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ACSL began with the SPARC market in 1992 from 1998 to 2018 it was all about storage and SSDs what's next?

ACSL - publisher profile

ACSL (Applied Computer Science Limited) - founded in the UK in 1991 by Zsolt Kerekes (see also linkedin profile) - has been an influential publisher of computer buyers guides and related market research information from 1992 to 2018.

ACSL's best known publications have been :- the SPARC Product Directory (1992 to 2009 approx) - which for a time was the leading guide to SPARC based hardware, manufacturers and resellers worldwide, (1998 to 2018) - which was the first publication to defragment the enterprise storage market and went on to become a strategic evangelist of the SSD and memoryfication markets, and (1996 to 2001) - which provided guidance for ACSL's customers in matters related to web based PR and advertising. (Note:- Jan 2019 - the domain is now available for sale.)

ACSL's past customers - ranged from startups exiting stealth mode upto many of the world's leading computer and storage companies. Although ACSL was based in the UK - we learned very soon after launching our first publication - that strategic decisions about the future shape of computer technology are mostly made outside Europe - and so throughout most of the company's history its primary customer and revenue base was in the US, closely followed (in the years from 2010 to 2017) by China.

In 2019 - following the sale of (which closed in December 2018) - ACSL has ended its advertising funded business model and will begin a new phase of "retirement" publishing.
  • ACSL will go into stealth mode to develop content outside the computing market (primarily fiction based on the writings of Zsolt Kerekes)
  • ACSL is open to offers from companies in the computer market - who may wish to engage the writing / idea analysis services of Zsolt Kerekes - on a paid per article or editing project basis (upto a couple of weeks per quarter). In the first instance - please initiate contact via linkedin.

ACSL publications timeline

1991 - ACSL incorporated as a publisher of computer directories

1992 - ACSL publishes the SBus Product Directory (later renamed the SPARC Product Directory) - the independent market report and buyers guide to Sun compatible cards, systems, and VARs endorsed (for many years) by Sun Microsystems.

1993 - ACSL becomes an international publisher with customers in over 20 countries, and generates over 80% of its revenue from outside the UK. Prints reports in both California and Europe.

1996 - ACSL became a dotcom publisher.

ACSL published the last printed edition of its subscriber funded market reports and moved to a free to view (advertiser funded) web based publishing model .

1998 - ACSL published

2001 - overtakes SPARC Product Directory in readers and pageviews (in February 2001) and by the end of the year becomes ACSL's main publication - generating over 80% of ad revenue.

2006 - passes 1 million unique readers annually milestone.

2013 - was the best year for's ad revenue since the publication began.. 100% of our ads in recent years were for SSDs or SSD related technologies (such as controller IP or SSD software).

2018 - In June 2018 - ACSL announced that was being offered for sale and that the founding editor would retire in December 2018.

..... is for sale
Editor:- February 2019 - ACSL announces that having completed the sale of its flagship publication in December 2018, it is now offering its web property (first published in 1996) for sale too. FAQs for connected IT marketers
"In the 1990s and early 2000s MarketingViews was a useful faqs resource to which I could send potential customers who asked me for advice about web marketing and PR from my perspective as a publisher in the enterprise and embedded computing markets" - said Zsolt Kerekes founder of ACSL.

"We don't need this site any more as ACSL has exited the markets which MarketingViews was originally set up to support." is being offered as a domain only sale - with no rights to past content.

Does it get visitors? - Yes - the marketing articles on it are old and its current readers aren't the reason you'd buy the site today. But its small number of readers (low thousands per month) from external links are a potential bonus for a future buyer.

If you're in a publishing or PR or web focused communications company and would like a great sounding name for your next blogging platform then contact the publisher.

ACSL is seeking a high credibility and careful future owner for the domain.

Offers over $10,000 will be considered.

Contact the publisher to discuss this.
ACSL announces sale of
Editor:- November 26, 2018 - ACSL, publisher of, announces it has agreed to sell its publication (web site and content) to Foremay a leading company in the SSD market.

Earlier this year (in June 2018) ACSL announced that Zsolt Kerekes who founded the publishing company in 1991 was planning to retire in December 2018 and that was being offered for sale.

Zsolt Kerekes said - "My time at has been the most interesting in my 40 years in the electronics market and my readers played a big part in speeding up the adoption of SSDs. I'm delighted that my past scribbles about the SSD market might still be regarded as having some lasting value."

Terms of the agreement were not disclosed. The new ownership is expected to close before the end of the year.