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18 years of running ads which changed the world of SSD

2018 is ACSL's 27th year publishing enterprise buyers guides
  • 24 years - featuring SSDs in our directories
  • 19th year - selling ads that work for enterprise SSDs
  • accelerating the growth of new enterprise markets since 1991
If you're in the SSD market our readers are the most important people you should be thinking about.

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managing the mice - Zsolt Kerekes (linkedin), founder, publisher and editor

Zsolt in 2016Unlike most other editors - I had a first career in electronic engineering and was the founder or technical lead manager in several innovative computer architecture and real-time data capture, control and analysis startups.

I'm still learning about publishing.

It's only recently I stopped thinking of my millions of "readers" as "customers" - although that's what they really are. Customers and business partners who want to understand more about this market so they can make informed choices about what they do.

I monetize my market knowledge by selling web ads on I share the output of my research my market insights (if any) with readers via original online articles on the web site.

I started this publishing business in 1991 - after an engineering career in the electronics and computer market. In the early 1990s I sold my market reports - like the SPARC Product Directory and related marketing related databases to oems, resellers, integrators and big user organizations. In 1996 I changed my business model to giving information away free on the web and earning revenue from web advertising. It was a much better business for me than selling my publications - and the web publisher model has been my primary business ever since.

In 1998 - while the dotcom bubble centered around SPARC was still on a rapid upward trajectory - I realized that the SPARC market bubble would one day end - and I might be left with no business. Looking around - I realized that the storage market (which was already a subset of my server guides) was the next big thing in the enterprise market - and that curiously - no other publication realized at the time that this would become a single interconnected market facilitated by interface technologies that decoupled network server vendors from storage.

So in 1998 I started publishing - which a few years later - was joined by hundreds of competing storage publications fueled by the growth of the SAN, RAID and NAS markets.

In 2003 - I realized that SSDs has the potential to become a very big market - as fast SSDs would enable users to reduce their server spends. I shared this vision with SSD vendors and readers in an early SSD market report and decided that as SSDs would become a strategic subject for the entire storage industry - I invested more of my time and content into understanding and supporting the growth of the SSD market. That included sharing many market insights with pioneering SSD vendors - prompting many of them to adjust their business plans accordingly when they saw what the SSD future could hold.

Today in 2018 - we are at an exciting stage in the SSD market. Due to demand greatly exceeding supply 2017 was a boom year for revenue and profits for most manufacturers in the SSD industry. The exceptions were companies whose value propsitions were too heavily weighted to being the lowest cost suppliers with expectations of nonstop downwards cost curves. Vendors in those situations (with utility based pricing or no-added value consumer markets) had to change their business models or bow out of the markets they were in until the memory market returned to business as usual.

It is clear to all major vendors and users that SSDcentric computer and server architectures will be the core of all future data processing infrastructure. And there is a already rich SSD ecosystem with software and solutions pointing in many directions.
  • Backwards - via transformational bridging products which extend the utility of legacy investments.
  • Forwards - with stepping stone solutions which lead to different ways of doing things in the future.
Part of the what makes the SSD market so interesting is the realization that the data driven economy of the SSD enabled world - will lead to a bigger data economy - and new ways of doing new things - which were simply impossible in earlier decades. The SSD future will not not simply be a speeded up version of things which were done in the past.

When you support as a reader who links to us, or a content provider or advertiser - you are part of a community which thinks deeply about technology and market trends. Together we're - "leading the way to the new storage frontier". That future is going to be entirely solid state.

To learn more about the SSD market - from my own perspective - and also to see what other industry analysts are also saying take a look at the SSD market analysts or the storage market research directories.

Can you tell me the best way to SSD Street? - I'm like the Old Woman of the SSD Village who talks to everyone that passes through. No wonder I have a unique perspective. It would be strange if I didn't.

ACSL - address and links

Surprise! Although we've always been focused on the US market - where most of our readers are - we're located in the UK - which is only tens of milli-seconds away.

In the past decade 99% of our ad revenue came from the US and China.

We've been focused on the US market since 1993 when we started printing our buyers guides in California. Scroll down to see company publications timeline.

new address - since November 2017

ACSL (Applied Computer Science, Ltd.)
Burrells, Chiltington Lane
East Chiltington, Lewes
tel:- +44 (0)1273 891 050

former address - January 2007 to October 2017

ACSL (Applied Computer Science, Ltd.)
Chiltington House, Chiltington Lane
East Chiltington, Lewes

Yeah - it looks very similar. It's the building next door to where we were before. is about thought leadership in the SSD market.

From - what's in the chips?

To - how will SSDs change the future?

Since the 1990s our readers have been accelerating the growth of the SSD market and setting its direction and agenda.
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ACSL publications timeline

1991 - ACSL incorporated as a publisher of computer directories

1992 - ACSL publishes the SBus Product Directory (later renamed the SPARC Product Directory) - the independent market report and buyers guide to Sun compatible cards, systems, and VARs endorsed (for many years) by Sun Microsystems.

1993 - ACSL becomes an international publisher with customers in over 20 countries, and generates over 80% of its revenue from outside the UK. Prints reports in both California and Europe.

1996 - ACSL became a dotcom publisher.

ACSL published the last printed edition of its subscriber funded market reports and moved to a free to view (advertiser funded) web based publishing model .

1998 - ACSL published

2001 - overtakes SPARC Product Directory in readers and pageviews (in February 2001) and by the end of the year becomes ACSL's main publication - generating over 80% of ad revenue.

2006 - passes 1 million unique readers annually milestone.

2013 - was the best year for's ad revenue since the publication began.. 100% of our ads in recent years were for SSDs or SSD related technologies (such as controller IP or SSD software).

2014 - was another good year for - and although ad revenue dipped (due to so many of our customers having been acquired and not always knowing what their futures would be in the companies which acquired them) - we grew our SSD readership compared to 2013 - and continued to invest in creating new advertising assets and readerships for emerging SSD technologies such as memory channel SSDs while also increasing the level of deep grained content in embedded SSDs and enterprise SSD software.

2015 -'s ad revenue (100% SSD focused as usual) increased over 25%. FAQs for connected IT marketers

SPARC Product Directory 1996 print edition ..... Megabyte the Mouse
The transformation from a conservatively designed enterprise buyer's guide - which was first published as a printed book - to a web site with a mouse didn't take very long.

The big surprise was - that over 25 years later - I was still here!

But my work here is done.

I will retire in 2019. And am offering the web property for sale.

Thanks to all my readers and customers - for helping me find my true vocation. (I know I've still got a lot to learn. My retirement will be spent writing without any monetization purpose in mind.)

Here are some of my recent (and not so recent) blogs about the SSD market.

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Without readers there wouldn't be a publication. But since the 1990s my publications have only been made feasible by advertisers who weren't scared of mice. How did mice get into the picture? That's another story.
I've been asking this question.

"From the perspective of your company... what were the big SSD, storage and memory architecture ideas which emerged and became clearer in 2016?"
Pearse Coyle, CEO - NVMdurance told me this...

"As 3D NAND gets designed into all upcoming products we see everybody trying to manipulate and characterize the flash at a low level in ways that they did not all need to do before, partly because LDPC is required just to meet the specified endurance.

This is delaying roll-out for many because they either do not have the required flash skills or they (other than our customers) do not have access to a tool for automatically characterizing the flash and generating the LLR tables."

Want to know what others say? the article

Don't know how many or how often folks across the storage spectrum reach out to you to simply express gratitude, but thought I'd simply drop a line to say 'Thank you!' for everything you've done for the industry as a whole and the advent of the Flash-powered DataCenter.
Marius Tudor
Sr. Director, WW Solutions Sales

Marius's email text and transcript - December 31, 2014 )

Hi Zsolt,

Have to thank you for all the good work on

I have been following it for about the past year.
Bob Pearson
Principal Engineer

(email to the editor - March 25, 2014)

Big fan of your writings.... (on
Bill Bodei
Senior Director of North American Channels

(email to the editor - March 13, 2014)

Heyo Zsolt

I work for a company called Skybox Imaging, Inc. where I'm currently working on upgrading our storage system.

I found your web site invaluable in doing market research and wanted to thank you.

PS - I love the mice!
John McMaster
Flight Software Engineer
Skybox Imaging, Inc
(email to the editor - February 2014)

"I still remember the first day I stumbled on"
"Hey Zsolt,

I'm sure, more than anyone, you have the widest audience range visiting your site because you really are the industry expert so everyone from an analyst to a VC to an IT guy wants to see what you have to say.

I still remember the first day I stumbled on on your site and thought 'haha what is this site, never heard of it' and then within minutes I realized you can't judge a book by its's the most thorough and thought-out overview of the storage market by far!"

Jessica Luken,
Director, Global Marketing,
OCZ Technology Group

(email to the editor - July 12, 2012 )

"Thanks and Great Job!"
"Zsolt - I just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you for all your hard work and excellent free SSD information on

It really is a wealth of expertly organized information on everything related to SSDs

I was recently working on a competitive overview of flash based technologies and your site literally saved me days of browsing

A colleague of mine found the site as well and saw me on it and commented on how great a site it was as well..

Please keep up the good work I will certainly recommend it to others as well "

Aviv Kaufmann, EMC

(email to the editor - April 10, 2012)

"Fusion's definitely happy to be part of your StorageSearch family."

thank you once again for creating StorageSearch.

Your company has had a strong impact on raising awareness for Fusion-io.

By the way, we're big fans of your site.

Rick White
Co-founder, CMO

(various email to the editor 2009 to 2011)

"StorageSearch is great, best place to visit for storage and SSD info. Zsolt, you are one of the few people that I know thats most knowledgeable and analytical when it comes to SSD, but none is championing and promoting it more than you do. "
Rey Bruce

(email to the editor - June 21, 2012)

" We have to be ready and take advantage of this quiet period to learn and know more about SSD technology and what the experts are saying. I found a great website that introduces and speaks about SSD in depth. It is called StorageSearch and it is what I consider the best treasure trove on the web right now for SSD information... Go check it out."
Chin-Fah Heoh
publisher of

in his blog - SSDs coming into mainstream … be Ready - August 2011

"You won't find anyone promoting the solid state storage industry better than Zsolt Kerekes at Zsolt publishes more original content about SSD than anyone I know. Without his independent view of the market, SSD buyers would be lost."
...Woody Hutsell - quoted from his hello world blog - September 2010.

"not dumbed-down like so many other sites"
"Hey Zsolt,

thanks for your great website. It is so full of useful information, and not dumbed-down like so many other sites out there. THANKS for keeping it technical, and putting in your opinions as well."

Todd Kleinert
Tech support
WhiteCanyon Software

(email to the editor - March 2013 )