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2004, May

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Why Sun Should Acquire a Solid State Disk Company

Editor:- May 28, 2004 - a new article published today in the SPARC Product Directory is called - Why Sun will Acquire a Solid State Disk Company ASAP.

Most analysts agree that Sun is just not as good at designing processor chips (at today's 30 million transistor level) as semiconductor companies like Intel and AMD who can recruit the best chip talent, and optimize silicon better than a fabless designer. But computer architectures are changing... Sun may be able to leapfrog its server competition not by cranking up the GHz on its SPARC CPUs, but by embedding solid state disk support in its Solaris OS. By the way, that would also make Sun's AMD servers faster than the Linux competition. ... read the article

IDC Says Suns Quarterly Server Revenue Declined 12% While Worldwide Linux Market Grew 56%

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. - May 28, 2004 – According to IDC's Worldwide Quarterly Server Tracker, factory revenue in the worldwide server market grew at 7.3% year-over-year to $11.5 billion in the first quarter of 2004, marking the fourth consecutive quarter of positive overall growth.

Dell ($1.128 billion) and Sun Microsystems ($1.174 billion) were in a statistical tie for the number 3 spot in the rankings of server vendors, based on worldwide factory revenue results that differed by less than 1%. But Sun's revenue declined 12.5% compared to the same quarter a year ago.

Linux server sales grew revenues at 56.9% and unit shipments at 46.4%, the 7th consecutive quarter of double-growth revenue growth. This is the second consecutive quarter in which Linux servers have posted more than $900 million in worldwide factory revenue. ...IDC profile

ACSL Announces New Intel Architecture Solaris Server Directory

Editor:- May 26, 2004 - ACSL announced today that it will publish a new directory of Intel Architecture Solaris computers, suppliers and products on June 7th.

The new directory will include:-
  • a list of manufacturers which offer preloaded Solaris on IA systems
  • news about the IA Solaris market
  • articles and market research data
The IA Solaris server market has had a tortuous history. The first IA Solaris system was Sun's own 386i back in 1998. Sun canned its Intel and Motorola chip based products in 1990 following the runaway success of the SPARCstation 1. During the late 1990s there were some brave vendors who offered preloaded Solaris on Intel boxes, but doubts about Sun's long term commitment to the concept and the low performance of IA processors compared with SPARC stopped the market taking off at that time.

In 1999 ACSL's editor wrote an article in the SPARC Product Directory called Should Sun Microsystems make its own brand of "Intel Inside®" PC's?. That met a blank wall of silence from Sun which was still in runaway growth mode with its SPARC/Solaris business. Unfortunately Sun's business hit a brick wall a few years later, and the company went through a messy public process of becoming a viable company again which took many years. The Will-we? Won't-we? Decision making about commercializing x86 Solaris was painful for Sun's partners and customers to behold, and created fantastic business opportunities for Sun's competitors.

Although there are signs of a recovery in the SPARC market the idea of running Solaris on properly supported IA servers is also taking hold. This new market will not replace the SPARC market, in the short term, but is complementary, and for Sun users presents a less risky alternative than switching to a different OS for cost sensitive applications.

The success of the IA/Solaris server market will depend primarily on 3rd party OEMs. Sun does not have much credibility or critical mass in the IA server market. But it does produce a good OS which other companies can leverage with their longer experience of IA systems.

ACSL's new directory pages will help readers who want an independent source of information about IA/Solaris systems and suppliers. ACSL published the first independent directory of SPARC systems and suppliers in 1992. ACSL published STORAGEsearch.com the first major storage portal in 1998. We welcome contributions and inputs from vendors and other interested parties to the new IA Solaris directory, which will be published on June 7th. ...ACSL profile

Intransa's IP SAN Earns Solaris Ready Certification

JOSE, Calif. – May 24, 2004 – Intransa announced that the company's IP SAN IP5000 platform has passed Sun Microsystems' "Solaris Ready" certification process and the company has become a Sun iForce partner.

The certification along with Intransa's participation in Sun's iForce go-to-market program makes it easy for network managers to integrate Intransa's native IP storage solution into current and future Solaris-based networks.

The IP5000 has been certified for both Solaris 8 and Solaris 9 on Sun's UltraSparc 64-bit processor. Intransa is also participating in the Early Release program for Solaris 10. With the support of Solaris 8 and Solaris 9, Intransa continues to broaden its platform offerings for IP5000 customers. Among the core features tested were Volume Virtualization, Dynamic Volume Expansion, and Snapshot.

"As the only native IP storage solution on the market, we are able to deliver a far richer palate of end-user benefits than any other IP-based storage vendor," said Linda Arens, Director Business Development of Intransa. "With this Sun certification, Intransa now extends IP5000's full range benefits to Solaris end-users."

Intransa's IP SAN IP5000 introduces a sophisticated architecture and management software that enables customers to easily add storage capacity from 2 to 24 terabytes and consolidate high volume e-mail and collaborative environments such as Microsoft Exchange, databases, backup and restore applications and other mission-critical data management and disaster recovery applications. The IP SAN provides IT administrators an attractive alternative to expensive Fibre Channel components since the Intransa IP SAN leverages network infrastructures that already exist in the data center. ...Intransa profile

8-way SPARC Systems Set New TPC Benchmark Record

SANTA CLARA, CA - May 18, 2004 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. today announced another world record benchmark, demonstrating its leadership in delivering cost-effective data warehouse solutions.

Performance tests of Sybase IQ Multiplex 12.5 running on two Sun Fire V440 servers in a clustered configuration, Sun StorEdge arrays and the Solaris 9 OS have established the best price performance and lowest total cost of ownership for 8-way systems. The rack-optimized, low-cost SPARC servers outperformed the competitive offerings from Hewlett-Packard and IBM.

On other Sun platforms, Sun leads the industry on the best price-performance ever published on the TPC-H at 100GB and 300GB. This industry standard benchmark represents ad-hoc queries and is representative of the real-world decision support and data warehousing applications. ...Sun profile

Editor's comments:- these kinds of benchmark games always compare the newest system from manufacturer X against an older system from manufacturer Y. But it's good to see SPARC systems getting back into the record setting business after a long time on the sidelines.

EqualLogic and SANZ Install 28TB iSCSI SAN for DoD

Nashua, N.H. - May 18, 2004 - EqualLogic, Inc. announces the implementation of SANs for the Department of Defense.

The DoD intelligence organizations, which cannot be named for security reasons, are using EqualLogic's PeerStorage array solutions to create IP-based SANs in heterogeneous environments requiring enterprise-class reliability and full-featured management capabilities.

Current DoD SAN deployments are limited by the complexity and cost of Fibre Channel, and SANZ was asked to implement a new, cost-effective and highly available IP SAN solution for a host of Sun Solaris-based and Microsoft Windows-based servers. EqualLogic's Peer Storage Array 100E was selected over the EMC CLARiiON system as the core building block of the SAN, because it is the only IP SAN solution to meet the DoD's requirement for high redundancy, automatic management, data protection, and support for a wide range of operating systems.

"The DoD implementation was an excellent opportunity to align ourselves with the innovative SAN technology from EqualLogic," said Michael Phelan, president of SANZ. "EqualLogic's approach complements our focus on delivering flexible, cost-effective storage solutions that feature high performance, intelligence and reliability. Together we are filling a large need in the government market for a fresh approach to flexible, scalable and manageable SANs."

Each PeerStorage Array 100E supports up to 14 x 250-gigabyte disk drives for 3.5 terabytes of storage capacity, comes with fully redundant fault-tolerant hardware and includes full-featured automatic storage-management software. Up to 32 arrays can be combined to form a scalable enterprise storage grid of more than 100 terabytes. The PeerStorage array has achieved Sun Solaris Ready Certification and Sun Blade Server Verification, has earned the Microsoft Designed for Windows Logo qualification for iSCSI devices and has completed Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Datacenter Edition qualification testing as an iSCSI target. ...EqualLogic profile, ...SANZ profile

NextCom Offers Internal DVDW–R Drives for SPARC Portables

Nashua, NH – May 17, 2004 - NextCom LLC announces the availability of an internal DVDW–R capability with write support up to 4.7GB capacity in its line of NextBlade, PowerSPARC, FlexSPARCIIi and FlexSPARCIIIi mobile graphics workstations and mobile servers.

The internal drive provides 2x DVD write speed and 4x DVD and CDROM read speed. ...NextCom profile

See also:- DVD drives & systems

Sun Microsystems to Resell SunGard's Disaster Recovery Services

Santa Clara, CA - May 14, 2004 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. and SunGard announced today new Sun Disaster Recovery Managed Services that will give more small- and medium-sized companies better assurance of getting mission-critical data and operations back online quickly in a variety of disaster scenarios.

Under the new offering, the two firms are streamlining access to SunGard Availability Services' complete portfolio of information availability services, including business continuity and professional services all offered through Sun. This virtual "one-stop" shopping is designed to reduce the costs of engagement and simplify the delivery of the complete disaster recovery solution. Key elements include:

System recovery: Provides fast, reliable, cost-effective protection for all Sun server and storage platforms

End user recovery: Helps employees resume productivity following a disaster

Mobile recovery: Delivers the Sun server computing environment to a company's facilities

Disaster Recovery Planning: Provides full assistance with design, implementation and testing of a company's business continuity and recovery strategy, including special planning software

Recovery Preparation: Helps customize a business continuity plan

Test Assistance: Hands-on technical support for testing the recovery plan

The new services are available now in North America, with plans to expand availability to other regions in the coming months. ...SunGard profile

See also:- Data Recovery Services

BiTMICRO's Solid State Flash Drives Obtain Solaris Ready Certification

Networld + Interop, LAS VEGAS, Nevada - May 11, 2004 - BiTMICRO Networks announces the successful acquisition of Solaris Ready certification from Sun Microsystems on both SPARC and x86 platforms for its 3.5" Fibre Channel, IDE / ATA and SCSI Wide solid state disks.

This certification is a major milestone in the company's ongoing commitment to deliver products that adhere to open standards and interoperate in heterogeneous environments; serving as complete "drop-in" replacement for hard drives. BiTMICRO's E Disk SSDs are widely deployed across all major platforms and operating systems. The E-Disk flash drives are being showcased at Booth 340 of the Networld + Interop Exhibition from May 11 to 13, 2004. ...BiTMICRO Networks profile

GNP Partners with ZNYX Networks to Develop High-Availability Solutions for the Homeland Defense Market

MONROVIA, Calif.- May 11, 2004 - GNP today announced that it had formed a partnership with ZNYX Networks.

This new alliance will focus resources from both companies on developing advanced system solutions for homeland security applications that acquire, store and manipulate voice, video and other high bandwidth data to monitor and protect facilities and infrastructure.

GNP's new Homeland Defense Systems will be based on the new emerging industry standard AdvancedTCA chassis with ZNYX Networks' AdvancedTCA ZX5000 series Ethernet switch product line and ZNYX Networks' OpenArchitect for managed switches. The ZX5000 with OpenArchitect provides a high availability control plane software platform enabling solutions with continuous service availability, non-blocking L2-L7 switching, class of service and filtering with high-speed fault tolerant failover on a switch-to-switch, VLAN-to-VLAN, or port-to-port basis. ...GNP Computers profile, ...Znyx profile

Gigaram Releases Memory Upgrades for New Sun Systems

Irvine, Calif - May 10, 2004 - Gigaram Corporation has announced they are now manufacturing the following new line of Sun Licensed memory upgrades: 2GB memory upgrade for the new Sun Fire B100X Blade, 1GB through 4GB upgrades for the Sun Fire V20Z & the 1GB through 8GB upgrades for the Sun Fire E2900, E4900, E6900, E20K & E25K.

Using the latest in manufacturing technology combined with superior components, Gigaram has once again kept on the cutting edge of memory solutions for the Sun market. Complimenting this strategy is the fact that each kit is extensively system tested (fully loaded) on a Sun system before shipping and is backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

"As our customers look to get the most performance from their Sun systems we in turn strive to engineer & manufacture the highest quality memory at the most competitive price" added President Keller Lee. ...Gigaram profile

Intransa Adds Former Sun Marketer to its Executive Ranks

SAN JOSE, Calif. - May 4, 2004 - Intransa Inc. today announced the appointment of Ravi Pendekanti as vice president of marketing.

The position reports directly to president and CEO, Dr. Avi Katz, and will be responsible for managing Intransa's global marketing efforts.

"Ravi represents another stellar milestone in Intransa's corporate development. He has been a standout leader for Sun Microsystems and has consistently demonstrated an ability to profitably open markets to new products, services and corporate partnerships," said Dr. Avi Katz, president and CEO of Intransa. "Ravi's experience with open systems and market category creation will be instrumental in helping Intransa expedite its market opportunity, and delivering native IP SAN solutions to customers worldwide, today."

For the past seven years, Pendekanti served as a senior director of marketing at Sun Microsystems, leading the team responsible for Reference Architectures and Customer Ready Systems which form the core of its solutions offering. At Sun Microsystems, Pendekanti was also recognized with the "Chairman's Innovation Award" for his contributions leading to success in market positioning, strategy development, and for timely execution.

"I am excited at joining Intransa, a true leader in the IP SAN space that is clearly growing by leaps and bounds," said Pendekanti. "It is also really nice to see the kind of exceptional talent and energy here at Intransa. This will be one awesome ride." ...Intransa profile

Rave Computer Shipping FlexSPARC-III

Sterling Heights, MI - May 3, 2004 - Rave Computer Association, Inc. announced availability of the FlexSPARC-III portable launched last month by NextCom.

The FlexSPARC-III is available with either single or dual Sun UltraSPARC-IIIi 1.28GHz processors. A wide range of storage and graphics options are available, and the system includes a PCI slot. ...Rave Computer profile
... news image - FlexSPARC-III
Why Sun Should Acquire a Solid State Disk Company ASAP

IDC Says Sun Server Revenue Lost Out to Linux and Intel Growth

ACSL Announces New IA Solaris Directory

Intransa's IP SAN Earns Solaris Ready Certification

8-way SPARC Systems Set New TPC Benchmark Record

EqualLogic and SANZ Install 28TB iSCSI SAN for DoD

SPARC Portables Get Internal DVDW–R Drives Option

Sun Microsystems to Resell Disaster Recovery Services

BiTMICRO's Solid State Flash Drives are Solaris Ready

GNP Partners with ZNYX Networks

Gigaram Has Memory Upgrades For New Sun Systems

Intransa Adds Former Sun Marketer to its Executive Ranks

Rave Computer Shipping FlexSPARC-III

earlier news - archive
accelerating SSD sales
17 More Articles about Solid State Disks
on STORAGEsearch.com
Cheaperbyte heard that the solid state disk market was a fast moving market.

Nibble:- the SPARC IV Chip

o those who don't know the internal details of the SPARC IV processor, Sun's recent announcement that it was shipping these chips in new servers may not have sounded very impressive.

A superficial glance shows that the new chip runs at the same clock speeds as the old SPARC III (upto about 1.2GHz). And these clock rates don't sound impressive at all when pitched against those in the Intel architecture world which are 3 to 4 times faster.

To be sure, Sun has been a laggard in recent years in bringing out faster processors. But the SPARC IV is the first of a new generation of processors from Sun, Intel etc which includes two internal processors. Inside the SPARC IV are two SPARC III processors which share a high speed cache and either of which can operate on the incoming instruction pipeline. At peak performance the single SPARC IV will operate twice as fast as a SPARC III.

Because the 2 chips are pin compatible, except for a single pin, it means that motherboard designers can rush new high performance servers to market using a single (old) design of motherboard.

It's the operating system which makes the real difference. And because Sun designs new versions of Solaris in parallel with new chip designs, the latent power is available to users from the first day that the new systems are shipped. This is in contrast with the Intel market where historically Intel and AMD typically have had to wait one to three years before Microsoft's operating systems have supported new hardware features.

There is a problem with clock speed in 64 bit processors. Due to data skew along wide physical busses it's not so easy to guarantee that all the signal arrive at the same time and that's why 64 bit chips tend to run at motherboard clock speeds which are about half that of 32 bit chips. This problem applies to all manufacturers, not just Sun. But once you are inside the chip, the wider data bus effectively doubles the speed of calculating memory access addresses, and makes up for the external difference.

So in performance terms a 1.2GHz SPARC IV performs as fast as a 4.8GHz 32 bit SPARC chip would, if there were such a beast. Except that the whole commercial SPARC market switched to 64 bit processing about 8 years ago. That should make you feel a bit more confident that the new SPARC IV systems will be appearing a lot faster than if they required a total system redesign. Also the performance is more impressive than you might have thought at first.


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