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2005, May

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Sun Server Sets New Performance Record

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - May 31, 2005 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. today announced that its Enterprise class UltraSPARC IV-based Sun Fire E20K system running Solaris 10 has set a new Manugistics Fulfillment v7.1 benchmark world record.

Many of the world's largest retailers use Manugistics solutions to reduce costs and improve customer service by replenishment planning at the store level. The Manugistics applications are built on open standards and architected to the Java2 Platform, Enterprise Edition. The Manugistics NetWORKS Fulfillment 7.1 benchmark measures throughput results for real world complex retail supply chain management systems and workloads.

Sun demonstrates industry-leading performance and price/performance on the 36-way Sun Fire E20K server by beating IBM's newest 32-way Power5 server, the IBM P5-590 by 23%, with a 45% price/performance advantage based on hardware category pricing.

These results demonstrate Sun's ability to run complex workloads efficiently and effectively, and also showcase Sun's chip multithreading innovation with the 1.35 GHz UltraSPARC IV processors running 10% faster than IBM's 1.65 GHz POWER5 processors.

In order to achieve this record, both database and application servers were on a single system, demonstrating the server consolidation capabilities of Sun Fire servers. In addition, the superior batch processing capability of the Sun Fire E20K server that balances I/O, memory, and CPU processing power, as well as its ability to scale near linearly as processor are added, played an instrumental role in delivering unbeatable performance on real world supply chain workloads.

The performance of the 36-way Sun Fire E20K server was 3 times faster than the 12-way Sun Fire E4900 server on the same size workload (with a third of the processors). ...Sun profile, Record Breaking Storage

Sun and Dell Tie for 3rd Place in Server Revenue

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. - May 27, 2005 - According to IDC's Worldwide Quarterly Server Tracker, factory revenue in the worldwide server market grew at 5.3% year over year to $12.1 billion in the first quarter of 2005, marking the eighth consecutive quarter of positive overall revenue growth.

Dell and Sun tied for 3rd place in factory revenue with 10.8% and 9.9% share respectively. This is the third consecutive quarter that Dell and Sun have been within one point of market share as Dell experienced 16.6% year-over-year revenue growth while Sun's revenues increased 2.7% when compared to 1Q04.

Volume server revenue grew 15.6% year over year and continues to represent the primary growth engine for the server market overall. Revenue for midrange enterprise servers grew 6.1% year over year, marking the second consecutive quarterly increase in that segment. IDC believes this may reflect increased IT spending to run more scalable workloads and consolidation/virtualization initiatives than can be deployed onto volume servers. Conversely, the high-end enterprise server market, which grew from the fourth quarter of 2003 through the third quarter of 2004, declined 13.9% year over year, its second consecutive quarter of reduced spending. One factor in this drop could be continued price compression, which reduces average sales prices for servers from the high-end enterprise into the midrange enterprise space.

Linux servers posted their 11th consecutive quarter of double-digit growth, with year-over-year revenue growth of 35.2% and unit shipments up 31.1%. Customers continue to expand the role of Linux servers into an ever increasing array of workloads in both the commercial and technical segments of the market. Linux server revenue exceeded $1.2 billion in quarterly factory revenue in 1Q05 as Linux server revenues showed 35.2% growth, reaching 10.3% of overall quarterly server revenue - an all-time high, as a percent of total quarterly revenue. Worldwide investment in Linux servers for both technical and commercial workloads remains strong as Linux servers continue to expand their presence in data centers around the world. HP maintained its number 1 spot in the Linux server market, with 27.7% market share in terms of revenue, while IBM was second with 19.8%.

Unix servers experienced 2.8% revenue growth year over year and 5.0% unit shipment growth over 1Q04. Worldwide Unix revenues of $4.2 billion for the quarter, coupled with revenue and shipment growth, reflect continued IT investment in this server market segment. ...IDC profile

Thinklogical DVI Extends to 1,000 Meters

Milford, CT - May 25, 2005 - Logical Solutions/Thinklogical has expanded their commitment to the visualization industry by announcing their latest extension product and a new switch product line.

Unlike traditional analog fiber extenders and analog matrix switches, Logical Solutions/Thinklogical's line transmits video and data digitally regardless of source format. Digital transmission has significant advantages over "outdated" analog technology by enhancing the "transparency" of extension and switching systems. The video integrity through the system is never compromised.

Thinklogical KVM extension systems require only two or three multi-mode fibers to support either DVI or RGB video, keyboard, mouse, USB, serial, full duplex stereo audio, DDC, and a stereo graphics port for virtual reality applications. Video and data can be extended up to 1,000 meters (3,280 feet).

The latest addition to the line is the Dual-Link DVI KVM extender which will debut at InfoComm '05 in Las Vegas June 8th thru 10th. For the first time Dual-Link DVI signals along with keyboard, mouse, serial, audio, and stereo graphics can be extended up to 500 meters (1640 feet) over 3 fibers.

The new DCS (digital cross-point switch) matrix switching line integrates seamlessly with Thinklogical extenders. The switches have full non-blocking matrix capability for 8 to 144 source inputs and 8 to 144 fully configured remote graphics consoles. The DSC is "fiber-in" and "fiber-out" for ease of installation and minimal cable congestion. Fully loaded chassis sizes are 32 x 32, 72 x 72 and 144 x 144 ports.

Demonstrations of the DCS-72 will be available at InfoComm '05, Booth #2111.

The scientific, command and control, entertainment, financial and engineering development markets are the primary users of such equipment. ...Logical Solutions profile, ...InfoComm '05, Storage Events, KVM switches

Solarcom Annointed to Sun's US Storage Elite

ATLANTA - May 18, 2005 - Solarcom has achieved the status of "Strategic Data Center Elite," a level of highly advanced sales and technical certification and specialization in Sun solutions.

This new strategic status recognizes Solarcom's significantly expanded technical resources and expertise in storage, software and services and allows Solarcom to deliver targeted, customer-driven Sun solutions to businesses anywhere in the United States. The expansion to a nationwide delivery area for Sun solutions and services is effective immediately.

"Solarcom is a national organization that includes more than 200 technology sales and service specialists serving customers across the nation," said Eric Prockow, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Solarcom Holdings, Inc. "In the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic US, our customers have long relied on our depth of knowledge and expertise about Sun technology, products and services. Now, our customers throughout the nation can benefit from our extended capabilities." ...Solarcom profile, Sun VARs in the USA, Storage VARs

IBM and Red Hat Launch New Sun Away Programs

IBM Claims over 3,000 Solaris Customer Scalps

SOMERS, NY - May 17, 2005 - IBM in conjunction with Red Hat today announced the introduction of a Solaris-to-Linux server migration program that includes a "Solaris to Linux Migration Factory," and additional solutions and support offerings designed to help customers migrate from Solaris to multi-platform Linux servers.

The service includes for the first time a pre-funded, pre-sales migration assessment from IBM Systems & Technology Group for qualified customers that will result in no charge to the customer for the assessment, and will help them answer difficult questions and determine the right migration strategy to Linux. Once the assessment is completed and the customer decides they want to continue with the migration, then IBM's Migration Factory is engaged.

IBM has completed more than 500 HP/UX and Solaris-to-AIX customer migration engagements since early 2004 and is now bringing that knowledge and expertise to an extended customer set focused on migrations to Linux with this announcement. The service will enable customers in all industries to more quickly migrate to a Linux environment, including those in the Wall Street and financial services sectors.

IBM also announced today that another wave of 22 financial services ISVs have committed to porting 48 Solaris applications to Linux on IBM's eServer platform since last year, of which 33 are already available as of today. Last year, IBM identified a total of 24 ISVs and 58 applications in interviews with 23 of the top Wall Street companies as the most critical applications to target for Solaris-to-Linux porting. The adoption of Linux by formerly Solaris-exclusive ISVs is expected to expand even faster with the recent introduction of IBM eServer Application Advantage for Linux, also known as the Chiphopper offering, the IT industry's first combination of support and testing tools that is helping to deliver on the promise of a cross-platform Linux solution for ISVs. Since its introduction in February of this year, the Chiphopper offering has resulted in more than 100 new applications being available on IBM eServers running Linux.

"A Solaris-to-Linux migration is nothing new at IBM. In fact, since IBM began its Linux journey several years ago, we estimate that more than 3,000 of our approximately 12,000 Linux customer engagements have been with customers moving from a Solaris environment to Linux," said Scott Handy, vice president of worldwide Linux for IBM. "With volumes like these, we really needed a factory approach. And based on our experience, the number-one issue is that customers don't know just how easy a UNIX-to-Linux migration is, which is why we are offering to cover the cost of the initial assessment for qualified customers. The credibility of our migration specialists working with real customers wanting to get to Linux, combined with our cost effective Linux solutions and capabilities, usually results in a customer either embarking on a successful migration with us or with one of our business partners."

"Enterprise migration from Solaris to Linux is inevitable. Working with IBM we will make the transition from Solaris to Red Hat Enterprise Linux as efficient and easy as possible," said Paul Cormier, Executive Vice President of Engineering at Red Hat. "The Chiphopper and Migration Factory programs offer clear concise plans to both customers and ISVs to make the move." ...Red Hat profile, ...IBM profile, Linux Portals

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Logical Solutions will Introduce New KVM over IP Solution at InfoComm '05

Milford, CT - May 12, 2005 - Logical Solutions will be debuting their newest product offering at next month's InfoComm '05 show in Las Vegas.

news image - Logical SolutionsThe Thinklogical Simple-Link is an innovative secure KVM over IP device that meets essential demands of today's systems administrators, telecommuters, and collaborative computing users: high performance, simple operation, small size, and low cost.

The Simple-Link supports video resolutions up to 1600x1200, utilizes SSLv3/TLSv1 encryption (256 bits) and supports SSL certificate management.

The unit measures a compact 2.75"x 4"x 1" providing ease of placement and connects to the host computer or KVM switch with supplied cables. Simple-Link is controlled with a browser based program providing secure remote access to a connected computer from virtually anywhere in the world. Selling price for the Simple-Link and all essential cables is $549.

Local KVM console capability is possible using an optional cable. Logical Solutions will be demonstrating a number of new products at InfoComm '05 including the industry's first Dual-Link DVI fiber KVM extender, and the new DCS72 (digital cross-point switch) large-scale fiber-in, fiber-out matrix switching solution that is scalable from 8x8 to 144x144.

InfoComm '05 exhibits will be open June 8th-10th at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Logical Solutions/Thinklogical™ will be exhibiting in booth #2111. ...Logical Solutions profile, ...InfoComm '05, Storage Events, KVM switches

Sun Acquires Tarantella

SANTA CLARA, CALIF. - May 10, 2005 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. today announced it will acquire Tarantella, Inc. for a cash purchase price of approximately $25 million.

Tarantella is a leading provider of secure application access software. Tarantella's Secure Global Desktop family of products enables organizations to access and manage information, data and applications across virtually all platforms, networks and devices. ...Sun profile, Storage Security

SANTA CLARA, Calif. and DUBLIN, Ireland - May 9, 2005 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. and IONA Technologies today announced a broad technology and marketing agreement between the two companies. Under this new agreement, Artix, IONA's extensible Enterprise Service Bus, will be available for Solaris 10 for all supported platforms. Additionally, the two companies plan to enhance interoperability between Artix and the Sun Java Enterprise System. ...IONA Technologies, Sun Training Companies, Storage Software

Sun Acquires Procom's NAS Technology

SANTA CLARA, CALIF. - May 9, 2005 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to purchase all intellectual property rights of Procom Technology, Inc. relating to Procom's NAS offerings in an all-cash transaction valued at approximately $50M.

Procom and Sun have had an existing software licensing agreement in place since April 2004. As a result of that agreement, Procom technology is already embedded and currently shipping within the Sun StorEdge 5000 Family of NAS Appliances. With this new agreement, Sun will own the intellectual property rights relating to this technology and gain additional engineering expertise, enabling it to build future NAS and next-generation file-based storage systems much faster and more cost-effectively.

"The entire storage marketplace is clearly moving toward industry-standard platforms and operating systems," said Jonathan Schwartz, president and chief operating officer, Sun Microsystems."As a provider of both, with our leading volume platforms and the Solaris operating system, Sun is uniquely positioned to leverage Procom's technology to drive down the cost of NAS appliances for customers, while aiming to drive margin opportunities for Sun." ...Procom profile, ...Sun profile, Acquired, dead & merged companies.

Editor's comments:- Sun's tally of storage company acquisitions runs like this:- Cobalt Networks, HighGround Systems, LSC, Pirus Networks, and now Procom. My article:- Market Report on Sun Compatible OEMs provides a history and current picture of Sun's IHV strategies.

Penguin Computing Recruits Sun Veteran as Senior VP of Sales and Services

San Francisco - Calif. - May 4, 2005 - Penguin Computing announced today that Bill Cook joined the company as senior vice president of sales and services.

Cook, formerly senior vice president of U.S. sales at Sun Microsystems, Inc., brings 24 years of in-depth experience in the high performance computing and enterprise markets to this new position. In his new role, he will be responsible for driving aggressive revenue goals for Penguin Computing in the enterprise server and clustering segments.

"In his 19 years at Sun, Bill played an instrumental role in taking Sun from a technical, HPC play to an enterprise play. He knows what it takes to grow a company from its technology roots to having broad, enterprise-wide appeal," said Enrico Pesatori, chairman and chief executive officer, Penguin Computing. "Bill's pedigree and knowledge of both the HPC and enterprise markets coupled with his strong customer relationships, makes for a powerful combination that will help us grow our business amongst Fortune 500 customers and drive the benefits of Linux clustering further into the enterprise."

Before joining Penguin Computing, Cook ran sales for all Sun products and services in the United States for three years. Cook started his career at Sun in 1986, serving customers in the automotive industry. He rose quickly up the ranks to hold a series of executive positions, including several roles managing strategic geographies across the U.S. and building and leading worldwide sales for Sun's Global Network Storage Line of Business. Cook has a B.A. in Marketing from Michigan State University. ...Penguin Computing, Storage People

Article on Sun Leveraged Buyout Rumors

Editor:- May 3, 2005 - an article published today in Datamonitor discusses a story which started in BusinessWeek about a possible management buyout to take Sun public.

According to the article - "the numbers in the BusinessWeek story did not add up, and it would take a lot more than this to bring Sun private or for any other company to acquire it."

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Sun Server Sets New Performance Record

Sun and Dell Tie for 3rd Place in Server Revenue

Thinklogical DVI Extends to 1,000 Meters

Solarcom Annointed to Sun's US Storage Elite

IBM Claims over 3,000 Solaris Customer Scalps

New KVM over IP Solution

Sun Acquires Tarantella

IONA Technologies will Support Solaris 10

Sun Acquires Procom's NAS Technology

Penguin Computing Recruits Sun Veteran

Article on Sun Leveraged Buyout Rumors

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Serial Attached SCSI - Delivering Flexibility to the Data Center - article by LSI Logic and Maxtor

"SAS gains a performance advantage through its support of multiple initiators, or the ability to support I/O requests from more than one controller at a time. With dual ports and multiple initiator support, SAS RAID arrays can implement dynamic load balancing, allowing I/O requests to be evenly spread across multiple controllers, leveraging the full processing power of all of them. Without this capability, the I/O requests can become skewed, and overload one controller, while the others may not be at full capacity. SATA technology does not support this capability." the article, ...LSI Logic profile, ...Maxtor profile, Serial Attached SCSI

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If your application is speeding up an enterprise server with thousands or tens of thousands of networked users then it's a mistake to think of the SSD as replacing storage. In fact the SSD is replacing servers and software licenses. SSDs can be used either to speed up the response time of existing applications as an alternative to buying more servers, or to reduce the number of servers and software licenses deployed. The economics can be compellingly in favor of an SSD deployment and are discussed in our case study articles.

Another server use for SSDs is to prolong the life of server architectures which have been end-of-lifed such as HP's Alpha. The SSD can work like a processor speedup and buy the owners more years of useful life while they evaluate viable alternatives. See the article:- Out of the Alpha Frying Pan into the Sun Fire?

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