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SPARC History - 2002, October week 1

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Tadpole Mark Johnston to reCycle Tadpole's SPARC business

October 7, 2002 - Tadpole Technology plc is pleased to announce the proposed sale of the business and assets of its Hardware Division, which comprises TTI (Tadpole Technology, Inc.) in the US and certain business and assets in the UK, to Tadpole, Inc. ("the Purchaser"). The total consideration for the transaction will be up to $11.6 million.

The Purchaser is a company established under the laws of the state of Delaware, U.S.A. by a consortium led by a Hong Kong based investor and will also include Mark Johnston and John Bannon. Mark Johnston and John Bannon are directors of the purchaser and also currently together hold 23 per cent of the total membership interests of Tadpole Technology, LLC, a company within the Hardware Division and are employed by that company. ...Tadpole profile

Editor's comments:-
the Tadpole group has been running two businesses recently, a software company and a SPARC systems company. This is a positive move for both parts of the business. It's also a great relief that Sun Microsystems is not the buyer of this business, otherwise SPARC road warriors would need to develop stronger arm muscles.

Mark Johnston, one of the proposed new owners, was previously president and founder of Cycle Technology, a manufacturer of SPARC upgrade motherboards and rackmount SPARC systems which was acquired by Tadpole in November 2000. Before that, he was a cofounder of the #2 SPARC workstation company in the early 1990's, Axil Computer.

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Mark Johnston to reCycle Tadpole's SPARC business

Sun Unveils Next Version of Patented VPN-on-Demand Technology

2002 SAN and NAS Report by Peripheral Concepts, Inc.

UK Readers Meet Sun Microsystems Storage Expo

Sun Microsystems Selects Dot Hill Storage Systems

Fujitsu Technology Solutions, Inc. Unveils 1.3GHz SPARC Servers

Sun Offers Enterprise Storage to the Masses

148,000 IOPS, the New SAN Storage from LSI

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SAN software
SAN - software
Spellabyte was testing the portability aspects of his new SAN fabric product.

Guest Nibble: Re: Network Security


Computer Connection of Central New York (CCNY) recently reviewed how Sept. 11 changed how we all think about things as simple as paper, network security, and as priceless as people. CCNY is contacting companies to make sure connections are secure, says CTO Steven Fluty.

Our world learned how vulnerable our IT departments were and how crucial Information is for a company. In a disaster, a company has to know who will set priorities. In an emergency, everyone goes into a controlling mode. People did make some good decisions that day. However, at some point, someone needs to be in charge, to say that we need to order new Systems.

"Companies also learned something else, from an experience that has caused former World Trade Center tenants endless headaches. People still tend to think about paper as the most reliable backup," says Fluty. CCNY is working with companies and reassessing what process of secured back up will work in a customers network environment in the future.

These kinds of re-evaluations are going on around the country, even at companies far from Ground Zero. Half of companies are significantly altering their approaches or policies related to business-continuity planning since Sept. 11, according to an InformationWeek Research survey of more than 1,500 business-technology managers. Four of 10 say their companies take business-continuity plans more seriously now. Some businesses are completely rethinking its approach to minimize disruptions to its business. Where managers once were content to back up key data on tape, they are now considering the full breadth of there network environment, from protecting applications to maintaining communication.

CCNY wants every customers aspect of its business to be more reliable, secure, and communicative. Network infrastructures need to be less vulnerable to hacker attacks, including any executed through a partner's network connection. Even businesses that had extensive business-continuity plans are paying more attention to the planning process and zero tolerance for risk in a disaster. CCNY will work with you in securing your data in your network and your business.

...CCNY profile

See also:- article:- Developing a Disaster Recovery Procedure, Backup software, Data recovery services, Disk to disk backup, iSCSI, Security, Tape libraries

Nature Worldwide Technology
Naturetech, founded in 1998, manufactures the Ultra-NoteStation 777S, a Solaris Compatible notebook based on Sun's UltraSPARC IIe microprocessor.

SPARC manufacturers

Sun SPARC resellers - USA

Sun SPARC resellers - UK

SPARC based computers

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KVM Switches

Rackmount SPARC

Sun Microsystems
news image Sun ONE Portal Server
. "A portal is only as useful as its reach, so a secure, trusted portal infrastructure that enables transactions across multiple defined audiences, via the device of their choice, highly elevates the business value of a portal," said Dana Gardner, research director at The Aberdeen Group. "Sun's new remote access offering combines security and identity capabilities with efficient and integrated remote access that reliably extends portal benefits across organizational and supply chain boundaries."
Sun Unveils Next Version of Patented VPN-on-Demand Technology for Identity-Enabled Anytime, Anywhere Portal Access

SANTA CLARA, CA - October 7, 2002 - Sun Microsystems Inc. today unveiled the Sun ONE Portal Server, Secure Remote Access 6 product. Unlike the additional cost of administration and maintenance a traditional virtual private network (VPN) solution requires, the Sun ONE Portal Server 6 provides an integrated, out-of-box alternative - the first and only integrated portal offering. Using a standard Web browser, users can securely access their portal (personalized and aggregated applications, data, Web services and legacy information) from any location such as an Internet café, airport or home.

As portals have become widely adopted, customers increasingly want to extend their portal initiatives to their partners and remote or mobile employees. However, existing VPN, reverse proxy and stand-alone identity management solutions are costly and require additional maintenance. The Sun solution significantly reduces the time and cost of deployment while providing the scalability, high availability, reliability and performance that enterprises and service providers require. Customers can securely extend their portal to their business partners and provide more mobility to their employees.

The Sun ONE Portal Server is priced per CPU with pricing beginning at $57,000 per CPU. The Sun ONE Portal Server, Secure Remote Access 6 product will be available within 60 days; it requires and includes a two (2) CPU license for $95,000. Additional CPUs of Sun ONE Portal Server, Secure Remote Access 6 are available for $47,500 per CPU. ...Sun Microsystems profile
Peripheral Concepts 2002 SAN and NAS Report by Peripheral Concepts, Inc.

October 7, 2002 - a new article published today by Peripheral Concepts, Inc. provides a management summary of trends in the SAN and NAS market. Taken from their recently published market report called "2002 SAN and NAS Report - Infrastructure, Products and Market Opportunity" which costs $2,895, the article is a must read document for vendors and users who want simple clear insights into what's happening in the network storage market. ...Peripheral Concepts profile

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Storage Expo See Sun Microsystems and Others at Next Week's UK Storage Expo

Editor:- October 7, 2002 - UK readers will have a chance to catch up with the latest storage offerings from Sun Microsystems and others next week at the NEC, October 16 - 17, at Storage Expo 2002 which is being sponsored by our sister publication
Dot Hill

Sun Microsystems
. "Businesses rely on their storage networks for continuous access to their information – whether it's email, a web site, or customer information. As an industry leader, Sun is known for its innovative approach to supplying the market with products that meet very stringent technological specifications," said Jim Lambert, Dot Hill's chief executive officer. "Sun chose Dot Hill because of our world-class technology and our core competency – which is in designing rugged, compact, and high availability storage products."
Sun Microsystems Selects Dot Hill to Deliver Next Generation Storage Systems

CARLSBAD, Calif. and SAN JOSE, Calif. – October 2, 2002 – Dot Hill Systems Corp. today announced it has begun volume shipments of a new line of storage systems to Sun Microsystems, Inc. The shipments are a result of a three-year OEM partner agreement signed by the two companies in May 2002. Dot Hill expects its 2003 storage shipments to be in the range of $125 to $175 million with a large quantity of its net revenues derived from sales of the new products to Sun. Under the terms of the agreement, Dot Hill will develop, to Sun specifications, privately branded software and RAID storage systems for Sun.

These RAID systems and software address the critical workgroup market segment, are extremely rugged and have been certified to NEBS Level 3 and MIL-STD-810F standards to assure high availability. Downtime due to component failures is virtually eliminated as the compact, scalable storage systems have redundant hot-swappable field replaceable units. These products are targeted at small to medium application deployments and workgroup network infrastructure running with multiple operating environments. ...Dot Hill profile, ...Sun Microsystems profile
Fujitsu Technology Solutions
. "Fujitsu's new line of PRIMEPOWER servers with extended architecture is an exciting new technology in the company's continued development of advanced open systems solutions," said Richard Partridge, vice president of enterprise servers with analyst firm D.H. Brown Associates. "The combination of additional mainframe features and functionality within the Solaris operating environment will undoubtedly be attractive to customers looking for choice and continued value from their UNIX systems."

"Oracle welcomes this new robust line of open systems servers from Fujitsu," said Doug Kennedy, vice president, Platform Alliances, System Platforms Division at Oracle. "The combination of Oracle® and PRIMEPOWER technology will help increase the reach of powerful solutions to a much wider base of customers."
Fujitsu Technology Solutions, Inc. Unveils 1.3GHz SPARC Servers

Sunnyvale, CA - October 2, 2002 - Fujitsu Technology Solutions, Inc. today announced its next generation of Solaris compatible, SPARC compliant PRIMEPOWER servers with extended architecture for business-critical UNIX" enterprise environments.

High-end PRIMEPOWER extended architecture server models introduce the most powerful 1.3GHz processors in the industry, and the systems significantly expand customers' ability to support 24 x 7 global e-business challenges.

One of the new and exclusive mainframe capabilities that the PRIMEPOWER extended architecture will deliver is a unique feature called hardware instruction retry. When an instruction fails to execute it is immediately retried at the CPU level. This is different from all other UNIX systems offered today. All other vendors handle a failed instruction execution by retrying the instruction in the software. This retry entails flushing and then rebuilding the software buffers before re-executing the failed instruction, which is a time consuming procedure. PRIMEPOWER systems on the other hand will retry a failed instruction at the hardware level that allows the instruction be retried immediately. There is no time consuming flushing and rebuilding of the software buffers.

Extended partitioning, which allows partition granularity at lower than the system board level, in fact down to the CPU level, will also be available. The new family of servers will contain up to 8 CPUs on each system board. This new generation of high performance processors includes 6-way execution units for faster performance and error protected functional building blocks for higher reliability. In addition, PRIMEPOWER servers with extended architecture provide condensed server packaging. The reduced footprint, cableless interconnects, and high-density system boards of these news systems help reduce space requirements.

Fujitsu's PRIMEPOWER extended architecture servers are now generally available, while the new 1.3GHz processors will be available in the first quarter of 2003. ...Fujitsu Technology Solutions

Editor's comments:- it looks like Sun server users will now have a real competitive choice again. Fujitsu's SPARC servers did not have the same cache problems that affected Sun last year, as a result they doubled their server shipments in the US.
Sun Microsystems
. "Sun has responded to its channel partners and customers who are demanding higher and higher levels of flexibility and availability from their storage systems," said Mark Canepa, executive vice-president of Sun Microsystems Storage. "With this announcement, Sun is meeting customer requirements for doing more in less space, paying for what they need when they need it, and having the availability of enterprise features at entry level prices. We did this with servers and now we're doing it with storage."
Sun Offers Enterprise Storage to the Masses

AMELIA ISLAND, FL - October 2, 2002 - Sun Microsystems Inc. today announced the Sun StorEdge 3300 Series which aims to deliver enterprise features into the workgroup including features such as hot swapping, scalability from gigabytes to terabytes, and durability to meet full NEBS level 3 compliance specifications. Available October 15th, 2002, the new storage arrays will bring added value to businesses with small to medium deployment requirements and help enable customers to do more with less.

Because customer environments are often heterogeneous, the new Sun products support the Linux, NT and Windows 2000 operating systems, as well as Sun's own Solaris Operating Environment. ...Sun Microsystems profile

Editor's comments:- "Windows" is a word you don't often see in a Sun press release... it represents a significant change of strategy from the Dot in dot com company. Rival storage OEM EMC claimed earlier this year that market research data from Gartner showed that Sun got less than 1% of its external RAID systems revenue from outside the captive Solaris market in 2001. That must qualify Sun as the only storage manufacturer which can't lose market share in the Wintel market in 2002.
LSI Logic Storage Systems
. "LSI Logic Storage Systems set the performance standard in the initial round of SPC-1 benchmark testing conducted earlier this year," said Randy Kerns, partner, Evaluator Group. "Now they have raised the bar again with the release of the 5884 controller. We expect storage systems based on this controller to be among the fastest the industry has ever seen."
148,000 IOPS, the New SAN Storage from LSI Logic Storage Systems

MILPITAS, Calif. - October 1, 2002 - LSI Logic Storage Systems, Inc today announced general availability of the 5884, its newest 2Gbps Fibre Channel storage controller that provides cost effective modular storage systems with industry-leading performance for both bandwidth-intensive and transaction-based applications.

The 5884 storage controller is the 5th generation Fibre Channel architecture from the company which introduced the industry's first Fibre Channel controller in 1995. Fully configured, 5884-based systems can deliver 772 MB/s, or more than 96% of the theoretical maximum bandwidth. Organizations using 5884-based storage systems for transaction-based applications, such as OLTP, databases and Microsoft Exchange, will realize greater cost savings and return on investment because they can complete more transactions in less time as a result of the 5884 controller's industry leading I/O per second (IOPS) performance. The new performance levels are enabled by integrating LSI Logic's patented multipathing architecture into a single custom ASIC, faster cache memory, and specialized I/O control processor. The 5884 achieves 148,000 IOPS from cache and 53,200 IOPS from disk in a typical dual controller system. ...LSI Logic Storage Systems profile
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