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2002, June week 3

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Rave Systems Redundant RackMount-4UAX2200
Rackmount SPARC
from Rave Computer
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Themis Computer Artec & Lantec to Sell Themis Computer Servers and Single-Board Computer Telco and Datacom Solutions in Israel

FREMONT, California - June 20, 2002 - Themis Computer announced the selection of Artec & Lantec to sell its extended operating environment servers and single board computers to telecom and industrial customers in Israel.

Established in 1992 primarily as an outsourcing partner for technology-based companies, Artec & Lantec is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel. Artec & Lantec is focused on the telecom and datacom markets, and is a market leader recognized for providing best of breed technologies and outstanding technical support.

Israel's telecommunications sector is the largest and most robust in the Middle East. Fixed services make up approximately 53% of Israel's total telecommunications market, followed by cellular and international long distance. Israel's telecommunications market revenues are expected to climb to US $5B in 2005. ...Artec & Lantec Ltd, ...Themis Computer profile

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Artec & Lantec to Sell Themis Computer Servers and Single-Board Computer Telco and Datacom Solutions in Israel

MCE to Attend SIGGRAPH 2002

Minnesota Ranks #2 in Refurbished Computer Sales

High-Performance Computing (HPC) System at Umea University Built with Dolphin High-Speed Three-Dimensional Interconnect

10 Gigabit Ethernet Alliance Announces Official Ratification of 10 Gigabit Ethernet Standard

Sun Fire V880 Server Gets 900 MHz Processors

Peritek Accelerates OpenGL 3D Graphics for Solaris PMC, CompactPCI and PCI Graphics Boards

DY 4 Announces Highly Integrated Rugged VMEbus Graphics

Datalink Joins Sun's iForce Partner Program

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RAID systems
on STORAGEsearch
Megabyte found that tying lots of barrels together to cross the data stream worked well. And if one of them got punctured, the raft didn't sink.
Nibble Re: RAID Jargon

By the process of marketing magic the humble RAID has been turned into other more advanced and desirable sounding products, which you will want to rush out and buy immediately.

The RAID system concept itself is simple enough, being a box of disk drives with self healing properties which can be run in parallel for faster data throughput. But that's not sexy enough for most storage product marketers. So we now have the following refinements.
  • RAID connected by SCSI , Firewire or IDE can be called a DAS (Directly Attached Storage). The RAID has to be connected by something, but "DAS" sounds more modern, and indicates that you chose this method of connection in preference to all the others.
  • RAID connected by Fibre-channel can be called a SAN (Storage Area Network). That sounds better already.
  • RAID connected by Ethernet can be called a NAS (Network Attached Storage).
  • RAID connected by both Fibre-channel and Ethernet can be called a NUS (Network Unified Storage).
  • Even better than plain old vanilla NUS,apparently, is SUS, or Scalable Unified Storage, coined by Broadband Storage.

    Their June 2002 press release said about this... "Scalable Unified Storage enables companies to start small and grow as large as they need, providing an easy migration path from DAS to a SAN."
  • Finally, a RAID not connected to anything at all can be called a LUS (Lonely Unloved Storage)...

    No, I just made this one up. But you can see the basic principle at work here. And no doubt there will be other terms later for RAID connected by the Internet or Infiniband.
See also:- Megabyte's Storage Glossary which includes definitions of the many other strange terms which appear from time to time in these pages.
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Tadpole (LSE: TAD) builds and markets specialized Unix platforms and solutions for compute intensive environments.

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MCE MCE to Attend SIGGRAPH 2002

Sunnyvale, California - June 19, 2002 – MCE announces its presence at the SIGGRAPH 2002 Show in San Antonio July 23, 2002 through July 25, 2002. In booth S16108, MCE will demonstrate its NEW high bandwidth NAS Storage Solution. Rick Reagan will present MCE local, SAN and NAS storage solutions over GigE and Fiber.

"This represents a significant change in MCE's product line direction." said Mr. Reagan, for the company. ...Minicomputer Exchange profile, ...SIGGRAPH 2002
World Data Products
. Steve Giese, President and CEO of World Data Products Inc., Minnesota's largest provider of refurbished computer equipment, speculates that Minnesota's rich technology history gave the state an early lead and provided the expertise for high quality refurbishment of used computers. "The local used computer industry began in the early 70's by former IBM, Control Data and Sperry Univac executives who recognized the growing demand for used computers." Giese said. Beginning with mainframe equipment such as refurbished IBM check sorters for banks and front-end processors, local pioneers such as Dataserv and Centron DPL flourished.
Minnesota Ranks #2 in Refurbished Computer Sales

Minnetonka MN – June 19, 2002 – Minnesota is once again on the nation's technology map. According to data gathered from, a leading marketplace for corporate, government and educational computer buyers and sellers, the state is ranked #2 in the nation for the number of used computer equipment dealers, second only to California. With two percent of the nation's population, Minnesota is home to nearly 20-percent of used equipment dealers. This information comes from a study completed last month by Bruce Caswell of World Data Products, which categorized 339 used computer dealers listed on according to their location and specialization.

Industry statistics on the current size of the refurbished computer marketplace are generally unavailable, but the market has experienced impressive growth in recent years.
news image - MN is #2 from WDPI
. "Today's leading refurbished computer companies such as World Data Products grew directly or indirectly, out of these refurbished computer pioneers," Giese said, "Many of us naturally expanded into minicomputers, servers, networking products, storage and PCs as the computer marketplace evolved."
"The quality and completeness of today's refurbished computers, along with general availability of maintenance and support has created a strong demand." Steve Giese, President and CEO of World Data Products Inc says. "As a result, World Data Products has experienced exceptional growth, and achieved local recognition as one of the 50 fastest growing private companies. ...World Data Products profile

Editor's comment:- clicking on the image above will take you to the original release, and data for all states in this survey.
Dolphin Interconnect Solutions
. According to Kåre Løchsen, Dolphin Interconnect CEO Managing Director, "the Umeå cluster is one of the first installations adopting the Dolphin three-dimensional cluster architecture. The fact that it is showcased at this national center for high-performance computing especially spotlights the power and innovation of the WulfKit3 interconnect system."
High-Performance Computing (HPC) System at Umea University Built with Dolphin High-Speed Three-Dimensional Interconnect

Oslo, Norway - June 19, 2002 - The High-Performance Computing Center North (HPC2N), located at UmeaUniversity, Sweden, has built a new HPC Linux cluster with a peak performance of 800 GigaFLOPS/s. This high performance is achieved using 240 AMD Athlon™ MP2000+ processors in 120 dual nodes and interconnected with the innovative WulfKit3, a high-speed interconnect system provided by Dolphin Interconnect Solutions that features a three-dimensional torus distributed switch topology.

The 120 nodes in the supercluster, also known as a Beowulf cluster, are interconnected as a 4x5x6 "torus," or logical cube, using one WulfKit3 card in each node. WulfKit3 is designed around the scalable coherent interface (SCI) standard, which accounts for the very high bandwidth, low-latency interconnect performance. WulfKit3 is a combination of a PCI SCI Adapter Card developed by Dolphin Interconnect, and a powerful message-passing interface (MPI) implementation developed by Scali, also located in Oslo. Very large superclusters can be built and managed using WulfKit3.

In recent testing, the supercluster has shown superior performance on the HP-Linpack benchmark. The performance of 480.7 Gflops/s was obtained when solving an NxN dense linear system Ax = b for N = 116,100. This performance level clearly places the system in the top 100 of the world's fastest supercomputers as tracked by, a joint project of the University of Mannheim and the University of Tennessee. The Umeå supercluster is the most powerful system in Sweden. ...Dolphin profile

Editor's notes:- in May 2000 - Sun Microsystems signed a definitive agreement to acquire and license the InfiniBand related assets of Dolphin Interconnect Solutions, Inc. However, in recent years Sun's new product development cycles have been lengthening. This is the kind of product (in a 2GHz SPARC version) which a younger more energetic Sun would have launched 6 months ago.
10 Gigabit Ethernet
. Positioned as a high-speed, unifying technology for networking applications in LANs, MANs, and WANs, 10 Gigabit Ethernet will provide simple, high bandwidth at relatively low cost. In LAN applications, 10 Gigabit Ethernet will enable organizations to scale their packet-based networks from 10 Mbps to 10,000 Mbps, thereby leveraging their investments in Ethernet. In MAN and WAN applications, 10 Gigabit Ethernet will enable service providers and others to create extremely high-speed longer distance Ethernet links at very competitive cost.
10 Gigabit Ethernet Alliance Announces Official Ratification of 10 Gigabit Ethernet Standard

NEWPORT BEACH, CA – June 17, 2002 – The 10 Gigabit Ethernet Alliance (10GEA) today announced that the final milestone in the IEEE standards approval process was reached last week when the IEEE 802.3ae specification for 10 Gigabit Ethernet was unanimously approved as an IEEE standard by the IEEE Standards Association Standards Board.

"With the ratification of the IEEE 802.3ae specification enterprises can now confidently deploy 10 Gigabit Ethernet in their corporate backbones, data centers and server farms to support mission-critical applications. Service providers and carriers can take advantage of Ethernet's cost effectiveness and deliver metro Ethernet services over SONET/SDH, dark fiber, or DWDM wavelengths (or lambdas)," observed Bruce Tolley, Vice President of the 10 Gigabit Ethernet Alliance and Senior Product Line Manager, Emerging Technologies, Cisco Systems.

Editor's comment:- Sun is a founding member of the 10 Gigabit Ethernet Alliance
Sun Microsystems Sun Fire V880 Server Gets 900 MHz Processors

June 17, 2002 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. today announced the availability of the 900 MHz UltraSPARC® III processor for the Sun Fire V880 server, providing a significant performance boost for its market-leading server. The Sun Fire V880 server, which rolled out last October as one of Sun's fastest selling servers ever, has made an indelible mark in the high-end entry server market.

Editor's comments:- Sun first announced the 900 MHz processors in July 2001 but has been slow deploying it throughout their server product line.
. "GLDX turbo charges Solaris 3D rendering speeds," stated Victor Gold, President of Peritek "We're seeing 4x performance enhancement in typical OpenGL operations." GLDX is available for Peritek's Eclipse3 PMC, CompactPCI and PCI boards, as well as for the soon to be released Gemini/PMC Dual Head Graphics Controller .
news image - Peritek
Peritek Accelerates OpenGL 3D Graphics for Solaris PMC, CompactPCI and PCI Graphics Boards

OAKLAND, Calif. - June 17, 2002 - Peritek Corporation has announced the availability of GLDX, a new accelerated 3D OpenGL software package for its family of Sun Solaris-compatible Borealis Graphics Processor-based PMC, CompactPCI and PCI boards.

GLDX uses a Direct Rendering Interface (DRI) to dramatically improve 3D and 2D OpenGL performance. The software takes full advantage of the Borealis's internal OpenGL hardware pipeline. Without DRI support, graphics processors must handle OpenGL commands via software through the host processor. This processor-intensive "indirect rendering" greatly reduces 3D rendering performance.

OpenGL, the leading open-standard API for 3D graphics, is a fast, highly portable 3D graphics and modeling library that provides a software interface to graphics hardware and renders 2D and 3D objects into a frame buffer. The OpenGL API comprises 250 commands; 200 in the core and 50 in a utility library. To ensure maximum portability, OpenGL includes no commands for performing windowing tasks or user input.

GLDX is provided as an option with Peritek Eclipse3 boards, and is priced at $250, plus a per board license. ...Peritek profile
Dy 4 Systems
. Designed for a diverse range of display applications in mission-critical military vehicles such as ground vehicles and combat and surveillance aircraft, Cornerstone can be used to capture and display multiple sources of video with synthetic symbology overlays such as in target tracking and identification, moving-map displays and for multi-function flight instrumentation. Its two completely independent image/graphics channels allow dual displays to be driven from a single module.
DY 4 Announces Highly Integrated Rugged VMEbus Graphics

Kanata, Ontario, Canada - June 17, 2002 - Dy 4 Systems, a division of Force Computers has introduced Cornerstone (SVME/DMV-712), the industry's first imaging platform to integrate two high-performance graphics controllers, CPU, PMC expansion and industry-standard X11/OpenGL software on a single VME-based ruggedized card.

A wide range of standard analog and digital graphics I/O modes is available. Custom graphics I/O is also easily supported through the sophisticated FPGA implementation found on the Cornerstone card. Connectivity is simplified by onboard Ethernet, USB, serial and digital I/O interfaces. Based on Motorola's PowerPC™7410 processor, with AltiVec® technology, Cornerstone tightly integrates dual independent Permedia®3 graphics accelerators, featuring hardware anti-aliasing and optimized X11/OpenGL® graphics software support. By offering this high level of CPU and image processing power on a single 6U card, Dy 4 enables its customers to reduce board count and the space required in the chassis, while functionally partitioning their system more logically to match their individual requirements.

The two PMC sites on each Cornerstone card allow for expansion with cards such as Dy 4's PMC-601 for interfacing to legacy MIL-STD-1553 equipment, or the new high-performance, two-channel Fibre Channel PMC-643.

Complementing Cornerstone's hardware capabilities are Dy 4's real-time graphics drivers based on the industry standards X11 and OpenGL ported to Wind River's VxWorks/Tornado real-time operating system. Like all Dy 4 products, Cornerstone is offered in a variety of both air-cooled and conduction-cooled ruggedization levels.

Cornerstone units will be available summer 2002. Pricing starts at $17,000. ...Dy 4 Systems profile
Datalink Datalink Joins Sun's iForce Partner Program

MINNEAPOLIS - June 17, 2002 - Datalink Corporation today announced that it has joined Sun Microsystems, Inc.'s iForce Partner Program, part of Sun's comprehensive iForce Initiative. The relationship further extends Datalink's visibility and market reach, as well as strengthens the company's storage architecture suite with Sun™ StorEdge™ Complete Storage Solutions.

"As a leader in architecting storage solutions, Datalink's support of Sun StorEdge Complete Storage Solutions brings valuable knowledge and expertise to Sun's growing storage partner community," said Gary Grimes, vice president of partner management and sales operations, Sun Microsystems, Inc. ...Datalink profile

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