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SPARC History - archived news May 2006

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FlexPCServer from NextCom - dual boot Solaris / Windows / Linux
Solaris / Windows/ Linux Notebooks?
1 solution / 2 dual boot operating systems
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EqualLogic Offers Strong Support for Solaris

Nashua, N.H. - May 30, 2006 - EqualLogic announced today its certification and integration support for the Solaris 10 operating system, Update 2, which supports iSCSI environments.

This most recent certification of interoperability between Sun Solaris and EqualLogic's PS Series family of storage arrays ensures the most comprehensive support for Solaris of any iSCSI SAN in the industry today. With the Solaris 10 Update 2, Sun is shipping its native iSCSI software initiator for Solaris and SPARC platforms. EqualLogic's PS Series is now fully qualified for seamless interoperability with all of Sun's iSCSI initiators for Solaris, as well as with the Solaris I/O multipathing feature, MPxIO. In addition, EqualLogic's integration with Solaris offers boot from SAN and support of QLogic iSCSI HBAs for Solaris 8, 9 and 10. ...EqualLogic profile, SPARC Product Directory

Linux on SPARC T1 Promised within Weeks

SANTA CLARA, CALIF. - May 30, 2006 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. and Canonical Ltd. today announced that the June release of Ubuntu GNU/Linux distribution, will support the UltraSPARC T1 processor on Sun Fire T1000 and T2000 servers.

"Ubuntu is arguably one of the most important - if not the most important - GNU/Linux distribution on the planet and will soon blaze new trails in support for SPARC-based servers," said John Fowler, executive vice-president, Systems, Sun Microsystems. "The availability of both Solaris and Linux-based operating systems on the Niagara platform will further expand our lead in delivering chip multi-threaded innovation and choice to customers."

Canonical's technical support for Ubuntu on SPARC servers starts at $700 USD per year for a single machine. ...Ubuntu

Editor's comments:- In current market conditions the T1 platform looks like an attractive proposition for Linux ports. And Sun will help gain credibility for its SPARC chips by publicizing a Linux option. In the past more than 15 different operating systems have been promised to run on SPARC hardware. Not all were delivered, and most are no longer available.

QLogic Unveils Fastest Cluster Interconnect

Dallas - May 23, 2006 - QLogic Corp. today announced a new portfolio of products at Fusion 2006.

These include:- the SANbox 5000 96-Port Stackable Switch, SANbox 6000 Intelligent Storage Router, SANbox 8000 Storage Services Platform, SANbox 9000 Multi-Layer, Multi-Protocol Switch and InfiniPath InfiniBand Host Channel Adapter. InfiniPath supports more than 10 million messages per second, which is over 6 times faster than any other cluster interconnect. ...QLogic profile, Fusion 2006, SAN

LeWiz PCI-Express 4 port GigE Achieves Solaris Ready

SAN JOSE, Calif. - May 17, 2006 - LeWiz Communications announced today that its low-profile PCI-Express 4-port GigE card has achieved Solaris Ready certification.

The card has been successfully tested for the Solaris 10 OS on Sun's T2000 SPARC machines and x64/Opteron based platforms such as X2100 server and Ultra workstations.

For the T2000 SPARC servers, 3 Talon3008 cards can be plugged into the 3 available PCI-E slots adding up to 12 GigE ports to the system for multi-zone networking and more network throughput. The card's low-profile form factor fits neatly into this server's small 2U platform with the card plug in straight up. In bit rate performance, it can reach full wire-rate of Gigabit per second on each port while running the 4-ports simultaneously. It has the capability to throttle the network interrupt in the system, thus reducing interrupt overhead to the system CPUs better for application performance. ...LeWiz profile

Sun Names New Heads of SPARC and Storage

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - May 15, 2006 - Sun Microsystems, Inc today announced the appointment of John Fowler as executive vice president of Sun's Systems Group which combines the SPARC and x64 Systems Groups.

Fowler will have the charter and responsibility to deliver all systems products at Sun, from the x64-based servers to the UltraSPARC IV+ products and Coolthreads based T1000 and T2000 systems.

David Yen, former executive vice president of Sun's Scalable Systems Group is taking a new role within Sun as EVP of Sun's Storage Group.

Effective immediately, both Fowler and Yen will report directly to Jonathan Schwartz, Sun's president and chief executive officer. Mark Canepa, former head of Sun's Data Management Group, has decided to leave Sun after 10 successful years with the company. ...Sun Microsystems profile, Storage People

Does Google Give Insight into SPARC and Storage Trends?

Editor:- May 11, 2006 - Google has launched a new experimental service called Google Trends.

I thought it would be interesting to see what this shows for the main markets covered by our publications. You can see the results below.
  • SPARC - Google's graph shows the long term search volume declining (since 2004). But also a short term uplift in 2006.

    How does that compare with our experience in pageviews on SPARC Product Directory?

    Our SPARC pageviews in the first 4 months of 2006 were 9% lower than the same period in 2004. That's a smaller decline than suggested by Google's graph, but we are also seeing the same shape of upward trend in 2006 as Google.

    Some complicating factors when using Google Trends are:- the graph is a percentage of all searches, and also when a word is used in different market contexts search engines (not just Google) tend to mix up the results. SPARC for example can mean Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition or Strategic Promotion of Ageing Research Capacity and other things too, not just Scalable Processor ARChitecture.
  • Storage - Google's graph shows the long term search volume since 2004 is spiky but essentially flat.

    Comparing's pageviews:- in the first 4 months of 2006 they are 67% higher than in the same period in 2004.

    Although the storage market is bigger in revenue than 2 years ago - the revenue difference - on the order of 20% doesn't explain the difference between the flat Google graph and the big increase in STORAGEsearch's pageviews. The answer probably lies in a transfer of reader market share to STORAGEsearch away from other publications. Unlike the SPARC market where there are virtually no other independent publications, the storage market has hundreds of publications and there's more scope for shifting readerships.

5 Years After - 4 New Storage Interfaces Compared

Editor:- May 2, 2006 - today published a market assessment of the state of iSCSI, Serial SCSI, InfiniBand and SATA.

It's 5 years since we started dedicated directory pages for these 4 new storage interfaces. Read the sidebar article on our main storage news page to see how these markets have fared.

Why Solaris will Get 128 Bit Addresses

Editor:- May 1, 2006 - an article today in discusses the Zettabyte File System - a new 128 bit addressing scheme for Solaris.

The article says that apart from the obvious advantage of being able to access more storage, Sun is apparently thinking about building in error correction into the new address scheme.

In a market forecast published last year in - Storage Reliability and failures were cited as one of the most important long term problems which oems and users will have to deal with.

The cause of the problem is that storage interfaces as well as modules and components (like disks, tapes, optical drives etc) use error correcting schemes which were designed for the much smaller and slower architectures of the past. As storage systems expand - new algorithms and correction schemes will be needed to guarantee that users don't get affected by data failures which are uncorrectable using today's products and protection schemes.

It's good to see that Sun is working proactively on one aspect of the problem. I've talked to many storage manufacturers about the upcoming reliability problem - which could be more serious than the Y2K threat - if not dealt with in advance. Sun is highly sensitive to data reliability concerns. Problems with its own SPARC server cache memory design back in 2001- were cited at the time by many large users as reasons for considering a switch to Intel and PowerPC based systems.

We will be publishing more articles about the new generation of high reliability storage products as usual on
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EqualLogic Offers Strong Support for Solaris

Linux on SPARC T1 Promised within Weeks

QLogic Unveils Fastest Cluster Interconnect

LeWiz PCI-Express 4 port GigE Achieves Solaris Ready

Sun Names New Heads of SPARC and Storage

Does Google Give Insight into SPARC and Storage Trends?

5 Years After - 4 New Storage Interfaces Compared

Why Solaris will Get 128 Bit Addresses

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SSD Industry Articles and Bookmarks - #2 of 100 - March 10, 2009

suggested by - Rey Bruce, CEO BiTMICRO
Here's an article written by or about BiTMICRO

Flash Solid State Disk Write Endurance in Database Environments

Rey Bruce says he chose this article because

"It contains valuable information and thorough discussion of issues surrounding Flash SSDs write endurance performance in various database applications in the enterprise market. It is a very good reference for everyone who seeks better understanding of what flash SSDs offer."

Other SSD article suggestions...

Storage vendors debate Flash as cache - published in IT Knowledge Exchange

Rey Bruce says he recommends this article because - "It is an indication of the SSD industry's diversified outlook in terms of the best usage for flash. It's all a matter of serving the right option for every customer."

Editor:- thanks Rey for sharing your SSD links.

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