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sparc product directory

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SPARC T2 Server
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SPARC history - 2002, June week 1

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. "APCON has a proven record of delivering high-level benefits to its customers," said Richard Rauch, APCON president and CEO. "Telecom/datacom customers using IntellaPatch switches will profit from the same competitive advantages, including accelerated time to market, minimized capital investment, and overall decreased costs."
APCON Launches ATM/SONET Physical Layer Switch for Lab Testing
APCON Launches ATM/SONET Physical Layer Switch for Lab Testing

Sun Microsystems to Resell StorageTek L5500 Tape Library

Antares Microsystems Appoints TidalWire as Master Distributor

Force Announces Gigabit Ethernet-Speed Network Processing on Centellis CO 21000-12U Series

Sun Puts 900 MHz SPARC Processors into 4U Rackmount Netra 20 Servers

SGI Announces Multiplatform Support for High-Performance Data Sharing

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Megabyte found that some applications needed a lot more horsepower.
Nibble Re: cPCI SBCs

Compact PCI Single Board Computers are the new blades at the cutting edge of today's SPARC systems market.

In the early 1990's workstations led the charge, and were the #1 reason for most users buying a SPARC system. By the mid 1990's departmental and enterprise servers had become the products fueling SPARC market growth, initially as database servers, and then as gateways to the internet. In the period 2000 to 2001 rack optimised systems were the fastest growing segment for both SPARC and Intel architecture servers, as users found they could economise their eserver farms by switching to low cost rackmounts and piling them high.

Now, in 2002 it looks like cPCI SBCs will be the winners in the race to to fill those field replaceable computing slots in a standardised form factor.

In the next few years we'll see Infiniband, more CPUs and solid state disks squeezing onto these tightly packed modules, which actually look very similar to the 6U 68020 based VME cards used in the Sun-3's of the mid 1980's.

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PORTLAND, OR - June 7, 2002 - APCON, Inc., a leading provider of high-speed hardware for automated network connectivity management, today announced the release of the IntellaPatch TD32 Physical Layer Switch for interoperability test labs and data center security within telecom/datacom environments.

The IntellaPatch TD32 is an OC (optical carrier) layer 1 switch designed to electronically automate network connectivity, and lab setup and reconfiguration. With the TD32, test engineers and systems personnel can automate cable pulls and lab configuration in a controlled environment, virtually eliminating costly manual labor. IntellaPatch TD32 switches provide optimal flexibility and expandability for telecom/ datacom-specific environments. The IntellaPatch TD32 switch includes a standard Ethernet LAN port connection for remote management and monitoring.

The TD32 supports ATM and SONET protocols at OC-3, OC-12, or OC-48 data streams, with actual data rate transfer occurring at 155.52 Mb/sec, 622.08 Mb/sec, or 2.488 Gb/sec, respectively. The TD32 also comes standard with 32-ports that use SFP transceivers. Customers can install their choice of multi- or single-mode fiber optic media transceivers on an add-as-you-grow basis.

The APCON IntellaPatch TD32 Physical Layer Switch is now shipping with prices beginning at $7,595. ...Apcon profile

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Sun Microsystems

Sun Microsystems to Resell StorageTek L5500 Tape Library

LOUISVILLE, Colo. - June 5, 2002 - StorageTek® has announced its reseller strategy for the L5500 tape library to further meet market needs and optimize the channel opportunities. Through a comprehensive and focused program, authorized channel resellers can now deliver to Fortune 2000 companies access to the most scalable and reliable tape library on the market. The L5500 will be sold by StorageTek value added distributors (VADs), including GE Access and Avnet, Inc. Value Added Resellers (VARs) of these VADs are permitted to purchase the L5500 from their respective VAD, only after they have completed certain required StorageTek training on the product.

In addition, Sun Microsystems will include the L5500 as an OEM product in its data center offerings as the Sun StorEdge L5500. Sun currently sells StorageTek's PowderHorn under the OEM agreement as the StorEdge L6000 and through a reseller agreement. The L5500 complements the Sun™ StorEdge Complete Storage Solutions with a large, open systems library solution. ...StorageTek profile
Antares Microsystems
. "As our customer base grows and enterprise adoption of storage area networks widens, Antares faces an increasing demand for a distribution partner to reliably support our network of resellers," said George Berry, Antares President. "TidalWire has a reputation in the industry for SAN product expertise, excellent sales and support resources, as well as a worldwide distribution infrastructure. Partnering with TidalWire ensures Antares customers the highest level of service available and allows us the ability to focus on our core competency, which is to be the leading Enterprise quality I/O adapter provider."
Antares Microsystems Appoints TidalWire as Master Distributor

WESTBOROUGH, MA – June 4, 2002 - Antares Microsystems and TidalWire Inc. today announced details of a distribution partnership between the two companies. Under the terms of the agreement, TidalWire becomes the master distributor and technical support provider to over 200 Antares reseller partners.

The distribution agreement is the first for Antares who has until now managed product distribution internally. Antares chose TidalWire for the distribution partnership based on the storage networking specialist's five-plus year background in the distribution and technical support requirements of HBAs and other storage interconnect components. ...Antares Microsystems profile, ...TidalWire profile
Force Computers
. "With 17 GigE-enabled node slots, the Centellis CO 21000-12U offers a versatile, technology-neutral building-block approach to configuring systems with up to 40 times the performance of typical CompactPCI systems," said Dave Berry, Force product manager. "Fully configured, it's ideal for network applications that demand flexible, reliable wireline performance as well as enhances high-density edge and access interfacing with advanced network processing from Force's CPCI-910 dual IXP, 14-port Gigabit Ethernet switch-fabric blade-a huge performance leap over previous Fast Ethernet board-level solutions."
Force Announces Gigabit Ethernet-Speed Network Processing on Centellis CO 21000-12U Series

SUPERCOMM 2002, ATLANTA - June 4, 2002 - Force Computers today announced that its PICMG 2.16 Centellis™ CO 21000-12U cPSB server series offers Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) capability via redundant 24-port CPC6400 GigE switches from Performance Technologies.

As another step in its PICMG 2.16 first-to-market leadership, Force will demo this GigE CompactPCI® Packet-Switching Backplane (cPSB) server with its CPCI-910 dual Intel® IXP network processor blade that also includes a 14-port GigE switch-fabric and a ProcessorPMC slot-Force's first cPSB blade with this much functionality. In the future, developers can choose from Pentium® III, PowerPC™ or SPARC® GigE blades-or Force's Media Transporter™ digital signal processor/network processor GigE blades-for use in the 17 node-slot system.

GigE-enabled Centellis CO 21000-12Us will be available in June 2002 through Force's Early Access Unit program with volume shipments scheduled for August 2002. OEM-quantity pricing starts at $18,220. ...Force Computers profile
Sun Microsystems Sun Puts 900 MHz SPARC Processors into 4U Rackmount Netra 20 Servers

ATLANTA, Georgia, SUPERCOMM- June 4, 2002 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. now offers customers the Netra 20 server featuring UltraSPARC® III 900 MHz processors. The Netra 20 900 MHz server provides carrier-class capabilities in a 4U, rack-optimized package. Sun's Netra line of servers are NEBS Level 3 certified and ruggedized to meet the strict requirements for deployment into a central office or other carrier environment.
SGI SGI Announces Multiplatform Support for High-Performance Data Sharing

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - June 3, 2002 - SGI today announced the immediate availability of SGI® CXFSTM 2.1 shared filesystem software for multiplatform SAN environments-now with support for Sun® Solaris® and Windows NT® operating systems.

CXFS enables a team of users designing a car running Solaris, Windows NT and SGI® IRIX® OS-based servers and workstations to have simultaneous and direct access to the same design file--which could be several hundred gigabytes in size--at near-local disk speeds while preserving data integrity. CXFS improves data workflow by providing customers the performance and scalability of a SAN with the file sharing and connectivity of NAS, addressing two fundamental challenges in data management: fast access to information and seamless multiple operating system integration.

SGI CXFS 2.1 is supported on SGI IRIX, Sun Solaris and Windows NT operating systems. CXFS for Solaris starts at $4,200 (U.S. list) for up to two processors, scaling up to 108 processors. SGI SAN Server 1000 is available in July starting at $173,000 (U.S. list) and includes 730GB of storage and support for up to 6 CXFS clients. SGI SAN Server 1000 configurations scale to 29TB and up to 14 CXFS clients. ...SGI profile

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