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News about SPARC systems - September 2003

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Buyers Interests in the Sun Market Have Changed
This is the busiest time of year for buyers in the Sun Microsystems market. During September, October and November we typically see double digit month on month growth rates in pageviews in the SPARC Product Directory. That's been true in every year since 1996, with the exception of 2001 - because of the terrorist attacks on 9/11.

The server side of the SPARC market has been seeing significant revenue declines recently compared to servers based on other architectures - and this has led to a change in the kind of products which our readers are looking at.

For the first time in 5 years - our PCI, cPCI & SBus cards directory significantly overtook the SPARC servers directory during the last quarter by very large margin. That suggests buyers are actively looking at add-in cards which will help them get the most out of their SPARC servers, even though they are less actively looking at new replacement SPARC servers.

Many host bus adapter companies were badly hit in 2002 by shakeouts in the Fibre-channel market, and the slow adoption of new technologies like iSCSI and Infiniband. So most HBA vendors have cut back on their advertising spends compared to a few years ago. But our readers statistics indicate that buyer activity in the HBA area is picking up in the Sun market. So marketers, take note, or lose out to your competitors.

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EpiTech Solaris Training at Affordable Rates in Columbia

Columbia, MD - September 30, 2003 - EpiTech and Howard Community College have formed an alliance that capitalizes on their individual strengths to deliver Sun Microsystems Solaris training in Columbia, MD.

Howard Community College will provide marketing resources and training facilities using Sun Ultra 60 computers at their Business Technology Center, while Epitech will provide the registration and delivery functions using Sun certified instructors and a well-tested curriculum. Ms. Patty Keeton of Howard Community College believes that government and industry clients requiring this training for their employees will find the combination of quality courses delivered in small personalized classes at a convenient technology training center by certified Sun instructors at prices 30% below historical Sun prices "irresistible".

EpiTech is uniquely qualified to provide the instructional delivery services for Solaris. The owners, Anne Bistany Whiteford and Suzanne Menard were both former Sun employees in the Educational Services organizational before they decided to have their own training and web technology business.

Anne, who is the president of EpiTech and heads up the EpiTech Development Division, was a Sun instructor and then moved up the management ladder to become the East Coast Business Manager for Educational Services. Suzanne, who is the Chief Financial Officer and heads up the EpiTech Training Division, was the Program Manager for world-wide dedicated and on-site business for Sun Educational Services. ...EpiTech

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Sun Today Could be a Good Day to Contact Sun Sales - as the Company Anticipates $1 Billion Loss for Quarter Ending September 30

Editor:- September 30, 2003 - SUNW fell today as markets opened on news that Sun Microsystems is warning investors that its losses in the quarter ending today, are significantly higher than anticipated. If you have an order which can be placed and billed today, you may get some good offers as Sun sales people try to stuff the revenue gap.
. "The Duros/PMC brings affordable high performance graphics to harsh environment applications," said Victor Gold, Vice President of Graphics Engineering. "Its SM731 graphics engine offers next-generation performance in a rugged, low power, conduction cooled and conformally coated PMC module. This affordably priced, high-speed, high resolution graphics card sets a new standard for cost-effective ruggedized PMC graphics."
New Conduction-Cooled, PMC Board Breaks Price Barrier for Ruggedized 128-bit Graphics

OAKLAND, Calif - September 29, 2003 - Peritek has introduced its first ruggedized IEEE P1383.1 compliant PMC graphics board. The Duros/PMC is a conduction-cooled high-resolution, dual-head display controller. The first ruggedized graphics card to feature Silicon Motion's 128-bit SM731 graphics accelerator, the Duros/PMC significantly lowers the cost of high-performance ruggedized PMC graphics.

Powered by Silicon Motion's 128-bit SM731 graphics accelerator, Duros/PMC supports screen resolutions up to 1600 x 1200 (UXGA) at vertical scan rates up to 91 Hz. The SM731 is supported with 16 Mbytes of high speed SDRAM display memory to provide ample local storage for image and off-screen data such as texture maps, Z-buffer, and backing store.

Duros/PMC supports single channel analog VGA, single channel DVI (option) or dual-channel LVDS outputs. With the DVI (PanelLink) option, the Duros/PMC can support simultaneous DVI and VGA outputs. Dual Channel limited to 1024x768 per channel operation. All outputs are via the card's 64-pin PMC Pn4 rear panel connector. Duros/PMC is designed for displays running in VxWorks, Linux and Windows operating system environments.

The Duros/PMC is designed for mission-critical military, aerospace, homeland security and industrial applications and is available in two levels of ruggedization. ...Peritek profile
Performance Technologies

. "We anticipate our newly expanded product offering will further develop the long-standing, close relationship between Performance Technologies and Sun Microsystems," said Don Turrell, president and CEO of Performance Technologies. "We're optimistic our combined technologies will produce an industry-leading, packet-based platform for the telecommunications equipment market, and we look forward to future developments."
Performance Technologies and Sun Microsystems Collaborate on Packet-Based Technology

ROCHESTER, N.Y. and SANTA CLARA, Calif. - September 22, 2003 - Performance Technologies and Sun Microsystems today announced a collaboration on technology for Sun's CompactPCI Packet-Switched Backplane products. The two companies will leverage their technologies into Sun's carrier-grade Netra blade platforms for telecommunications equipment manufacturers.

Sun will combine Performance Technologies' IPnexus family of packet-based embedded products, including chassis, backplanes and Ethernet switches, with Sun's own MOH capabilities, PMS, Netra HA Suite and Worldwide support. The result will be an embedded platform offering that tightly integrates system management, high availability functions and a packet-switched backplane interconnect. ...Performance Technologies profile, ...Sun Microsystems profile
Sun SunNetwork Conference a Yawn Rather than a Wakeup Call to Look Again at Sun Offerings

Editor:- September 22, 2003 - the most important announcement at the recent SunNetwork Conference, was one that didn't happen. Sun didn't fanfare a new strategy based on a new family of SPARC/Linux servers.

In a recent article I discussed why this would be necessary to turn around Sun's revenue decline. Until then, Sun's long term survival will depend mainly on how good it is at cutting costs while its revenue continues heading south.
Sun/Linux Aberdeen Report Looks at Sun's Linux Strategy

Editor:- September 19, 2003 - a short article published today by Aberdeen Group, analyses Sun's Linux strategy. Aberdeen says that it "sees Sun's reluctance to provide a roadmap that includes 64-bit processors as a weakness in their Linux strategy." ...Aberdeen Group profile
Sun/Pricing Gartner Critiques Sun's New Software Pricing Model

Editor:- September 19, 2003 - new article published today by Gartner looks critically at Sun's new software pricing model.

"The new pricing model will attract interest, but enterprise commitment to the JSS will not necessarily follow" say the authors Daryl Plummer and Yefim Natis. ...Gartner profile
Themis Computer Themis Computer RES-302s Servers Are Now Available with 1.2 GHz UltraSPARC III Processors

FREMONT, California - September 18, 2003 - Themis Computer announced that its RES-302s servers are now available with the fast new 1.2GHz UltraSPARC III processors from Sun Microsystems.

Based on the Sun Blade 2000, the industry's first 1+ GHz 64-bit workstation, the RES-302s provide users with exceptional computing speed, graphics and I/O capabilities, for demanding applications in extreme shock and vibration environments - the RES-302s is designed to withstand shock loads of 20G @ 20 msec and operate in ambient temperatures to 50°C. Deployed in navy installations, Themis' RES-302s server reflects the company's extensive experience designing rugged, high performance military and aerospace systems. Themis' RES-302s servers now incorporate single or dual 64-bit 900 –1,200 MHz UltraSPARC III Cu Superscalar processors. The RES-302s achieves exceptional system level performance through the use of a crossbar-switch system interconnect, that achieves up to 4 GBps transfer rates for ultra-high-speed processor and graphic subsystems.

The RES-302s is a flexible and powerful next-generation server offering outstanding platform performance, dependability and versatility. The RES-302s 5U design provides high performance and reliability for size-constrained environments. The RES-302s provides ample headroom for growth – it is easily expandable through the addition of commercially available, off-the-shelf networking cards, I/O, peripherals and other value-added options. With up to two 146 GB Fibre Channel - Arbitrated Loop (FC-AL) internal disk drives and 8 GB of main memory, the RES-302s delivers exceptional system performance and configuration flexibility. ...Themis Computer profile
Sun Microsystems
. "We're all over delivering innovation, choice and value to our customers through Network Computing," said McNealy."We're realizing our vision big time of everyone and everything connected to the network and delivering our third payout to customers of 2003."
McNealy Warms Up Crowd at SunNetwork Conference

SAN FRANCISCO - September 16, 2003 - Scott McNealy, chairman, president and chief executive officer of Sun Microsystems, Inc. raised the curtain at Sun's annual user conference today, and told the crowd of thousands of IT professionals that Sun is on a mission to drive cost and complexity out of Network Computing. He previewed more than 30 new technologies and solutions designed to lower acquisition costs, eliminate virus attacks and security breaches and reduce ongoing management and operations' costs.

In his keynote address, McNealy set the SunNetwork agenda and said conference-goers would hear details throughout the three-day event about a radical redefining of software around the system and highlighted the Java Enterprise System as the first game changer in enterprise software since Java.

Referencing the recent security issues of Microsoft, McNealy said that the Java Desktop System offers a viable desktop solution that reduces the risk of massive security holes, can run on Linux, and be acquired for a fraction of the typical acquisition and licensing costs. McNealy also previewed three new aggressively priced Sparc based systems intended to redefine the price/performance of servers across the industry. ...Sun Microsystems profile
Tadpole Computer Tadpole Endorses Sun's Java Desktop System for Notebooks

San Francisco, CA - September 16, 2003 - Tadpole Computer, Inc. today will showcase Sun's Java Desktop System running on Tadpole's latest SPARCLE notebooks at the SunNetwork 2003 Conference and Pavilion. The demonstration runs in conjunction with the launch of Tadpole's new marketing campaign, "You run Solaris and Linux. So why does your notebook run Windows?"

With Tadpole notebooks running the Sun Java Desktop System, developers can benefit from the ease of management and the added security the Java Desktop System brings, as well as interoperability with Windows-based applications and the ability to run UNIX tools and applications on platforms of choice, such as Linux or Solaris. ...Tadpole profile

. WebMux users range from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Customers include several U.S. government agencies, industry leading managed hosting businesses, electronic clearinghouses and companies with sophisticated commercial websites.

"We are using WebMux products as our firewall as well as load balancers," said Stewart Wilson-Turner, CTO of, Inc. Voicebank is the leading B-to-B audio and video audition delivery network in the entertainment industry. "Reliability was a key selection criteria when we were searching for load balancers. We are very satisfied with WebMux, particularly with its ease of setup, hot fail-over and on-going reliability."
CAI and AVANU Announce WebMux Pro - Load Balancer for Gigabit Ethernet

SAN JOSE, CA - September 15, 2003 - CAI Networks and AVANU today announced the availability of the WebMux Pro load balancer for Gigabit Ethernet. WebMux load balancers are stand-alone, self-contained and ready-to-install network appliances that provide high performance management of IP traffic on 10/100 and Gigabit Ethernet networks. Each WebMux unit is just 14" deep and 1U high, in a standard 19" rack.

WebMux products deliver maximum performance and flexibility by supporting both network address translation and direct (out-of-path) routing. NAT is the default mode and operates as a firewall as well as a load balancer and health checker. Direct routing mode improves performance from 10X to 100X when servers send large responses to small requests. WebMux uses a unique routing algorithm to achieve maximum server performance and user connections.

WebMux Pro includes the recently released WebMux Burst Activity Management feature (BAM). BAM solves the system failure problem that historically occurs in intensive Internet applications where client or application servers repeatedly send a large number of DNS requests to the same DNS server. These messages are often seen by the server as one large message and therefore are not load balanced across all the available servers, resulting in slow site response and a reduction in the site's reliability. CAI's BAM solves this problem by properly distributing the DNS requests on a packet-by-packet basis spreading them across the servers.

WebMux Pro Gigabit Ethernet is priced at $8,999 per unit, balances 5,760,000 concurrent connections with 40,000 new connections per second and 1 Gigabit throughput per second. ...AVANU, ...CAI Networks profile
Innovative Systems Design Innovative Systems Design, Inc. Announces the General Availability of ITVerify 2.3.1

EDISON, New Jersey - September 15, 2003 - Innovative Systems Design is proud to showcase ITVerify Release 2.3.1 at SunNetwork 2003 in San Francisco, CA. Currently contributing significant value to the Regulatory Compliance standards required in the Pharmaceutical Industry, the Mission-Critical Stability and Availability initiatives in the Financial Industry, and Service Provider Management in the Telecommunications Industry, ITVerify's patent pending technology redefines Stability Management and Change Management Auditing.

ITVerify software collects application and configuration data from across heterogeneous infrastructure environments and delivers that information to a centralized repository to solve the very complex problem of policy management and the stabilization of diverse systems. When changes are made to any application or a technology component, ITVerify automatically detects those changes, compares the change to a previous or desired state and delivers the comparison at a user defined level of granularity.

Aligning infrastructure to fit your business goals is the key to success and prosperity. ITVerify delivers Infrastructure Intelligence, the power that allows an organization to save time and reduce costs. ...Innovative Systems Design profile
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