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Itanium Server Revenue Approaches Half that of SPARC

San Francisco - September 25, 2006 - The Itanium Solutions Alliance today announced the availability of 10,000 applications running on Itanium 2-based platforms.

This number represents over 50% growth in applications available in the year since the Alliance was formed.

These announcements came as the Itanium Solutions Alliance hosts the first Itanium Solutions Summit in San Francisco. At this event, executives from dozens of companies met to learn more about the latest Intel Itanium 2 processor developments. The Summit also provided Alliance members companies with an opportunity to network and extend partnerships to other Itanium-based solutions providers.

According to IDC, sales of Itanium-based systems grew 36% percent year over year generating $740 million in revenue for Q2 2006. Itanium-based platform revenue currently represent approximately 45% of Sun SPARC.

Editor's comments:-
these numbers surprised me and show that the Itanium server market has changed a lot since its early faltering start. The "10,000 applications" milestone resonates with the way that Sun used to promote SunOS over a decade ago. One day Solaris may be renamed back to SunOS - if Sun regains enough confidence in itself to shrug off its tattered open source security blanket.

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Fujitsu will Show New SAS & SATA Products at IDF

Sunnyvale, CA - September 19, 2006 - Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc. announced that it will demonstrate the performance and scalability of its Serial hard disk drives during the Intel Developer Forum next week in San Francisco.

To illustrate the outstanding performance of Serial Attached SCSI based storage solutions, Fujitsu will display both 1U and 2U SAS enclosures utilizing 3.5" and 2.5" hard disk drives, which will highlight the improved performance, scalability, capacity and power that is enabled through interchangeable storage systems. Fujitsu will also showcase an 8TB Serial ATA HDD-based system demonstrating the lower power and increased storage density available in today's market. Lastly, Fujitsu will exhibit a system featuring enclosures that will include small form factor SAS and SATA hard disk drives. ...Fujitsu profile, Storage Events

SPARC Product Directory Has a New Logo

Editor:- September 19, 2006 - SPARC Product Directory got a new logo today to align with the appearance of its high volume sister site STORAGEsearch.com

The image is taken from our SPARC history article which has been read by hundreds of thousands of Sun / SPARC readers, and is still the most popular article on this site.

Here's a timeline of our publications.

1991 - ACSL incorporated as a publisher of computer directories in the UK

1992 - ACSL publishes the SBus Product Directory (later renamed the SPARC Product Directory) - the independent guide to Sun compatible cards, systems, and VARs endorsed (for many years) by Sun Microsystems.

1993 - ACSL becomes an international publisher with customers in over 20 countries, and generates over 80% of its revenue from outside the UK. Prints directories in both California and UK.

1996 - ACSL moves to a web based publishing model with SPARC Product Directory and creates Marketing Views to help its partners get up to speed with the needs of internet marketing.

1998 - ACSL publishes STORAGEsearch.com

2001 - STORAGEsearch.com overtakes SPARC Product Directory in readers and pageviews (in February 2001) and by the end of the year becomes ACSL's main publication - generating over 80% of ad revenue.

2006 - over 1 million unique readers per year access STORAGEsearch.com - and readership is still growingover 11% per year (in Q306) .

Sun Enhances SPARC Blades for Telcos

Editor:- September 13, 2006 - as previously anticipated - Sun Microsystems, Inc. today announced new servers and workstations.

This includes:- blade servers for telecommunications applications using Sun's CoolThreads SPARC chip and a 3x speedup of Sun's entry level Ultra 25 workstation.

The telco market is Sun's biggest customer segment. Sun's recently reported 13% server revenue growth (albeit from the deep pit of last year) shows these customers see the value of Sun's dense processor packing. That's an important factor to organizations which run thousands (and often tens of thousands) of embedded servers.

Storage Searchers Don't Believe in Tape's Bright Future

Editor:- September 13, 2006 - STORAGEsearch.com reports that in August pageviews and readership both grew 11% compared to the year before period.

The biggest change in storage searches in August was the rapid ascent of Disk to disk backup to the #4 slot (up from #15 in July). STORAGEsearch has had a dedicated directory page for D2d since April 2002.

Changes of this magnitude, following many years of steady incremental growth reflect significant changes in buyer perceptions and future buying plans. Recent months have seen a spate of mergers and revenue attrition in the tape backup market - and the sharp increase in D2d content may signal that users no longer give credence to all the brave bullish talk they've been hearing from tape backup companies.

For more information on the top subjects, articles etc see Market research

Sun's New Server and Storage Announcements

Editor:- September 13, 2006 - details of impending new SPARC server and storage products from Sun were leaked in an article published today on internetnews.com.

Among the products outlined are new SPARC blades and a speeded up workstation. ...read the article

the Solid State Disks Buyers Guide - 4th Annual Edition

Editor:- September 12, 2006 - STORAGEsearch.com today published the 4th annual edition of the Solid State Disks Buyers Guide.

The earlier edition was the #1 most popular article viewed by our readers in August. Some of the main predictions made from our 2004 SSD survey have proven to be exactly correct - which shows that our readers are on the leading edge of this technology wave. ...read the article, solid state disks

SGI Pulls the Plug on MIPS

Editor:- September 6, 2006 - a report published today by heise.de says that SGI will discontinue its MIPS/IRIX line at the end of the year.

MIPS (a word play on Millions of Instructions Per Second - which is how minicomputers were once rated) was one of the RISC processors which was a hot competitor to SPARC back in the late 1980s. Nowadays MIPS chips are mainly used in embedded products like cameras and printers. ...SGI profile, article:- MIPS History

Editor's comments:- this summer SGI came to an arrangement with its creditors and presumably can no longer afford to sponsor its own unique brand of server chips.

See also:- article:- Alpha Processors Are Toast... So is it Out of the Frying Pan into the Sun Fire?

Solix Launches Secure ILM Solutions

Sunnyvale, Calif. - September 6, 2006 - Solix Technologies today announced two new modules for its ARCHIVEjinni active archiving solution which make the creation of secure subsets of a production database easier and more secure.

"With this release Solix ARCHIVEjinni can secure data using the most advanced data encryption, data masking and scrambling algorithms, while preserving the data's integrity" said Solix president & CEO Shekhar Dasgupta. ...Solix Technologies profile, Backup Software, Optical Libraries

DataMirror Enhances Oracle RAC Support

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - September 5, 2006 - DataMirror today announced that it has extended its Change Data Capture technology for Oracle RAC environments.

Rather than using triggers or performing queries against the database - the latest versions of DataMirror's powerful real-time data integration solutions - incorporate log-based CDC to capture changes in a database by reading the redo logs of every node in a cluster and then distributing the changed data to other data stores or applications in the order the transactions occurred, thereby providing a single view of the organization with guaranteed data integrity. ...DataMirror profile, ...Oracle profile, Backup Software
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Itanium Server Revenue Approaches Half that of SPARC

Fujitsu will Show New SAS & SATA Products at IDF

SPARC Product Directory Has a New Logo

Sun Enhances SPARC Blades for Telcos

Storage Searchers Don't Believe Tape's Bright Future

Sun's New Server and Storage Announcements

the Solid State Disks Buyers Guide - New Edition

SGI Pulls the Plug on MIPS

Solix Launches Secure ILM Solutions

DataMirror Enhances Oracle RAC Support

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