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2002, June week 2

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PCI Expansion for Military Servers from Themis Computer
1U rugged remote PCI slot expansion
from Themis Computer
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Dot Hill Dot Hill Introduces DC-Powered RAID Blade

CARLSBAD, Calif. - June 13, 2002 - Dot Hill announced today the availability of a new -48 VDC-powered version of its ultra thin, rack-mountable RAID Blade storage system. Telecommunications companies and equipment providers as well as Internet Service Providers desire DC models of critical equipment because they operate independently of the power exchange and are easily sustainable.

The high availability RAID Blade storage system includes two SCSI ports that allow redundant connections when used with Dot Hill's SANpath® software. SANpath provides load balancing, failover and failback. The system can directly connect to a server via the SCSI ports and achieve high performance without the need for a host bus adaptor. The RAID Blade offers up to 292 GB of storage in a 1U high system. The RAID Blade transfers data at rates up to 160 megabytes per second, and includes a RAID controller and four hot-swappable SCSI disks drives of 18 GB, 36 GB or 73 GB. ...Dot Hill profile
Dot Hill Introduces DC-Powered RAID Blade

Themis Computer Introduces New TPX-4 PCI Expansion Box for use with Rugged Themis Servers for PCI System Expansion

Sun Thinks "Open Systems" Means "Open Your Wallets" and Pay More for Graphics Cards

Gartner Dataquest Says Software Vendors Are in a Fierce Battle for Emerging Portal Market

Tadpole and Oridus Align to Provide Network Appliances for Secure, Real-Time Engineering Web Collaboration

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Megabyte found that building his RAID system from cards and disks involved working at a lower level of integration
Nibble Re: cPCI SBCs

Compact PCI Single Board Computers are the new blades at the cutting edge of today's SPARC systems market.

In the early 1990's workstations led the charge, and were the #1 reason for most users buying a SPARC system. By the mid 1990's departmental and enterprise servers had become the products fueling SPARC market growth, initially as database servers, and then as gateways to the internet. In the period 2000 to 2001 rack optimised systems were the fastest growing segment for both SPARC and Intel architecture servers, as users found they could economise their eserver farms by switching to low cost rackmounts and piling them high.

Now, in 2002 it looks like cPCI SBCs will be the winners in the race to to fill those field replaceable computing slots in a standardised form factor.

In the next few years we'll see Infiniband, more CPUs and solid state disks squeezing onto these tightly packed modules, which actually look very similar to the 6U 68020 based VME cards used in the Sun-3's of the mid 1980's.

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Rave Computer
Rave Computer offers a full complement of SPARC-based solutions, which include SPARC-compatible laptops and a product mix of peripherals, performance upgrades, software and technical support.

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Themis Computer
. "The TPX-4 PCI Expansion Box demonstrates our commitment to provide compact, scalable and high performance servers that are designed to meet tomorrow's systems requirements," stated William E. Kehret, president of Themis Computer. "We listen carefully to our customers when they ask us to design and deliver affordable, scalable solutions that both meet today's needs and provide a bridge to emerging new technologies."
Themis Computer Introduces New TPX-4 PCI Expansion Box for use with Rugged Themis Servers for PCI System Expansion

FREMONT, California - June 12, 2002 - Themis Computer today announced its new TPX-4™ PCI Expansion Box for its RES-204™, RES-204s™ and T-210™ servers. Themis' PCI Expansion Box is a self contained I/O expansion subsystem that can be used with Themis servers and other PCI hosts to expand their PCI capability. Up to four full-length PCI cards can be accommodated within this space effective 1U subsystem. InfiniBand technology is used to interconnect the TPX-4 with the server, utilizing either copper or multi-mode fiber links.
Themis PCI slot expansion - click for more info
InfiniBand Technology enables small footprint 1U rackmountable PCI Expansion System, providing remote PCI expandability with low latency copper and Fiber links to Host Channel Adapter
. The TPX-4 card slots will support data in either 32-bit or 64-bit formats, at 33MHz. The Host Channel Adapter (HCA) operates at either 33 MHz or 66 MHz. The HCA communicates with the Target Channel Adapter (TCA) over industry standard InfiniBand connections. The HCA has two copper and two optical fiber ports, supporting cost effective copper interconnects at up to 17 Meters and multi-mode fiber interconnects to 300 Meters. Additional TPX-4 PCI Expansion Boxes can be connected together to provide scalability to eight or more PCI slots. A video repeater and synch restorer option may be added and packaged within the PCI expansion box allowing two graphics monitors to be connected to a single graphics controller port. The repeater also supports restoration of sync-on-green to support monitors without separate video sync inputs. Themis Computer selected Mellanox Technologies InfiniBridge™ device for use in the TPX-4 because of the Mellanox' transparent PCI bridge technology.

Focusing on the needs of government, telecommunications OEMs, and systems integrators, Themis' TPX-4 provides expandability for Themis' growing family of Rugged Enterprise Servers and other PCI hosts. Themis' new TPX-4 Expansion Box is FCC/EN/CNS compliant, and is designed for easy maintenance and reliable operation in space constrained, extreme customer environments. ...Themis Computer profile
Sun Microsystems

Sun Thinks "Open Systems" Means "Open Your Wallets" and Pay More for Graphics Cards

Editor - June 11, 2002 - Sun Microsystems has thought of an ingenious way to increase profits by anouncing a dramatic price increase for the PGX-64 entry level graphics accelerator to $445.00 US list. That means they could be making more money on the graphics card than they make on an entry level server. However readers of the SPARC Product Directory who don't want to contribute to Sun's rapid recovery fund have some alternatives.

Consider instead, some products from Tech-Source.

The Raptor GFX-8P card which is faster than Sun's PGX-64 and lists at around $300.00 and unlike the PGX 64 all Raptor cards have hardware support for simultaneous 8 and 24 bit graphics. Or for around the same price as the PGX-64 look at the ultra fast Raptor GFX-450 with 32 MB of memory and DVI output compatible with the latest LCD monitors. ...Tech-Source profile

Editor's note:- both Tech-Source and Sun Microsystems will be exhibiting their graphics systems next month at SIGGRAPH 2002, in San Antonio Texas.
Gartner Dataquest

Sun Microsystems
. "The large ISVs embedded portals services into their platforms and have elevated higher-level functionality to premium portal software products. The second round of shakeouts is happening, driven by the actions of the large ISVs, and will take half of the smaller ISVs," said Correia. "The remaining small ISVs will position themselves out of the portal market into vertical industry segments or horizontal functionality, become a niche player, be acquired by other software vendors, or close their doors."
Gartner Dataquest Says Software Vendors Are in a Fierce Battle for Emerging Portal Market

SAN JOSE, Calif. - June 10, 2002 - The worldwide portal market grew 59 percent in 2001, with new license revenue totaling $709 million, according to Dataquest Inc., a unit of Gartner, Inc. With the market poised for strong growth through 2006, major software vendors are battling to take a leadership position. At this time, there is still no clear market leader. The top three vendors, Plumtree, SAP and IBM, were tied for the No. 1 ranking in 2001 (see Table below).
Worldwide Horizontal Portal Vendors Market Share Based on New License Revenue

Source: Gartner Dataquest (June 2002)
Company 2001 Market
Share (%)
2000 Market
Share (%)
Revenue Growth
Plumtree 7 5 125
IBM 7 3 233
Sun Microsystems 6 7 29
BroadVision 5 NA NA
Others 68 85 26
Total Market 100 100 59
"The net result of the IT spending slowdown and the more cautious tone for emerging new software companies made IBM, Sun and SAP a safe bet and helped pull in more portal revenues," said Joanne Correia, vice president for Gartner Dataquest's Software Industry Research group. "The result was that the large software vendors gained market share of new license revenue at the expense of the pure play portal vendors."

Plumtree was the only pure play portal vendor to be ranked in the top five of the market. Plumtree's success has been attributed to being early to market, good channel partners and a very strong brand.

Gartner Dataquest says the portal product market is at the tail end of the first round of consolidation in which the large software vendors have market momentum. The first two rounds of shakeouts started in early 2001 and should peak by late 2002. The overcrowded nature of a market populated by small, venture-capital-funded, unprofitable companies, exacerbated by the U.S. economic slowdown, started the elimination of over 50 percent of the more than 100 portal software vendors. ...GartnerGroup profile
. Kuochun Lee, president of Oridus, comments, "Today, the worldwide engineering community gains access to powerful new machines for optimum design whether it be from the desktop, on the road, or across the globe. The high-performance Tadpole machines enabled with secure Internet communication technology from Oridus arm designers with the best solution for increased productivity, better team communication and faster product development. This relationship certainly places Tadpole and Oridus in the lead position as best-of-breed suppliers to the global electronics industry for secure Web collaboration appliances."

Graham Brown, president of Tadpole's hardware businesses, adds: "Oridus-by-Tadpole" network appliances raise the bar on secure Web collaboration and interaction. Together we will provide engineers with solutions tuned to outperform general-purpose servers and provide instant access to the richest of data files and documents."
Tadpole and Oridus Align to Provide Network Appliances for Secure, Real-Time Engineering Web Collaboration

New Orleans - June 10, 2002 - Tadpole today announces at the 39th Design Automation Conference (DAC) a strategic business and technology partnership with Oridus, Inc. that introduces to the electronics industry a new breed of plug-in network appliances. Deployable "out-of-the-box" into a corporate network from any location, at any time, the appliances will enable engineers to securely collaborate and interact on data rich files over the Internet and help them to slash lengthy design cycles.

Under terms of the agreement, Tadpole will embed Oridus' SpaceCruiser software into its Solaris-based, UltraSPARC chip driven servers, laptops and workstations. The "Oridus-by-Tadpole" Web collaborative solutions allow engineers to securely collaborate on complex integrated circuitry design, as well as test and debug prototypes over the Internet in real time. In addition, the appliances can help strengthen a company's remote customer support and technical training initiatives by providing direct and timely on-line access to these services.

The Oridus SpaceCruiser is a Web-based client/server communication solution designed to support the specific needs of the electronics industry for such tasks as the interactive review of mask data, AutoCAD databases, layouts, and packaging. Deployed across an enterprise, it increases employee productivity, speeds design cycles, and enhances customer support and training. ...Oridus, ...Tadpole profile

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