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SPARC News - 2002, October week 2

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SPARCbook® 6500
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. "In the Sun Solaris environment, no other HBA or NIC vendor provides performance and reliability of Antares adapters. The Solaris Ready Program is one of many steps we take here at Antares to ensure proper interoperability and support," said Carl Munio, CTO of Antares Microsystems.
Antares Gigabit Ethernet Adapters Achieve Solaris Ready Certification from Sun Microsystems

CAMPBELL, CALIFORNIA - October 14, 2002 - Antares Microsystems today announced that its Gigabit Ethernet PCI adapters P-1055, P-0082 and P-0085 Gigabit Ethernet with Trunking and Failover have achieved the Solaris Ready Certification from Sun Microsystems, Inc..

The Solaris Ready program provides customers with a recognizable symbol for tested Solaris solutions from third-party providers. To receive the Solaris Ready designation, products must complete a rigorous testing process conducted by an independent testing laboratory. Products are evaluated for interoperability, platform support, Solaris platform compliance, ease-of-installation, driver compatibility and product documentation.

The Antares Gigabit Ethernet PCI adapters offer single, two or four independent Gigabit Ethernet channels on a single NIC, two on (P0082) and four on (P0085). Antares complete line of Gigabit Ethernet adapters offer true 64-bit/66 MHz with Trunking and Load Balance support for both Solaris and Linux operating systems and is included with Gigabit Ethernet adapters at no additional charge. ...Antares Microsystems profile
Antares Gigabit Ethernet Adapters Achieve Solaris Ready Certification from Sun Microsystems

LightPulse LP9002S 2Gb/s Fibre Channel SBus HBA Certified Solaris Ready

UK VAR Amtec Offers Comprehensive Maintenance Support for New and Second User/Refurbished Sun Systems

Securing IP Storage Networks - a New Whitepaper from Cylink

CCNY Launches New Web Site

BakBone Certifies MagnaVault for Plasmon D-Series

New IBM eServer Software Dramatically Improves Unix Server Utilization

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Terrorbyte liked to test out hot new backup technologies.
Nibble:- The New Goldrush? - Network Accelerators

ince the summer dozens of companies have announced a wide range of network accelerators. These are particulary important to Sun users because Sun Microsystems has been parsimonious with its SPARC CPU clock speeds in the past few years, offering speedups of x 1.2, when really users would rather like x 2.0. So if you want things to go any faster, you'll have to look at accelerator coprocessors instead of accelerated native SPARC processors.

In the security part of the market, joining the long established PCI crypto accelerator card first announced two years ago by Compaq, then badged by Sun, then dropped by Sun and now supported by SUFFIX Informatik, we now have some network security boxes which protect storage networks at wireline speeds. New vendors in this market include Cylink and Decru.

NAS is now a $3 Billion market, and will double in size in the next 2 years according to the 2002 SAN and NAS Report by Peripheral Concepts, Inc. So dozens of companies have announced TCP/IP Offload accelerator products to things move along a little faster.

In addition to the pioneer company in this market, Alacritech, and chip companies Intel and LSI Logic, two long established SPARC OEMs Antares Microsystems and Tadpole have publicly announced they are working on products for the Sun market. And Aristos Logic was the first company to reveal details of its storage processor in October 2002. So it won't be long before its competitors, still in stealth mode will have to put up, or shut up.

A full list of iSCSI and FCIP companies and Storage interface ICs, processors & accelerator chips can be seen on the mouse site, So, despite the recession, Sun users are going to see some innovative new 3rd party products soon which will help them speed up their servers without breaking the bank.

Why do you need all these accelerator products? Won't software do the job?

The killer application for network accelerators is the real-time response for data replication and onsite and offsite backup windows. Without hardware accelerators your internal networks are more vulnerable to data loss and longer restore cycles. Meanwhile your ISPs are looking for any reason to charge more money, and if you need to buy extra bandwidth for your VPNs then the hardware accelerators could end up being much cheaper.

And I haven't even mentioned Solid State Disks because I thought that everyone already knows that they can make your Sun server run 20 to 30 percent faster. There are lots of application notes about that with a complete list of vendors also at the click of mouse.
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World-class UNIX® expertise - Made in the USA - 20 years of experience as a pioneer and industry leader in UNIX hardware has uniquely positioned Tadpole as the leading provider of specialized SPARC™ notebook and rackmount solutions for the Solaris™ Operating Environment.

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Emulex LightPulse LP9002S 2Gb/s Fibre Channel SBus HBA Certified Solaris Ready

COSTA MESA, Calif. - October 14, 2002 - Emulex Corporation announced today that the Emulex LightPulse LP9002S 2Gb/s Fibre Channel SBus host bus adapter achieved the Solaris Ready Certification from Sun Microsystems, Inc. The Emulex LP9002S features automatic speed negotiation capability, allowing for compatibility with existing 1Gb/s Fibre Channel SANs, while ensuring seamless migration to higher speed 2Gb/s SANs. ...Emulex profile

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Amtec UK VAR Amtec Offers Comprehensive Maintenance Support for New and Second User/Refurbished Sun Systems

Editor:- October 14, 2002 - UK Sun VAR Amtec publishes a monthly email newsletter which contains their latest pricing offers. This month, they're offering deals on maintenance services. This makes a change from the normal promotions on systems and memory etc, so here are a few details...

Amtec can offer you a total hardware and operating software support service to suit your business needs. We can offer annual contracts or the equivalent of Sun's "Instant Upgrade" service…the latter can be offered against new systems, and, quite unusually, against second user/refurbished systems. Typical "Instant Upgrade" Options…

Sun E220R to Platinum @ £990 per annum

Sun E420R to Silver @ £570 per annum

Sun Ultra 10 to Gold @ £372 per annum

For More Info phone: +44 (0) 1202 597 400 ...Amtec Computer Corporation profile
Cylink Securing IP Storage Networks - a New Whitepaper from Cylink

Editor:- October 14, 2002 - a new white paper called "Securing IP Storage Networks" from Cylink Corp. is published today on The article looks in detail at SAN network architectures which include iSCSI, FCIP and iFCP, and describes how security can be achieved in various types of network topology.

Cylink manufactures a stand-alone encryptor box designed to secure IP SAN environments at wire line speeds.The company's NetHawk VPN appliance currently has a bandwidth capacity of 200 Mbps full duplex, and can support 20,000 simultaneous connections. Multiple NetHawks can be stacked in a load-balanced configuration to handle higher bandwidth requirements. Cylink is also developing a higher speed interface that will support a full Gigabit. ...Cylink profile

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. "Our enhanced presence on the internet will help us provide our customers with up-to-date information on CCNY and our industry-leading capabilities. The website's focus is on products and services. Our customers can log on and learn about our dedication as a quality provider of technology, said Scott Fluty, President CCNY."
CCNY Launches New Web Site

Utica, New York - October 10, 2002 - Computer Connection of Central New York (CCNY) announced today that it has launched a new website.

The enhanced site provides an increased depth and breadth of information on CCNY for its current and prospective customers.

CCNY's website provides information-rich updates on refurbished Sun products, CCNY's corporate product line, service offerings, support, and news updates. CCNY focus was to provide easy access and contact to our company. ...Computer Connection profile

Editor's comments:- CCNY had a pretty good web site in the 1990's and then it just seemed to freeze for a couple of years. Whenever I asked about this, it seemed the company was just too busy developing its business. Despite the frozen web site the company, which has been reselling Sun for nearly 15 years, still achieved a ranking as one of the top 10 SPARC companies based on reader pageviews in the SPARC Product Directory.

We can see now, from their new web site, that the company has field offices and a division in Canada, and it's no surprise, that based in NY they are very heavily involved in the data recovery and security business.
BakBone Software

. Stewart Vane-Tempest, CD/DVD Product Director for Plasmon EMEA, commented on MagnaVault. He said: "BakBone's MagnaVault solution allows simple and transparent integration for infrequently used data to be migrated from expensive RAID to economical DVD storage, with automatic retrieval when access is required. Plasmon's new Enterprise DVD libraries scale from eight to twenty terabytes, and as the library capacity is scaled up, MagnaVault can also scale to manage these increased capacities easily."
BakBone Certifies MagnaVault for Plasmon D-Series

UK - October 9, 2002 - BakBone Software today announced that it has certified its optical storage software MagnaVault for the new Plasmon D-Series Enterprise DVD libraries, among the largest capacity DVD libraries in the world. MagnaVault will be demonstrated at BakBone's stand at Storage Expo next week at the UK NEC, in Hall 8, Stand 230. The BakBone stand backs onto Plasmon's stand, so interested visitors will be able to view both products consecutively.

MagnaVault 2.3.0, the latest version of the industry-leading software for UNIX/Linux-based optical storage which supports Linux 2.4, improves an enterprise's ability to rapidly store and retrieve documents and images to and from optical media, including CDs, DVDs and magneto-optical (MO) disks. Installed on a server, MagnaVault provides seamless data access to all existing application software and utilities. One feature of the recently released 2.3.0 version of MagnaVault is enhanced device support for newer DVD and MO libraries, making it a perfect fit for Plasmon's Enterprise DVD libraries....BakBone Software profile, ...Plasmon profile

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. The ability to run both AIX 5L v5.2 and Linux concurrently offers several advantages over a two system approach.

Administrators running test and production applications may wish to run both within one server rather than operating two separate machines with possible performance variances. Having a common server can be very useful during operating system and application migrations leaving one less variable. Training expense savings may also be realized as administrators need only learn one hardware platform. IBM is the only major vendor in the industry to offer servers capable of running both Linux and UNIX simultaneously on a single server.
New IBM eServer Software Dramatically Improves Unix Server Utilization

ARMONK, NY - October 8, 2002 - IBM today unveiled new eServer software enabling customers to harness the "un-tapped" power within their UNIX systems. The software, AIX 5L Version 5.2, dramatically improves system utilization and helps lower costs with mainframe-style workload balancing and the ability to add resources on the fly. Using the software, users can manage their servers with twice the precision versus competing systems from Sun.

Today, industry averages for UNIX server utilization are in the 10 to 15 percent range, representing a tremendous opportunity for cost savings. In creating its latest software offering, IBM leveraged its expertise developing automated workload management capabilities for its mainframe systems, where peak utilization can average from 85 to 100 percent.

Available on new and existing IBM eServer pSeries systems, AIX 5L v5.2 allows users to divide their server into smaller "virtual" servers running either UNIX or Linux. Like in the mainframe world, users can exploit the full power of their system by shifting workloads and changing resources transparently. If one partition experiences a problem and needs to be restarted it does not affect any of the other virtual servers on the system.

Planned availability for CSM on the IBM eServer Cluster 1600 is October 25, 2002. Support for up to 128 servers or 128 operating system images on IBM eServer Cluster 1600 is December 13, 2002. ...IBM profile

Editor's comments:- users might find it quite useful to be able to run Solaris and Linux on the same SPARC server on different processors. This would enable them to test the best features of both environments while minimising cost. I guess that if IBM can do it now, then Sun will also do it soon.

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