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2004, February

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Camera Link digital camera interface, single slot PMC from EDT
PMC Digital Camera Interface
from EDT
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Continuous Computing
Adax and Continuous Computing announce partnership for ATM/SS7/SIGTRAN solutions

Cannes, France - February 24, 2004 - Adax today announced a partnership with Continuous Computing Corporation to produce a convergence layer for the Adax HDC and the ATM product families for narrowband, broadband and IP signalling. This joint effort was created to produce a single product that services SS7, ATM and SIGTRAN over T1/E1, OC3 and Ethernet interfaces.
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Written by Adax, and jointly tested with CCPU, this product provides off-the-shelf convergence and flexibility to upgrade, change or converge network interfaces without the need to retool and retrain. This convergence layer, which supports both conventional and DFT/HA (Distributed Fault Tolerant/High Availability) for narrowband, broadband, and SIGTRAN (M2UA/M2PA/SCTP) stacks simultaneously, eliminates the need for costly software integration and allows both wireline and wireless network equipment providers faster time to market, in a business climate where the demand for speed and bandwidth increases daily. ...ADAX profile, ...Continuous Computing profile
Adax and Continuous Computing announce partnership

Sun Licences AppIQ Storage Software

RamSan-320 Certified Solaris Ready

NextBook260, with Red Hat Linux or Solaris 9 x86

AKCP's Low Cost Networked Security Camera

Mellanox, InfiniBand and Sun

Interphase Reports Telecoms Revenues Up 51%

TAG SPARC Server Operates At Upto 60°C

Raritan's Paragon II Cuts KVM Cabling

SPARC CPUs Milestone

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iSCSI on
Terrorbyte liked to test out hot new backup technologies.

Nibble:- How Many SPARC CPUs 1987-2003?

I was asked recently if I had any idea how many SPARC processors have been deployed in servers and workstations since the market started back in 1987.

The simple answer was - no...

Sure, I did calculate the size of the SPARC market back in 1992 when I first published the SPARC Product Directory, and from time to time updated those estimates. More recently quarterly and annual SPARC computer shipments and revenue data have appeared in these news pages from time to time.

So I realised that although I didn't have a good grasp of the numbers any more, I had most of the information I needed to make a stab at some estimates.

Post Millenium - Jan 2000 to Dec 2003

Over 5 million SPARC CPUs

In estimating the above figure - I had used the following estimates. The average server used 3 CPUs. The average workstation used 1.5 CPUs. I realise that lots of you may have dozens of SPARC processors in your biggest servers, but that's outweighed by the larger number of servers with upto 4 CPUs.

Pre Millenium - 1987 to 1999

Approximately 3 million SPARC CPUs.

Interestingly there were 5 main manufacturers of SPARC chips during this early period and over 50 manufacturers of SPARC systems.

How Many SPARC Processors 1987-2003?

From all the data I've seen I think a floor level of 8 million SPARC CPUs is a conservative estimate. The true number is more likely to be higher than lower.

Please bear in mind these are estimates based on computer shipments. If a manufacturer uses a SPARC CPU in a dumb terminal, printer or photocopier that's not something which gives a useful idea of the size of the historic SPARC computing base market, and is not counted.

If someone from Sun marketing would like to cast more light on this, they should feel free to contact me with the relevant supporting data.


The data I used came from a variety of sources including financial data from various SPARC manufacturers. In particular, data from market research companies Gartner and IDC which appeared in press releases in the SPARC Product Directory were very helpful covering the period 2000 onwards. Any errors in facts or interpretation of trends are my fault alone.

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Engineering Design Team (EDT)
specializes in high-speed interface
products that link devices such as
digital cameras, medical, and telemetry
systems, to almost any computer.

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Sun Microsystems

Sun Licences AppIQ Storage Software

SANTA CLARA, CA and BURLINGTON, MA - February 23, 2004 - Sun Microsystems and AppIQ, Inc. today announced that Sun will license AppIQ storage area management technology and the two companies will jointly develop new software solutions. As a result of this relationship, the Sun StorEdge Enterprise Storage Manager framework will leverage functionality from AppIQ StorageAuthority Suite to advance its heterogeneous storage management capabilities. The products resulting from this licensing and co-development agreement will enhance Sun's current SAN management, storage resource management, and heterogeneous provisioning solutions. The new products are currently scheduled to be available from Sun in the second half of 2004.

AppIQ StorageAuthority Suite is an award-winning, best-in-class product family for heterogeneous storage management. The software provides heterogeneous device support for a wide range of arrays, SAN devices and host operating systems including Sun's Solaris Operating System, and also offers application management and automation tools - architected on the SMI-S standard. ...AppIQ profile
Texas Memory Systems

Sun Microsystems
. "We are delighted to extend interoperability by completing Solaris Ready certification," said Woody Hutsell, Executive Vice President at Texas Memory Systems. "RamSan-320 is the ideal complement to Solaris servers and demanding applications, such as Oracle database acceleration."
RamSan-320 Certified Solaris Ready

HOUSTON, TEXAS - February 12, 2004 - Texas Memory Systems, Inc . announced that the RamSan-320 solid state disk has completed Sun Microsystems' Solaris Ready certification.

Sun provides this designation to products that have met stringent testing requirements for system compatibility, interoperability, ease-of-installation, functionality, and network interoperability. Users with demanding, Solaris-based applications, or high user loads, such as databases, OLTP, and OLAP, can increase their server and storage efficiency with RamSan-320 storage.

The RamSan-320 is the fastest solid state disk on the market. For frequently accessed data and performance-intensive applications, transaction and storage response times are critical. The RamSan has proven highly effective in overcoming these I/O bottlenecks. The RamSan-320 offers 250,000 IOPS and internal bandwidth of 3GB that can be shared effectively amongst multiple servers. The performance boost from the RamSan can enable higher transaction loads and support more users without resorting to additional servers, associated licenses and management overhead. ...Texas Memory Systems profile
NextCom NextCom Announces NextBook260, with Red Hat Linux or Solaris 9 x86

Nashua, NH - February 10, 2004 - NextCom LLC announces the availability of the NextBook260; a server and high performance workstation in a Notebook package for Linux and Solaris users. Pre-installed Operating environments include Red Hat Linux as well as Sun Microsystems' Java Desktop System or Solaris 9 x86.

High performance server like features such as Gigabit Ethernet, an 800 MHz Front Side Bus, and PC3200 400MHZ memory as also standard. When coupled with a 8xAGP M10-P Radeon 9600 Pro 2D/3D accelerator graphics with 128MB VRAM, power users are now able to transition their complex application and system work to a notebook or small footprint desktop without compromising performance.

Complete systems are priced at $2,175 with example configurations on NextCom's web site. . ...NextCom profile
AKCP AKCP Announces Low Cost Networked Security Camera Appliance

Bangkok, Thailand - February 10, 2004 - AKCP today unveiled the cameraProbe8 - an integrated camera and sensor monitoring device for physical and enterprises security based on the industry proven sensorProbe architecture.

The cameraProbe8, comes with 8 autosense ports for intelligent sensors and an integrated CMOS color camera. With 15 JPEG frames per second in a local network, customer can view the streaming motion pictures from a simple web browser. An integrated motor will remotely pan/tilt the camera for a complete view of the facility. The sensor ports enable the cameraProbe8 to act like a human eye, taking pictures when any sensor goes beyond their configured threshold. For example, an email can be sent with the picture attached when a security sensor connected to a door is triggered. There is a full range of sensors available to trigger events such as a motion detector, security sensor, temperature and humidity sensors, water detectors that can check the floor for flooding, and more.

Whenever a sensor event occurs, pictures are captured before, during, and after the event. A database of 584 pictures are captured and stored in flash memory for later analysis via a web browser. The cameraProbe8 is a completely embedded host and comes with a proprietary Linux-like Operating System. It is equipped with a TCP/IP stack, internal web Server, e-mail, and Full SNMP functionality. The cameraProbe8 is easy to use and maintain. The installation process is also simple. The price of $895.00 is for a complete system includes a 1 foot external temperature sensor, and all software. ...AKCP profile
Mellanox Technologies


. "As a systems leader and an active participant in the InfiniBand Trade Association, Sun works with best-in-class InfiniBand technology providers such as Mellanox to develop InfiniBand-based hardware and software," said Subodh Bapat, vice president and chief technologist, Volume Systems Products, Sun Microsystems, Inc. "With its improved support for bandwidth and lower latencies, the InfiniBand architecture and PCI Express have the potential to offer tremendous performance benefits to InfiniBand-based blade servers."
Mellanox Delivers InfiniBand HCA with PCI Express

SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA, and YOKNEAM, ISRAEL - February 10, 2004 - Mellanox Technologies Ltd. today introduced its third generation InfiniBand Host Channel Adapter (HCA) and announced shipments to OEM customers.

The InfiniHost III Ex features an 8X PCI Express interface that delivers 32 and 64-bit InfiniBand capabilities for PCI Express based servers. The InfiniHost III Ex includes dual 10Gb/sec InfiniBand ports that deliver unmatched throughput and extremely low latencies in a low power single chip implementation. In addition to the semiconductor device, Mellanox is shipping a low profile InfiniHost III Ex HCA PCI Express add-in adapter card.

InfiniHost and 8X PCI Express server platforms enable an aggregate of 20 Gb/sec of I/O bandwidth. PCI Express greatly improves upon the 8Gb/sec bandwidth that PCI-X slots provide and at the same time improves latencies. Bandwidth and latency are critical attributes for clustered database, HPC, embedded, and storage applications that take advantage of InfiniBand's Remote Direct Memory Access capabilities. ...Mellanox profile

Editor's comments:- InfiniBand could be one of the technologies which saves Sun's bacon. Microsoft was notoriously slow at supporting iSCSI and probably slowed down the whole iSCSI market by a year. (Although no vendor will publicly admit this.)

The good thing about InfiniBand is that you get advantages from it even in a non-heterogeneous (i.e. single platform) server environment. So if Sun supports it in Solaris 6-12 months before Microsoft does in Windows, this could give Sun a competitive edge in low cost big servers.
. Greg Kalush, President and CEO, stated, "... We are extremely encouraged by our financial success over the second half of 2003. As the telecommunications market stabilizes, equipment manufacturers are choosing to meet renewed demand by outsourcing an increasing proportion of their production requirements to companies like Interphase, rather than increase their payrolls. "
Interphase Reports Telecoms Revenues Up 51%

DALLAS, Texas - February 4, 2004 - Interphase Corporation today reported financial results for its fourth quarter and fiscal year ended December 31, 2003.

For the fourth quarter ended December 31, 2003, Interphase reported revenues of $9.0 million, up 33% compared with revenues of $6.8 million for the fourth quarter of 2002. Net income for the fourth quarter was $212,000, versus a loss of $5.6 million in last year's fourth quarter.

For the year ended December 31, 2003, revenues were up 29% to $32.5 million compared to $25.1 million during fiscal year 2002. Telecom controller revenues for the twelve months ended 2003 increased 51% to $17.8 million while Slot Optimizer product revenues increased 33% for the year to $11.4 million.

The Company reported a net loss for the year of $769,000 compared to a net loss of $8.4 million for 2002. ...Interphase profile
TAG TAG SPARC Server Operates At Upto 60°C

SAN DIEGO, CA - February 3, 2004 - Today, TAG released its new 2U 2000S-SF rugged server designed for warfighters running UNIX applications in combat situations.

Unlike many other servers that are based on the Ultra SPARC IIIi processor, the 2000S-SF's standard configuration provides a full array of peripherals in a compact 2U 21.5" deep, rugged chassis. Although the system is comprised of all OEM components, TAG's patented and proven cooling technology enables the server to operate at temperatures of 60 °C.

The 2000S-SF is available with two removable hard drives, CD-DVD/RW, PCI 2-D graphics card, 3 PCI slots, as well as Ethernet, serial, SCSI, and USB ports. Available options include an EMI/dust cover and an external SCSI-SCSI RAID subsystem. Like all TAG computer systems, the 2000S-SF is designed to meet various stringent MIL standards including sand/dust, shock/vibration, humidity, and temperature. ...TAG profile
Raritan Raritan's Paragon II Cuts KVM Cabling

Somerset, NJ - February 2, 2004 - Raritan Computer, Inc. today introduced Paragon II - a stackable KVM management appliance designed to help IT managers and systems administrators reduce the complexity and costs of managing servers and other data center equipment.

Paragon II provides new point-and-click administration capabilities and seamless connectivity to servers from inside and outside the data center, so that simultaneous users can securely access, monitor, configure, and reboot multi-platform servers as if they were actually present at the rack.

Paragon II supports up to 128 servers and devices per appliance. and reduces the amount of cabling. Its new stacking architecture simplifies KVM cabling between 'tiers' by replacing multiple pass-through cables with a single expansion cable – saving up to 32 cables per switch.

Paragon II - available in 32- and 64-port form factors - is suitable for rack or shelf mounting and comes complete with power supply, basic cabling, Paragon Manager software, set-up instructions and a two-year warranty. It supports all server platforms and operating systems and stacks up to 128 ports per switch - expanding up to 10,000 ports via stacking and cascading. New, smaller CIMs for PS/2, Sun, and USB devices are also available. Retail pricing starts at $3,000. ...Raritan Computer profile
SPARC market Size? SPARC CPUs in Servers and Workstations May Pass 10 Million Milestone in 2004

Editor:- February 2, 2004 - this could be the year that the total number of SPARC processors used in servers and workstations (since the SPARC market started) will pass the 10 million milestone.

While that may not seem like much compared to the 2 billion plus Intel architecture processors used in PCs and servers, it's still considerably more than all the processors of all architectures ever used in Linux servers and workstations. For more about this, see editorial nibble (right)..

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