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Force Computers - (circa 2002)

Founded in 1981, Force Computers is a leading designer and worldwide supplier of open-standards-based and custom board- and system-level embedded computing solutions. These solutions address telecommunications, data communications, medical, industrial control and defense and aerospace markets. Force systems offer capabilities for Ultra Availability, remote system management and platform management as well as feature telecom protocol software, telecom controllers and chassis compatible with NEBS Level 3 and ETSI building practices for 1U to 15U standard servers and custom integrated solutions.

see also:- Force Computers - editor mentions in the SPARC Product Directory

In August 2004 - Motorola, Inc. announced it had completed the acquisition of Force Computers from Solectron.

  • Editor's comments:- Force Computers was one of more than 50 companies which designed and made SPARC compatible servers in the 1990s. They originally got into the SPARC CPU market by licensing the SPARCengine 1 VMEbus motherboard from Sun Microsystems. For 10 years they were a customer of, and advertiser in, the SPARC Product Directory.
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