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SPARC History - 2002, May week 2

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Rave Computer

. "UniTrends products are easy to use, install and support. We are very excited to be the first Sun authorized reseller to offer the UniTrends crash recovery product for the SPARC platform," said Tony Scicluna, Director of Sales at Rave Computer. "By incorporating UniTrends software with our proven disk to disk and tape products, our customers will be enjoying the benefits of a very attractive and robust disaster recovery solution."
Rave Computer Announces Strategic Partnership with UniTrends

Sterling Heights, Michigan - May 14, 2002 - Rave Computer Association, Inc. and UniTrends Software Corporation have forged an alliance to deliver superior Disaster Recovery Solutions to businesses nationwide. This strategic partnership fulfills Rave Computer's corporate initiative to deliver disaster recovery solutions for multiple industries requiring high availability and fast data recovery. Rave Computer will carry UniTrend's complete suite of Backup, Restore and Crash Recovery products.

The products offer disk-to-disk and tape file by file backup, complete bare metal integrated crash recovery, agents, lights out scheduling and are easy to use for virtually every operating system (Windows 3.1/95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP, Free BSD, Linux, BSDI, NetBSD, Novell, SCO Open Server, UnixWare 7, Solaris, HP, Alpha, RS6000 and more).

In 2000, UniTrends introduced Solar Shield - a complete crash recovery for Solaris users, allowing for bare metal recovery without re-installing the operating systems and carefully preserving device drivers, security patches, file system sizes and mount points, permissions and kernel boot straps. Solar Shield completely rebuilds an identical Solaris operating system on a new hard disk and, in most cases, enables a totally automated recovery in less than one hour. ...Rave Computer profile, ...UniTrends Software profile

See also:- Data recovery services, D2D - Disk to disk backup
Rave Computer Announces Strategic Partnership with UniTrends

Jareva Unveils First Management Suite to Automatically Discover, Deploy, Control and Customize Blade Servers Across Operating Systems and Vendors

Computer Associates' Etrust Antivirus is First to Achieve ICSA Labs Certification for Solaris and Linux

Interphase Announces Enhanced Software Development Suites to Assist with Next Generation I/O System Design

NTI Introduces USB Matrix KVM Switch

Gartner Dataquest Says Sun's Worldwide Workstation Shipments Declined 27% in the First Quarter of 2002

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Sometimes research can help you avoid going down a dead end, mused Megabyte. Luckily his niece Killerbyte came to the rescue with a quick getaway plan.

View from the Hill

Should Sun Rename All its Products in Line with the New Reorganization Thinking?

May 2002 - Sun Microsystems has recently come out of deep-thought mode and made sweeping changes to a whole bunch of things. In case you've missed them, here's a quick summary:

  • Sun is going to do Linux, like all those other computer companies which use those "Intel Inside" chips.
  • Sun has renamed most of its forgetable software products. So all those applications you couldn't remember before are now called "Sun" plus "something". Remembering half the name is better than remembering none. But wait a minute! Solaris, which was previously called SunOS, is still called Solaris. Now there's a flaw in the naming convention which no one else seems to have spotted yet.
  • Sun is making changes at the the top of the organization to bring in vitally needed new blood. So when Ed Zander retires, Scott McNealy will step in as President. Meanwhile Carly Fiorina, who is suspected of working for Sun as a double agent, will, for the time being, stay under cover in her job at HP.
  • Sun Microsystems has started up a marketing organization. Most start-ups have one in place before they do their IPO, but this is a sign of maturity in the 20 year old Sun, that it can learn from benchmarking the best practise of other organizations. I think some management consultants may have been involved here, possibly the clever ones which split off from Anderson and became called something with an accent which I can't reproduce on this keyboard, long before the Enron fiasco made it an even better idea.

Now, I know that many influential people in Sun, read the SPARC Product Directory, and look for new business ideas in these columns. So here are a few free suggestions guys and gals for the next few steps to take, while Dell is still drooling about taking over Compaq's PC and server business, and while HP does a deja vu in acquisition a la HP acquiring Apollo, and Compaq acquiring DEC. (There's a lot of foreign words in there, but I'm sure you take my point, and we do have some European readers who we want to feel comfortable here.) The strategic ideas below are not in any particular order, and are freely contributed in the spirit of open source/ open systems to be used whenever the circumstances seem appropriate / desperate.

  • Good idea #1 - rename all the "SPARC chips" to "Sun chips". So the "UltraSPARC 4" would become the "SunCPU 1". That will make it easier for all your younger customers whose memories don't stretch back far enough into all that exciting SPARC stuff in the 1980's. It will also be compatible with all the new "Sun" plus "something else" naming conventions.

    Now I realise there is a small problem here, because other companies, most notably Fujitsu also make SPARC chips, and they may cry "foul". But let's be honest, they also do a lot of that "Intel Inside" stuff. So they aren't as totally committed to the Sun success idea as Sun. But I've thought of a way around this problem as well. In the spirit of complete and utter equality, you can agree to let them call their chips, the "FujitsuCPU" family. No one could object to that, could they? And it will be a lot clearer for all end-users... Now there is a slight flaw with this plan if we look at Sun's other idea of expanding into the Intel Server market. I forgot to mention that one above, but it is true. I didn't make it up. The grit in the ointment here is that I don't think Intel will agree to Sun renaming its Pentium processors, just because they happen to be operating inside a Sun server. But that's where "thinking outside the box" becomes important.

    Sun could market the new Intel based servers as "Sun Outside."

    Eureka! I don't claim any royalty fees for that idea either.
  • Good idea #2 - concerns another software product which again seems to have missed the first round of software renaming, and we all know I'm talking about that coffee stuff. Now I've never been a great fan of Java, partly because the hype in the early days seemed to go a little bit too far when Sun's dumb terminal was named the JavaStation. Let's just admit that I was wrong, a lot of people do actually use Java, but actually on PCs. The dumb terminal idea was just, well, dumb... The problem with Java is that Sun doesn't get enough credit for the idea. So let's just rename "Java" to "Sun C" or Sun/PL (Sun Programming Language) and start all over.
  • Good idea #3 - a long time ago Sun used to feature a dog in its ads. That made the company seem a lot more friendly and approachable. So think about introducing a new animal into all Sun's ads. But not a mouse... Mice have already been done. Otherwise people may mistakenly think that Sun is a storage company.
Data Storage Depot
Data Storage Depot is a leading supplier of new Disk, Memory, RAID, NAS and Tape products for SUN workstations and servers.

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Jareva Technologies
. "Traditional systems management approaches weren't designed for this environment or this type of server – which creates headaches for enterprise customers and slows overall market adoption of this much needed technology," said Jagadish Bandhole, president and chief executive officer for Jareva. "As a result, Jareva is emerging as the leader in a whole new software category focused on deployment, access, control, and update of blade servers."
Jareva Unveils First Management Suite to Automatically Discover, Deploy, Control and Customize Blade Servers Across Operating Systems and Vendors

Sunnyvale, Calif.- May 14, 2002 – Jareva Technologies, a leader in IT abstraction and automation software, today announced the June availability of its new BladeForce Blade Management Suite. The first software platform designed to bring bare metal discovery, provisioning and deployment, control and management, and update capabilities to blade servers, BladeForce works across multiple vendors and operating systems in a dynamic, multi-tiered networked environment.

A blade server's high-density design necessitates the removal of attached media devices such as a CD or floppy drive. As a result, the complexity of deployment and setup of operating systems, applications, firmware, BIOS, and RAID is amplified and becomes a critical issue. In addition, the headless nature of blades makes it difficult to gain remote access. Current approaches via IP-based remote access software are complicated and time consuming to setup through multiple network segments.

Designed to manage all blade server lifecycle management tasks and activities, BladeForce discovers all bare metal hardware, deploys Linux, Windows and/or Solaris operating systems, allows for network personalization, updates software stacks, provides rich remote access, and customizes and saves blade snapshots – all in a networked environment. The BladeForce software provides flexibility that makes it possible for customers to realize the density and power-consumption benefits of a blade server's form factor and design. ...Jareva Technologies profile
Computer Associates Computer Associates' Etrust Antivirus is First to Achieve ICSA Labs Certification for Solaris and Linux

HERNDON, VA and ISLANDIA, N.Y. - May 13, 2002 — TruSecure Corporation, a leading security services provider, today announced that its independent ICSAR Labs division has completed the industry's first certification tests for antivirus products designed for the Solaris and Linux operating systems. Computer Associates' eTrust Antivirus is the first product to receive this certification. The ICSA Labs Anti-Virus Certification program is an independent and comprehensive process that rigorously tests, assesses, and validates the security of antivirus products relied upon by all types of companies worldwide....Computer Associates profile
. "We are pleased to release our new iWARE software development suites," said Greg Kalush, CEO and President of Interphase Corporation. "iWARE is designed to optimize I/O performance as well as dramatically reduce telecommunication equipment manufacturers' software development efforts, so our customers will benefit greatly by using these software suites along with our board-level products."
Interphase Announces Enhanced Software Development Suites to Assist with Next Generation I/O System Design

DALLAS, Texas - May 13, 2002 - Interphase Corporation today announced the availability of iWARE™, an enhanced package of software tools to assist with board-level software integration in next generation telecommunications I/O development. Designed to maximize performance, reduce costs and shorten the development cycle, iWARE Software Development Suites provide the least amount of complexity and effort on the part of design teams to enable seamless integration.

The iWARE software development suite is available in several configurations, each suited to work in conjunction with a specific communication environment. Each iWARE package contains multiple development tools, each tailored to the needs of different integration types. The suites include Interphase-developed firmware protocol stacks (which are accessible via APIs provided by Interphase), Interphase's own real-time kernel for maximum protocol processing performance, base drivers for selected operating systems, configuration and diagnostic utilities, and clear and comprehensive documentation and sample programs.

Additional suite versions for VxWorks, Solaris and Linux are available for multiple Interphase iSPAN™ Communications Controllers. In addition, iWARE protocol modules are offered for ATM AAL5, ATM AAL2, SS7 MTP1/2, Frame Relay, PPP, HDLC and IP/Ethernet, along with convergence layer software for third party protocol stacks, such as Hughes Software Systems. ...Interphase profile
Network Technologies
. The ST-nXm-USBV-U switch features NTI's patented USB electronic autoboot technology, allowing users to boot all attached computers in one operation. (Other USB KVM switches require individual, sequential boot-up.) USB host computers and USB devices can be hot-plugged or removed at any time, and the switch can be powered-down without having to reboot the attached computers.
NTI Introduces USB Matrix KVM Switch

AURORA, OH - May 10, 2002 - Network Technologies Inc (NTI) today announced the newest addition to their popular line of USB KVM switches. The USB Matrix KVM Switch allows up to eight users to individually command or simultaneously share up to 32 USB-enabled computers using USB keyboards, USB mice and VGA monitors. This switch supports any USB-enhanced computer, including the following:
  • -SUN Blade 100s, 1000s, SUN Rays and Sun Fire 280R. SUN extra keys are emulated on USB keyboards with Windows keyboard layouts.
  • -PCs with USB ports
  • -MAC G3/G4s. Supports Mac soft (keyboard) power-on capability.
Users can choose the keyboard layout they prefer (PC, MAC or SUN) to control all attached computers. Keystroke translation and special key emulation are programmed into the switch. The switch can also recognize international keyboard layouts, or a layout code can be programmed manually. Any USB device (keyboard and/or mouse) can be utilized to control any attached USB host computer. The switch supports most USB keyboards and mice, including USB Intellimouse®.

Prices range from $1,200 to $9,995, and the switch is immediately available. ...Network Technologies profile

Sun Microsystems
. "The worldwide market is hampered by uncertainty because the U.S. economy continues to be soft and the pending HP-Compaq merger may be leaving some end users undecided on product roadmaps. There are also signs of saturation in the U.S. workstation market," said Pia Rieppo, principal analyst covering workstations for Gartner Dataquest's Computing Platform Worldwide group. "In addition, there is little technological innovation to get excited about, with possible exception of notebook workstations, and the future of the Itanium product family is still undecided. All this uncertainty leads to conservatism in IT spending."
Gartner Dataquest Says Sun's Worldwide Workstation Shipments Declined 27% in the First Quarter of 2002

SAN JOSE, Calif. - May 10, 2002 - Worldwide workstation shipments for all manufacturers totaled 358,829 units in the first quarter of 2002, a 5.4 percent decline from the first quarter of 2001, according to preliminary results from Dataquest Inc.When worldwide workstation shipments declined rapidly from the third quarter of 2000 to the third quarter of 2001, the hope was that the industry would soon show signs of a recovery, but Gartner Dataquest analysts said the industry still has obstacles to overcome.

Dell extended its lead as the No. 1 vendor in worldwide workstation shipments, as its market share grew to 37.5 percent (see Table 1). IBM was the only other top-tier vendor in 2001 to experience an increase in shipments from the previous year. All vendors experienced flat or declining shipments from the fourth quarter of 2001. ...Gartner Dataquest profile
Company 1Q02
Market Share (%)
Market Share (%)
Growth (%)
Dell 134,700 37.5 109,048 28.8 23.5
Sun Microsystems 62,000 17.3 85,411 22.5 -27.4
Compaq 47,551 13.3 48,011 12.7 -1.0
IBM 46,303 12.9 40,829 14.9 13.4
Hewlett-Packard 36,600 10.2 56,611 10.8 -35.3
Others 31,676 8.8 39,386 10.4 -19.6
Total Market 358,829 100.0 379,296 100.0 -5.4
. Editor's comments:- these results are not as bad for Sun as you may think for 2 reasons.
  • The workstation market has been a declining part of Sun's business for the last 5 years. For example in Q1 this year Sun shipped more servers (68,655) than workstations. Servers have a much higher average selling price.

Rave Computer
Rave Computer Elevates to Master Distributor Status for Naturetech Solaris-Powered Laptops - Seeking Resellers

Sterling Heights, Michigan - May 8, 2002 - Rave Computer has this week elevated its distributor agreement to become Master Distributor of Naturetech's GENIALstation SPARC-based laptop computers in North America. Rave Computer is now one of four Master distributors of Nature Worldwide Technology products in North America. GENIALstations laptops are ready for delivery. Rave Computer is currently soliciting resellers. Please contact Dave Francis for further information on becoming a reseller at 1-800-966-7283. ...Naturetech profile, ...Rave Computer profile

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