPS based on ten car batteries strapped together which you pull along on a little trolley behind you.

Then there's the merger between Microsoft and the entertainment industry which we've been waiting to really happen for the last ten years or so. Only let's give it the proper name, the Content Delivery Industry. If Microsoft merged with Lucas Films, you'd be half way through watching the next episode of Star Wars, delivered down your broadband pipe, when, fifteen minutes from the end, the screen would go blue with a message saying "There is a fault with this system, please press control-alt-delete to restart, and contact your software vendor." You reset the system, but like Groundhog Day, it doesn't resume from where it crashed, instead you have to start watching the movie all over again from the beginning... That's what you get for being a beta site, and buying the new content delivery system in the first year after it came out. You should have known better. Version 4.3 will fix that problem.

OK maybe those later mergers might never happen, so I won't get any credit for proposing them. But you never know, if the Nasdaq heats up again we're going to see some crazy things again. (I'm going to watch CNBC tonight to see if my suggestions get a mention, just in case.) And maybe the HP-Compaq merger doesn't look so strange now that we've had enough time to get used to it.

Rave Computer
Based in Sterling Heights, Michigan, Rave Computer Association, Inc. is a Sun authorized Master Value-Added System Integrator and a Sun software OEM.

VERITAS Selects Emulex Host Bus Adapters For Integration Into Its Corporate Storage Networking Infrastructure

COSTA MESA, Calif. - March 28, 2002 - Emulex Corporation announced today that VERITAS Software Corporation has selected Emulex's Fibre Channel HBAs as part of the connectivity solution within its storage area network infrastructure. VERITAS has chosen to integrate the Emulex HBAs in conjunction with Sun Microsystems servers, McDATA director-class switches, Hitachi Data Systems storage arrays and Quantum|ATL tape libraries to create its SAN. The Emulex LP8000 host bus adapter provides robust, high performance connectivity for the Solaris-based SAN environment.

"The evolution of storage management in the last two years has created a new architecture for storage," said Greg Valdez, vice president and chief information officer, VERITAS Software. "VERITAS was able to leverage the capabilities of its own products for second-generation data replication, global clustering and data center high availability based on a state-of-the-art storage infrastructure from our strategic partners like Emulex." ...Emulex profile, ...VERITAS Software profile
Themis Computer
. "Our customers want to deploy their latest applications on Themis' USPIIe-cPCI boards because we offer the highest clock rates and support switched Ethernet bus standards. We also provide a seamless migration path from Sun workstations used in our customers' labs," stated William E. Kehret, president of Themis Computer. "Compatibility with Sun Microsystems' Solaris and hardware products has been a long-term guiding principle at Themis. Superset compatibility is more than a market slogan, it's our mantra."
Themis Computer Introduces Packet-Switching Bus cPCI Single-Board Computer for Network and Telecommunications Applications

FREMONT, California – March 26, 2002 - Themis Computer announced its new USPIIe-cPCI single-board computer (SBC) that expands the breath and performance capabilities of the USPIIe product family. Themis Computer has combined its USPIIe technology with the new cPCI standard, including PICMG 2.16 Packet Switching Bus (PSB), to provide Solaris users the next generation cPCI solution for their demanding applications.

Themis' USPIIe-cPCI 500 MHz board delivers fast 64-bit performance and 2GB SDRAM memory. Designed to accept Sun's new, higher clock rate UltraSPARC IIe processors at 750 MHz and above, Themis USPIIe-cPCI is the only UltraSPARC based product to support both PSB and 64 bit cPCI transactions. Offering an expanded feature set, Themis' new USPIIe-cPCI boards maintain I/O and software backward-compatibility with Sun Microsystems cPCI family, insuring a low risk migration path to higher performance and Switched-Ethernet systems architectures.

The Themis USPIIe-cPCI will be sampling in May with general availability in June 2002. ...Themis Computer profile
. "This new relationship will allow Intellitactics to better serve the vast array of organisations that are interested in Intellitactics' enterprise security management software," says Brent Davidson, Intellitactics' director of strategic development. "An appliance solution was the next logical step for achieving our objective of enhancing the flexibility of our software and further increasing the speed at which our customers could deploy our product. We believe Tadpole offers the type of high-quality product that will help us meet this requirement."
Intellitactics Partners with Tadpole to Offer Solid SPARC Platform for its Enterprise Security Management

Cambridge, UK - March 26, 2002 - Tadpole today announces that Intellitactics, a leader in enterprise security management software, has entered into a strategic business and technology alliance with Tadpole's hardware solutions subsidiary.

According to Brent Davidson, Intellitactics' director of strategic development, the partnership will give Intellitactics' customers the option of installing its Network Security Manager (NSM) software on a high-quality SPARC platform in addition to the current Microsoft and Solaris solutions the company already supports.

Tadpole's rackmount servers provide customers with a range of space-efficient, high-performance, single CPU or multiple CPU SMP workgroup servers that enable companies to maximise the computing power within their datacenters. Intellitactics' Network Security Manager software monitors, normalises, and correlates the security data produced by hundreds of security devices and applications in real time, looks for patterns of suspicious activity, identifies internal and external threats, and provides analyses and strategies for protecting the information on corporate networks.

The integration of Tadpole appliances and NSM will allow customers to "plug and go". Security teams will simply need to identify the devices on their networks, appropriate IP addresses, and hardware specifications and Tadpole will handle all the configuration requirements. Organisations will receive NSM pre-installed on a customised appliance and will be able to begin monitoring millions of events, across hundreds of devices, in a matter of hours. ...Intellitactics profile, ...Tadpole profile

Mind Share Systems
Computone's Multi-User Solutions Seals Deal to provide Sun® Solaris® Support for Mind Share Systems

ATLANTA - March 22, 2002 - Multi-User Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of Computone Corporation proudly announced today that it has entered into a partnership with Mind Share Systems, Inc.. The enhanced partnership provides Mind Share customers with solid help desk support for major brands of Unix operating systems via Multi-User Solutions. This partnership also provides both companies with shared access to each company's extensive resources.

"We are very pleased to have Multi-User Solutions as a partner. Together we can design, implement, manage and fully support Sun® Solaris®, Unix®, Linux® and Windows NT® solutions across the United States. By leveraging our internal skill sets and the vast qualified service arm of Multi-user Solutions, we can reduce the total cost of ownership by decreasing the amount of overhead associated with traditional service organizations. This partnership will provide our clients with quality service solutions required to move ahead in this challenging economy," said Al Masullo, president of Mind Share Systems.

"We are very excited about this partnership with Mind Share Systems," stated Mark Trimue, vice president of sales and marketing at Multi-User Solutions. "This relationship solidifies Multi-Users entry into the Sun® Solaris® support arena; It allows us to better serve our loyal customer base and provide for future prospects." ...Computone profile, ...Mind Share Systems profile

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