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SPARC history - 2007 May

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IDC Reports on Server Market Growth

SANTA CLARA, Calif - May 23, 2007 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. saw its year-to-year total server revenue market share grow for the 5th straight quarter in Q107, according to the IDC Worldwide Quarterly Server Tracker, which was released today.

Sun is the #1 Unix server revenue vendor.

Editor's note:- IDC's own press release also includes the following information.

Overall factory revenue in the worldwide server market grew 4.9% year over year to $12.4 billion in the first quarter of 2007. The top 5 server companies were:-

(1) - HP - 29.2% market share, 8.4% revenue growth
(2) - IBM - 28.9% market share, 8.1% revenue growth
(3) - Sun - 10.9% market share, 6.3% revenue growth
(4) - Dell - 10.9% market share, 1.7% revenue growth
(5) - Fujitsu - 6.3% market share, 5.6% revenue decline

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History of the SPARC Notebook Market

Editor:- May 16, 2007 - SPARC Product Directory published a new article today on the SPARC Notebook Market.

There have been many twists and turns in this segment of the market in the 15 years since the first SPARCbook appeared from Tadpole Technology.

How's OpenSparc Doing?

Editor:- May 15, 2007 - an article published today on ZDNet discusses how well Sun's OpenSparc efforts are going.

In recent years whenever I've spoken to oems who want to come into the SPARC market for the first time I make sure they've read my Sun Compatible OEMs Report which is the history of what happened to the first few generations of SPARC chipmakers and SPARC server oems.

A cynic might say "Too much Sun can leave you burned." But many SPARC compatible oems failed for reasons that had nothing directly to do with Sun.
  • OpenSPARC - Sun's newest open sparc ORG (since 2005)

UMC to Make Sun's SPARC Chips?

editor:- May 8, 2007 - an article today in Electronics Supply & Manufacturing speculates that Sun's SPARC chips may soon be manufactured by UMC in addition to erstwhile TI.

The first SPARC CPU chip, in 1987, was implemented in a Fujitsu 20k-gate, 1.3-micron CMOS gate array.

The 2nd implementation was a full-custom 0.8-micron design from Cypress Semiconductor and operated at 33 MHz and 20 MIPS.

Apart from a brief flirtation with Ross Technology's HyperSPARC chips in the mid 1990s, Sun has mostly had its SPARC chips made by TI. ...UMC profile, ...Texas Instruments profile

Real-Time SPARC Apps on Intel Emulator Costs Under $900 / Processor

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif - May 8, 2007 - Transitive Corp today announced QuickTransit its migration solution for Solaris SPARC to Solaris x86.

For the first time, enterprise customers deploying the Solaris OS can run the extensive selection of commercial and in-house Solaris-based applications available on SPARC processors, not just on new SPARC-based platforms but also on industry standard Solaris x86-based systems without modification to their source code or binaries, with full functionality, high performance, and in a way that is completely transparent to end-users and system administrators.

A beta release of QuickTransit for SPARC to x86 will be available in July 2007. It will be priced at $875 per populated processor socket as a 1-year subscription (including customer support). Solaris Migration

What If? - Solaris were released Under GPL

Editor:- May 1, 2007 - an article published yesterday in analyzes what would happen if Sun were to release Solaris under GPL.

Some argue that it could boost Sun's revenue, others say it's too late - and would make no difference. the article
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IDC Reports on Server Market Growth

History of the SPARC Notebook Market

How's OpenSparc Doing?

UMC to Make Sun's SPARC Chips

Real-Time SPARC Apps on Intel Emulator Costs Under $900 / Processor

What If? - Solaris were released Under GPL

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SPARC history
SPARC History
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SPARC computing.

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SSD Industry Articles and Bookmarks - #3 of 100 - March 12, 2009

suggested by - Gary Drossel, VP of Product Planning, SiliconSystems
Here's an article written by or about SiliconSystems

NAND Evolution and its Effects on SSD Useable Life

Gary Drossel says he chose this article because reliability is the main driving force for SiliconSystems and its customers.

The article shows why calculations based on models of flash SSD writes in 24/7 applications can result in wear-out estimates which are over optimistic by an order of magnitude due to write amplification and wear-leveling inefficiency. That's why the company recommends using the real-time endurance data logging tool (SiSMART) built into its SiliconDrives for a day, week or month, in a prototype / pilot system before full-scale deployment. The data collected can be used to either confirm that there is adequate safety margin in the application - or used to initiate software or other system design changes to adjust the extrapolated life within acceptable limits.

Other SSD article suggestions...

Solid State Storage Initiative - published by SNIA

Gary Drossel says he recommends this bookmark because - "It discusses SNIA activities relative to bringing SSD technology into the data center. And it has links to a couple of white papers, articles and research resources about solid state storage."

Editor:- thanks Gary for sharing your SSD links.

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