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SPARC News - 2003, March weeks 3 - 4

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1  terabyte solid state disk storage with 12x 4Gbps FC ports -  StorageSPIRE - from Solid Data Systems
1 terabyte solid state disk
from Solid Data Systems
Rochester Software Associates
. "With QDirect, customers can streamline the printing process by automatically matching and releasing jobs to the most efficient destination based on job attributes such as priority, size and finishing requirements," states Don Webster, RSA Director of Technology. He continues, "One advantage of RSA's QDirect is that it runs on a low cost Sun platform, which offers the highest level of reliability, scalability and security, yet, it is controlled from any desktop through an easy to use interface."
QDirect Solves Complex Print Challenges
QDirect Solves Complex Print Management Challenges

Earth Computer Technologies Introduces 11.3" LCD Kit Solution for Embedded Applications

Sun's 900MHz UltraSparc III Servers Prone to Crash - Says Article in ZDNet

Red Hat Reports Fiscal Fourth Quarter and Year End Results

Sun Doubles the Capacity of Product Testing, Tuning and Scalability Labs for Development iForce Partners

AKCP Launches sensorProbe8 for Intelligent Environmental Monitoring

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Megabyte found that SCSI was a safe and reliable way to connect between storage systems.

Nibble:- Coming of Age for Solid State Disks

lthough manufacturers in the industrial controls market, like Square D and AB were using rewritable non volatile solid state storage as early as the 1970s, it wasn't till 1985 when Curtis introduced their ROMDISK for the original IBM PC, that the solid state disk market started in a form which we would recognise today. For most of its early life, this technology remained an open secret - mainly used in embedded systems in military applications, or in high performance computer research labs.

Now at 18 years old, the SSD market is ready to come out as a fully mature easy to use technology which will change the way in which all computer systems, from the desktop to the mainframe, are architected.

Here are some trends which track the interest of readers in the subject of SSDs over the past few years.

In Q1 2001 - SSDs were the 18th most popular subject.

In Q1 2002 - SSDs were #4.

In Q1 2003 - SSDs were #2.

That means there's more interest in SSDs in our readership than in NAS, or backup software, both subjects which attract hundreds of thousands of readers.

The reason is simple. The SSD market has the potential to become a bigger market than NAS and storage software are right now. In 2008 the SSD market will be worth more than $10 billion a year. You, our readers, like to have a foretaste of emerging storage technologies. That's why many of the subjects on this website like iSCSI and Serial ATA shot into our top 5 most popular subjects more than a year before a single one of these products had been shipped.

SSD systems, if properly engineered, have the potential to replace dozens of processors in your most expensive mainframe, at a small fraction of the cost. At the low end, SSD software running on a desktop PC with a few hundred bucks of add in memory can outperform a $20K workstation in some critical business analysis applications.

Next month , we're going to publish the definitive buyers guide to SSD products and suppliers, collecting together information from all the vendors in the industry.

In the meantime you can do your own research in the many articles, products and companies listed on our Solid State Disk page. Products already shipping in this market segment span the range of budgets from under $50 up to $2 million and everything in between.

During this recession. many of the companies in the SSD market have been achieving double digit and triple digit revenue growth rates. But you'd be surprised how many of the leading companies in this market have been around for ten years or more, working quietly away at this technology. All that is going to change soon, and I have a feeling that some of them will become as well known in the general IT market place as VERITAS and Network Appliance are today.

And my ScryWare crystal ball to market report generator is seldom wrong... is a premier global supplier of open systems Sun workstations, servers and Internet infrastructure hardware to small and medium sized companies (and individuals too!!).

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Rochester, New York - March 31, 2003 - Rochester Software Associates (RSA) announced QDirect, version 2.0, with an enhanced Java based interface is available immediately. Organizations realize a significantly increase in productivity, reliability and flexibility in print production with QDirect.

Product demonstrations of QDirect will be shown in the RSA exhibit at the On Demand Digital Printing and Publishing show in New York's Jacob Javits Convention Center, April 7-9, 2003.

QDirect is a robust job and queue manager that controls workflow, routes jobs and manages print queues. The new version features an enhanced Java based client for managing jobs and destinations, which runs on any desktop. This highly customizable solution enables customers to consolidate jobs from multiple departments or locations to a central point and distribute the output to multiple printers or servers. QDirect is data stream and destination independent giving customers the flexibility to manage their entire enterprise. Jobs may originate in the data center, on midrange servers or at the desktop, and QDirect will collect and distribute them automatically or on command. ...Rochester Software Associates profile
Earth Computer Technologies
. "Our LCD superkit line is comprised of low-cost, light weight LCD panels each with a turnkey controller card, inverter and cables. Superkits are offered in sizes 6.3" to 15" and are available in NTSC, ISA, PCI, and Analog RGB. Also offered are sunlight readable LCD displays, touch screens and 12 volt configurations suitable for a multitude of applications" says Steve Cipolla, General Manager of Earth Computer Technologies.
Earth Computer Technologies Introduces 11.3" LCD Kit Solution for Embedded Applications

San Juan Capistrano, CA - March 28, 2003 - Earth Computer Technologies adds a new 11.3" LCD kit to its superkit product line. The SK-1012R incorporates the Torisan LMFG53-22NDK with a controller, inverter and cable; all manufactured by Earth, to create a pre-configured, turnkey LCD kit.

LCD kits are advantageous because the guess work of compatibility is taken out of the equation. The LCD, controller, inverter and cables are all factory tested and prepackaged to simplify and expedite onsite embedded installation. The SK-1012R includes a dual scan, SVGA LCD that has 24-bit true color with dithering. Earth also incorporates a half size PCI card form factor that makes it an ideal solution for space saving applications. Street price for the SK-1012R is $299. ...Earth Computer Technologies
Sun Sun's 900MHz UltraSparc III Servers Prone to Crash - Says Article in ZDNet

Editor:- March 26, 2003 - an article published today in ZDNet says that some of Sun's popular servers are liable to crash. This is not due to the same cause that was described in the January 2002 article Unsafe At Any Speed?. ZDNet reports that Sun has a fix for this new problem for those who are worried.
Red Hat Red Hat Reports Fiscal Fourth Quarter and Year End Results

RALEIGH, North Carolina - March 25, 2003 - Red Hat, Inc., the world's premier open source and Linux provider, today reported financial results for its fourth quarter and fiscal year 2003 ended February 28, 2003. These results will only be provided in GAAP format.

In the fourth quarter of fiscal 2003, Red Hat achieved revenue of $25.9 million, a sequential increase of 7% compared to $24.3 million in the third quarter of fiscal 2003, and a year-over-year increase of 40%. For the fourth quarter of fiscal 2003, the company was break-even on a net income and per share basis, which includes $900,000 of foreign currency loss.

Fourth quarter sales of subscriptions for Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS increased to 16,500 subscriptions, an increase of 38% as compared to the third quarter of fiscal 2003.

For the fiscal year ended on February 28, 2003, the company reported revenues of $90.9 million, an increase of 15% as compared to fiscal 2002 revenues of $78.9 million. The company reported a net loss of $6.4 million for fiscal 2003. ...Red Hat profile

Editor's comments:- each time Red Hat sells a license it's hard to know who loses out most - Sun or Microsoft? Red Hat is 10 years old this month BTW.
Sun Microsystems Sun Doubles the Capacity of Product Testing, Tuning and Scalability Labs for Development iForce Partners

MENLO PARK, Calif. - March 21, 2003 - Helping to reduce complexity and costs in the data center, Sun Microsystems, Inc. today announced the opening of two Enterprise Technology Center (ETC) Labs in Menlo Park, Calif., and Hillsboro, Ore., which complement its existing ETC Lab in Burlington, Mass. Packing more compute power than several Fortune 1000 companies in one room and providing access to more than 20,000 square feet of testing ground equipped with network computing power totaling 3,615 CPUs and 205 TB of storage to date, the ETC Labs serve as a "proving ground" for development iForce partners to ensure quality of their software through performance benchmarks and fine-tuning of their leading edge solutions before commercial launch.

Sun ETC Labs serve as a large-scale test bed for Sun's entire Sun Fire family of enterprise and volume servers, Sun StorEdge Array products, Sun ONE software stack and Sun Services. The ETC Labs also provide an effective means for addressing some of the biggest and most vexing enterprise data center problems customers and development iForce partners, such as Oracle, encounter in their large-scale deployments, allowing them to work together to solve issues unique to a particular industry such as massive scalability, data center consolidation and shared resource utilization. ...Sun Microsystems profile
AKCP AKCP Launches sensorProbe8 for Intelligent Environmental Monitoring

Bangkok, Thailand - March 20, 2003 - AKCP Co., Ltd announces the release of its latest product in the sensorProbe™ family of environmental monitoring devices; The sensorProbe8 The sensorProbe8 is a low cost, monitoring device, with 8 sensor ports for sale at just $645.00 including a 1 foot temperature sensor. AKCP's products are designed to monitor valuable infrastructure environmental conditions, power and security.

AKCP's Ethernet-enabled sensorProbe8 is an ultra-compact, stand-alone monitoring device, which protects critical resources from environmental and physical threats. Computer Rooms, Server Rooms, Network closets, Cabinet and Enclosure racks form the key assets of the Data center and Computer Organization. As these rooms are often unattended they must be monitored on a 24 x 7 basis to prevent disaster. The SP8 is a handy compact device. It features the capability of plugging in any of the intelligent sensors from AKCP into any of the 8 ports. This includes Temperature, Humidity, Airflow, Water Detector, Voltage, Security and Dry Contact, etc. The SP8 connects directly to a standard 10 BaseT network via a built in RJ45 socket. It comes with an enhanced web interface for easy navigation.

An optional 1U rackmount kit is also available. The SP8 has user settable thresholds for each sensor that will alarm and notify users. For example, if a server room or rack enclosure is tampered with, in an overheating situation, has experienced a loss of air flow, or there is a water leakage, the SP8 sends out an alarm. User can select the alert type including E-mail, SMS, or SNMP trap.

The sensorProbe8 is supplied with a MIB to allow its interface to SNMP based Network Management systems such as HP OpenView®, IBM Tivoli®, What's Up Gold and others. The sensorProbe8, has many advanced features, will fulfill most customers monitoring needs, while still fitting into tight budgets. The device will fit in small server/computer rooms, institutions, Data Centers, Rackmount Monitoring, or any critical area in which environmental and power conditions must be monitored and controlled at strict levels. ...AKCP

See also:- Watchdog cards and alarm modules

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